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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 27, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight storm strengthens. this evening barrel is now a tropical storm on the move, threatening a huge part of east coast. we're live with the warning. the wild fires and scorching heat. the extreme weather team leading us off. the confession, 33 years later, what was it that this man said that has police so convinced that he stole the little boy on the way to the bus. why this new development could change the case. the mole at the vatican, what the pope said today as the plot thickens the. the butler arrested first. who could come next sno. made in america milestone. the american workers american steal adds one famous bridge celebrates a golden moment. tonight it's that bridge in the background in the starring role.
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good afternoon. we begin this sunday night with that giant storm system now barrelling toward the east coast. late today we learned that barrel is now been upgrade to a tropical storm. winds could leech up to 70 miles an hour. this is the first tropical storm set to hit the coast this year. hurricane season hasn't begun. at this hour, the beaches are emptying and when it hits shore, it will be shy of hurricane strempbt. i want to bring in your ginger sooe. ginger conditioning already deteriorating. wind gusts really the sur ch, that is what is kirking up big time, very rough and a lot of folks leaving the beach. it will be deserted in just hours because the gusts will more than dounl. that is when barrel makes land fall headed directly here
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holiday, halted. beaches clearing out up and down the south east coast. tropical storm barrel looms offshore. >> with the increased risk of rip currents, we're urging everyone to stay out of the water. >> rip currents are just the first threat from interest storm, closing beaches and forces at least 100 rescues from florida up through the carolinas. i recently learn what had it was like to struggle. when i tried to swim straight back, it's not easy. it made absolutely no progress. >> a rip current pulls perpendicular to the shore. to get out, you have to swim outside its narrow powerful force. find the shore and start swimming parallel to it. when barrel hits tonight, those in its path from south of charleston to daytona beach can expect storm surge 3 feet, 3 to 6 inches of rain and wind gusts up to 65 miles an hour. a trip to the beach was an
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escape from the summer sized sizzler, baking almost half the nation in 90100 degree heat. >> it's hot. it feels like 100 degrees. >> and it was even hotter on the track in indianapolis. but that didn't slow down drivers in the one of the hottest indy 500 on record that made it to 91 degrees and up to 130 on the track. >> you heard marco an draetty say his boot is melting to his gas pedals. >> from washington d.c. to kentucky, the heat was the hot topic. >> it's hot. it's really hot. >> everybody is drinking water. >> i think our summers are back. >> it's like 95 degrees today and it's really hot. the heat is a concern in so much of this country. where you're standing, it's that sur ch whipping up behind you. what's the warning from authorities there? rnchts red flags are up and down the beaches here in florida and
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in georgia. we're hearing officials from been driving understood and down the beaches telling folks to get out of the water if they're touching it and get inside. >> you were telling me erpier, this system is going to stick around for a while. where is it headed and how long is this going to last. >> once it hits tonight, jacksonville is ground zero for that, it will move inland. of course it will weaken. then it's going to turn itself back out. bli midweek, it's going to hit that atlantic stream again in places like the carolinas feel it effect all the way through wednesday and thursday. thank you. she'll be live first thing in the morning right here on good morning america. tonight the other weather alert, involves sweltering heat and wild fierss. cruise on are the fire lines nine states fighting to put out the flames destroying hundred us of thousands acres. clayton san dell on that part of the story
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>> reporter: across the country apocalyptic scenes like this ignited a smokey start to the weekend. in new mexico a 122,000 acre monster if forcing people to flee the town of mogollon. >> we are just hoping and praying that mother nature will give us a break. >> reporter: 600 firefighters are up against extreme conditions. high winds, dry fuel and the fire is growing. smoke from new mexico is prompting downwind states like colorado to warn people today about breathing unhealthy air. on michigan's upper peninsula a 20,000 acre blaze is turning the shores of lake superior black. destroying homes and cot ajs. there's good news in arizona. i've been displaced for a long time. ready to go home. >> reporter: firefighters have contained about half of the 16,000 acre gladiator fire. >> we got to go home and it's going to make me cry. >> reporter: meaning many evacuees get to spend memorial day back at home. clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. thanks to clayton.
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now to the developing this story in chicago where police are braces for something else, what could be another trying evening. overnight a staggering number, there were two dozen shoots in just a matter of hours. abc's alex perez in chicago where police are on alert tonight. >> reporter: well, good evening. chicago police have had a restless weekend. more than 24 people shot in 24 hours. including 7-year-old girl little day sha smith was doing what she loves to do, playing with her friends on her bike outside her south side chicago home when she was caught in the middle of a drive by shooting. >> everybody started shooting everyday. >> the shooting that injured day sha was just one in an outbreak of across chicago this weekend. one person has died so far. at least 24 people were shot and injured between late saturday afternoon and early sunday morning. police believe most shooting were gang or drug related. >> it's frustrating that you're hear one minute talking, the
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next hour you're dead from a single gunshot wound. >> reporter: despite a number of efforts to get guns off the streets, chicago is still struggling with gun violence and homicides are hup 58% so far this year, 183 so far in 2012 compared to 116 over t period last year. smig police say they will assign more officers to areas of high crime, little day ja is expected to make a full recover, but andrew hopes her story won't be forgotten. >> it's stuff and it's sick. someone should be behind bars. >> chicago police are investigating all of these shoots. they say they can't pin pointd any one factor that led to the up tick in violence this weekend. >> welcomes, thank you. we'll turn now to another case this evening, one this involving that little boy changed the way this nation sent our children to school. as you know a suspect coming forward this week confessing 33 years later to stealing 6 year
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old etan patz. tonight report of something the suspect might have said could explain why he moved so quickly. tonya reports still have their suspicions about that latest break in the case. >> reporter: intimate details about etan patz murder only his killer could have known were revealeded by pedro hernandez. >> scars birthmarks, unique characteristic, if in fact pedro did state those things, that does tell you that he had at least some intimate contact with etan. >> these closely guarded clues known to handful investigators won't be revealed in case hernandez is exonerated. this new information could bolster a case is looking weaker by the day. hernandez allegedly confessed to luring etan into the basement where he worked as a stock boy, strangling the six-year-old and disposing of his body with the trash.
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but with the crime sooen now 33 years old and no physical evidence is the confession of a man known to have mental problems enough? even with these intimate dedales. >> if in fact pedro was able to tell investigators unique physical characteristics about etan, i think that's a great piece of evidence. however, i would feel very uneasy going to trial if that is all i have. >> reporter: and the fbi considers this case still open. pointing to inconsistencies in her nan daz's story and continuing to investigate etan's disace peern. >> still so many questions. thank you, tonya. we'll turn now to the mystery overseas tonight the vatican learning about the case of the mole. the butler accused of leaking those documents. he was at the pope's side, holding the pope's umbrella, this evening he is facing trial and serious questions about whether more arrests are coming
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within those vatican walls. coughman is at the vatican tonight >> reporter: good evening david, on what is a holy sunday here at the vatican, the pop always eager to concentrate on questions of faith. but there is one simple question here that everyone is focused on -- did the butler really do it? pope benedict xvi spoke today about unity. but he presides over a divided church, his seven-year papacy now distracted by scandal and intrigue. today we learned more about paolo gabriele, the pope's personal butler, under arrest and accused od leaking confidential vatican documents. gabriele is said to be a modest man who began at the vatican as cleaner working his way up. he has been at benedict's side since 2006. >> still now there are a lot of people who can't understand why he did it, if he did it. and many think he was framed. >> reporter: this is porta santa
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anna, one of the main gates into the vatican, watched over as always by the swiss guard. the papal apartments are just up that way around the corner about 100 yards. and down that way the apartment of the pope's butler just overlooking the walls of the vatican. wer told that gabrielle lived with his family with the red flowers. he is now being held in a room in the tiny vatican police station. the documents expose money laundering and kick backs at the secret vatican bank operated outside of international banking laws. the head of the bank, fired last week. benedict has tried and failed to reform it. >> reporter: the hunt for potential accomplices of the pope's butler continues here at the vatican, but this is the critical point. court cases at the vatican are held behind closed doors. which means that while some information may come out, we may never know the whole truth behind all this scandal and
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intrigue. david? >> jeffrey at the vatican. we rortded last night here on world news about the newest massacre in syria. at least 32 children among the victims. tonight a emergency meeting the white house is backing a plan remove president assad, not immediately but remove him nonetheless. alex marquardt rortding in. >> reporter: this attack has added urgency to the question of how to get president assad to step down. no small part because of the large number of young children who were killed. the key, the white house believes is russia. what is being talked about is putting more pressure on russia in turn put more pressure on assad to go. syria is one of russia's closest allies. the plan that the u.s. is proposing to get assad to hand over power while keeping much of his government in place during a political transition. but for the time being, any sort of unified plan is a long way
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off. alex, thank you. back in this country this evening and to the economy a promising sign as we continue our reporting on bringing america back. looking for jobs in every corner of this country. it turns out there might be a traffic jam nothing to do with holiday traffic this evening. this one in the showrooms report car sales expected to be 30% this weekend from last year. >> reporter: in rock land county new york, olivia is enjoying his best month in three years. >> the buzz is out there. >> the customers are back and they're buying again. >> we found people that were holding back from two years ago. now mayor feeling comfortable or have a job. >> how are they winning over the buyers? >> offering deals on one of their biggest weekends of the years. >> lots of rpr finance deals. you can get 0% or 1.9% financing. >> on a typical weekend, this
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dealership sells 20 cars. this weekend, they're expecting to sell 70. >> it's halftime america. >> detroit is announcing the big come back. already, chrysler added nearly 3,000 factory jobs to keep up with demand. gm, 4,300 jobs in four states. three years ago, manufacturing at this m michigan plant was halted. by early this year, those workers told us all 2,200 of them were back. >> how relieved are you? >> if i could jump and touch the sky, i would. >> back at the dealership, we found joe and his wife buying not one car but two. both american cars helping to create american jobs. >> where are you going to go now. >> i don't know where he's going, but i'm going for a road trip. >> one car off the lot, on the road to recovery. abc news, new york. >> it is great to see. still ahead this sunday nieblgt
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in the meantime, we'll tush to "made in america" milestone. they are marking a huge night in san francisco. it was 75 years ago they opened up that golden gate bridge. >> it's been the backdrop for so many hollywood favorites. jimmy stewart, but the bridge itself has a suspense story all its own. in the early 1930s american feat of engineering was about to get away. winds 60 miles an hour, ocean currents dangerous too, but in the middle of great depression, nothing could match the american might. >> it was regarded by many as the bridge that could not be built. >> there were safety nets to catch the workers who fell, showing them walking across beams tethered to nothing at all. 75 years later, one of those workers who fell and went back to work, is tonight being remembered by his son. >> dad always would say, it took
6:19 pm
90% guts, 10% no how. >> at time work was so strong in this country there was no training except what you got on if job. the major contractor sent in from three different states. it finally came time for that first meeting in the middle. >> these two bridge men volunteered to take a trip along the cable, bridge men call it swimming the cable. swim or you'll swim the gate. >> workers with their own nerves of steal. >> did they make it? well, here they are. meet mugs anderson and collide. the first men to cross the golden gate bridge. >> so many of us have followed, lucky for us in our cars. more than 1.9 billion vehicles now cross tds golden gate bridge, northbound and southbound, since it opened on this day 75 years ago. >> the bridge that pessimists said could not be built has been
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or advil migraine®. to get your feet moving to the beat. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's and feel the energy from your feet up. thanks to the energizing support and cushioning of dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, you'll want to get up and go. and finally tonight on this memorial day weekend,s a powerful look at the true meaning of this holiday through the eyes of the children who
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mark this day ffrt rest of their lives. here is david curley. >> reporter: flags adorn the headstones, ceremonies underway. the out ward signs of memorial day. but it is what is inside these young americans which is the true meaning of this remembrance. these are the children of the fallen. >> just a lot of stuff mostly. >> four years ago andrew pierceson was killed in iraq leaving four children. >> the whole future we had planned is all of a sudden gone. it feels like a bad nightmare. >> it was a good person. >> the still grieving the pearson's come to this event every year tragedy assistance program. kaylee henderson's father was killed in afghanistan. they shared a love of reptiles. >> we would joke around and sometimes scare my monl and say there was a snake in the backyard. >> today they wrote notes to their loved ones from kaylee,
6:28 pm
hi, dad, i love and miss you. another, i really want you to come back to earth. notes, tied to balloons. a simple act with deep meaning for a nine-year-old boy. >> it helps him because he feels closer to his dad that he's able to send that message and there's a way to get it there. >> a little closer to heaven. >> right. >> reporter: while we remember on memorial day, they remember everyday. david curley, abc news. tomorrow we remember all of the men and women who have sacrificed if r this country and their children too. good morning america in the morning. good night.
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