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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  May 27, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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. we have breaking news where a child is stuck on the spillway. a let's cue swimmer is being lowered by helicopter to pick up the child. he is not hurt. you often see kayaks on a day like this. usually the water is flat but again we are worried about this rescue. its going on right now at pretty boy. we are on it and will have more information when we he get the it. you can smell the inner harbor from where you are. it stinks because of the fish kill. the rest of the country is getting a hit of heat and a storm is going to florida. ginger is in jacksonville for us tonight. >> it's the three h's on this unofficial start to summer. hazy, hot and humid holiday. it could be the hottest race
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day on record. the winner had his own way of cooling off. >> it's like 95 degrees today. it's really hot. >> it's a lot hotter. it feels like 100 degrees. >> it was easy to feel like a burger on the gridl. >> making it. playing in the water. >> the sizzling temperatures are a threat to those with nowhere to go. >> it's really hot. it's dangerous for a person to be in the heat. >> those who think the beach is a sure thing have to watch for the rip current, some from beryl still lurking off the east coast. it's expected to hit the florida georgia coast tonight. >> i'm encouraging all area residents to stay inside and off the streets as the storm hits. >> not all the heat is coming from the sun. wildfires are burning the earth all across the country. in michigan flames have claimed
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more than 21,000 acres. the true meaning of memorial day shown through in san francisco. >> great to honor the troops. >> volunteers placed flags on nearly 113,000 veteran graves. winds and sand already whipping here at jacksonville beach and the surf starting to build that. will be one of the issues because of the tropical storm, the new name with beryl and it'll be hitting jacksonville tonight. abc news jacksonville florida. >> we will talk about beryl in main weather but let's talk act the heat across baltimore and 87 degrees this afternoon. dover at 86. the real story the amount of moisture in the atmosphere making today feel like it was into the 90a. the radar, the radar is dry but we go toward the north and -- thunderstorms set up over central pennsylvania. we do have a severe thunderstorm watch in harrisburg and york and a couple of them through the
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evening could survive the trip. we will watch for you. right around westminister the potential a scattered shower or storm. it's 80 for the rest of the evening. muggy, mild and spot storms in the offing there. is beryl and it's starting to get stronger. this could be a category one storm. we will talk about more on b eryl and that seven day forecast in just a bit. >> thank you. the beach, the pool, the boat. not says summer more than being on the water but we have to be caution. last year maryland had 24 people die in boating accidents. that's double the average for the last 16 year as cording to the natural resources police. they joined in to provide a free boating safety demonstration in annapolis offer the weekend. >> i think that people should stop saying i don't want to wear a life jacket and go out and find one that fits them and suits them. >> the coast guard showed off
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it's boat that is ready to respond in a moment's notice. natural resources police say the accidents are often because of alcohol, not pay ing attention. and this guy. 3-year-old tristan wearing the white life jacket. what a saturday. 2828 either foot boat stopped, dad restarted it and the englishen blew up. mom was watching all this with the family dog on the other bank of the river. now a passerby was able to rescue both. the life jacket company is seatow, it's praising the dad for putting the life jacket on properly and they want to make sure all parents check life jackets fit correctly. what a story that is. we are still working this story just before 11 baltimore county police rolled out near
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north point. a man was found with a gun shot wound. a woman stabbed. both rushed to the hospital. both are expected to be okay. the detectives are thinking was a possible home invasion robber year and they hope to have more information tonight at 1. three men walked away from a halfway house. they left the house just after midnight. that set the alarm off. corrections officers are outlook for them. 33 years ago this week etan was allowed to walk out of his house to the bus stop for school for the first time alone. it was his first and his last. he was never seen again. there has been an arrest in this case and a family member of the man arrested wants answers. . >> i would love to see my brother but [inaudible].
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like i can't deal with it. >> reporter: maria is right. the pressure is huge. her brother pedro seen here in this photograph obtained by inside edition has confessed to strangling etan to death and then putting his body in the trash. now the suspect's mental history and condition is throwing doubt on the confession. >> i'm so confused, so confused because right now they say he is got all these mental and crazy so he is always -- always like he has a temper. . >> reporter: police say a friend of the suspect or a family member called police with a tip, a move that may have closed the decades old close case bringing a sense of closure to the family. . >> the father will wait a minute he will take in all the information. he will take counsel and he will have an opinion eventually. >> reporter: it's now up to detectives and prosecutors to find enough credible evidence
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from a murder that happened 33 years ago to make a case against the suspect who told family members through the year that he did something terriblely wrong. >> it was many years ago but i didn't know if was true like he hurt somebody but i didn't flow if it was true. >> reporter: he has been charged with second degree murder but it may not be the closure everybody hoped for after all these years. >> as you hang the flag this weekend the rolling thunder did a special tribute to fallen veterans. they were joined by the family of a soldier believed to be held by the taliban in afghanistan and his dad is growing out a beard to recognize his son being held captive since 2009. . it's payday for number ten. adam jones signed a six year $85.5 million contract with the orioles meaning he will be with the team through the year 2018. his hit streak is up to 18
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straight as he heads in home run ares and rbis and the orioles started negotiating a new deal weeks ago. it includes a no trade clause. >> i will be here in baltimore. city that's great baseball city. it's coming back. we have to prove to the fans that we are for real and we are slowly doing it. i think that it's a big step in that right direction. >> big step. look at this. hello. it was little league appreciation day at the yard. the orioles wore jerseys to remember memorial day. we will show you that tonight. the orioles lot of the game to the kansas city royals. it'll be a all crab cake lacrosse final. maryland beat duke, it'll be the terps and the greyhounds for the title. the coaches are best friends. maryland lost in the finals
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last year. last time we had the all maryland final. everybody know, 1979 when hopkins beat the terps. let go of my leggos. who is a ceus of stealing thousands of toy blocks out of target stores. this is nuts. and it's all about time that you just high tail it yourself around the city. why the best way to explore may be on two fast feet.
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. >> we have a silicon valley mystery. a focus over a vice president of a maimingor technology company and a lot of legos facing felony charges. why? why would a successful tech executive make a killing on stolen toy blocks? >> reporter: police say it's a scheme more complex than a death star set. the blocks include a 47-year- old valley tech executive named
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thomas, a home computer and printer and a lot of legos. >> >> the big time tech executive used his love of legos and computers to rip off target stores . this is him captured multiple times on cameras with expensive lego sets in the cart. detectives say he did something called a ticket the switch changing out the price by allegedly putting his own bar code stickers on boxes so he could pay less. a 249-dollar set for example for just $49. police photographs from a search of his home showed dozens of home made bar codes neatly organized, plus stacks of brand new lego sets. >> it look like a ongoing
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thing and to think we caught him the only five times he ever did this would be hard to believe. >> reporter: lego can make an adult do strange things, i made this almost certainly award winning stop motion lego movie with my son. he spent his time on a e-bay business where he sold the sets for $30,000. he has so far refused to comment. he is free on $10,000 bail facing felony burglary charges. not exactly compiled's play despite a lot of legos. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler rathe forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> what a beautiful afternoon. we have the ocean city weatherbug camera. we have the fog but it all cleared out nicely.
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beautiful afternoon. temperatures across the area 84 right now in the city. york in at 84, you notice a little coloring of orange up there. it's rains and thunderstorms rolling through parts of central pennsylvania. we will show you that it. the moisture, that's the amount of -- the dew point, the amount of moisture and that makes it feel like the upper 80s. feels like 87 downtown. a hot sticky evening on tap. take a look at the planner through 8:00. showers and storms at 80 degrees. 76 around the 11:00 hour and by tomorrow morning humid and again the heat gets going. the 73, around 8:00 in the morning, good news is the radar is clear overhead right now but let's go up to north and the west and powerful storms, you can see a thunderstorm watch in effect. just toward the north. we will watch that and see if 23 gets issued for the city limit. the first area that will be affected, from westminister out
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toward hartford you could deal with storms during the course of the evening. those storms, pretty powerful. we are watching a powerful storm, beryl, winds at 65 miles an hour. notice the center getting better organized as it's encountering warmer water. this could start to get stronger, it has the chance of getting a category one status and it looks like it'll be just south of jacksonville. how does this shape up for us? this will be a fish storm. it'll be off shore several hundred miles by tuesday afternoon, by thursday, way automatic toward the canada maritimes but it could bring rip current cans, the potential now -- into the rest of the week. look at the future temperatures tomorrow. another hot day with the humidity. temperatures in to the 80s. dropping back to the 70s. tuesday another day of the heat and humidity and then chance of a few scattered showers and storms. the forecast for the rest of the overnight. we expect a few storm, 70
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degrees, few clouds, muggy and mild. we will go for the two degree guarantee of 90 degrees. hazy sun and the threat of a couple afternoon showers and storms tomorrow night, same deal, cloudy, muggy and mild with the temperature around 67. the seven day forecast. hazy, hot and humid. that's the theme for tomorrow and then again on tuesday at 88, dryer day on wednesday as we break that humidity and then it cools down by thursday. could be a storm we have to watch for friday. could bring a lot of rain at 76 and look ahead to next weekend looks good with temperatures into the 70s. >> all right. plane just landed, you get of -- i left my laptop and cell phone on the plane. panic, don't. we are here to calm you down. what you should do. and put your sneaks on. we will run out of fort medicare henry, left to locust point. up federal hill, down to the inner harbor. who is with me? i will be in a cab but in front of you. ♪
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senate plane pulls up and you want to beat the guy with the 17 bags, want to beat him to the doorn. this chaos i-pods and tablets can get left behind. label them. if you remember the lost item just after landing head back to the agent at the gate. go to the bag office. the airline's website should have a lost and found instructions right there. don't stick the devices in the seat back pockets, they can slip out of sight. items left behind at checkpoints those get handled by tsa or the lost and found. vacation time so precious sometimes it seems like you needa make a choice. exercise or sightseeing. you can actually do both at the same time. here is reynolds showing us how jogging tours can give you the feel of a city while get that
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burning sensation in your legs. >> reporter: if you want to stay fit on the road it could be as easy as packing running shoes. every weekday runners hit the road, rain or shine. the running thousand through the streets is free for guests,. >> we love the local running culture. we want to share that with everybody. that comes through here. we actually cater to all paces and all lengths of runs that people want to do. we really love to make sure everybody who comes can participate. whether you are walking, whether you are a first time runner, whether you have done ultra marathons, we make sure that everybody feels comfortable. >> reporter: other hotels have similar programs, that combine sight seeing a work out. >> a lot of our guests are business travelers and they may not get to enjoy the city and by running they continue their exercise while they are out on
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the road and they get to go out and do that with us with the local who knows where to go. >> reporter: if theself guided running tour is more your speed you may find the hotel has running route maps, or try map my or running which helps you find a good route and track your distance. you can check out the local track club website for route recommendations and running groups. and for those who don't mind paying a fee running tours can be booked online. companies like city running tours can book in advance for ten different cities, fees for personalized running tours start at $75. >> our personalized runs are custom to what our client wants, business travelers here for a short time. this gives them the opportunity to explore the city and learn from someone who runs and works in that town. we are able to give that local perspective. we are able to let you know where the best burger in town is or the museum or what's going on that you should check
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out. >> reporter: for those who want to log miles on the ground a running tour may be the ultimate way to experience the city. for cnn. >> better be running by the stadium or -- everything else -- hitting the hill. we will be right back. take a look at the harbor and be back with mike to wrap it up.
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. >> we have big old thunderstorm its to the north of us. the radar and show you if this holds together and i think it dice down we could have northern carroll county. watch the storms, a lot of lightning but i think by the time it gets to the city limits they will weaken. if it does you know stay intact we could break-in and talk more with you during the afternoon. keep it locked on. >> all right that's all for us here on abc 2news at 6. we will see you tonight. can you smell it? we have a report on -- what the
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