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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 28, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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short. one look at matthew cheswick's photos and it's easy to see how he got his nickname. >> he had this huge exuberant smile. >> reporter: but his friends are finding it tough to smile after learning he was killed while vacationing in ocean city. a family friend found out through facebook. >> someone said rest in peace, matt. then i saw everyone posting on his wall. i was in shock. >> reporter: matthew's wall a tribute to his life with friends posting messages to a friend who brought so much joy. matthew's death a tragic end to what was supposed to be a fun trip. he was trying to cross coastal highway when hit by a drunk driver who reportedly struck matthew and kept right on going.
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>> he just let and kept driving. >> reporter: format through's family, life came to a stop. emma said matt's kid brother luke is taking it hard. >> they were so in shock. they were really close, i know. he was just i want to be with my big brother one last time. >> reporter: the man has been charged with homicide while intoxicated and leaving the scene. he was speeding and was arrested after witness chased down his car. two nato helicopters crashed in afghanistan today. no confirmation on american casualties. on this memorial day as we pay tribute it is a solemn reminder
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of the harm our armed forces face every day. >> reporter: at arlington national cemetery this morning, president obama layed a wreath at the tomb of unknown and spoke of american sacrifice. >> from the jungles of vietnam to the mountains of afghanistan, they stepped forward and answered the call. they fought for a home they might never return to. they fought for buddies they might never forget. >> reporter: the command are ventura u.s. forces john allen honored troops who died there, reading a letter from a srgt who was killed in southern afghanistan earlier this year. >> today we remember his life and words, for they speak resoundingly and timelessly for our fallen brothers a-- and sisters in arms. >> reporter: four years ago
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captain andrew pierson was killed in iraq, killing four children. still grieving the piersons have come every year. it's called taps, morning to -- learning to mourn. notes tied to balloons, a simple act with demeaning for a 9-year-old boy. the president is marking a separate ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial. several members of the military tied to our area were killed in operation enduring free do. the day was especially memorable for a group of students at carney elementary school.
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they honored ja. marchanti. >> maybe you were down at sandy point. look at the heat index values, feeling like 101. that's the heat and humidity come bin naismghts the heat advisories continue for baltimore, frederick, howard county and into the d.c. region. dew point around 70. it's very humid air. we have limited activity. we shouldn't see late night showers or storms but a slow fall into the upper 80s. when will the heat relent. we'll talk about it. >> the holiday weekend coming to a close. it is moving very slowly as we take a live look at 50s. this is moving at a crawl. so i hope they had their
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patience with them. for access to our live traffic cameras, just download the abc2 news app. we have a complete traffic section. for the first time in the history of loyola county, the greyhounds hold a division one championship. the greyhounds beat rival maryland in la crosse 9-3. jamie costello joins us with more. >> with a victory like this you have to think back, jon stewart, patty edleman, just some of the names that built loyola. it sits on top of the la crosse world what a dominating performance. today was final 9-3. it started in gillette.
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we had dueling parties. park tavern, no even calf -- cavanaugh's in philly. we had 11 local kids on the team. what a job by the coach and the loyola greyhounds. so jeanine tucker, marty stewart, janet plunkett and gary handily, this one is for you. release the hounds. jamie costello, abc2 news. tickets now on sale for the grand prix of baltimore. general admission starts at $15 for friday. you can get a three-day pass for
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$85. this summer is not off to a good start. don harrison was at the scene of last night's deadly crash at the kent narrow's bridge. >> reporter: rescuers were looking for a boater who hadn't been seen since last night a20-foot boston whaler slammed into the jetty at the kent narrows. they were coming from the south river back to the narrows. four people were on boompletd two were take ton shock trauma. one want injured and theçó fourh is the man rescuers were looking for. chief porter with the dive team recovered the body. >> helicopters. >> reporter: he was in his boat when the rescue took place last night. he knows how difficult it can be in these waters.
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>> it can be treacherous here if you're coming during the fast tides. there's a lot of establishments with alcohol. we know we have some drinking and driving. >> reporter: it is awfully beautiful. that relaxing atmosphere can make people forget how dangerous it can be. >> high throttle, not ob serving. that's a very dangerous thing to do. >> the sad thing on the water, it's unavoidable. it's being properly prepared and using good common sense, wearing good pfd's. >> reporter: at the kent narrows, don harrison. >> the same divers who recovered the body will also be looking for a 21-year-old man who
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authorities say jumped off of the bay -- off a boat in the bay. police found a draino bomb in the front yard. they're makeshift explosives used by combining draino and 2-liter soda bottles. so far, no charges have been filed. on memorial day we remember veterans. today we also remember those who come home with no place to call home, the homeless veterans. plus, tropical storm beryl makes and fall in florida --
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lafl--land fall. it's time to get going.
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making landfall as a tropical storm, berl has weakened into a depression, but officials are not letting their guard down. we have latest from jacksonville, florida. >> reporter: loud, rude and violent. it's the holiday weekend guest that no one invited but everyone knew was coming -- beryl. >> i was exciting not so much gust. >> reporter: spinning on shore just after midnight near jacksonville, berl, tropical storm beryl was just shy of hurricane strength, drenching rain and choppy surfs. it left thousands in the dark. ray found his 60-foot tall tree uprooted in his front yard.
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>> i didn't think the whole tree would go. >> reporter: he is grateful it doesn't fall on the house, a sentiment being cooed by floridians. >> i don't want anything with a category behind it. >> reporter: but state officials warn it's not over yet. >> please don't drive. don't go out into the wart felt you see a live power line, call 911. >> reporter: beryl will fall for 24 hours and dump up to eight inches of rain, welcome news in a drought stricken state. it will take its sweet time to get out of here dropping heavy rains and gusty winds. by the mid-week it will be out of here, affecting the
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carolinas. reporting from jacksonville, florida. >> june rolling in. >> hurricane season we think of june 1st into the fall time. active and interesting to see what beryl will do. in this case we think it's going to back out off the coast and head out to sea and reintensify. >> stay tuned. we'll be watching beryl. take a quick look of what beryl looks like. turning over to north florida. got a deep convection. no eyewall. this is not a hurricane, not a tropical storm. winds have weakened. the direction will bring it back over the gulf stream warts a lot of heat and energy and that will
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moon perhaps restrengthening with beryl. people out and about are sweltering. humidity is quite high when you look at that dew point number. in baltimore here's the deal, hot and humid and very, very sunny, very bright conditions most of the day. at times a few fair weather clouds. here's ocean city, record clouds from all indications. of course, a lot of people driving back. take a look in delaware at rehoboth beach. so this was a good place to be this weekend. alt beaches were in the 80s as opposed to the 90's. we have one or two stray showers in western maryland. that's really it. you can see the heat advisories for all of central west maryland. these are high numbers,
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excessive. the to thal measure has shot up. when you add that no the heat, you and up with dangerous heat index values. very humid air early, but there it; dew point numbers up into the 70s. 101 downtown, hottest spot on the map in baltimore. taking a look across the state, not much. people coming back from deep creek lake, maybe encountering that. there's the outer edge of beryl. to the west frontal boundary. this will bring in cooler air toward the end of the week but it will take several more days. hot air will be around in the meantime. beryl will continue to move slowly out of north florida. take a look at the trend into the day tomorrow. we start off quiet enough. the model is catching up to our
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timeline. you can see the line of showers and storms beginning to push. in the morning i think you're fine. watch out for showers and thundershowers. some could be gusty. then the front goes off shore wednesday. take a look at this. yes. that is beryl reintensifying and moving off the carolinas. it will take it out to sea and not bring this back to the east coast. overnight 69 with a few clouds. it's going to be a warm tropical evening. back to school on a hot note. it will feel much hot are. tom night we'll bring in the chance for showers and storms. that seven-day forecast, the outlook showing basically a cooloff by next weekend. in the meantime it will be a hot start to the week. back to you. well, at this our police are on the lookout for an inmate who escaped an friday a year before
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he could have finished his time for second mrs-- murder. >> reporter: prisoners with little time left to serve are often given work release jobs to help them transition into society, but it apoors this one south his immediate freedom. germ maine jeters was serving time for murder. he walked out and has not been seen since. jeters was supposed to show up at a check chers fast food in glen burnie but never paid it there. correction officials said he didn't have a weapon. jeff hager, abc2 news. on this memorial day we not only remember those who served and gave their lives, we also help those who have returned
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home and have no place to call home. plus, another reason to watch your weight a new study shows a link between kidney stones and obesity just ahead.
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for some members of the military coming back from the war can take a toll. memories are fresh and it's tough transitioning into society. doctors who deal with returning veterans say there are things we can do to help. first, never assume you know what they've gone through. therapists warn don't pile on
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the flattery. know that some soldiers come home embittered by their speerns they may in the know yet how they feel about their country, the military, the war. they're still figuring it out. don't assume. >> try to understand even if the vet doesn't have much to sai. actions are different for every person. be patient and just listen. many times veterans can work out issues for themselves and get back into the lives they left behind. a new study linked kidney stones to obesity. researchers at ucla and the rand corporation found between 2007 and 2010, the number of people with kidney stones doubled. they said because of the rise in obesity and diabetes cases. peer pressure, often associated with bad behavior. a new study shows this can have positive impact. researchers studied groups of friends on social networks all
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between 5 and 112-6789 they -- 12 and they found the biggest factor influencing how much time they spent being active was the closest friend on social media. those more physically active were less likely obese. there are interesting categories it make sure you and your families get all the help you need. coming up there were thousands of ceremonies. a look at stories of life after service. the bike a 22-year-old louisiana woman was riding has been found. what police hope to gain from the new evidence. and this weekend may be the
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unofficial start of summer, but it was definitely the official start to the air-conditioning season. what you need to know to make sure your ac unit is in tip top shape.
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getting you up to the minute, tonight friends and family are mourning the death of matthew cheswick. the 22-year-old was vacationing with friends over the weekend when police say he was hit and killed by suspected drunk driver while trying to cross coastal highway. a man from virginia has been charged with homicide by motor vehicle while intoxicated. police say he drove off after
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hitting cheswick but witnesses chased his car down. the coast guard has ended the search for a missing boater. the boater was flown a boat that hit a jetty in kent narrows. it slammed into the jetty around 11:30 last night. two were rushed to the hospital and a fourth was unhurt. >> loy yes a beat university of maryland's men's la crosse team in foxboro, massachusetts. let's take a live look at the harbor cam. this may be the unofficial start of summer but it feels like it with all the heat. everyone is coming back in town after a lovely holiday weekend. we want to know how long it will stick around. a little bit hot. >> very summer like.


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