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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 6, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking this morning, serious, new concerns about whether the immunizations your kids are getting are having any effect. an abc news investigation that could affect every, single american. our report revealing the troubling violation surfacing right now. recall showdown. a major shakeup overnight. the fierce bat until the heartland with national consequences. how will the brawl in wisconsin reshape the race for the white house. caught on tape. jaw-dropping moments when this small child slips through this fourth-story balcony. every second counts as neighbors rush to the rescue. and the brewing controversy over one of the biggest beauty
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pageants. one contestant saying that donald trump's contest is now fixed. why she knew who would be crowned the winner before the competition even started. and look who is back, all fresh, after that long flight. >> oh. there's no place like home. no place like home. >> well, it is great to have you back. we have a lot to get to this morning. there's big news on the war on terror. u.s. officials confirm that american forces have taken out al qaeda's number two man. it's one of many successes since the killing of osama bin laden almost a year ago. the big question, is al qaeda, after all these losses, on its last leg? >> that is the big question, george. and sheryl crow, revealing she's facing a new health concern about a brain tumor. thankfully, it is benign. you'll remember, she survived
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breast cancer a few years ago. the mother of two says she experienced memory loss. even forgetting the words of a song she wrote. >> now, we know. also this morning, they're causing the kind of stir we haven't seen since the beatles came. biggest boy band on the planet. one direction. we learn more about them every day. they gave cameron mathison extraordinary backstage access on their tour. >> it is something else. let's get right to josh elliott for the top stories developing right now. >> good to see you. welcome home. good morning, all of you. we're going to begin with a breaking story we've been following overnight. a guard held hostage at a high-security prison in south carolina has now just been rescued a after a six-hour standoff. the drama unfolding at the lee correctional facility in bishopville. we're told 100 officers regained control of the building after blowing up a locked door. inmates had overpowered the guard in question last night.
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reportedly making demands for his release. but negotiations failed overnight, prompting the agents to move in. that guard is now safe. now, we turn to, arguably, the biggest news on the war on terror since the killing of osama bin laden. this morning, you just heard, u.s. officials confirm al qaeda's second in command, seen here in this web video, has, indeed, been killed in a cia drone strike. abc's martha raddatz joins us with the very latest. martha, could this mean the end of al qaeda, at least in pakistan? finished. but closer to the end than ever before. abu yahya al libi, may not be a common name to americans. but every day, he was plotting to kill americans. he had become the leading voice in calling for attacks against the u.s. he was a huge player. the head of operations. considered very charismatic long followers and number two to ayman al zawahiri. al zawahiri has been the longest
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associate. he'll have a hard time replacing al libi because of his expertise. and if al zawahiri is killed, which the u.s. is ready to launch drones, the core leadership in pakistan would be wiped out. josh? >> thank you for that. now, to an abc news exclusive about potentially explosive evidence in the jerry sandusky sexual abuse trial. the former penn state football coach stands accused of molesting ten boys. prosecutors will submit into evidence, love letters sandusky allegedly wrote to his alleged victims. sources say they are, quote, creepy." and also, claims that sandusky bought them gifts, golf clubs and watches. now, a mystery of sorts along the pacific coast. a massive concrete dock has washed ashore in oregon. nearly 70 feet in length. the name of a japanese city
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imprinted on the dock, could indicate it's the largest piece of debris from last year's tsunami, raising concerns about what other debris could be on the way. with wall street plunging in recent weeks, warren buffett is making headlines for his latest predictions on the economy. buffett saying, the odds of going back into recession are very low. but all bets are off if europe fails to contain its debt crisis. and take a look. a little boy slipping through a crack on his family's fourth-story balcony. just large enough to keep his head. you can see him dangling there, from falling through. he was left dangling. however, a brave downstairs neighbor tried pushing him up from below. and held him there until emergency crews could finally arrive. the baby is believed, this morning, guys, to be okay. >> how about that neighbor, too? >> unbelievable heroism, from that neighbor. and again, everybody's okay. >> thanks, josh.
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>> one hand. picked him up with one hand. we're going to turn to the historic election in wisconsin. republican, scott walker, became the first governor to survive a recall, after a fierce battle that brought him big money from all across the country. it's "your voice, your vote," and abc's jon karl. this race got so much time and attention from both democrats and republicans because they know it could have a big impact on the presidential race. >> reporter: that's right, george. this was large. this was sign as the most important race in the entire country this year besides the presidential campaign. and this comes -- this gives republicans a big win that has national implications. in what many see as a dress rehearsal for november, wisconsin governor, scott walker, scored a decisive victory. turning him, overnight, into a republican folk hero. >> tonight, we tell wisconsin, we tell our country, and we tell people all across the globe,
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that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions. >> reporter: walker beat back a campaign to oust him as governor, after the republican party and conservative groups poured tens of millions into the state. >> walker's success has clearly gotten under barack obama's skin. >> reporter: that all began after walker took on labor unions and faced massive protests. even a month-long occupation of the capitol. after he slashed benefits for teachers and other government employees, denying their unions the right to negotiate. anger about that prompted democrats to force tuesday's recall vote. but walker's moves produced results. last year's $3.6 billion deficit turned into this year's $90 million surplus. leading republicans to call him a national role model. and democrats, to warn a walker victory would embolden republicans everywhere. >> if you don't show up and
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vote, we'll say, see? we got them now. we're finally going to break every union in america. we're going to break every government in america. >> reporter: democratic party chairwoman, debbie wasserman shultz said last week that the wisconsin recall race would be a dry run for the presidential election in the fall. if that's the case, george, it's a bad sign for the democrats. >> it was a blow to the democrats. one bright spot the white house is pointing to this morning, they're looking at the exit polls in wisconsin and showing, in that, president obama would defeat mitt romney by 51-44. that would be a win. it's closer than it was in 2008 with john mccain. >> reporter: that's right. this is a state that obama just has to win. he won by 15 points in 2008. he just needs to win here. and right now, coming after what happened last night, republicans are the party in this state that are energized. republicans are the party here that have shown they can win. >> and the president's campaign
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manager said that is a tossup state for the democrats and republicans. now, to the exclusive abc news investigation into the serious, new concerns about the effectiveness of the vaccines parents rely on to keep their children healthy. the study found a shockingly high percentage of vaccines are stored at the wrong temperature or even have expired. abc's jim avila joins us from washington and has the latest. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the cdc is responsible for the federal vaccine program and calls the findings of its investigation sobering. they vow to fix a storage system that may be damaging these very important vaccines. that's ice on a battle of influenza vaccine, which should never be frozen. and this vial contains an expired vaccine. just two emples of the many troubling storage violations revealed in an inspector general's report, obtained exclusively by abc news. >> we found three or four providers were scoring the vaccines in temperatures that
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were too hot or too cold. >> reporter: that's right. 75% of the samples doctors offices and clinics, checked by federal inspectors, 45 in all, had potentially damaged goods in their vaccine refrigerators. one out of four carried expired vaccines. >> you're a good little baby. i know. >> reporter: alarming numbers for parents already concerned about the 16 vaccinations recommended by the federal government for children in the united states. while experts say an expired or temperature vaccine won't harm a child, it may not protect them against diseases it's supposed to protect them from. >> i would be upset if doctors weren't storing vaccines properly and they were not effective. >> this is a warning sign that we can't take that for granted. we need to improve the weak spots in the system. >> reporter: how does this happen?
7:11 am
>> there's been changes in equipment. the refrigerators. there's many vaccines recommended now. and it may be that there's more doses being stored in the average office than there used to be. >> reporter: the cdc says the bad vaccines out there have not caused a spike in disease rate. but they're investigating a rare whooping cough outbreak in washington state. >> based on what we know right now, the increase in whooping cough is not based on storage and handling. >> reporter: the cdc admits they don't know why the whooping cough cases are surging out west. and they're investigating the possibility of a link. in the meantime, the cdc is warning doctors around the country to check those refrigerators and the expiration dates. let's bring in our medical editor, dr. richard besser. this is not the children receiving government vaccines. this applies to many children. >> that's right. this is a very big deal. 90% of all children get their vaccines from providers who participate in this program.
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and i'm very concerned about anything that raises questions in parents' minds about how effective or safe vaccines are. the first concern, when you get your child vaccinated, you want to feel certain they're going to be protected against those diseases. but the second concern is, there's a lot of parents who are hesitant about the number of vaccines they're getting and if it's safe. i'm concerned this is going to be misinterpreted. this wasn't about safety. vaccines are still safe. but we're not sure they're going to be fully effective. >> what should parents do going forward, rich? >> first thing, make sure to get your child vaccinated fully and on time. the next time you go in to get your child vaccinated, ask your doctor, are you sure your vaccines are being stored at the right temperature. that's going to cause them to take a look at their system. it will me, as a pediatrician. i'm going to look. >> you say go in asking questions of your doctor. what's the doctor's responsibility in this? >> i think doctors need to be
7:13 am
taken out to the woodshed on this. each state is responsible for its vaccine programs. doctors need to look in their offices. are my nurses doing this? are the vaccines safe? the integrity of the program relies on this. i don't think it's going to be over. now, to the health battle for sheryl crow. the pop superstar survived breast cancer. and she just told her fans that she survived a brain tumor. amy robach is here. this doesn't appear to be life-threatening. >> reporter: that's right. and sheryl crow was making jokes about memory loss and aging. she was battling something than just getting older. a benign brain tumor that many adults have and don't even know about because there are so few symptoms. ♪ all i want to do is have some fun ♪ >> reporter: she's the rock 'n' roll superstar and nine-time grammy award-winning singer/song
7:14 am
writer, who has been belting out anthems for years. ♪ are you strong enough to be my man ♪ >> reporter: now, the woman who asked the men of the world if they were strong enough to date her, is proving yet again that she is powerful enough to handle just about anything on her own. revealing she has a brain tumor. called a menalgeoma she discovered last november. in a new interview, crow says, i worried about my memory so much, that i went and got an mri. and found out i have a brain tumor. and i was like, see? i knew there was something wrong. it's benign, so i don't have to worry about it. but it gives me a fit. >> most of these tumors are very slow-growing. so, you wouldn't want to operate. but if it's pushing on the key structure of your brain, surgery is the treatment. >> reporter: the 50-year-old mother of two adapted sons say she has a history of forgetting her own lyrics. on this video, cameras capture
7:15 am
her drawing a blank, while singing her hit single, "soak up the sun" next may. >> it's live. i'm 50. what can i say? my brain is going through [ bleep ]. >> reporter: it wasn't the first time that happened. ♪ a change will do you go >> reporter: crow says she spaced while doing "a change will do you good" during a concert in the '90s. this isn't the first health scare for crow. she spoke with abc's diane sawyer about her battle with breast cancer in 2006. >> i never believed for a second i was going to die. you can't help but think, is this going to come back? >> reporter: crow's rep says she's doing great. she feels healthy and did not mean to cause alarm among her fans with this news. in fact, she just ran a half-marathon and is on tour, developing a new album. she was tweeting last night saying, i'm fine. don't worry.
7:16 am
>> right now, no operation. >> absolutely. she can continue to function as normal and pretend it's not even there. she can blame her senior moments on that. >> she's 50 and fabulous. >> exactly. >> thank you. we have remarkable video this morning of a selfless act of good sportsmanship. it focuses on two girls at a championship high school track meet in ohio. you see them there. and love this story. >> you can't help but watch it over and over and over again. usually, the winners of races get all the attention. but not this time. it was two girls bringing up the back of the pack who are in the spotlight today. and rightfully so. here's why. on the track, it is inarguably the fastest runner who wins the race. but for meghan vogel, it was finishing last that made the difference. the 17-year-old was finishing in her high school state championships. and had already won her first
7:17 am
race of the day. but in the second race, at a longer distance, meghan struggled. >> i started falling behind. >> reporter: as meghan slipped to the back of the pack, another runner, arden mcmath, was also having a tough go. >> i was blacking out. the last 50 meters, my legs completely gave out. >> reporter: instead of passing arden, meghan put her in her arms. propping her up, when all hope seemed lost. then, the two opponents crossed the finish line together. >> kind of just thinking that i wanted to get her to the finish line. i was more worried about getting arden across the line than what place i was in. >> it was a moving experience. >> reporter: sentiments echoed by the thousands and thousands who are viewed the video of the race online. this is a true hero, one wrote. another suggesting, we should all take a page out of her book. but for meghan's coach, her
7:18 am
on-track heroics didn't come as a surprise. that's because meghan's coach is also her mom. >> she has a big heart. and everyone has a light in them. and meghan's light was able to shine a little brighter. >> my parents taught me to do the right thing. >> reporter: modesty, from a girl, who, no matter the record book, the best kind of champion. girls like that, you don't think the future will be a bad place. mcmath is going to be a junior this fall. it's a good chance they're going to see each other on that track, in that race, again next year. >> her mom/coach so proud of her. we all are. >> what a great story. >> thanks, josh. let's get to the weather, now, and say good morning to sam champion. >> really good story this morning. good morning, everybody. let's start with pictures out of -- it's going to look like basic tornado pictures. know this. in this state, they normally have less than ten tornados in a season. four were reported just east of great falls yesterday.
7:19 am
it was a bizarre day in a spring that has been unusual. this is where the storms will continue today. it's likely we'll see strong to severe storms develop in this pocket in the red zone there. cheyenne, north platte, denver, pueblo, with storms today. most of the nation will be in good shape. we managed to squeeze some of the severe weather and moisture along the gulf coast. houston, you're getting a little bit of rain. and some of the storms along the gulf area will be powerful. jacksonville will see heavier rain. ho locally, three inches of rain there.
7:20 am
>> awe long does the cool june weather last in the northeast? we'll talk about it in the next half hour? >> ready for summer, sam. coming up on "gma," star wars. why kevin costner and stephen baldwin are going head-to-head in court right now. and the escalating fight over whether donald trump's miss
7:21 am
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. it's wednesday. and the middle of the week and we are cool once again. baltimore coming in right around 56 degrees. glen oak 58 and elkton 57.
7:27 am
wind are calm right now and will be variable going through the rest of today. outside in baltimore plenty of sunshine mixing with cloud cover. more of the same in annapolis. we have a beautiful sunrise. and as we look at maryland's most powerful radar where we are looking at mainly dry skies right now a. little shower crossing the bay and diminishing around talbot county but we could see more popping up into the afternoon. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook record good morning. theman trouble -- record good morning. the main trouble spot is 95. traffic is backed up to harford county. more problems on 695 where there's an accident on the inner loop at bel air road slow to 95. a crash cleared from the top side on outer loop at 83. as we check in and look live at the beltway, here at liberty road, traffic moving along and will be slow and steady make drive towards interstate 70 and using the jxv to get into the
7:28 am
city no delays from the belt a traffic. now over to you. the justice for trayvon martin group will protest police brutality. community churches united. [audio not understandable] slate for demolition. group says protesters that day were met with violence. today they will protest outside the courthouse where the trial for four men arrested begins today. as a row miner for you, the maryland live casino is set to open at 10. we will keep you update on throughout the day. back to new york for more good morning america have great wednesday morning.
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7:30 am
i'm stephens forest. i got a free on top of me. and i can't get up. >> that is the chilling 911 phone call from a lumberjack trapped deep in the woods. his only lifeline, his cell phone. we'll tell you what happened moments after he dropped his phone. >> a tough story. also, big news overnight from miley cyrus. she is engaged. there's liam hemsworth right there, in "the last song." they had their first on-screen kiss right there. they met and now, they're going to get married. a huge charge is being leveled by one contestant of
7:31 am
donald trump's miss usa pageant. miss pennsylvania says the pageant was rigged. >> going to speak to donald trump live about it. he's denying that. get ready for one direction. they're the planet's hottest boy band. teenagers listening to them right now. we have an exclusive backstage pass with them on tour. >> they are sizzling hot right now. let's get to the hollywood showdown playing out in a new orleans courtroom. stephen baldwin, accusing kevin costner of cheating him out of a multimillionollar business deal. and it had to do with the massive oil spill in the gulf. matt gutman is in miami. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. on the face of it, this trial is about big machines that separate oil from water. but the basic themes are the good, old hollywood stand by. money, power and back stabbing. baldwin is now suing costner for
7:32 am
$20 million-plus. this grudge match is very public. you could call it "waterworld." >> out there. >> reporter: versus "bio dome." two on-screen environmental warriors. sort of. now starring, for real, in court. stephen baldwin and his business partner, suing kevin costner for over $20 million over a business deal with bp. in the midst of the 2010 gulf oil spill, baldwin alleges, costner duped him into selling off his shares in a company they formed to sell these giant centrifuges to bp for cleaning up the gulf. >> this machine, it was designed for that. to fight for you. >> reporter: costner's attorney insists the only reason he's being sued is because of his fame. but baldwin's team said costner, quote, was fueled by power and
7:33 am
greed. both actors have been showing up to court daily since the trial began monday. but they've been steering clear of each other. even avoiding eye contact and any public showdowns between the "dances with wolves" star and the one-time "barney rubble." >> he couldn't crack his knuckles without my help. >> most celebrities like to resolve their problems in private. win or lose, both of your reputations are tarnished. in june of 2010, bp made an $18 million deposit for 32 of the machines. on "gma," costner explained to sam champion how they work. >> it separates oil and water at incredibly high speeds. so, our largest machine separates oil and water at about 200 gallons per minute. >> reporter: costner's attorney says his plan had nothing to do with the stock sale. and that baldwin simply sold a few days too soon. forgetting the fact that, if they build them, it will come. there's no love lost between these two. while they're technically not talking, there has been
7:34 am
communication in the courtroom, with baldwin periodically looking back behind him. and costner who is writing notes. we'll see both of them on the stand. costner tomorrow. and baldwin, probably next week. let's go to dan abrams for more on this. >> stephen baldwin is suing kevin costner over the bp oil spill? it's sort of unbelievable. it sounds like a "saturday night live" skit. look, he's got a tough case here. kevin costner and his team -- kevin costner spoke about it publicly days before the deal was finished. bp made an announcement. baldwin and his team are going to have to show there was manipulation and deception. they say they were excluded from important meetings. information was kept from them, so they would sell early. the problem is going to be that they have to have been or should have been, i should say, aware of what was happening.
7:35 am
they say they couldn't have been, based on the fact that costner -- >> are you surprised they didn't work something out here? >> most of the time, these things are settled. costner's position is this is a frivolous lawsuit. and we're not going to settle. not for a penny. most of the time these things get settled. doesn't sound like this one is going to happen. >> during the jury selection, the judge seemed very aware he was dealing with two high-profile celebrities here. >> i don't think it's going to be that important. what's more important is if kevin costner has been involved with this company, with this process, since the beginning. since the mid-'90s. there's a history of costner not being involved and being involved again. but i think it's going to help costner when he talks about how much faith he's had in this business from day one. how much time and effort he put into it. he was basically trying to market it in the late '90s, 2000, and didn't succeed.
7:36 am
it only became a viable business again when bp occurred. i think costner will get credit for that with the jury. tough case for baldwin and his team. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. now, a terrifying ordeal that sounds like something out of an action movie. a huge tree falling on a lumberjack in iowa. trapping him in an isolated forest. he managed to call 911 just before he dropped his phone. abc's alex perez has his story. >> reporter: as a lumberjack keep in the forest of rural iowa, david blair is used to the sound of trees falling in the woods. but he never imagined he would be faced with a life-or-death version of that riddle, after a giant pine fell on him. remarkably, in his hand, blair had a lifeline. his cell phone. >> i'm in stevens forest. i got a tree on top of me. i can't get out. >> reporter: pinned and in pain, with no one nearby, blair begs
7:37 am
with the 911 operator to send help. >> hurry. i can't feel nothing. >> what part of the tree is on what part of your body? >> the trunk. >> on what part of your body? >> my stomach. >> reporter: it happened monday morning as blair was trimming trees in iowa. listen as the desperation grows. then, the call suddenly drops. >> keep going across the bridge. and follow to the right? >> yeah. all the way down. you'll find me. >> okay. >> i just dropped -- >> you just dropped what? >> reporter: moments after blair dropped his phone, firefighter, steve davis, and his team spotted blair. still gasping to stay alive. >> there's three or four guys that were able to lift the tree off of him. and then, they was able to gently pull him out to safety. >> reporter: this morning, blair is in the hospital, expected to make a full recovery. for "good morning america," alex
7:38 am
perez, abc news, chicago. >> we do hope he makes a full recovery. but to have his phone so handy like that. thank goodness. let's go back down to sam. >> as wild as this spring has been, we're beginning to change the pattern in the northeast. look at the live shot out of new york city. wabc, by the way, my former home, and the station that's the best in new york. if you're not watching them in new york, you're wasting power, if you're not watching wabc in new york. let's show you what's happening now. this area of low pressure has been taking over the northeast and the mid-atlantic. basically, it's dragging in that colder air along the coastline and keeping us cloudy and damp. you're going to watch that shift out. watch the numbers change. from the 60s to 80s in boston saturday. chicago, you've started to see some of the milder numbers working your way. and so will detroit. look at the fires. there's seven major fires burning in five states in the
7:39 am
west. >> san francisco, 65 today. a nice day today. all that weather was brought to you by smart balance. robin? george? >> you still -- they love you. their commercial, sam champion. coming up, miley's getting married. the star revealing overnight that liam has popped the question. all the details on the proposal, just ahead. come on back. my name is marjorie reyes, and i'm a chief warrant officer.
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now, to that big news for miley cyrus. a year after wrapping up hannah montana, just a few months shy of her 20th birthday, she is engaged. all of the details are in "people" magazine, which hits newsstands on friday. abc's linsey davis is here with more. >> reporter: people have been speculating and buzzing about this for several months now. the couple lives together in l.a., with their five dogs. and they haven't been shy about walking hand in hand down the red carpet. i guess it's good practice for their upcoming trip down the aisle. she's an acting, singing teen sensation. >> the hunger games.
7:44 am
>> reporter: he's the australian heartthrob and star of one of the summer's hottest movieses, "the hunger games." and soon, they may be talking about one of the most talked-about weddings in hollywood. this morning, "people" magazine is reporting that hemsworth popped the question. and cyrus said yes. tweeting about the engagement the next day, saying heaven is a place on earth. >> miley's kept it quiet for days. >> reporter: in the new issue of "people," the starlet says, i'm so happy to be engaged. and look forward to a life of happiness with liam. the couple met in 2009, when co-starring in the movie, "the last song," about two teens falling in love. a story they shared offscreen, as well. and they talked about with robin. >> when you have somebody that loves you and wants you to do well, you want to help each other and make each other look good. >> reporter: cyrus shared her first on-camera kiss with the
7:45 am
6'3" aussie. >> she went home, went to australia. met your folks. what was that like? >> showed her where i'm from and how i grew up. >> reporter: speaking of growing up, cyrus, who is just 19 years old, lately has been shedding her wholesome teen image. generating headlines last month after rocking the red carpet at the billboard awards in this mature and revealing tuxedo jacked and little else. that was rivaled by this picture in march. engagement rumors started after she was spotted with this sparkler on her ring finger. she was quick to tweet saying, i'm not engaged. adding, it's a topaz, people. this time, it's no topaz. a 3 1/2 carat diamond. the pair is reportedly in no rush to set a wedding date. they're taking their time. and a source told "people"
7:46 am
magazine, cyrus is thrilled about the upcoming nuptials. and sam champion said, who doesn't love love? >> 22 and 20. >> that's right. >> great stuff. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and donald trump speaks out rges that his miss usa pageant was fixed. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and we dream up ♪ all the best stuff ♪ and we can make it up ♪ cause we were made for each other ♪ ♪ for always ♪ oh oh ♪ for always
7:47 am
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7:51 am
these two couldn't stay awake. the ring bearer and the flower girl at the reception. they are partying it up. laying blissfully undisturbed. they made it down the aisle. they accomplished what they were there to do. congratulations. >> there they are. >> the one direction. you heard the one direction. >> yes. >> take a look. ♪ good morning here to come ♪ ♪ say good morning america ♪ ♪ i say, good morning america ♪ ♪ everybody >> coming up next. ♪ everybody >> coming up next. go nowhere. ...could mean with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,... ...humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. and happy wednesday. the satellite and radar picking up on a few clouds with a little sunshine. most of the rain is off towards the south. we do have the chance for an isolated shower to stream in again going through the morning and afternoon. that's not what we are seeing in dundalk. we are seeing plenty of blue sky again mixing with cloud cover heading out and about today. take the rain gear and take the sun shades and the sunscreen. and you will need everything.
7:57 am
temperatures on the chilly side. you need a jacket or sweater something to cover your arms. laurel around 5 # towson at 58 degrees right now. and we are warming up along the eastern shore there at 65 degrees right now. future trend picking up on isolated showers possible this afternoon. and then by thursday, that is when we will have the better chance for rain in the forecast. but for today, that temperature coming in right around 74 and the temperatures once again will be below normal. let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning goo good morning. trouble spot is 95 dealing with two accidents. one along the southbound lanes of route 43 and another northbound right at beltway traffic will be backed up all the way into harford county. a crash is cleared from the beltway at bel air road but wap out for lingering delays as we look live at west side of the beltway at liberty road. outer loop slow but relatively steady continuing to route 40. and there are absolutely no delays to get in your way if
7:58 am
you are ewing the jmentfx into the city howard county watch out for it alopping northbound lanes of route 29 at route 40. that's look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. we will see you in 30 minutes for another weather and traffic update. now back to new york for good morning america. @
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. the gang's all back together. what a gang outside. we have some honeymooners. >> look at that. >> yeah. you're hearing -- one direction. we're going to take a look backstage, with the hottest band on this planet. and we can't wait to share with that you. also, donald trump. he is taking on big charges that
8:01 am
the miss usa pageant, he sponsors it, was fixed. she says the finalists were selected. we're going to hear from her and him just ahead. >> big controversy there. and the jubilee, sadly, is over. but big buzz over what may be royal strategy. why will, kate and harry are taking center stage right now. let's start with news and josh elliott. >> we're going to begin with the political shake jaap. the aftershocks that could be felt in the white house. come november, republican scott walker of wisconsin, has become the first governor to survive a recall vote. it was endorsement of his plan to cut bargaining for teachers and other employees in the state. it's a state considered a must-win in november. another election battle we've been watching is in california, where the vote over a controversial cigarette tax is too close to call.
8:02 am
the new tax of $1 per pack would fund cancer research. jury selection resumes today in the sex abuse trial of former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky. abc news has learned that the prosecution plans to introduce love letters sandusky allegedly wrote to some of the ten accused. the one alleges that sandusky bought him gifts, including snowboards and golf clubs. and in texas, police released this video, of armed robbers in a cell phone store. they threatened clerks and customers. even pointed a gun at a 4-year-old girl. they got away with cash. the girl, we should tell you, was not hurt. and a game-changer. that's what first lady michelle obama is calling a new disney mission that will restrict junk food ads in its programming. she joins ceo robert iger that disney programming will meet
8:03 am
nutritional guidelines. and diane sawyer talking about similar type of game-changer in the medical field. she joins us, now, with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> josh, good morning to you. we're going to tell everyone about what's being called a game-changing new test for cancer. it's fast. it's cheap. you can't believe who came up with it. an american teenager who might change the world. >> consider the game changed. and take a look at this. a russian b.a.s.e. jumper, for some reason, has set a record. jumping off that mountain in the himalayas, sailing 1 1/2 miles down to the glacier below. he hit 124 miles per hour on the way down. per this in perspective, it took him six days to get to the summit. took him 90 seconds to get back down. >> wow. >> straight down. >> for some reason. >> yeah. good times.
8:04 am
>> yeah. that's one way to describe it. little "pop news," lara? >> it would be my honor. the star of "duets" on abc, revealing she has dropped 30 pounds. how did she do it? new issue of "redbook" magazine tells all. she lost it the old-fashioned way. eating right, working out. her workout routine, strength training, cardio, runn clarkson says she has no desire to get superskinny. she wants to be healthy. >> i love that about her. >> yep. she's fun and real. always good. >> and always welcome, right here on "gma." and having just landed late last night from our trip to london, i still have the lovely brits on the brain. big news for sir paul mccartney and fans of the beatles. the classic movie "yellow submarine" has been digitally remastered and is, now, available today on itunes.
8:05 am
the movie has classic tunes such as "all you need is love," and of course, "yellow submarine." and guess who says it's her favorite movie, robin? >> the queen? >> the queen. >> we had lunch with her. she did an interview after all. >> a private screening. >> girls trip. including the queen. check out this video. josh, this one is for you. >> okay. >> comes from youtube, from a chap in the u.k., named ben. i want to say, flatout, this man is not in sea rescue, sam champion. the seal you see, is being purely playful, in an effort to steal the diver's mask. the diver seems comfortable, as the seal tries to grab the mask and taps him on the head with his fin. it was the diver who filmed the whole thing, without missing a beat. >> looks like he's trying to crack a nut.
8:06 am
>> isn't that hysterical? no one was hurt in the making of this video. drop the chalupa, as the chihuahua said in the commercials. everybody does want it. specifically these. the dorito loco taco. that's the latest creation. it's reached a culinary milestone, if you will. it's the fast food chain's most popular item launched in the 50-year history, topping, dare i say, the gordita. i want a recount. they've sold 100 million of the loco tacos in 10 weeks. >> which is rather loco. it's hard to get a loco taco at 5:00 a.m. >> a little later for us. >> that's true. sam, what's it like out there? >> well, it's beautiful out here right now. but now, george, let me show you
8:07 am
this. now, who is that on the phone? >> my family. we're skyping. >> we're skyping right now. so, basically, all you folks in times square, you can stay on the couch and skype this. you don't have to be here anymore. i'm just saying. we'll all hold up phones. and we can see you in your living rooms. you can just relax. we're glad you're here, honestly. you crazy kids just got married. >> yes, we did. >> when did this happen? >> it happened on saturday. >> saturday. >> congratulations. tell me your names and where you're from. >> sue. >> and ernie simpson. >> congratulations to the two of you. awesome. good morning, everybody. let's get to the boards. here's what's happening this morning. a couple things we want to show you. we'll start where the weather is most beautiful. it's a little cool here in times square. but plenty of sunshine and temperatures, from the great lakes all the way to america's heartland. you're being squeezed by two systems. one that's in the northeast and one in the deep south. there will be rain today from dallas, houston, nofrls.
8:08 am
savannah, you're involved in this. all of the georgia, north florida area, has been in severe drought. give them a tropical >> we'll give you another year. this is your tenth anniversary? >> tenth anniversary. >> congratulations. thanks for spending it with us. now, back to -- >> lara. here's what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu."
8:09 am
donald trump is taking on big charges that has his miss usa pageant been fixed. and access with the hottest boy band on the planet. who doesn't love one direction. and big royal plans. why will, kate and harry are now taking center stage. we'll explain, coming up on "good morning america." for months, i had this deep pain all over my body. it just wouldn't go away. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can plan my days and accomplish more. lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
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support team usa and show our olympic spirit right in our own backyard. so we combined our citi thankyou points to make it happen. tom chipped in 10,000 points. karen kicked in 20,000. and by pooling more thankyou points from folks all over town, we were able to watch team usa... [ cheering ] in true london fashion. [ male announcer ] now citi thankyou visa card holders can combine the thankyou points they've earned and get even greater rewards. ♪ and now, to the escalating controversy over donald trump's miss usa pageant. big charges it was fixed before contestants even took to the stage. george is going to talk live to
8:14 am
the donald in a minute. but paula faris has all of the juicy details. >> reporter: not the first controversy we're seeing. sheena monnin has resigned her title of 2012, saying the miss usa crown is a crock. it's the moment every pageant viewer and contestant waits for. >> miss usa, 2012, rhode island. >> reporter: now, one miss universe hopeful has resigned her title. charging this moment of suspense was rigged. miss pennsylvania sheena monnin never made it past the top 16 in the miss usa pageant. >> the fun, the lights, the glamour, the dancing. >> reporter: and on a facebook post on tuesday, said she knew who would be left standing before the show even started. first, describing the pageant as, quote, fraudulent, lacking in morals.
8:15 am
and then, i witnessed another tess taunt who said she saw the top five before the show was started opinion and said that contestant called out the order of the top five before they were called on stage. but the pageant, run by donald trump's miss universe organization, fired back. denying the pageant is fixed. and said monnin's real reason for resigning is she disagreed with their controversial decision to allow the transgender contestant. she writes, i refuse to be part of the pageant system, that's so far and so completely removed itself from its foundational principals as to allow and support natural-born males to compete in it. >> i am a woman. >> reporter: back in april, jen te tella kova was cared from competition. >> i only wanted to compete. >> but monnin isn't backing down.
8:16 am
she got support on her facebook page for her resignation. and calling the unidentified contestant to come forward. if this contestant would like to step forward, she says, perhaps actions can be taken. one former contestant says that monnin's claims come from nothing other than being a sore loser. and pageant officials say there's no way this can be rigged. it's certified by ernst & young. and all of the votes are secret until the big reveal. >> we're going to talk to the donald about this. >> he's on the phone. he's the co-owner of the miss usa pageant and miss universe pageant. good morning, mr. trump. how are you doing today? >> good morning, george. >> you heard the charge. it's fixed. is it true? >> it's totally ridiculous. the 15 are chosen. we added one more pick by the audience. after that, it's up to the judges. they bring it down to ten. they bring it down to five. ernst & young doesn't know until they tabulate. number one, and we couldn't care
8:17 am
less who it is. what difference does it make? >> how about the broader charges that she makes? that the whole contest is fraudulent, lacking in morals and trashy? >> we're going to be suing her knew. she made a charge. and she said that it was fixed. now, it's turned -- >> you're going to sue her? >> excuse me? >> you're going to sue her? >> yeah. we're going to sue her. she made a false charge. she knows it was a false charge. and she suffers from a thing called loser's remorse. you look at her compared to the people that were in the top 15, and you understand why she wasn't in the top 15. it's a very sad situation. i think, frankly, she should apologize. but we will be bringing a lawsuit against her. >> she's a pretty attractive woman. you're pretty angry about the charges. >> we've never had anything like that. if you think about it, she's really knocking the judges and knocking ernst & young. this is tabulated very quietly and very secretly. and only ernst & young, which is a big accounting firm, knows the
8:18 am
result. and they only know the result after tabulation. >> do you have any idea who the other contestant might be? she witnessed the over contestant reciting the names of the final five in order. >> my people said they interviewed that person and that person said it's not true. >> you're completely confident, then, that nothing will come from these charges? >> absolutely. look, ernst & young is one of the great respected accounting firms. they do the tabulation. and it's not like we care who the final contestants are. whoever it is, it is. you take the 16, to 10, to 5. then, you have a winner. the judges are celebrities. they make their pick. and that's the end of it. >> can you tell us who the contestant is that you talked to? >> i would rather not say. but my people have spoken to her. and they will be probably saying who it is. >> we'd like that as soon as possible. one final question here. it does seem this contestant may have had an issue with the
8:19 am
inclusion of the transgender contestant in the pageant this year. do you have regrets over that? >> i don't think that she had an issue with that. i think the primary issue was that she lost and she is angry about losing. and frankly, in my opinion, i saw her for barely a second. she didn't deserve to be in the top 15. >> okay. and that got a reaction from our crew. the final word from donald trump this morning. thank you for joining us. >> okay. thank you. >> don't look at me. >> never at a loss for words, mr. trump. all right. let's move on. shall we? let's talk about one direction. happy talk. they're causing the kind of screaming we haven't seen since the beatles first arrived here. their debut cd, "up all night," went to number one in 13 countries, including the usa. now, the "up all night" dvd is topping charts, as well. cameron caught up with them for an exclusive interview. cameron, was it the greatest
8:20 am
ever? >> lara. oh, wow. listen, you know what? there's no doubt about it, these five, young men have officially launched a british invasion here in the u.s. not only do they have a megahit album, incredibly successful tour, they also have a new book that documents their rapid rise to stardom. and i instantly became the coolest dad in the world when i sat down with these five guys to find out what makes them so special? take a listen. they are quite simply the hottest band on the planet. ♪ you light up my world like nobody else ♪ ♪ the way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed ♪ >> reporter: five, dashing young lads from across the pond that make girls squeal at decibels that will make parents suffer hearing loss. ♪ get out of my head >> reporter: this past saturday, the boys from one direction rolled into a chicago suburb for
8:21 am
a concert and to sign copies of their new book, "dare to dream: life as one direction." ♪ good morning, america >> reporter: and "gma" had not only an exclusive interview and behind-the-scenes peek, but an exclusive song. ♪ america good morning, america ♪ >> reporter: two years ago, you guys were all living at home. fa families. life as normal. zayn, your mom said she gets sad when you leave? >> yeah. i'm still their little boy still. they get a bit emotional. >> reporter: for sure. i love the personal stories in here. liam, you were talking about asking the same girl out 42 times? >> right. >> reporter: is that right? >> when i was in school, yeah. >> reporter: and she dumped you
8:22 am
the next day? >> a terrible story. a terrible story. ♪ i want to stay up all night >> reporter: the book provides an intimate look at where the boys came from. including great photos. and of course, the juicy stuff that fans crave. there are some interesting personal insights in here. for instance, i learned that harry prefers to be naked. [ cheers ] i also know that liam used to box when he was 12. i need you to show me a couple jabs. come on. come on. come on. here we go. all right. jab. jab. one hand. come on. right. go low. ♪ does i'm dying just to make you see ♪ ♪ that i need you >> reporter: you want to get to the fan questions? >> yeah. >> reporter: zayn, would you
8:23 am
ever consider living in the u.s.? >> you know what? actually, i love the u.s. but i guess i would miss my family too much. so, probably not. i've got to stay in the u.k. >> reporter: harry, i'm sure you never got this one before. lexie wants to know what hair products you use. >> i use stuff by paul mitchell. >> fascinating. >> reporter: before we cut them loose, i asked the guys to give me dish. not on themselves. but on each other. what do we need to know about liam that we don't know already? >> liam has actually broken his toe. and nobody knows it. >> reporter: is that right? broken toe right now? >> i broke it a week ago now. >> reporter: is that right? >> i dropped some apple prell on it. >> reporter: what do we not know about harry? >> his hair is actually naturally straight. he combs it. >> reporter: you comb it?
8:24 am
we have about ten seconds. >> bit of a bad boy. you know. >> reporter: oh. naill, what do we have on naill? >> we can speak really good spanish. >> reporter: while the boys were signing books for fans, we headed off to meet their opening act. ♪ i'm putting my record on >> reporter: there's the man. he has sold over 4 million records internationally. and judging from fan reaction, he is going to be a huge hit in the u.s. and we got to sit in when he gave an impromptu acoustic session for some fans. ♪ >> "good morning america." >> reporter: he then gave me a tour of his tour bus. how do we call this in england?
8:25 am
>> the toilet. >> you call it the loo here, don't you? >> reporter: what? >> you call it the loo. >> reporter: i thought you called the loo. >> called the lavatory. >> reporter: call it the bathroom. >> it's the toilet. and here's the toilet. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: that night, olly worked the crowd into a near-frenzy with his set. and then, the one direction boys rocked the house. ♪ going down, down, down >> reporter: well, these guys are so big and so fast. they're already talking about a 2013 world tour. of course, countries around the world, if you're interested in getting tickets, you might want to start about now. >> right. >> lara? >> how is your hearing after that experience? are you okay? >> the funny thing was, you didn't think i could hear you on the intro. it's okay. i promise it's okay.
8:26 am
my hearing has come back. i'll tell you, we're talking about one direction. and their fans are at a whole other level decibel-wise. but that olly murs, he can rock the house. it's a great all-around show. >> they have another fan, i guess, in cam. >> my family's dancing around the house. this morning. >> all right. thank you, cam. coming up, john legend.
8:27 am
now maryland omost powful -- merrill's most powerful doppler ray consider maryland's most powerful doppler radar. happy wednesday. temperatures are a little below this morning. coming in on the cool side. 59 in brunswick. 63 bowie and 65 chestertown. wind are on the light side and that will continue as we go into the afternoon. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar we are dry right now. but as we slide down the bay, towards southern maryland yes that's where we are looking at shower trying to pop up across the area. that will be the name of the game heading through the rest of today. also, we have a coastal flood warning rather in this area here. shaded in the blue color.
8:28 am
dark blue and that's in effect until 1 this afternoon. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well we are dealing with trouble on 95. a new accident in harford connie along the southbound lanes at route 152. speed at 24 miles per hour right now and the accident on 95 southbound at route 43 has been cleared but it will be a slow ride up toward white marsh. traveling the beltway expect congestion on a outer loop from harford road up towards charles street. and there's crash on the west side. the accident scene is on the outer loop farther south at route 40. expect more congestion as you make the push down there. and if you are use the jfx, no delays to talk about it will be an easy ride from the belt wait to downtown. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic. five men inr in custody after setting up a meth lab. one man was not honest with us. man interviewed yesterday on good morning maryland is a
8:29 am
suspect. spencer smith said he was in room but didn't smell anything and he is now in custody in connection with the alleged operation. now back to new york for more good morning america.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] our great crowd, as always, with us here in times square. and in just two days, we want everybody to come with us to central park. our hot summer concert series, counting crows. the dynamic band has sold more than 20 million records. and on friday, they're rocking central park. >> we want to know what you want to ask. vote on your favorite question. if you weren't a musician, what would you bo? who's your favorite person to follow on twitter, next to robin
8:31 am
rober roberts? vote on your smartphone by friday. also, just ahead, john legend is here. he has won nine grammys. now, that man is producing an exciting, new series. we talked about it and love it. "duets." robin, you'll be talking to him later. >> can't wait for that. child beauty pageants. are these pint-sized contestants fulfilling the dream of their mothers? lisa ling is going to go behind the scenes of this world. what she discovered will surprise you. and that is coming up. we have two people that are waiting over there. chris wallace and his wife. >> oh. all right. >> a new cookbook out. it's about chris' favorite saturday night cooking dishes. this will be a little sunday morning cooking duel. >> my money's on you, george.
8:32 am
robin and i, as you know, just got back from a really special trip. and nobody does a party quite like the british. the queen's jubilee was, in fact, the biggest of them all, i dare say. behind all of the pomp and pageantry were really interesting hints about the future of the royal family. and our friend, abc's nick watt, joining us from london with that story. good morning to you, nick. i feel like i just saw you. >> reporter: you did just see me. good morning to you. you know what? these british royals are a very secretive bunch. it's symbols and signs. we've been pouring all over that jubilee coverage. and we found evidence of a bold, new, royal strategy. that picture tells a story. the queen celebrating 60 years on the throne with a hand-picked hard core. unlike balcony appearances of the past. no extraneous, minor royals.
8:33 am
>> they are hanging in. >> reporter: prince edward was dispatched to visit ailing prince philip in hospital. last night, the queen gave a tv address. and placed behind her, will and kate's engagement photo. kate passed the test. >> everything the queen does now is going to be about reinforcing the line of succession. pushing what comes next. >> reporter: she is, after all, 86. but remember, charles and camilla come next. and unthinkable a couple of years ago, camilla's now inside the circle of trust. this trio has a brighter future. >> when i saw prince harry for the first time, i freaked out. >> i have it weighted in my direction. >> reporter: we're talking about alexander mcqueen, lace with a matching clutch. prince philip is still in the hospital. we hear he's on the mend.
8:34 am
hopefully he'll be back home in the arms of his queen by sunday, which is his 91st birthday. lara? >> thank you, nick. we wish him a happy and speedy recovery. how well do you know members of the british family? we want you to go to on yahoo! to test your knowledge. first, we have to give presents. we missed our boys. >> great to see. >> robin, go for it. >> i think josh, manchester? manchester. >> i appreciate this. and i won't waste "gma's" time collectively. i'm an arsenal fan. thank you but -- >> oh. well, i guess this tea tow will be -- >> i love the tea towel. >> we had so much fun. george, you get to pick. please. >> you take your pick. >> oh.
8:35 am
>> thank you. >> george. >> thanks. >> and no beefeater for you. >> thank you. thank you. >> no. >> no, no, no. back off. back off. we're going to move right along now. i enjoyed being with you, lara. >> i so enjoyed it. >> we did miss you all very much. we did. >> it's the thought that counts. >> what doesn't need a tea towel? nine-time grammy legend is here, john legend. he co-hosts kelly clarkson on "duets." we love having john legend with us. after trying to give him the chair across -- >> did you bring me presents from landon? >> you wouldn't have thrown it away. you've never done a show like this. >> i'm so glad i'm doing it. >> how do you like it? >> i'm loving it. i've gotten to sing with great people. i got to have some fun with my
8:36 am
fell ow superstars on the show. robin and kelly. we're having a great time. >> how did you go about picking your protege? >> i saw youtube submissions. and then, i did an open call because one of my contestants had to drop out of the show. so, my second contestant had to replace with an open call. we were in los angeles. and hundreds of people lined up. and i did a rapid-fire audition. and i picked my second contestant. >> that's got to be nerve-racking for all of the contestants. >> for them, it is. it's fun for me. >> you've done that. >> it's fun to see it through their eyes. >> they get to live out their dreams. you're giving them a shot to make themselves a household name. great, young singers. i'm happy we can help nurture them. >> you're doing a great job already. we're going to show a little clip. it's wonderful to see you with your contestants, your proteges.
8:37 am
>> yeah. >> but to see you on the stage. >> a concert, a performance every week. >> here's a little bit of what we'll see tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ entertain you entertain you ♪ ♪ let me entertain you ♪ ♪ entertain you let me ♪ ♪ entertain you oh, oh ♪ ♪ let me >> and you do entertain them, sir. you do entertain them, all singing together. this is the first week the elimination. that's got to be difficult. >> yeah. that's what's makes it interesting, you know? every week is really going to count now. the first couple weeks, we scored them and ranked them. but this time, the bottom two every week are going to start having to compete to sing on the show. they're going to do an a cappella sing-off, the bottom
8:38 am
two. and whoever wins gets to stay on. >> they have to sing for their lives. >> they have to sing for their lives. >> speaking of "duets." congratulations, you and your beautiful fiance. you popped the question last christmas. >> i popped the question. >> how did you do it? >> i got on one knee and did my thing. we were on the beach, having a beautiful dinner. you know, it was nice. >> the old-fashioned way. >> yes. >> i've seen you all at events in recent times. and just beautiful together. >> thank you. >> inside and out. >> thank you very much. >> wish you all the best. tonight, we're going to find out. >> tonight. >> the first one's going to go home. >> well, thursday night. sorry. >> what's happening in england. my brain is across the pond. >> nothing wrong with a little jet lag. >> thank you, john legend. i like the beach, too. >> thank you. >> and "duets" airs tomorrow, on abc, 8:00 p.m., 7:00 central time. >> i won't miss it. i won't miss it.
8:39 am
robin, i love that you brought the gifts. we're keeping the little beefeater. >> we love him. >> really incredible, robin. and can't say enough. >> where did the towel go anyway? you keep that towel, young man. you enjoy that towel. congratulations. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things happening this morning we want you to know about as you step outside your doors. a beautiful sunrise from flint, michigan. when you see storm clouds like that in alabama, take cover. here's a look at the new system that steps into the northwest. there was a break between the last front and this new one. you better look for showers today. seattle, portland, medford, you're back in it. how long does this last? we're on the western, drier side of some of this. but i wouldn't be surprised to see scattered showers pop up in the heating
8:40 am
>> all that weather's been brought to you by citi. coming um next, there's been a lot of talk about inside beauty pageants. now, lisa ling is going to go inside and tell us exactly now, lisa ling is going to go inside [ male announcer ]y are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less? upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone at a great price: just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for two years with no annual contract. or get $250 back if you sign a two-year contract. it's your last chance. don't wait! that delivers america's fastest,
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8:43 am
welcome back, everybody. and lisa ling is with us this morning. her series on own, called our america, is about people who have chosen unconventional paths. she's here to tell us about the episode "sparkle babies" focusing on the child beauty pageants. nice to see you. >> great to be on. >> you get a dance to dig in and tell long, smart stories where we'll see the full picture. >> i do. and these pageant moms are some of the most vilified in society.
8:44 am
and we delve deep in this phenomenon. the first pageant i went to, i was appalled by the microscopic dresses, the fake tans, the red bull. but by my fourth pageant -- >> i was waiting. >> by my fourth pageant, i started to see them not at all as sexualized little kids. but it was part of the uniform. and what was really kind of touching to me was how many families are involved, including so many fathers. >> right. >> and these pageants take place over the weekend. and fathers could be doing anything on those weekends. >> right. >> football is on sunday. but to see how engaged the parents really were in this was like seeing parents engaged in soccer games all over the country. i was actually surprised by my experience. >> you did see some behavior that raised eyebrows. certainly raised your eyebrows. for example, parents fighting over a child's costume for the
8:45 am
pageant. >> right. >> we want to take a look at that. >> okay. >> they're going out to have fun. >> yeah. >> they are kids. >> kids, yeah. >> i think -- i mean, her little outfit is cutesy. are you okay with it? do you think it's sexual? >> um, yeah. >> you do? >> i think it's cutesy. but it's right there at that point. i'm a simple person. and this stuff isn't simple for me. >> he seems very conflicted. >> he is. but what we try to do on this series is take a lot of these topics that you may have heard about. you may even have an opinion about, and go into it and explore it in a deeper way than you might see anywhere else. i'm really proud of that. >> one of the characters that you met was little eden wood. i met her years ago. >> one of the biggest stars of
8:46 am
the pageant world. >> has a breakaway show. people recognize her. extremely precocious. what was your takeaway from meeting her? is this a girl that's well-adjusted? >> it's interesting. a lot of these parents, they really want the best for their children. and when you think about it, the most revered members of our society today are reality stars and so on. in a way, how can we condemn the parents for wanting those kids to be like all those other stars? i'm not saying it's the right thing. but when we consume all this stuff, how can you condemn the parents for wanting them to be stars akin to the ones we celebrate? >> all right. let me ask you one, quick question, though. would you allow your daughter to be in a pageant, having delved in? >> i don't know the answer to that. if i lived in the south and it's something that my daughter really wanted to do, i think we'd have a discussion. now that i'm more familiar with
8:47 am
it, again -- by my fourth pageant, i didn't see it the way i think a lot of people see it. >> i judged miss america. and my perception walking in was completely different than my perception walking out. nice to take an in-depth look at this world that is often vilified. and working for oprah for own. more to come? what's after this? give us a quick -- >> more of the lives of women going into the convent. there's a lot of hoopla about nuns these days. we do a story about people living beneath the poverty line. a sex offender who was charged at 17 years old and has to live with a label. such a broad range of topics. >> nobody does it better than you. lisa ling. >> thanks, lara. >> catch the first episode, sunday june 10th on own. coming up, chris and marie wallace. always on sundays. and chicken on saturdays. we'll explain, coming up on "gma." ♪ today is saturday
8:48 am
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8:50 am
[ cheers and applause ] we have something new for morning television. i'm pretty sure this has never happened before. not one, but two sunday political anchors, sharing a cooking segment. did you ever think that would happen? >> well, yes. this is no secret. you have your morning show on sundays. i have my morning show. this is the secret. >> lorraine wallace. you wrote a great book inspired by chris. called mr. sunday's saturday night chicken. you have to tell the story about it. >> i've been -- after the first sunday show -- before the first sunday show, lorraine said what do you want saturday night? chicken. the next show. it's now been 8 1/2 years. chicken, every saturday night. >> that's a lot of chicken, lorraine. >> i only had three recipes. i got in the kitchen and started experimenting. and i came up with 100 recipes with 34 vegetarian sides. >> fantastic. >> and i have a gift for you.
8:51 am
>> wow. >> this is carolina barbecue sauce you can keep in your refrigerator. >> thank you very much. may 8th, 2010. >> it lasts until the end of the summer. come over here. i'm going to put you to work. >> okay. >> okay. here, all you do, your long baked chicken. >> unfried chicken. >> you have corn flakes here. buttermilk. >> buttermilk, breaks down the protein. rosemary, thyme, sage, marjoram, garlic and salt. this is a wonderful buttermilk bath. you let it site in the refrigerator for four hours or overnight. chris, i'll let you stir. >> the first i had anything to do with it. i'm the eater. >> i'm going to take this out of here. and after four hours or two days, you're going to roll that around with your fingers. >> okay. i'll use my fingers. >> and you're placing it on a
8:52 am
greased baking sheet. >> okay. >> you're going to put it in the oven -- >> we can do another one. >> we have room for another little one. >> at 350 degrees. you bake it for 15 minutes. and we're going to step over here. and we're going to drizzle it with a little bit of butter. >> after you bake it? >> just for 15 minutes. then, you're going to continue baking it on 350 degrees for 40 minutes. >> okay. >> i just cut into it. and -- >> it gives you the golden color and even. and you don't have to fight the bugs outside. >> like that. >> and you can pack it for a picnic. taste it. >> and tell us about the sides. >> we have a wonderful corn salad here with lime and cilantro and tomato. corn is abundant at corn stands in august. and nonmayonnaise picnic potato salad. you like it? >> mm. >> wouldn't you be better on sunday morning if you wife made
8:53 am
you this chicken? >> i would. i'll tell ally. what is your favorite of all the 100? >> this. >> this is it? >> the unfried chicken. it smells like fried chicken. tastes like fried chicken. looks like fried chicken. and she keeps telling me, there's no guilt. all of the energy and good questions. >> this is great stuff. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> "mr. sunday saturday night chicken." a lot more recipes on
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
and tomorrow on "good morning america," we thought we'd bring it to you today. but tomorrow, charlie sheen, still up to his crazy tricks. you'll find out. >> have a great day. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the
8:57 am
forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. happy wednesday. satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. we have one lone little cell around dorchester county and more showers back into west virginia and virginia. and even points southward heading into north carolina dealing with stormy weather across the area. no storms in bethesda a little sun cloud mix and that's the scenario heading through the remainder of today. temperatures still a little on the cool side especially in york only about 57 degrees right now. 57 in frederick and 62 in baltimore. and 57 in easton of the scattered showers especially as we head no thursday. more isolated for today. one tomorrow more of the wet weather and then high pressure builds in as we head into friday and we dry out nicely. we will warm things up but for today temperatures below average around 74 degrees. let's check of the abc2 time
8:58 am
safer traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: we are dealing with several accidents a crash along northbound lanes of 97 at general highway. route 295 a accident at the beltway. traveling the beltway delays on the west side due to a crash in the outer loop between route 40 and interstate 70 and look at liberty road it's going to be a very slow ride. so leave yourself extra time. and no problems if you are using the jfx to get into the city. no delays whatsoever from the beltway downtown. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. have a wonderful day. see you again tomorrow bright and early.
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