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tv   News  ABC  June 7, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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we are still looking at 61 rock hall right now and 55 northeast galena now up a degree coming in around 56 degrees. again a chilly start to the morning and you will need a jacket. but we're kind of getting used to that but don't because temperatures are going to start to get hotter outside. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. we have all five sweeps on as we go through the day we have a chance for a thunderstorm to pop-up in the forecast. not everyone is going to get wet but you could be one of the ones under those thunderstorms. a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. how are the roads any accidents? no, no accidents. lynette. not just yet. the big story out on the roads is going to be the construction that's planned for 895. it doesn't start until june 230th but it's going to cause heavy, heavy delays this summer. it's southbound of the toll masa and crews will be replacing concrete decking and so many cases they will be reducing to just one lane. so you will want to use the forts mchenry tunnel and even the key bridge as the alternate
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route. just a mess out there. if you are traveling 95, no concerns in the white marsh area. you're looking at a 14 minute ride from the beltway all the way to downtown baltimore and it's nice and clear here. no concerns whatsoever. that will remain the case on the beltway as we check in and take a live look here in parkville. at what areford road everything up to speed just nine minutes to travel that outer loop from 95 all the way up towards 83. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. a abc2 news exclusive this morning. matthew cheswick was killed by drunk driver in ocean city. sherrie johnson has the reaction. >> reporter: we are live here at towson university where 22- year-old matthew cheswick was a student here. we spoke to his father, chris in annoys news exclusive intershoe -- an abc2 news exclusive interview. now matthew was killed along
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coastal highway in ocean city more than a week ago hit by a suspected drunk drive who are tried to get away -- driver who tried to get away. they called his son smiles because of a grin that lit up the room. chris has a collection of baseballs but there's one that has a special meaning. the one signed by matthew. chris tells us that matthew loved sports and these days chris has to move on with his life even though it's something missing that's so huge everywhere you look in the home. there's a reminder of matthew. >> i mean i'm so proud of both of matthew and luke. but it's -- being an english teacher i'm finding it really difficult to talk in terms of past tense. it was just tough words to get out. that you have to talk about matthew in the past tense now. >> reporter: now matthew's dad said that his friends wore ravens' jerseys to his funeral as a tribute to him and he plans to give the season
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tickets that he had with his son to some of the friends. reporting live in towson; sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a 15-year-old girl was killed while crossing the highway in ocean city this week. it happened tuesday at 21st street and coastal highway before 6:00 this evening. they were running to catch a bus when she was hit by a car driven by an unidentified 17- year-old from worcester county. the driver wiz released at the scene and at this point not facing any charges. maryland live is officially open in hanover right now the mall. we've been telling you about this. megan was out there live yesterday ands in a live look this morning at the cast knee. the doors closed at 2:00 this morning. and not going to reopen until 8:00. this is that live look we were telling you about. all quiet route now but last night a -- right now but last night a much different scene on the opening night. this is a photograph of the long lines that people waiting to get in. the viewer we spoke with said it took hours to get into the parking lot. and when she finally did, there were no parking spaces. and when she did get in they
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had luck on her side. one woman won $800. the casino has about 3200 slot machines right now and another 1500 will be added between july and october in the second phase. they have five restaurants too and also what you're talking about this morning on facebook. let us know how you had your experience last night. if you braved the roads. braves the parking lots. braved the crowds and tried your hand at the slots. let us know how you made out and overall your thoughts obvious the experience. -- thoughts on the experience. taking a lock around the nation this morning. a landmark case in massachusetts where a man is believed to be the first person to be convicted of a motor vehicle homicide because he was texting at the time of the crash. 18-year-old aaron deveau was found guilty in the death of daniel bowley. this happened in february of last year, at least going to spend the next year -- he's going spend the next year in prison because of his actions. he was texting when he crashed into bowley head on. the victim's daughter addressed the court. [ indiscernible ]
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>> get up and go look for him. he wasn't there. [ indiscernible ] >> the victim's girlfriend still struggling with her injuries from that crash. pressed for more jail time. deveau will lose his license for 15 years after he gets out of prison. today the transportation department is holding a press conference to announce a major distracted driving initiative. transportation secretary ray lahood will make the announcement today in dover, delaware where he'll discuss a significant national strategy for ending distracted driving. well, one soldier gave his daughter the gift of a lifetime. this all happened on her 8th birthday. >> she was already having a great day celebrating garden day at school. her classmates started singing happy birth day to her and that's when the big gift walked out. [ cheering and applause ] ♪ >> daddy! >> i love you. flush happy birthday honey. >> her dad sergeant gene smith
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had been deployed to afghanistan for ten months. this was the best birthday surprise she could have possibly asked for. >> he's my dad and i'll always love him. >> it's not really you know what i mean? i got her in my arms now. >> this is only her second birth day she's ever had with a chance to spend with dad. never gets old. >> uh-huh. i love those stories. first tupac, now the king. hol grahams at concert. >> now the company has claimed the rights to elvis and they are booking tour dates. >> also definitely not the feast for the faint of heart. just how high this man chose to climb and how he decided to get down. well, there's a key. all right, so we've been dealing with the unsettled weather and the cool weather all week long. but change is on the way. i'll have those details coming up. >> no delays to talk about here on 695 in pikesville but we are dealing with a new accident just south of this scene at the boulevard. i'll have all the details coming up in my abc2 timesaver
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traffic report.
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now the story has ended on
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the life of acclaimed author ray bradbury. he required reading for countless students and may be best known for his book "fahrenheit 451." now he was also penning some of the best books "something wicked this way comes." his brand of science fiction predated atms and tv broadcasts a futuristic car chases. his imagination earned him a stack of awards including a pulitzer prize and special citation he was 91 years olds. the king aback at least virtually. -- is back at least virtually. now it's the same company responsible for the tupac shakur hologram we saw earlier in april. digital domain says elvis hologram will be used for a range of entertainment projects but yet to be announced for any specific events. forget about climbing the himalayas, a russian man actually jumped from it setting a new world record. it's calls base jumping and he was all decked out in the bing suit. he took a leap there we goes.
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from the four mile high mountain in india. this is part of the himalayas and it was in seconds he was up to 125 miles per hour. he was on the ground in just 90 seconds. it took another member of the expedition three days to walk down the mountain. incredible. >> yeah. well, if you're a member of linked-in you may want to change your password. >> how many accounts were hacked. >> and the taco shell, doe rhee toes, they had that. now taco bell is looking to go high class. what the gourmet chain is going to be doing in the month to come. >> well, we are dealing with a new accident. it's on security boulevard right at the ramp to the outer lop of the beltway. do expect delays in the area. fortunately no problems though as you travel that beltway the outer loop will be nice and clear from parkville all the way up towards towson. and as we check in and take a live look at the harrisburg expressway, not a worry in the world here at swan road making for a nice easy ride down
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towards the beltway. that is a look ott your abc2 timesaver traffic -- at your abc2 timesaver traffic. stay with us. there's much more to come. you're watching "good morning maryland."
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you know what's exciting? graduation. when i look up into my students faces, i see pride.
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you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor. i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now. news time 5:44. top stories for you on this thursday morning. lawyers for former nfl players
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plan to file a single lawsuit today. they're consolidating scores of complaints accusing the league of concealing information linked to football related head yours to permanent -- injuries to permanent injury logical problems -- neurological problems. new york city police are back in new jersey for the home of pedro hernandez wednesday looking for clues in the etan patz case. he admitted luring patz into a basement and choking him. his wife says her husband suffered from mental illness and doesn't think his confession is reliable at all. and opening statements will begin monday in the sexual abuse trial of former penn state coach jerry sandusky. jury selection wrapped up after two days. some of the seven women and five men who will hear that case have strong ties to penn state university. sandusky is accused of abusing ten boys during a 15 year time span. the fbi report think launched an investigation into the possible leaks of
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classified information about a cyber warfare program against iran. it calls for both sides of the aisle to investigate this and we have more. >> reporter: senator john mccain claims the white house has been leaking classified information for political gain. mccain cites recent media reports detailing key national security decisions by the obama administration. >> it compromises our national security. for this reason, regardless of how politically useful these leaks may have been to the president, they have to stop. these leaks have to stop. >> reporter: white house press secretary jay carney denied the charge saying quote any suggestion that this administration has authorized intentional leaks of classified information for political gain is grossly irresponsible. the democrat is chairman of the senate armed services committee. he and diane feinstein are considering a joint hearing on the issue. feinstein weighed in on "the
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situation room" on wednesday. >> i think what we're seeing, wolf is an avalanche of leaks. and it's very, very disturbing. you know, it -- this made our allies, it puts american lives in jeopardy. it puts our nation's security in jeopardy. i don't believe any of this came directly out of the top ranks of the white house. i think one of the problems is information is not closely held sufficiently. >> reporter: i'm andrew spencer, reporting. >> in consumers news this morning, linked-in reports that some of the users' passwords have been stolen and leaked on the internet. they have a lot of information on the 160 million members including potential confidential information related to job searches. there's no numbers but they say that linkedn is looking into it. they recommend that you change
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your password immediately if you have an account with them. taco bell now going gourmet. rolling out the new cantina bellmen ewe this summer. going to include whole black beans and corn salsa and cilantro rice. it was created by a tv chef. the options will debut july 5th nationwide and the changes come on the heels of the success of the new doritos locos tacos. the o's appear ready the right the ship after a month of may. last night in beantown baltimore scored 2 in the 6th and giving chen all he needed for his fifth win of the season. and moving the o's back into sole possession of first place in the a. l. east. that is unfamiliar territory for the o's this time of year. game thee tonight. they go for the sweep -- three tonight. they go for the sweep. brian matusz is your starter.
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an auditorium set to open in the inner harbor and features nine themed galleries of exhibits, artwork and artifacts from around the world and miles include a walking -- highlights include a walking activity as well as harry potter information and -- >> the mini cooper. >> covered with thousands of chris falls so it's going to be pretty cool. >> you're a fan of mini coopers. >> i used to own one. >> what do you think? >> that's a little too much for me. i'm sorry -- >> mini cooper? >> are we leaving you out? yes, i was lonely over here. >> i love mini coopers too. good choice. good day for a cooper or convertible especially the morning, the afternoon just watch and keep your eye to the sky but right now we are looking great. here's the proof into laurel. look at this beautiful sunrise this morning. we could see a few high clouds out there. and we're mixing with a little bit of sunshine, absolutely
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gorgeous, take advantage of this. ' yamsville some more clouds out there. a few thicker clouds but those are working out of the area as well. and temperatures this morning, are on the cool side once again. we're looking at 55 degrees right now in baltimore. 51 in laurel. 59 glenwood. barnesville around 51. more of the same in rockville. bel air coming in at 54 and elkton good morning middletown 57. goldsboro right around 54 and 59 degrees in centreville. so temperatures are going to be on the cooler side. so what that means is basically you need a jacket as you head out and about this morning. but the fast several days we've needed a jacket or sweater something long on our shoulders. now as we look @ weather pattern, we will have high pressure that begins to build in across the area. so that's going to basically keep can t clouds away -- the clouds away into tomorrow. still out there across the middle of the nation this will come closer to us. we do have that stationary front stalled down to the south. and may have been getting some weather. no type of severe weather for us today. but there is a possibility for
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maybe a pop-up thunderstorm. a rumble of thunder out there. and that will begin as wed into the evening time -- we head into the evening time frame. maybe the rush hour. lots of sunshine continuing friday, saturday and even sunday. temperature coming in around 80 degrees today. that's nice and seasonable. now a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. how are the roads? good morning lynned. we have a crash to tell you about in baltimore county. it's right in wood lawn on security boulevard at the ramp to the beltway. that outer loop so do expect delays in the area. as we head north on the beltway andtive a look leer at -- take a live look here at old court road. everything is up to speed and no significant delays but more traffic than usual in the area. and as you travel the south side of 95 checking in and taking a live look here, just north of the beltway, traffic really starting to pick up. but no significant delays as you head down to 495 or head north up towards the tunnels, and we have a major construction project that you do want to know about. it doesn't start until june
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20th. it's right at 895 at the harbor tunnel and expected to really really congest that traffic. so do expect heavy delays in the area can that will continue owl the way through october -- all the way through october and you want to use the tunnels as the alternate routes. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. news time right now 5:52. all right a proposal to sell smaller sodas in new york city, we heard about this now coming closer to the area. >> who's going to be in d.c. later today talking about the push to help curb obesity. >> and also ahead this morning, we're going to tell you about an app that tells all your friends where you are. a new upgrade that could make that app a way to find new places to get dinner and drinks. details straight ahead. on average 5,000 people a day switch from cascade to finish - over two million so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without rinsing first. see for yourself why millions have switched. join the finish revolution.
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the florida a&m university president gives the board of trustees new measures as part of the new antihazing plan and a new initiative to restructure the marching band. this is in the aftermath of a hazing related death of a band member at the school. medical treatment for the tucson shooter will end today. jared loughner is charged with killing six people in a shooting rampage back in january of 2011. the national soda summit is
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taking place in d.c. today and it includes a discussion of the new york city mayor's plan to not have the sale of sugary beverages larger than 16 ounces. mobile app four square is now getting an upgrade. now instead of just checking in and letting your friends know where you are it's going to recommend bars or restaurants or shops based on what you like to frequent or what you like. recommendations will change based on where you are. now it's easy to pay mortgage or even the days no doubt about it. >> abc2 is working for you this morning, why now you can get lower monthly rent payments and we'll tell you. >> well, dogs can get if all sorts -- in all sorts of predicaments especially if you have one. but the situation one dog found itself in and a way to wiggle himself out. >> it's winter in new zealand but concerns over driving in the white stuff. see lynette i would complain about that.
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>> all right, charlie no type of snow here. mostly sunny skies but rain later? i'll have the details coming up. >> everything is up to speed here on 695 at enthrone. -- at green spring avenue. i'll show you what 895 looks like coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report. [ lech ] dietary acids can affect the healthiest of teeth...
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