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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 17, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- going to war with mother nature. it's the most destructive in cd it's just one of the many battle zones for firefighters now dealing with blazes in eight states. could those flames burn all summer long? on the brink. greece, the birthplace of democracy, now sliding into chaos, as voters there go to the polls in an election that could threaten america's fragile economic recovery. how what happens there today could impact your money. bristol palin sued. a man takes sarah palin's daughter to court. after getting caught on camera in a barroom rant. she was defending her mom. how will bristol fight back? and call him hoverfan. take a hook at this guy. a surprise visitor buzzing over a san francisco giants baseball game, using a jetpack.
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you will not believe what he's using for fuel. hey, good morning. happy father's day, everybody. quick shout-out to bianna's dad and husband, happy father's day. and my dad as well. a regular segment where we recruit so-called mom testers to test out those as seen on tv products. in honor of father's day, we got dad testers, testing out the bacon maker to something called the iron gym. >> that's daring. >> i use that iron gym all the time. >> the results show. plus, kate middleton, this morning, showing a side of herself that's redefining royalty.
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her charitable work on display. of course, everyone wants to know what she's wearing. and we're learning more about that nightclub brawl between two of music's biggest stars, chris brown and drake. this morning, people who were caught in the crossfire are coming forward. but we're going to start here this morning, what is shaping up to be a very bad day this the most detruktive wild fire in colorado. a real setback in what one local official has called, quote, a war with mother nature. we're learning that this is a war that could last all summer long. abc meteorologist ginger zee is all over this story. >> i was out there all week. firefighters kept emphasizing we can only do so much ourselves to fight the blaze. today shis not going to be that. eight days of high fire drama.
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55,000 acres inhaled. 181 homes gone, all because of this. that's right. they have identified the culprit in the hyde park fire. >> they have found in the south edge of the area the actual tree where the lightning struck eight days ago. >> reporter: check out that photo. you can actually see where the lightning hit the tree, sparked the fire and eventually forced so many to start over. >> we help people. and i'm not one to ask for help very often. sfwlr more than 1500 are combatting the colossal fire, which is the most damaging and third largest in colorado state history. >> it was on the ground. they're going to win it. their support is great. >> reporter: and in new mexico, firefighters have finally gotten a handle on that state's worst blaze.
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so far this year, fires have torched more than 1 million acres across the country, and back in colorado, they're going to win the battle for property and life, but it was weather that started it and it will be weather that ends it. >> we're hopeful that we'll be able to contain it today. but that is something that will depend on mother nature and how she's kind to us. >> some good news, that hyde park fire, up to 40% contain. now we look at the dangerous winds that will be in place today. look at that, 40 to 50 mile an hour. this was something that i had to tease, too, everybody has been talking about it. by midweek, d.c., will be close to 100. but for now, we go to bianna. >> all right, ginger, thank you. most americans don't pay attention to elections until november. but a crucial vote today on greece's economic future will reverberate across europe and
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right here in the u.s., with the potentially huge impact on our presidential election and on your 401(k). why no one knows for sure, here's how the dominos could fall. there's a good chance that the greeks could elect a party that could reneged on its prior bailout promise. greece could be the first country to leave the european union. that has never happened before. it could threaten other weak european countries notably spain, portugal and even italy. banks could fail. governments could default on their debt. plunging the european into economic chaos. given that yump's america's largest trading partner, that could cripple our own economy. abc's nick schifrin joins us from athens, greece. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning. we're in central athens where the polls have been opened for half the day so far. most greeks are expected to vote. this is the birthplace of democracy, after all. just because it's election day, doesn't mean anyone feels like a winner.
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after five years of recession, greece is full of fear and loathing. greece is so desperate. they voted neonazi into parliament because they promised better economic policies. it's so full of rage, the spokesperson threw water at one political opponent and slapped another. here's how bad it's gotten. 20% more greeks are homeless. crime has risen so quickly, more people are buying guns. every day, greeks withdraw and hoard a billion euros in cash. some have even replaced money with bartering. 1 in 10 people in athens have needed a soup kitchen to survive. people have no other choice but to come here? >> yes. because that's their only option if they don't want to start stealing. >> reporter: but for greek
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families, the suffering deepens. george hasn't worked full-time in 27 months. he sold all of his jewelry, except his wedding ring. his mother supports him, but now, she can't afford her own medicine. how difficult has it been to raise your family the last few years? we didn't have anything, she says, we had to ask everyone for 5 or 10 euros, just to buy milk for our babies. is it difficult for you to listen to her? >> i live with it. >> even after the results, there isn't expected to be an outright winner. >> bianna? >> dan, 80%, majority of greeks want to stay in the european union. it's just a matter of what constraints will keep them here. >> so interesting. what happens in greece, not only affects our wallet but also our politics. it's your voice, your vote. now for more, on what's going to
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be a major variable in this presidential race. let's go to george stephanopoulos who hosts both "good morning america" and "this week." you have said, i believe on this broadcast, what happens in greece will affect president obama's re-election hopes and in some cases more than what happens in america. how nervous are they this morning? >> they're quite worried in the white house. what could happen today, based on the outcome of this vote, is that, if greece pulls out of the euro, or if they try to renegotiate their financial agreement with the rest of europe, it could spark a financial crisis across europe, which will affect america right now. they're our biggest market. if there's a financial crisis in europe, it could spread to our shores. that's why it's so critical. you know, the president is going to be in mexico tomorrow with other leaders of the g-20 nations. this is going to be at the top of their agenda. >> let me ask you about the news that the president made on friday, announcing that young
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people who were brought to this country illegally by their parents, can in fact stay. sort of a reprieve. mitt romney has come out and said that this is a baldly political move, doesn't he have a point when he says that? >> he does. but he hasn't said whether he would repeal. the fastest growing group in the country. as you said, this is going to affect about 800,000 immigrants in the country right now. and there's been disappointment in the hispanic community about president obama, because he increased deportation. this was turned around by this announcement on friday. >> ten-second question, tim pawlenty is on your show this morning, does he have a shot of being picked as vice presidential candidate? >> he does have a shot. i think he's in it. i think he fits in the zone of the kind of person that mitt romney would pick. >> george, thank you very much. by the way, george has a big
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show this morning, featuring david plouffe and tim pawlenty. >> over to bianna. all right, over to ron claiborne with the other headlines this morning. good morning, everyone. we're going to be keeping a close eye on that election in greece. it's not only the important election taking mace overseas. egyptians are voting to replace ousted leader hosni mubarak. the first truly competitive election in their history. they must choose between an islamic and mubarak's last minister the united nations is suspending its mission in syria because of escalating violence. observers will not be conducting any patrols in that country, but they'll remain in syria at least for now. on at least one occasion, observers were fired at while trying to investigate a massacre. in trent owe, canada, a massive stage collapse hours before a radiohead concert last night, left one person died.
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other member of the stage crew was injured when the stage came collapsing down. it could have been worse, the collapse just an hour before concertgoers were about to be let in. and more fallout this morning. several people caught in the crossfire of that fight, alleged fight between chris brown and drake, are now coming forward claiming that they were injured. tmz released photos this morning of a woman who claimed that she was injured in the battle-throwing melee and now threatening to sue. she said that she was in the vip section of the lower manhattan nightclub. when the bottles began to fly. ingrid gutierrez said that she was injured while sitting at a table with chris brown. sending a champagne to drake's table. drake sent it back with a taunting reference to the pop star. it appears that drake is having
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second thoughts about the whole incident. drake, in his concert last night, he said, when i woke up this morning, i had to think about a lot of things, he said on stage. brown said that he never sent drake a bottle of champagne. and his lawyer mark geragos told the new york post -- the evidence makes it clear that chris is the victim of all of this. which, if true, would be very important for chris brown, he's still on probation, for his conviction in 2009 of an assault on rihanna. there were reports yesterday that new york city police planned to arrest drake, that did not happen. police told abc news that they're still investigating the incident. after 15 months in space, a mysterious america space plane has returned to earth. the unmanned vehicle was on a top-secret mission. it was described as classified cargo. leading to speculation that the plane was carrying an experimental satellite sensor. and finally, surfing has gone to the dogs.
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more than 50 dogs competed in the annual surf dog competition in san diego, california. they were scored on confidence, length of ride and the ability to grip it and rip it. it's a popular event. it's a fund-raiser, making money for the aspca. the winner in the small dog category, was an australian kelpie, for the third time. >> very confident dog there. >> the australian kelpies dominate this the way kenyans do marathons. let's get it over to ginger zee. heat wave coming? >> by the midweek, we're going to get very warm here in the northeast. let's turn it on, to see where the temperatures are going to go. up to 92 in chicago. chicago in the mid-90s. look at indianapolis, up to 92 wednesday. and how about d.c.? close to 100 by thursday. so, the heat is on in the northeast as we go through the midweek.
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but the dust was on in phoenix. look at this haboob. everybody loves a good haboob, a good wall of dust. it went into the air there, tucson had storms, too. record rains, 9.2. springfield, illinois, damaging winds yesterday. they had trees, power lines down. today, we have a severe weather threat as well. let's see who's included in that. this is a moderate risk. this takes it to the next level. we always have that slight risk. but that fuchsia color in parts of minnesota, south dakota and north dakota, that's the area to really watch out for tornadoes today. this is more average, slightly above average. let's a look at the big picture.
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>> dan and bianna, a quiz later, so i want you to take a look at this photo. this is a shelf cloud from cullman, alabama. a shelf cloud, okay? i'll teach you more about it in the break. send your photos. so i can quiz my anchors. >> the challenge is on. >> i'm prepared to fail. thank you, ginger. this story is fascinating. he was one of america's most wanted criminals, this morning, we're getting a rare and fascinating glimpse into life on the lam of whitey bulger, the mob boss who was busted last year living quietly in los angeles. john muller has more this morning. >> reporter: dan, it's not a pretty picture. the feds releasing hundreds of photos.
8:16 am
here, we see the former head of the irish mafia. far from glory and isolation. it's a man living in the past. we're now seeing the deadly stash of a man on the run. pistols, shotguns, rifles, even a grenade. all hidden behind apartment walls by james "whitey" bulger. he awaits trial on 19 counts of murder. he had been hiding for 16 years, when fed got an anonymous tip that he was living here in this small santa monica apartment. >> they lured bulger out of his residence. >> reporter: despite the arsenal, bulger never got to fire any of the 30 guns seized. >> the reality is, whitey, at 82 years old, was living the life, basically, of a middle-class retired couple. >> reporter: at his arrest, evidence came out in sealed brown bags. now, hundreds of photos show what was inside.
8:17 am
besides the weapons, $800,000 in cash, wadded in bags and stuffed behind a wall. a far cry from the lifestyle in the movie "the departed." based on bulger's time as the mafia boss. >> i smell a rat. >> reporter: on the shelves, a library of books. some of the titles, "the worse case scenario survival guide," "mob cops," "the last gangster." and copies of america's most wanted featuring bulger. handwritten pages of bulger's own memoir. >> it's really more than anything else, an identity thing. actually trying to make himself, probably, a much bigger person than he was in reality. >> other curious items seized, a dressed dummy peering out the dining room window, a pair of binoculars, the former investigator said that he probably used all of these items in his glory day in boston.
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by the way, just this week, his girlfriend was sentenced to eight years in prison. >> a fascinating look inside his life. all right, thank you. we turn now to kate middleton, arguably the most famous and most photographed woman. the duchess of cambridge is back in the spotlight this weekend. she's following in the footsteps of mother in law, princess diana. kate was spotted at one of her charities. >> reporter: kate out and about on her own this morning. supporting a charity helping kids from a poor neighborhood in london. >> kate is now doing engagements by herself. she's doing them very well. >> reporter: she has had a busy weekend. on friday night, she attended a theater night for 150 kids from one of her own, personal charities, the art room. also on show, kate's increasing ease and confidence. this royal role becoming part and parcel of her daily routine. but still the traditional pomp
8:19 am
and circumstance of this jubilee year to be dealt like, like saturday's trooping the color, kate, william and harry, all on show. but it's the charity work of the young royals that's beginning to catch the eye. all three display an awareness, relevant in these economic times and something that the two princes have seemed to have inherited from their mother, princess diana. >> we wanted to take us from the royal aspect of life. get us to see the role in the life. one of the biggest lessons is how lucky and privileged we are. >> reporter: both princes have been keen to display their sense of duty. with their military careers. prince harry's work with kids in africa. the echo of diana's legacy are easy to see. and now, kate, the latest recruit to this generation of royalty.
8:20 am
an invaluable asset. >> i would say that william, kate and harry, together, they're the three musketeers. they're invincible. >> some three very attractive musketeers. >> indeed. there's some big tech news. if you own a tablet, it's most certainly an ipad. >> which raises the question, why is microsoft about to jump into the tablet game? is it likely something that you'll want to buy? nick, good morning. >> good morning. >> great to see you, nick, lot of buildup into this announcement tomorrow, what do we know about microsoft's tablet? >> we don't know much. we know it's a tablet. probably based on the phone display they have. microsoft introduced the tablet ten years ago. it didn't do well. >> this company brought us a
8:21 am
zoom, it was an asterick in the mp3 category, is there any reason based on their history, that this tablet will be any good? >> xbox has sold 6 million. it's not just about the tablet or the phone, it's about all three things. television, tablet and the phone. microsoft is setting themselves up to be perfect for that situation. >> it wasn't a bad product. it was late. the big question is, how do you eat at apple's popularity? >> you have to go at the content at this point. what microsoft has done well with the phone, they created something that people didn't expect them to do. it was a beautifully designed product. they'll do the same thing with the tablet. >> you mentioned price point, do we know roughly how much this would sell more? >> we don't know. there's a market for a smaller tablet. but, you know that's a nine-inch device.
8:22 am
there's room in the small market. the price of the instructry ipad is $500. if they come in below that, they may have a shot at this. >> nick u thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- suing bristol palin. a guy who loudly lashed out to sarah palin's famous daughter, takes her to court on her new reality tv show. we'll show you how bristol is fighting back. plus, move over mom testers. on this father's day, we're giving dads a go. testing out three new as seen on tv products. for example, how do they like this machine that makes bacon? and the rocket man uses something everyday to power his hoveround jetpark. >> he made a surprise appearance at the baseball game last night. we'll show you that. that's coming up after this quick break here on "good morning america." keep it here.
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coming up on "good morning america" -- bristol palin is back in spotlight. you remember this famous fight at bar last year. where this man lashed at her mom. now he's suing her for using this footage in her new reality show. move over mom testers. on this father's day, we're doing dad testers. including this guy. guy.
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what did you say? >> your mother's [ bleep ]. >> oh, is she? what did she do wrong? >> she lives and see breathe. >> that's bristol palin, the famous daughter of sarah palin. it all started with a barroom fight. well, now, sarah palin's daughter is back in the headlines. she's not backing down. >> you know, he said that it ruined his life. but he started the fight. >> she was defending her mother. i don't blame her. in honor of father's day, we're temporarily tweaking our mom testers series, thousands of you applied, we're using dad testers. they tested this bacon wave.
8:31 am
>> we made it easy for them with something like bacon. >> we'll take you to a field of dreams where one really did come true, an incredible game-winning play that you just got to see in our "fixation" segment coming up. we'll start with that legal trouble for sarah palin's daughter, bristol, as she's about to return to reality tv, she's being hit with a lawsuit from this guy, who she met in a bar. abc's john schiffen is here with that. >> these days it seems most successful reality shows are hyped up by some sort of scandalous fight. the latest reality show based on bristol palin's life is no different. that fight is now extending off the screen. this bar brawl was seen everywhere last year. >> your mother is [ bleep ], devil, dude. >> oh, really? what did she do wrong? >> she lives and she breathes. >> reporter: bristol is showing
8:32 am
the world, when it comes to her family, she's not backing down. in her new lifetime reality tv series, one promo shows her dishing it right back to a random man at a west hollywood bar who makes fun of her famous mom sarah palin. >> okay, why is that? >> she's evil. >>is it because it's homosexual? >> reporter: now, that random man is firing back. with this lawsuit against bristol and a and e, the parent company of lifetime. the complaint said that he never signed a consent form to be filmed. he's also claiming that bristol's insult -- >> is it because you're a homosexual? >> reporter: -- caused harm to his profession. in an interview last week on "good morning america" with robin roberts, bristol stood her
8:33 am
ground. >> you stood your ground in defending your mom. do you still have to do it quite a bit? >> absolutely. i'm going to pick and choose a battles a battle like that, i chose to confront him. i'm excited for viewers to see the real me. >> reporter: is the real bristol palin going to get her in trouble? former prosecutor robin sax doesn't think so. >> to say that he has an invasion of privacy in a reality show type environment, where there are cameras everywhere, and bristol palin, everyone knows who she is, will be something that's not going to muster much sympathy for him. >> and we reached out to bristol palin about the latest lawsuit. but we haven't heard back. there's a statement from lifetime going around which says, the cable channel won't comment on this case because it's pending litigation. our legal analyst thinks that this guy is going after bristol
8:34 am
palin because she's a big star and she has money. >> all right, john, thank you. let's turn ron claiborne now with the other headlines. good morning, everyone. in the news, greeks are going to the polls today in an election that will have a ripple effect across the country. if the result leads to greece leave the european union, that could spark a financial cry situation around the world. and 21 years after winning the noble peace prize, aung san suu kyi was finally able to accept the award in oslo, norway. she said winning the award shattered her isolation. and four japanese climbers missing on. >> michele: mckinley are now per sum ed dead. they were swept away by a an avalanche. ryan seacrest, once again, he's reportedly considering buying dick clark productions, which hosts dick clark's rockin
8:35 am
eve. time now for the weather and ginger zee. good morning, everyone. boston, it's going to be cooler, right around 65. but look at that beautiful start in boston. they have some onshore winds. look at that beautiful start in boston. a really nice day across much of the northeast. remember, though, a little bit rough as far as surf goes and some rip current danger. now, we do have that severe weather pocket up in the northern plains. parts of minnesota, too. i want to leave you with a look at some daddy weather. all of the cities here related to father's day. happy father's day to all of those dads. >> this weather report has been brought to you by blue bunny ice cream. dan and bianna. >> ginger, thank you. coming up on "good morning
8:36 am
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♪ well, since it's father's day. we thought that we would put some dads in the driver's seat for one of our favorite segments. forget about mom testers. we got dad testers. will the men be easier to please than the women when it comes to these as seen on tv products? "good morning america" tech contributor becky worley joins us. via skype from her kitchen in oakland, california. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning. i don't know about you, when i think about my dad, he's sort of skeptical. he's a let's try it out dad. sure, on this day, take our popular mom testers series and turn it into dad testers. over the past year, we have had 21 mom testers. 25 as seen on tv products. and 44 seals of approval. so, now -- >> "good morning america."
8:41 am
>> reporter: it's dad's turn. three daring dads. all "good morning america" viewers. and three new products. and this time, a new question -- will they get a dad approved or a dad disappointed? let's meet our dads. from buffalo, new york, tony pusateri, dad of one boy and one girl. from hurricane, west virginia, rusty lyons, dad of one. and from seattle, washington, robert glover, with two daughters. first up, dad needs to stay in shape. yes. we got a product for that. >> iron gym is the way to get in serious shape fast. >> reporter: robert was ready to get his workout on. but tony was a little bit more hesitant. >> i haven't done pull-ups since 1993. >> reporter: still all three dads found the iron gym easy to
8:42 am
set up and to use. >> it does what it says it does. >> definitely a thumbs up. >> reporter: their kids got in the mix, too. >> i'm getting ripped, yeah! >> reporter: sounds like everyone is in an agreement. all three dads gave the iron gym a dad approved. after that exercise, dad's hungry. and what better food for a postworkout meal than some juicy bacon, enter our next product -- >> bacon cooked to perfection in your microwave. >> reporter: the bacon wave. >> i love bacon. >> reporter: our testers loaded their bacon strips into the bacon wave and stuck it in the microwave. >> it collected the grease. the all important taste test -- >> it tastes like bacon. >> it tastes pretty good. >> i like it. >> definitely dad approved. >> reporter: rusty and robert agree.
8:43 am
the bacon wave gets a second unanimous approved. so far, so good. can we go 3 for 3? our final product is -- a ferrari. starting to feel like oprah's show. sorry, dad, not on our budget. it's just the sound racer. a gizmo that makes you think you're driving an italian sports car. >> put it in the cigarette lighter. >> once they connected the sound racer, it was time to take it out for a drive. >> i got to admit that's pretty cool. sfwlr tony feels the needs for speed. >> now, i feel like i'm in a video game, which is probably a little dangerous. >> reporter: for our two dads, though, the sound racer was stuck in neutral. >> i prefer to listen to music
8:44 am
or news radio. >> reporter: giving us our first split decision. two dads disappointed. one dad approved and with that, we crossed the finish line on our successful first-ever edition of dad testers. working out, a car toy and bacon. tells you what we think of dads. but i think they did a great job, bianna. i just wish all of the dads out there, including my great dad, happy father's day >> that's right. they did a great job. i think i might need that sound racer for my husband at home. he always loves to drive a fast car -- >> not with jake in the backseat. >> that's right. not with jake in the backseat. >> i would go with the bacon. just a little word of advice. the dads did a great job. we want more moms out there. if you want to be a gma mom tester, go to good morning america on yahoo! and let us know. and still ahead -- this man
8:45 am
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♪ all right. it's time for "fixation," where we comb the web for absurdity. we deliver it on a platter for you. ginger, we start with you. >> i'm not sure which category this fits in. but, if you were at the san francisco giants home game on wednesday, you saw something a little special. check this out. water-propelled man. >> wow. >> is that a rig that he got behind him? >> yes. >> he's tethered to that thing in. >> yes, he went close to the baseball game. he was drawing attention from the fans and broadcasters. wow.
8:50 am
>> that's amazing. speaking of baseball, i'm going to show you a video from probably the greatest ending to a baseball game that i have ever seen, i'm a huge baseball fan. check this out. the ball gets away from the catcher a little bit. this guy does a little dance around the catcher to score the winning run. >> can we see it again? >> you can see it over. >> thank you, ron. >> look at this. look at that. almost lost his balance. touches the plate. game over. also, a very quiet game. >> very quiet. well, you know, i was thinking that, at 3 months old, my son is too young to take to the zoo, but i don't know. 6-month-old baby goes to the zoo. look, he sees this monk eshey. they have a bonding moment.
8:51 am
it's a zoo in kansas. zoo officials said that this is the first time that they have seen the monkey this happy. probably because the monkey loves youngsters. the long running battle between cat people and dog people. one of the arguments that dog people fall back on, is that theirs know how to fetch better. bottle cap in the box. look at the dogs on the couch looking there. the cat delivers the bottle cap. here it goes again. bang. >> is the other cat on the couch? >> the other cat is chilling. >> that is aggressive. >> you win, dan. if there's a story, video or picture that you can't get enough of, tweet it to us. maybe it will have sound this time. we'll be right back. ♪
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thanks for watching, everyone. ron has a quick programming note. >> the game three of the nba finals, the thunder versus heat, 8:00 eastern time tonight on abc. check it out. dan, i'm coming over to your place with beer and soda. dan, i'm coming over to your place with beer and soda.
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