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tv   News  ABC  July 3, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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damage from the wild fires. what state leaders are allowing evacuees to do. those stories straight ahead on this tuesday morning. thanks for joining. i am megan prinkel alongside meteor ol -- prinkel alongside meteorologist -- pringle alongside meteorologist mike masco. and the weather is a big story because we have storm cleanup and the heat. >> and we may have smore storms on wednesday. i -- may have more storms on wednesday. >> on the 4th of july. >> yeah. the mother nature fireworks will be in full works. a breeze off the ocean right now. beautiful outside. look at this shot. a sunshine that goes to work this afternoon in town. and 68 degrees is a comfortable number. visibilities are look good at 10 miles. into -- looking good at 10 miles. and a satellite picture a few clouds to the south. otherwise we have a good looking skyline. but out toward the west a warm front is back through the mountains and maybe some
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gustier storms try to develop m better shot of showers and storms works in by tomorrow many we will plan out the day 77 degrees around 8:00. a little lunch at 88 degrees. on the way for the 2 degree guarantee of 94. hey hazy, hot humid conditions. we will talk about from the 4th into the weekend coming up in a little bit. now the check on the timesaver traffic this morning. it's so quiet. it's so nice. here's what's going on. one issue that we are hitting is the route 29 northbound region. route 29 heading towards route 70 in howard county. we have traffic light out and again just want to avoid that area because they are treating it and you should treat it as a 4-way stop for motorists this morning. we will go outside and look or stop at one other location to confirm for you 695 looking good. speaking of 695 at 295, cameras got a little haze but we are looking really good. the commute is pretty quiet
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thus far and we will look am some of the drive times 70 to 97. 12 minute commute. 795 to 95 look good. it will take 12 minutes from the two points and 16 to 95. more than 170,000 bge customers still have no power. and many are without it for days now. so today, they are getting more help from out of state power crews and abc2 news linda so is back from bwi where she was out with the state crews. they have gathered. >> reporter: this is the staging site for bge. you can see behind me a lot of utility trucks here. we have about 780 out of state workers coming to help with the restoration efforts. and joining sus rachel with bge. this storm really packed a punch. tell us how challenging it was. >> this storm was to customers it may have seem a short term coming in late friday night and gone by the morning.
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but it was violent. we have seen very widespread and severe damage similar to a hurricane. if we look at the numbers, when hurricane irene hit our area, we had 750,000 customers affected. with this storm, we have more than 680,000 customers affected. we do have up to 2/3 of the customers back in service at this point. we restored more than 500,000 but we have a big job ahead of us. >> reporter: and talk to us about people getting frustrated. i am sure you've gotten foal calls from people losing patience and any words for them. >> we are grateful to our customers for their patience. we know that it's a very trying time for them. i am sure they are frustrated to be without power for sometime, but also to be without power in extreme heat. and i encourage them to stay hydrated and keep blind andcurtains close to help the homes feel 10 degrees cooler. but we are working around the clock and as quickly and safely as possible to get every customer back into service. >> reporter: this is
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challenging for the crews with the heat they have been dealing with. >> absolutely. so, in addition to extreme heat and harsh conditions they are work in they are encountering hurricane like damage. they have trees and tree limbs down on wires and electrical quit. the -- equipment. the trees have to be removed before they can begin restoring poles or wire to put people back in service. >> reporter: thanks so much for joining us this morning. again, the hope is to get everyone back online by this weekend. 780 out of state workers are here to assist with the efforts. in light couple linda so. >> stay with abc2 news for the latest on the power outages and storm cleanup. you can get up-to-the minute forecast at a touch of a buttonto down load the weather app text wmar to 46988. the tipsy taxi campaign is coming back to baltimore for the 4th of july. once again, the mda and aaa are
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teaming with up yellow cab to make sure you don't drive home drunk. starting at 10 tomorrow and running until 4 thursday morning a cab will pick you up at the city bar where you are and take you home. it must cost less than 50 dollars many call 877-963-8294 if you want to be picked up. today workers will prepare for tomorrow's fireworks display at the inner harbor. pyro techno will be at the inner harbor from 10 in the morning until 1 this afternoon getting ready for those last- minutetouches on the 18-minute fire work display. the show kicks off at 9:30 tomorrow night. if you can't make it to the inner harbor we we have -- we have posted a list of the fireworks displays in the area. visit the website and click on the 4th of july guide on the home page. gas prices taking a dip, more americans plan to travel over the 4th of july holiday weekend and over this 4th of july more than 35 million people will be traveling by
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car. hot weather crowded roadways can always make the trip more challenging. so preparation is key. especially if you have kids on board a. >> when hitting the road with the family, make sure to pack the essentials. so that means food, snacks, cell phone charger in case you get stranded, and, of course, entertainment for the children to keep them busy and occupied so you can avoid that are we there yet question. >> well, to the trip for mechanics, the prepretrip could save on roadside repair. avoid potentially dangerous mix of speed and hot pea. by keeping them properly inflated. just a few pieces of advice before you head out. public service announcements are fairly common. whether they are at a mall or in an airport, the men who make a pit stop at hip began bars and restaurants may hear a public service announcement from a place they least expect
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it. i know on john bon jovi has been in the music business for a while and music market. the new market you can find and smell him. details straight ahead. >> our boss must love that. big bon jovi fan. we are going to enter day 7 of the heat wave. hot, hazy and humid and stormy conditions arrive. we will detail the full forecast coming. you are watching "good morning maryland." 3q
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from marion house good morning maryland. >> all right thanks for joining us this morning. okay. you will want to stop what you are doing and check out this video. it's so hot in wisconsin the roads can't take it. a street buckled causing a crash. a witness captured everything on the cell phone. an suv wept up a ram -- went up a ramp and crossed into the
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other lane and narrowly missed another car before coming to a rest off the road. the people inside the s-uv were taken to the hospital for minor injuries but we are told that they are all expected to be okay. switching gears and we are not going to lie this is for our boss because she is a huge bon jovi fan. he has a new gig and it has nothing to do with music. the 50-year-old rock star will be selling perfume for avon product. he will appear in ads for two fragrances unplugged for her and unplugged for him on sale starting in october. abc2 news to go is coming up next. and scorching temperatures in maryland. >> reporter: three people in maryland have died in the current heat wave. coming up, information on cooling centers and emergency shelters for those still without power. we have the story on air and online. >> reporter: help is on the way to get everyone's power back on. the crews here from out of state to help bge.
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>> and this tree snapped off at the base just like many more like it around the city of baltimore. i am charley crowson live with continued cleanup effort. what he down here? walk all gone. good morning maryland continues in a moment. >> good morning. i am mike masco. chesapeake beach nice. the heat and humidity and more storms are in the forecast. full whrr pho -- full weather forecast coming up next. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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. it's 6:45. good morning and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle will time for the abc2 news to go. we have a lot going on tuesday july 3rd. charley is on the storm damage left to be cleaned up. sherrie johnson bringing us new information on the death in maryland all attributed to the heat. and that's where mike masco comes in we will start with weather because that's where this stems from. >> yeah. today is not going to be the hottest of days. at least we will get hotter into the next seven days. in terms what have's going on this morning, chesapeake beach a beautiful shot a lot of sunshine to a go to work. we are starting off comfortable 68 degrees. nice visibility. and calm winds and our dew
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point values are comfortable into the 60s. 68 in town. easton at 68. warmer spot dc at 78 degrees. and around the 8:00 hour, we will see a pair of 7s on the way for 88 during lunchtime and as we head into the afternoon, we are going to hate two degree guaranteed around 9 #. it's one of the -- hit a degree guarantee around 92 degrees. a muggy air comes in by tonight that could tryinger's shower and a rum -- trigger a shower and a rumble of thunder. we will talk about the threat that really comes in for tomorrow. timesaver traffic showing not much of anything happening. quiet morning on the roads. 695 on the outer loop a little more in the way of congestion between route 70 and edmond avenue a two-minute delay per the traffic system and going outside, we will confirm 69 a at -- 659 at bel air road -- 695 at bel air road, a pretty
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good shot. we will talk about the drive times quickly and again guys, pretty easy commute right now. 95 to 83 about 12 minutes. and 795 to 95, 13 minutes and heading for the fort mchenry tunnel about an 8-minute commute. weather and traffic again in 10. megan. >> thanks a lot. with temperatures 90 and above people are dealing with no electricity because of friday's storm, and soaring temperatures. they are taking their toll. three people in maryland died from the heat and sherrie johnson has more on this story. >> reporter: well, the soaring temperatures have takeent lives of three people the first three heat heat related deaths in the state. the health department says a man montgomery county a man in wie come cocounty and a man in baltimore county died. two were senior citizens. 34 people died last year in maryland of heat related causes. high temperatures are expected to continue this week. local health departments warn people to be careful because hot weather and humidity can
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cause heat stroke and heat exhaustion. if you are still without power, you can take advantage of cooling centers in baltimore city and surrounding counties. these centers will be opened from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. each senter will have cool air and free water. baltimore city housing has opened two shelters overnight for people without power. we are still under a code red heat alert through today. health officials recommend you remember to drink plenty of water or juice, avoid alcohol and caffeine and friday to wear light colored clothing. during the extreme heat, check on other seniors as well. you can log on to the website at for a complete list of the cooling centers and we have the addresss and telephone numbers all there for you. and it's located on the home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 6:48. thanks. power to bge customers could be restored faster in the next few hours and days because more help arrive overnight. nearly a dozen states and canada is where the help is
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coming from. linda so just got back this morning when she was talking to crews headed that way right. >> reporter: yeah, they are still 171,000 customers without power and a lot of work to get done. but bge is getting 1300 utility workers from out of state here to help. this is the staging area at bwi. 780 out of state workers are at this site. this is where they are prepared before heading out to restore power. crews from as far away as quebec and workers from dozen state including texas and oklahoma and alabama. the most challenging part of the storm is clearing trees from power lines. the sheer number of down trees is what led to the outages. bge estimates it will take until this weekend to get everyone back online. linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks. new this morning, people living in 33 nursing homes in the state are without air conditioning after last week's storm. most are working off generators. four nursing homes don't have
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generators and the state has 58 cooling centers around maryland to provide relief for those who do not have air conditioning. sunrise in maryland happened more than 1 hour ago and with it another day of sweating and hoping that the power will return. abc 2 news charley crowson is live in northeast baltimore with more on the story on how a homeowner nearly lost her house in the storms last week. >> reporter: yeah, one homeowner here in northeast baltimore just about lost everything. but, now as we wait for power to be restored some of the stories about the oddities of the storm have become surfacing. you see this has grown. this is part of a van that was crushed by a massive oak tree. that coffee mug was never touched and never moved at all the neither was the woman rose bushes but the tree is crushed two cars here and if you look 20yards to the left there, you see the house is untouched. they were so lucky and so fortunate not to have damage
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there. her 3-year-old daughter is coming out this morning to say hi. wave to us. there she is this morning. a lot of people doing all they can to bide their time waiting for the power to come back on. some customers saying it won't be until friday. quickly before we go, how are you doing this morning? are you doing okay? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: are you staying cool. >> uh-huh i have a cat. >> reporter: you have a tiger right there? >> a cat. >> reporter: you have a good day okay thanks for coming out and saying hi to us. that's one the big concerns parents worry about their kids doing all they can to keep them comfortable and cool in the dangerously hot conditions. bye. let's go back to the studio charley crowson abc2 news. >> i don't know we could keep that camera on her all morning. thanks. all right the new state superintendent of schools has begun the new job. lillian lowery began work on monday. the sam date baltimore county superintendent started his new job. lowery was the secretary of education in delaware and signed a four-year contract and
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perreceived bernard sandusky the interim superintendent after nancy grasmick left. sad day for family and friends of a former marine eugene mills. they are going to say final good-byes at a funeral service at the grace church in elk ridge. it will be held at len this morning. mills was killed while on a tour of duty in afghanistan in late june. he is going to be buried at arlington national cemetery at a later date. time for five things to know before heading out the door this morning. a hearing will be held for drew peterson the former police sergeant is charged with murdering his third wife. her death was originally ruled an accident. he is a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife. homeland security secretary janet in a pole tany will -- in a pal tano will -- napolitano will travel to colorado. we will find out today how much money maryland's largest casino has made in just the
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first month. maryland's lottery director will be discussing the state's casino revenue for the month of june. maryland live casino opened last month. a decade after the first spiderman movie, the fourth flick in the series is opening. the amazing spiderman opened at midnight. this version stars andrew garfield as super hero and emma stone as the love interest. the 4th of july hot dog eating contest takes place tomorrow and today the champs will be welcomed by the mayor bloomberg and that's happening. they will have a weigh-in for the event and that starts this afternoon. baltimore michael phelps says 8 medal is more than enough for the beijing olympics and wants to have fun and relax this time around in london. the king of the gold medals will only swim in 7 events in london. he says he is cutting the 200 meter free style out. the 27-year-old what chance to
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end -- has a chance to end up with 20 gold medal. 20 is not bad. >> amazing. watching him swim is amazing. >> crazy. >> here's what's going on. dundalk has beautiful skyline. temperatures comfortable into the upper 60s to 70s. salisbury checking in at 68. and the dew point values measures the moisture in the atmosphere. 63. that will change tonight. cold front down to the south. that's where the storms were last night. we have storms work over the u.p. of michigan going into lansing and you go south of this warm front over chicagoland, you find blistering heat and temperatures will climb into the triple digits over the next several days. in fact, this is how the models play it out for today into the 90s for most regions over the eastern third. but again watch as we put the maps to work going into tomorrow afternoon. hundreds on the boards. 101 louisville and st. louis at 106. memphis and jackson 101 to 107.
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dang rouse heat will expand towards the east. we will touch upon that later in the week. 94 the two degree guarantee partly cloudy and warm afternoon and low humidity though. and for tonight, 75 degrees. few clouds that warm front will lift toward the north. and that is going to bring in humidity and here comes the heat. by tomorrow we are getting up to a temperature of around 95 degrees. real feel could feel like it's 100 to 105 and hotter as we head into friday and into the weekend with temperatures climbing into the middle and upper 70s. let's check traffic this morning timesaver traffic. pretty clear commute rather as we head into the morning hours. maybe just some congestion on 695 this morning. it's slow going 695 inner loop between security boulevard and edmonton avenue. average speeds around 25 miles per hour. going outside to look at a live look at 695. >> no one is out. >> we can count the cars on our hand. 695 at bel air road looking
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pretty good. >> good time to leave. but not before you hear this. men who make a pit stop at any of the hundreds of michigan bars and restaurants may hear a public service announce men in the bathroom. at restaurants and taverns all over michigan when men do their business they are going to hear a chatty little cake at the bottom off the urinal. >>i just want to get in and get it done and in and out and have someone talk to you while going to the bathroom is weird. >> don't drink and drive. >> don't know if that will do it but the 21 dollar cakes that's disgusting. they last about 3 months and were paid for with a federal grant and they are part of a 4th of july education and law enforcement effort in that state. here we have tipsy taxi and they have talking toilets. >> imagine if she started to laugh at you when you walked in. >> all right. now to new york for good morning america. thanks for joining us.
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