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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  July 4, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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baltimore. his personal water craft was found in the back river nearest sex. it drifted to the pier with the key in the ignition. there's a water main break on york road. so what else is new but this someone a big one. what else is new? water is going where it's not supposed to. >> reporter: at 3:30 a.m. baltimore police discovered a water main break. >> it's buckling, don't anticipate things being open up except for one lane northbound and one lane southbound. >> reporter: giving headaches to holiday travelers today and
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probably commuters tomorrow. 20 local businesses and homeowners are without water service. this is the 4th and all the businesses are closed today. the department of public works is working with bge to make repairs to the 12-inch water main because there is ano carri0
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looks like the heat will keep cranking. we're trying to keep an eye on thunderstorm action. we have a couple of isolated storms western carroll county into central frederick county. other than these two storm cells, there's not much on the radar map.
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one storm cell is moving into the d.c. area. this is widely scattered, a little more than isolated activity but not a tremendous amount. the heat index values north of 105. tomorrow it could be more than 110. this evening 90s. dress light and cool and hydrated. >> let's head out to the parades. it's a 4th of july tradition in dear old dundalk, the 78th annual 4th of july parade. this year's theme was welcome home or troops. dennis has lived in dundalk his entire life. >> ever since i was his age. people come from all over maryland to come to this parade. >> look at that, right down the heart of dundalk. hello. organizers also held the independence 6k before the parade. the art museum went to the dogs. pets showed off their patriotic
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pride. awards were handed out for best hair, least likely to succeed as a pet and your mom dressed you funny. returning champion brutus, the he -- petite pug. >> it's common to see a dog chasing a car. this one took it to a bigger scale. >> and take me out to the ballgame, baby. the extreme measures a fan went to to catch a ball. >> remember, to download our weather apps, just text wmar to 46988, 46988. you can find out the exact temp where you are if you're swell tarring. we're back with much more coming up.
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smoke and fire move out of a utah valley. it forced dozens of families to get out of their home. crews are fighting it from the air. so far, this one is out of
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control. so far 5,000 acres have been scorched. the university of alabama disee mol lished its rose tower -- demolished its rose tower. the school is planning to build a new dorm with suites instead of standard dorm rooms. here we go. a tv helicopter crew spotted a stray dog in chicago running along interstate 55 and they followed it into a nearby neighborhood. police and others were seen trying to rescue the dog including jose who had been watching the chase live on tv. >> he was barking at me. he rolled to his belly. that's when i grabbed him and he was like "i got caught." >> registered to a puppy mill in eye way. aside from dehydration and exhaustion, the dog is in good
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health. look at that dog go. all right sign me up. watch this guy. a fan of an atlanta braves game reaches up to get the ball while holding his baby. the baby wasn't hurt and the fan even got a thank you from the braves short spot who appreciated the play. it started a little bit early. right there. unbelievable. bare handed. all right. the car's all packed up. you're ready to hit the road for summer vacation. we have tips to keep you and your home safe while you're away. >> the campaign trail never sleeps. i'm tory dunnan in washington with the politics of independence day.
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there are a few things you should take the time to do. >> leave the light on. >> it's best to put a few lights on a timer. a little noise will make people think someone's home. don't forget to unplug electrical things. >> if you're gone more than a week, have the post office stop your mail delivery. experts suggest you tail a -- tell a neighbor you trust when you're going out of town. if you're flying,
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don't put your home address on luggage tags. it signals where you live and that you're not. there instead use your business or a relative's address. >> spirit airlines will soon be offering some service to bwi. they will offer nonstop flights to fort lauderdale and dallas. the flights will start about $88. $77 to fort lauderdale. spirit airlines will charge $100 for carry on bags. chuck e. cheese is planning to launch a national ad campaign with the revamped image of chuck e. cheese as a hip guitar
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player. so a revamped chuck e. >> all right. want to start off with a check of maryland's most powerful radar. you can see the storms generally out to the west, popping up in central carroll county. frederick is sizzling, too. there's or robust storms further west as we take a look toward johns town. these are warned areas. we don't have the setup at left for the next hour to two hours to three. across most of the state it's not an issue at all. some of the issues, dundalk mixed with a few thin hazy clouds late in the day but bright, sunny hot conditions just about all day long. there's the hot hazy look on the afternoon sky. we had the same look in damascus
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today. wherever where you were today you found these type of conditions. 95 at bwi. hot steamy conditions with a pho storms north and west but all of this facing the heat across central maryland, the fell fill re-- philadelphia region. for most of us, the bottom line is we're sweltering. i'm not sure why frederick is included in this. mid-90s across the board except for deep creek lake where we're not mid-eat -- in the mid-80s. always remember if you have to be outside side for prolonged periods, stand in the shade it will give it a 15-degree apparent cooloff, so shade is critical. moisture levels high. humidity is tough to deal w hey, we've got a breeze out of the west. so we have a little bit of a
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breeze to stir the hot air. it's not a cool breeze but something to stir things up. again larks couple of isolated storms northern west virginia. could we see a couple of those rumble through later this evening? it's possible. the setup does not look particularly robust. we'll keep president thunderstorm risk in there. i think the bulk will not see a storm. 20, 25%, meaning 70% to 75% will not see it. so there it s hotter humid conditions. it's going to intensify from thursday into friday. then we get a real sweltering dayno carrierringconnect 57600
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happy 4th of july. >> reporter: four years before that a rainstorm couldn't keep john kerry from celebrating the 4th in the hawkeye state. in 2000 more of the same, george bush shaking hands. in politics, nothing says politics than celebrating the birth of america. mitt romney joined the others who chose to work on this holiday. after being in the 4th of july parade in new hampshire, he made no direct mention of list november opponent in a speech.
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instead, a call for unit. >> this is a time for us to come together as a people. we have differing views on political issues, but this nation is unique and exceptional. >> reporter: as for the president he held a naturalization ceremony for 5 members of did 2 -- 25 members of the military. >> what a perfect way to celebrate america's birth day the world's oldest democracy with some of our newest citizens. >> reporter: tomorrow it's back to the campaign trial. he will go through iowa and pennsylvania. we know those are tossup states in the november election. >> romney did make a bit of news. he was asked if the individual mandate is a tax or a penalty. so what did he say? >> reporter: he did talk about that today and tried to make his point clear. take a listen.
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>> the supreme court is the final word, right? the highest court in the land. they said it was a tax. >> reporter: that's the position many republicans have taken since the riling came down last week. earlier this week one of romney's senior aides characterized it as a penalty, not a tax. mitt romney is trying to put all that to rest. >> have a happy and safe 4th. well, mitt romney and the president may have focusedded on their campaigns, but polytestings need vacations. the obamas spent time on martha's vineyard but three could opt for something less this year. now mitt romney on the other hand is sticking with his tradition. he and his wife spent time
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unwinding in new hampshire. coming up all new for you tonight at 6:00, the man police say killed his son is set for trial. how the mother feels about the trial and the new details emerging about the driver accused of killing her son. five days in the dark. how people without power are still trying to ski their -- keep their cool. >> coming up on world news on this fowcialtion families celebrating, monitoring the heat. the firework displace are called off. we'll have more on world news. [ snoring ]
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a new kind of attack has shaken or security system. the homeland security received 198 reports of cyber security threats in 2011. the number is up significantly because companies that control u.s. infrastructure such as power grids and nuclear facilities and people can protect themselves from cyber attacks by not downloading unknown attachments. it may be cheap tore buy than rent. the website said rents rose over the last 12 months. in some areas it was higher. san francisco renters were paying 15% more than last year. smaller cities like fort worth
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taxest -- texas they saw the highest. the rent is going up. and the 4th of july may be independence day but it's the biggest day for barbecue. you paid $59.14 for groceries. that's down $2 from last year. cookouts, pool parties and fireworks, a great time to hang out. it's also important to be safe. what you need to know to stay safe. that's tonight on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. the trial has been set for the man accused of killing her son and loafing the scene of the
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crime. matthew cheswick's mom talks. triple digits for the next three or more days. there's more than 75,000 still without power. now they're coping, five days in the dark. >> the man police say killed her son is set for trial in december. is celia roe hopes diogo facchini pleads guilty. the trial will be torture for her family. if she had a chance to face facchini in the eye, she would say something that many couldn't. >> reporter: it's been 37 days since matthew cheswick's death but in that short time his mother has doesn


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