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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  July 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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summoning the strength to forgive the man who ended his life. >> matthew wouldn't want me to hold a grudge. >> reporter: she refers to it as the tragedy i'm closing these doors on pieces of matthew's life but i can't close the door on matthew's life because i want to remember that he was a part of my life and that le did exist and was a huge part of my life. >> reporter: a part that has been ripped away for good. matthew was killed memorial day weekend while crossing the highway. diogo facchini hit him with his car and kept on going. he blew a .27 on an alcohol test. >> it was more than an accident. >> reporter: facchini was arraigned on 10 charges including negligent homicide by characters driving under the influence and leaving the scene
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of the accident. records show chilling details. after ending up in a dead end surrounded by witnesses, facchini, glassy eyed, got out and lit up a cigarette. >> he blew me a kiss. i blew him a kiss back. he did that. that image has been in my mind a lot, his happy sweet face. >> reporter: it can still make an impact when it is lived with kindness and a gentle heart. >> one of his friends said to me moot matthew -- matthew achieved in his short life what some don't achieve in a lifetime.
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>> friends have raised enough money to buy a memorial bench. now they want to create a scholarship to reward another young man who makes the kind of impact that matthew did. if you want to know nate we put the con -- donate, we put the contact information on our website. all right. weather wise a hot day. >> the water is starting to bubble it's so hot. all right. we've got baltimore, dundalk, aberdeen. fullerton. it's hot everywhere we g wyatt, will we be stayed with storms -- faced with storms? >> i think there's the
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possibility but we are looking good so far at least, so far. a few storms have popped up toward carroll county and the frederick region. these storms generally weakening president be ready brief lightning here. otherwise, we're watching that cluster well up north into southwestern pennsylvania. temperatures meanwhile sweltering across the area. heat index oppresscy. the heat is the bigger weather story. we will be watching for scattered storms to the west. >> anne arundel as it all, the cape st. clear beach, pasadena, but what it doesn't have is power in some parts of the county. don harrison witnessed that help is on the way. >> it's hotter inside the house than outside. >> reporter: and that's the dilemma that chris moss has. he has been without power since
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friday night. >> who running water, no air conditioning, no refrigeration. >> reporter: with power lines down it hasn't been easy on scries. >> been running over to the neighbor's house taking showers and just trying to get through it. >> reporter: he has a generator, but that's been difficult. >> it goes through the night, but 2, 3:00 in the morning it runs out of fuel. >> reporter: chris is not just worried about his 12-year-old daughter and himself, there are others to worry about. >> it's been funny to keep the pets happy. >> there is prancer the dog and bunny. the newest addition is a young chicken that they just got eye can't believe i said yes to that. >> reporter: the chicken seems okay but not the tree in front of his house. but help is on president way. local bge workers just pulled up with crews from new york, oklahoma and alabama, giving a hand. >> it's some hope.
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>> reporter: still, chris is not too worn out to honor our country. >> this would be nice to get a nice hot showers -- shower and nice cold beer. >> reporter: the goal is to get them back to where they belong, get them working and get power back to these people. in edgewater, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. >> there are still more than 12,000 people without power. call the utility company to make sure they are awar of the outage but hopefully those numbers won't stay that way for long. bge has brought if crews. joseph got here sunday morning all the way from southern california. he says other than people driving too fast, everything is just okay. >> one of the biggest challenges that everyone is asking, when will my power be turned on.
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if you have 15 people stop and ask, the next thing you know that's two hours of your day wasted. >> that guy should be on ven -- could be on venice bee. instead, he's here. he was told to pack for a week. they've been leaving their hotels at 6:00 in the morning, getting back about 10:00 at night. here we are in dundalk. the 78th annual 4th of july parade at the logan shopping center. marched right through the heart of dundalk. hello, everybody. >> it's a great parade because it's all about family and community. >> there you g she knows. most of the folks that turned out are probably making their way to grange elementary soon for the fireworks tonight. all right. let's grab a seat on the curb. the 4th of july is coming right
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through here, towson. the drummers an the marching ravens band was out. they must have got about eight parades today. and all the celebrities were out there. let's listen in on the towson parade. who was out there today? all right, here we are, in catonsville here today as we all lined up. everybody will be watching tonight as we get set for the annual catonsville fireworks, and that show is starting at 9:00 tonight. there you go. >> the military enables to us live in a great country like this to be free.
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>> how about that. there is live music going on at catonsville high school. the fireworks are set at 9:00. let's go to a pep parade at the american vision fare ri art mew see. patriotic pets strutted their stuff. organizers invite animals of every kind but no felines could be found. it includes several costume and talent contests, best hair, least likely to succeed as a pet. your mom dresses you funny, eve use scale chairs. >> it points out how fun and eclectic baltimore really is. you don't find stuff like this in a lot of places. it's because baltimore -- we don't take ourselves too seriously, but we take fun very seriously and we're comfortable being zany, loopy and a little
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patriotic. >> that's not mini put. it's rose the petite pug. what, what? okay we weren't the only ones celebrating the 4th. americans all over the land were showing their stars and stripes including the president. we have more. >> reporter: from down south to the nation's capital, meshes -- americans are wearing their patriotism on their spleefs and anywhere else they clan manage this independence day. >> this is what the 4th of july is all about. >> reporter: more than two dozen active members of the military are marking their first fourth as u.s. citizens. president obama presided over it. >> our american journey, our success would simply not be possible without the generation of immigrants. >> reporter: mitt romney stopped by a parade in new hampshire. >> we have different views on
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political issues, but with regard to our conviction that this nation is exceptional, we must come together. >> reporter: about a quarter of a million people are expected to take in the fireworks from washington, d.c.'s national mall. despite some tree damage from the weekend weather, the paragraph park -- park is open. >> we hope people can have a good time today oar preparations are underway for fireworks. even without fireworks in the sky, americans can certainly still find ways to celebrate. >> well, the uncle sam's club leaves our state with the lowest gas price in one to, $3.12. one year ago we were paying $3.50 but we are showing signs
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of improvement. because it's so hot we have to bring this warning. it's about swimming and staying alive. the old record is 2002. we guaranteed you 98. our weather winner is lori from elkton. will we see fire storms? we'll talk about that we we come back.
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♪ [ female announcer ] repel mosquitoes without spraying your skin. try off! clip-on repellant. in minutes, its fan surrounds you, head to toe with effective odorless protection. whether it's at a game, enjoying family, or just relaxing, repel mosquitoes away without a spray. off! clip-on. keeps bugs off. sc johnson. a family company. a lot of you left town yesterday, leaving town tonight, tomorrow. aaa is estimating 2 million more people are hitting the road compared to last year. we have a look at why.
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>> reporter: more americans in more cars are traveling more miles this 4th of july holiday. lower gas prices is one of the big reasons. aaa estimates more than 42 million americans are on the move during their time off, the most since 2007. eight out of 10 are hitting the highway. >> this year we've seen the highest volume of vehicle travel for the 4th of july period in over a decade oar nationally prices fell to $3 a gallon in alabama and $3.74 in california. there's a feeling of get it wheel you can. >> better fill up now. >> reporter: prices average about 24 cents a gallon less than last year. already, there are signs this consume roller coaster is
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already on the climb again, maybe up 10 to 15 cents more on average. >> $3.25 to $3.50 through the summer until september. >> reporter: just yesterday the price of oil jumped 4%, the highest since may. >> tonight aaa saids a national average for regular unleaded is higher. if you stick around baltimore for the night, here's a way to save more. how about a free ride? if you have a few drinks tonight you don't want to drive. the tipsy taxi program is running. starting at 10:00, running until 4:00 tomorrow morning, a cab will come pick you up at a bar and bring you home. the ride must cost less than $50. the number is 877-963-8294 if
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you want to be picked up. the big weather headline is the heat and the humidity but we are watching for storms. we have tens of thousands of marylanders, if not more. we saw a couple of isolated storms toward the frederick and western carroll county diminishing as they moved into the areas. now we're tracking a new cluster tracking toward somerset, pa. will the cluster hold together. too early to say. this may lose a lot ofs it strength. it's a slow loving cluster. at this point in time across most of central maryland we're relatively thunderstorm free. not a bad deal. hot hazy conditions. sunshine searing the state with a little haze coming in.
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a great view of the outer harbor past the baltimore marine terminal. as we look toward the key bridge and dundalk, look at that cutoff with the umbrella. they're setting up the big fireworks launch. if you've never seen them shoot literally out of the ground, it's an awesome sight. in the meantime how about a look at current conditions. 94 degrees. humidity is high even though the relative humidity is only around 50%. the air temp is so high. heat advisories up statewide. they will be up again tomorrow and probably friday. we'll add three or four to the numbers, upper 90s to near 100. the heat plus the humidity, that has increased over the last 24, 36 hours. dew point numbers 70. once you get to 70 it becomes
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extremely uncomfortable. that really is oppressive. frederick you have the highest heat index value in the state. winds are variable and light. we'll take any breeze we can ge. southwestern pa, a few in the shenandoah. we're looking at a widespread isolated storm driven by the heating of the day. big hot bubble of hair, high pressure, tropical high pressure south of us. around the edges of that thing the ring of fire we call it, that's where you tend to see storms popping up. temps will continue to stay hot. this heat wave continuing tomorrow, almost a carbon copy with a slightly lower risk of storms. as we look at friday, that heat bubble expanding and an unbelievably hot san roa. chances of storms will be there for a few hours tonight.
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they'll diminish. let's take a look. actually, we've passed that graphic. overnight in the mid-70s with an isolated storm. the 98 tomorrow, hot, steamy, down to 77. and, again, the outlook here not a lot of change until at least the second half of the weekend when we may see a couple boundaries knock us back into the 80s. so stay tuned. >> crazy. well, it's good thing that plenty of businesses were shut down. at least a dozen had no water. the department of public works said the 12-inch water main broke between warren and shawan. while they worked to repair the work traffic was getting by one way in one lane. anne arundel county firefighters went door to door in odenton. a woman had smoke detectors in
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the house but three were not working. the firefighters checked her neighbors to see if theirs were working. with the power still out for thousands of you and the temperatures as high as they are, the pool has become a popular place to be but drowning is the second cause of accidental deaths. most people drown within 10 to 30 feet of sai. the first things doctorsend is . no one should swim alone. even families planning to spend time away, it's important to be aware of the danger. >> don't rely on the lifeguards, they need to take an eye on the kids. >> for families spending time, life jackets are extremely important. coast guard researchers say drowning was the cause of death in three fours of boating deaths
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last year. all right. here we are at the harbor. tonight is the night. if go off at 9:15 or 9:20. @ before copd...
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here's a look at what we're working on. summer finance can quickly turn into serious summer injuries. three common reasons people end up in the er and what you can do to stay on the shave side. if you don't want to brave the heat to see the fireworks in person, we'll take the celebration downtown and also in catonsville. we'll bring them right to you tonight at 11:00. >> some good fireworks. >> fireworks. >> we'll head up to the wmar studio roof. >> the penthouse. >> a high view. pan nor rammic, a few fireworks in southern pennsylvania. i have a feeling they will fall apart before they get in here. we're eventually in the mid-70s. this evening in the 90s and slow lit 80s. just a light chance of a storm. the i think we'll be all right.
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>> world news is next. enjoy the if. ♪ [ horn honks ]
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