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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. now abc 2 news at 11:00. >> another day of seasonal
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summer weather and much-needed rain out there. so what does tomorrow hold? maryland's most accurate forecast coming up. what police are calling a large scale prostitution bust involving a baltimore city firefighter. we have free parking. >> tonight we reveal load of free byes to get your road trip on a budget. abc 2 news aat 11:00 starts right now. >> we will take aa look over at the key bridge. a few rain clouds popping up early in the day, even had showers in the area this evening. so the big question is it still raining? meteorologist way cat joins us now with a look at what's going on. i see a little spotty action on the radar behind you. >> spotty showers beginning to fizzle out but it was rain that's welcome. we are still several inches behind where we should be rain fall wise. so showers diminishing now, yes but we had descent ones early. clouds holding tough. the main weather continues to be if states to the south,
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carolina down through georgia, tons of rain and thunderstorm action tonight here. pretty quiet with temperatures around 80 still. so it is a warm, humid evening. into the 80s some spots could hit 90. you want to know the temperature hour by hour right where you live you can find it, down load the weather an ask find the hour by hour forecast information right there for baltimore and beyond. all the neighborhoods in maryland. check it out online. new developments tonight on a story. a prostitution ring. abc 2 news christian shaffer is live with more on that story tonight. chris? >> the fbi coordinated with city police in investigating this case, a special advisory to the human trafficking task force tells me that means there must have been out of state connection or a large number of victims forced to work as prostitutes and some of them
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could have been children. >> they executed the search warrant on this building 208 south street after an investigation into humannen trafficking. >> there's a lot of fine women going up in there, and you know i didn't know what was going on. >> two men have been taken into custody. 29-year-old ja mar simmons a baltimore city firefighter and 34-year-old franklin inside the warehouse. investigators say they found ledger, documents and computer equipment detailing the large scale operation and that's not all. >> we also seized large amounts of condoms and were being described as sex aids. >> a special advisor to the human trafficking task force. she says that warehouse provided a haven for the operation in an area where pimps know there's a demand. >> the whole areathat surrounds the warehouse is a known strip for prostitution and human trafficking. >> they said they can't believe one of the alleged pimps is
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also a city firefighter. >> now that surprises me,. >> they councilwomen and children who have been victimized by human sex trafficking. she's not surprised. >> one other of the best wees for criminals to operate is to have -- best ways for criminals to operate is to have a daytime persona that seems legitimate and then in the office hours have this other kind of thing going on. >> that firefighter ja mar simmons had a previous sex trafficking charge back in 2010. in that case he got probation for judgment. that aloud had him to keep his job. if he pleaded guilty, now he has been suspended without pay. if you or someone you know is a victim, there is help. call the safe house of hope organization at 443-690-9679. live in the newsroom, christian shaffer abc 2 new. >> >> thank you, chris. new tonight in the midst of two city fire stations shutting down yesterday due to budget
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concerns. fire chief -- he makes about $161,000 a year. baltimore city mayor is prosupposing what amounts to a 2% raise and extension of his contract. the board is expected to vote on the proposal tomorrow. new tonight a former teacher and principal from yes peek high school is found brutally murdered in florida. responded to reports of a body in a canal in florida. the victim, william was found face down with duct tape covering his mouth and a plastic bag tightly wrapped around his neck. a card board box with the mailing table near the scene helped police identify norman. when police tracked his cards they connected them to two suspects, and david winthrop. both confessed to beating, binding and gagging him and dumping him in the canal.
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they have both facing criminal charge. >> >> new tonight, james -- died today. while he and his wife werecleaning the boat. it happened at the two rivers yacht basin. now witnesses say the man fell off into the water. his wife and several workers tried to pull him out but he drown. the couple is from -- pennsylvania. >> and also out of cecil county, an 84-year-old woman died after being hit by a car. charlene bell was crossing after picking up her mail. she was hit by a car driven by a man from pennsylvania: shehe died at the scene. so far, no charges have been file against the driver. while the mcdonough community is mourning the death of one of its own, 17-year-old diver died in a single car crash. we profiled him last year. he was actually selling items he made out of duct tape for an art project. he died last night. look at these pictures. according to police his car
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struck a tree on green spring avenue. he spun out of scroll went off the road. police say that speed may have been a factor. the rising senior was a tree- year varsity swimmer and a conference champion. overaall good report card for maryland school children. the school a sessionment results came back today. it showed that reading and math scores rose slightly. middle schools got a mixed result. the reading rate dropped but the math scores improved. they did better in math than reading. the first score still behind the rest of the state. something city school ceo says parents can help change. i think parents need to go to the schools and understand how they perform. they will see most of the schools made their ncop target. >> there's hope with new construction that will actually help boost those test scores.
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revenue from the tax will go toward new school buildings as well as improvements. good news to night a new report says the state is on the way to meet the goals set up to improve the peek bay. they highlighted the milestones and plan, not everybody is celebrating tonight. maryland farmers say they paid a price for the efforts to clean up the bay and enough is enough. they're concerned that additional pollution could really put them out of business. abc 2 news jeff haeger explains how proposed changes could impact them. he has been up since 2:30 in the morning and will work until dark running the dairy farm here in baltimore county. after all he has no choice. >> it is harder and harder to compete and the prices for milk are declining too. and all of our inputs our energy costs are all increasing. the costs are going up. sos it is definitely harder.
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>> new regulations designed to clean up the chesapeake bay may make the job even tougher. they plan to prohibit them -- forcing them to store manure on the property instead. >> one farmer got an estimate it would cost up to $100,000 a year to add 12 inches to the manure storage tank. >> that coupled with the rule which could make farmers fence around streams denying the use for planting irrigation or watering animals could spell further demise of maryland agriculture. we have seen an 80% reduction -- a 90% reduction in hog and swine production. >> maryland farmers already lead the nation in cover crops to keep nutrients from spilling into the bay. many take exceptions to claims that paint them as polluters.
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>> you know we do a good job with our nutrient management, you know. as far as farmers being a problem with the pollution. i think that's a crop. >> abc 2 news. you could end up paying $300 a day on hotel, food and activities. but there are ways to cut down on that cost. abc 2 news reporter john says saving on summer road trips so you don't waste your money. even though gas prices are down a family road trip can still be expensive especially if you stay in hotels charges $150 a night and eat out in restaurants everyday. but there are some ways to cut those costs. for many a week's vacation
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is 2 grand or more. >> oh yeah you made a star. that's cool. >> this traveling blogger with the web site called on the go with amy is driving cross country on a $200 a day budget. >> we are on a family road trip. we are started in pittsburgh, pennsylvania and we are driving 800-mile. >> her family done this three years in a row. >> we have done route 66. we have driven highway 5 in california, washington and oregon. >> amy's first way to save, leave the full-size suv at home. >> very tempting to take the suv. it is roomy but they're gas hog. >> a mid size car saves hundreds of dollars in gas and yes the kids are comfortable. on to hotels, full disclosure, her blog is sponsored by best western hotels but she says any modern road side chain will work. you can find clean rooms for
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under a hundred dollars a night if you a void down tour or a tourist town. >> they tend to offer free breakfast, free parking. >> another tip, amy, make sure the hotel has a pool for free play time. >> all kids really want to do is swim. >> and free parks to fill in the afternoon with hiking and exmotherring. >> amy visits theme parks and museums late in the day for discounts. that's -- for just a few buck. >> we went -- bucks. >> we went on friday night after 5:00 when admission is half off. >> to avoid the frustrating summer-time traffic jams have a realtime traffic an like rays or -- amy says skip the sit down chain where is family meal can cost $60. instead she says visit to find
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inexpensive places where the locals eat. >> we want the down home local experience. >> a family road trip doesn't have to cost 2 or $300 a day. that way you don't waste your money. >> we will take you to -- a teenager goes to battle with a ten foot alligator. >> and a sacrifice we will tell you what he lost in order to live. showers diminishing tonight. we will talk about it coming up. and your smart phone is getting smarter by the day. how it is insiding your privacy and putting your information at risk. we will back in just 60 seconds.
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>> a 17-year-old boy survived an alligator attack but he sacrificed his arm in order to live. >> i put it on his mouth and i tried to jerk my arm off trying to break it free. >> once he broke free, he swam to shore and was air lifted to the hospital. they caught the gator which was still holding on to his arm in his mouth. advertise the season for growing and again this week we have a warning to night about the metal brushes. we told you about the woman that got the bristle in her throat. tonight adam is in the hospital because of metal bristle ended up in his intestines. he said it felt like he had been stabbed in the gut. his doctor ordered a cat scan and they found something shiny in his digestive track. >> it is inframed and stuck together. you can see this metallic object. >> to me is aa huge public
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safety issue. >> the doctor said it could tear the wall you have other his intestines causing a leak. the center for disease control knows of at least six cases of people sexual e lowing metal -- swallow metal grill brushes. >> >> you know the pop up adds on your computer. guess what now they're spreading to your smart phone and even invading your privacy. it can change the settings and -- they disguise the pop ups as texts and notifications on comic, arcade and entertainment ans. so be careful when you decide what you are going to down load. last week's heat wave has cooled into more conditional temperatures but it -- abc scott explains why prices for some is of the basic foods may soon be going up.
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anecdotally this heat just feels had historic, whether it is beachs in california. >> it is tiring. it is very tiring. >> or selling wilted vegetabless in wisconsin. >> greens are especially struggling. we lost those early in the season. our cucumbers they're a complete loss. >> the evidence is all around us and today government scientists confirm the last 12 months have in deed been the warmest on record in the lower 48 united states. >> this past heat wave that we saw, it really is one for the record books and we broke records that were set back in the dust bowl. >> in last week, more than 2500 records weres toed aside and then violent bursts of stormy weather followed the heat waif. it is all part of a trend we should continue says heidi. >> the humor planet means we have a likelihood of being unlikely so the chans of texas see ising another drought,
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colorado seeing another epic year of wildfires, all of these things become far more likely. >> it is also getting hotter at sea. in 2011, the second smallest area of ice on record, and over the last century sea level versus risen by 10 inches. at this point, 2050 miami and new orleans will be under water. >> thes likely heat wave just the first of this summer. there's another ready to role this way. abc news new york. there's some local farmers suffering. whether or not the crops do well depends on the ability to water the farms. they say they will be okay. others are hoping for less heat and more rain. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurately weather rate. >> no doubt we have seen extreme weather so far this summer season. now none of that tonight just a couple of showers out there
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needed rain because we are in a minor drought across the state of maryland and the showers we did see tonight were welcome. we captured a dramatic shower in the land of dramatic pictures over the chesapeake from kent island and watch this shower develop. it pops up in the afternoon, a couple of downpours with the camera lens and then we add with the shower coming to the end and a postcard beautiful shot today on kent island. all right. right now out at the airport, temperatures are 71 and humidity 76%. sos it is certainly muggy. it does feel like summer even though the extreme hot weather is bottled up south of us right now. highs today reflecting that. many upper 80s to near 90. baltimore 81 ocean city. right now temperature versus cooled to the mid-70s. sos it is muggy. you have to keep the ac on tonight. no question about that. let's zoom in and show you the
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moisture. mid-60s. that's getting uncomfortable and mid-70s. that's oppressive. so we have the steam back, no question there but the extreme heat still at bay thank goodness. this evening even with the humidity feeling like about 80. so it is very warm, uncomfortable, yes somewhat but not extreme. all right the showers and storms continuing to flair up to the south. we have the front that continues to be the slowtal point -- from the us and southwest. it is keeping maryland out -- it is some showers and the north florida and warm air north of the extremely hot. check this circulation. we think it could continue to develop off to the carolinas to get a coastal system going out here. we will see how that shakes out the next few days. the future trend shows this circulates a little bit. we get spin off showers and then it is welcome rain to be
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severe weather. and then as we go into thursday right now it is fairly quiet so we will keep an eye on those into the week. temperature wise another hot day tomorrow. but again seasonal when you consider the normal high would be around 88 degrees or so. then as we go into thursday, it does look like heat begins to build across the mid section but across the mid atlantic states pretty seasonal around 90 or the low 90s at most. 67 overnight. a few showers trending mild tonight eventually by daybreak and tomorrow 88. variablely, a pop up shower or storm possible both tomorrow and into the evening. partly cloudy with comfortable temperatures overnight tomorrow night. and seven-day forecast as we venture into the weekend. we will have a slight chance for showers and storms as we kick off the weekend. it a peers that the -- it appears the heat will come on more so into next week.
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so downtown baltimore likely to see 90 a few more days than what this outlook suggests. but we are not looking at the low to mid 100s like we saw this past weekend. so this is still a break in the heat but it is typical summer weather. >> all right. >> not yet. >> next week we will see. thanks a lot. so much more of abc 2 news, but here cynthia for a look at what you will see after abc 2 news at 11:00. kelly coming up just days aftera shark terrifies a kayaker and closes beaches we will track the great white off america's shore. >> >> and we confront the company accused of profiting from selling cigarettes to children. that's coming upright after abc 2 news at 11:00.
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some folks outside of new york will pause when a thief stole an american flag from head stones. local veterans worked to replace the flags but more went missing. they had to try to catch the thaoáef sos they mounted cameras to trees and check out the footage after 24 hours. they caught the guy. look at this a woodchuck red pawed. police believe he acted alone and they're not pursuing any charges. hello, look who's here. the indianapolis showed off the newest edition on mondayment a 424-pound baby elephant. that's -- a 44-pound baby elephant. she's seeing visitor tp-rs the first time this week. she doesn't have a name yet but you can help give her a name by going to the zoo et cetera
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afacebook page and submitting your suggestion. so you have you have a name? >> how about tiny. something that's the opposite of what they are. >> they looks like 244 pounds. >> i have a feeling when you get close. >> kelly, quiet weather for for a few days. we like that. let's look at the finale one more time, just a postcard shot. beautiful right up to the heavy down pure over the chesapeake this evening. 88 tomorrow as we climb to near 90 or 12 in the city. it will be hotter down -- 12 in the city. it will be hotter and not a lot of change here. some indication next week could be four or five degrees hotter. enjoy the upper 80s while we have them. >> all right. the 90s will be right back at you. we will be right back after a break.
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>> better luck next year for the american league. we have made it but we did not win. it happens. we will do it next year. >> we will see you tomorrow. have a good night. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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