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tv   News  ABC  July 18, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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safety concerns over two ford vehicles some people are worried about. we have details straight ahead. and when disaster happens, the red cross respondsch the response they need from -- responds. the response they need from you. it's wednesday july 18th. thanks for joining us. a lot to talk about and one thing that's been consistent is the heat. and mike, i know a lot of people are saying it's just too hot to do anything right now. >> today is going to be a brutally hot day. heat and humidity and it's in the 100. i want to show you a shot that is a hot sun. the sun is who the but it's a hot looking shot at this hour. and we will be talking about our temperatures soaring into the 80s and 90s and hitting 100 later today. clicking my graphics and let's look -- clicking my graphics and let's show outtemperatures across the area and -- you the temperatures across the area. hot mornings starting out. 85 in the inner harbor and heat
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indexes ranges between 84 to 86 and again we will be talkingthis excessive heat advisory between 11 in the morning right up until 9 at night. in fact we will advance the graphics and show you everybody involved in the heat advisory. it's a heat warning as you head towards philadelphia. and we will move it along towards maryland's most powerful radar because take a look. a cold front we are tracking and that's going to bring gusty storms across the area. we will track that for you a and show you latest and greatest coming up in a little bit. check on traffic lauren is in the traffic center. hey. >> reporter: hi. it's going to be a scorcher. water main break is causing big problems in downtown. light street is shut down between redwood street and lombard street and you are looking at repairs underway. leave yourself extra time. and this traffic pattern this closure is going to be in effect for several weeks until problem is fixed. use mass transit or use hopkins
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place or fayette street as an alternate. we are following a very serious crash up in baltimore county. it's in phoenix and it has shut down old york road at paper mill road. police did confirm one person was pronounced dead at the scene and another person taken to sinai with life-threatening injuries. if you are traveling in the area, use matter road or jarrettsville pike. looking live at the harrisburg expressway, nothing to get in your way. it will be an easy ride from shawan to 695 and remain that way on the jfx. here's the beltway, traffic is starting to pick up on that outer loop slowing from bel air road up towards providence road. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. it's 6:32. you may want to play blackjack or you don't want another casino in the state but however you feel there's a push to round votes to hold a special session on the ferry issue happening in boughtmore today. governor will meet with city
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and state lawmakers. and sherrie johnson has more on today's meeting. >> reporter: well, today baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake goneor o'malley and house speaker bush is meet with the house delegation. it will be in baltimore and the mayor supports expanding gambling to allow table games at a planned baltimore casino. the governor wants to call a special session. once a consensus is reached. governor expressed confidence a consensus will be forged to pass legislation this summer. now a proposal for a casino at the national harbor has complicated the negotiations. the window of opportunity is creeping towards a close for a special session before an august deadline to approve ballot language for voters to get the final say in november if law makers approve legislation. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. six families in howard county are celebrating a victory this morning. people who live on coon hunt court will have a new address soon. the families felt it had
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negative racial connotations so the name will be april wind circle. if you want to read what people are saying about the story, head to wmar facebook fan page. a terrifying ordeal for a park attendant who drove a luxury s-uv on the 5th floor of the vehicle he will rator. only to find that elevator the car it was not there. the car fell about 4 stories down the elevator shaft lasting on the elevator below. the attendant and another worker in the elevator were injured but they are expected to be okay. investigators right now are looking into the possible mechanical failure of the elevator doors or even human error. a man jumps from a moving vehicle to escape his kidnappers. this happened in pennsylvania. and this morning, we have a look at incredible video caught on camera. take a look a maroon van goes through the intersection and right there a man jumps out and rolling on the ground. he is in his underwear and runs towards police for help.
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>> i see a -- seen a guy running out the van running in his bockers -- boxers like they justrobbed me. >> he says that's what happened. he pulled up and they asked for directions to a bar. the side door opened and two men with snatched him. the man was forced to take off his pants and they robbed him and one of the gunmen said they had to kill hem. they seized the opportunity and drove him around and he saw the police and jumped for his life. [ gunfire ] [ sirens ] >> a robbery suspect in columbus ohio tried to get away from police by stealing a cruisers. officers fired shots at the car and the man didn't get far. police arrested him after he crashed into a building. another suspect is on the loose this morning. 21-year-old man was killed. it's not clear who shot the
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victim or the suspect. we may find out today what caused a huge apartment fire. this happened in st. louis. you have to see the video. residents were evacuated as 100 firefighter worked to put out the flames. now at one point, the third and the fourth floor they collapsed. no injuries were reported. the american red cross right now is helping those who live there find a safe place to live. the red cross speaking of them they need your help this morning. the goal of the organization is to provide basic need such as shelter and food and clothing following disasters. when an emergency happens and that happens three times every day, it's the red cross who responds. and they say they need more help than people know about. it's not just a response. they are not talking about major disasters like last month's storms. they need help with things like fires that happen in every day homes. people who end up losing their home. >> it's the most inconvenient holiday in the middle of the night on the weekends when other services are not
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immediately available. red cross is there. and we are there 24-7. >> so if you are interested in becoming a volunteered we posted all the information on the website at just look unbaltimore county section -- under the baltimore county section. you may be logging on facebook but the big question is are you satisfied with the social giant? the alternative that has some people using that. it is starting to catch on. and the dark knight rises is going to open on friday. most of us will pay around $10 to watch it. how scalpers online are catching -- cashing in on midnight showing. [ male announcer ] it would mean one billion dollars for maryland
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and our schools and teachers. thousands of good paying jobs it's the new resort casino at national harbor. but it won't happen unless lawmakers act right now. all that money -- and all those new jobs -- will go to delaware, pennsylvania, west virginia. the only loser: maryland schools. tell your delegate and state senator to vote yes for schools, jobs, and small businesses by saying yes to national harbor.
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it's 6:40 thanks for joining us. if there was an internet popularity contest google plus would beat out facebook.
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it tops the list of the most liked social media sites. many of you are saying what's google plus the it ties with wikipedia for first place. facebook came in last even though it was way more used than all the other sites. the rankings are base on interviews showing people complaining about facebook's interface changes and timeline feature. okay. there's no secret but fans of the batman movie series are excited about the latest film, the dark knight rises and many of you plan to take your kids. but check out how much they are paying for particular for the midnight showing. a few asking price on craig ligs topped 100 to $-- craigslist topped 100 to $150. it's expected to bring in more than 180 million dollars. it's firstth the -- its first weekend is this weekend alone. the abc2 news to go including the water main break in downtown baltimore.
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>> reporter: as you walk out the door this morning what you need to know is traffic is starting to pick up on the roadways in the inner harbor. >> reporter: prominent maryland leaders team up to support the dream act. more on that event coming up. >> good morning. i am meteorologist mike masco. temperatures in the 80s. we will detail the full forecast coming up. >> reporter: we are following a deadly crash that has shut down a portion of old york road in baltimore county. i will have the details coming up on good morning maryland. @ hi parents, big year for spelling.
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good wednesday morning and thanks for joining us i am megan pringle this is time for the abc to news -- 2 news to g charley is live to show us how the repairs are going on the big water main break. sherrie johnson joins us this morning to talk about a controversial issue that you're going to be asked to vote on for the november ballot. but let's start off with the weather and meteorologist mike masco because it's going to be another hot one. >> reporter: it's getting hot. i want to show you something and we have noticed take a look at the inner harbor.
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flowers are dying. it's so dry and we are well below in the rain total bucket and going to be a hot day today. so, yeah, the flowers look pretty sad out there. hot day on tap. temperatures are right now right around 80 degrees at bwi, 85 in the city limits right now. so again temperatures will continue to soar. look at the heat index across the area ranging between right around 84 to 86 degrees down in easton. so we have another excessive heat advisories switching graphics to show you again that's going to go into effect from 11 a.m. right up until 9. so let's look and show you and go over to maryland's most powerful radar. a heat buster in the form of a cold front toward the north and that code red alert in effect this afternoon. so scattered showers and storms will become more numerous during the course of the day today. we will be into the 80s on the way for around 100 later today. we will time the arrival of the storms for you and show outweekend 7-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. let's go back inside. lauren cook what's cooking.
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>> reporter: you might want to water the flowers a little bit. they will need it today. we are off to a hot start on the road. we are dealing with a crash up in baltimore county. it's in phoenix and it's shut down old york road at paper mill. traveling in the area, use jarrettsville park or mana road as an alternate. one person has died and another person transported with life- threatening injuries. we will bring you the latest as it becomes available. using 83, no concerns from hunt valley down to 695. now the west side of the of the beltway is the main trouble spot. a live look at old court road. heavy congestion on that outer loop. it's going to be a slow ride as you make the push toward route 40. and in parkville at harford road traffic is picking up in the area but nothing of significant traveling up toward towson. we have big problems for those of you heading downtown. that massive water main break continues to shut down light
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street between redwood and lombard street. megan over to you. thanks. traffic is guaranteed to be nasty over the next three dew days in downtown baltimore. -- three days in downtown baltimore. charley crowson is live of the artscape is coming up and there's so much happening. people want to go to the aquarium. how do they get around record that's going to be the big problem not only for commuters but like you said w. artscape and the attractions down at inner harbor, you've got to recrowd traffic. is the way to go for that. but right now, up here, we spotted this while walking down the road on light street beside water main break. bus stop and mass transit is being rerouted too. this soon says it's rerouted to the fayette street plaza. we will put it on abc 2 a little later to let you know where you can get around. this is what we are talking
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about. this water main break for monday afternoon around rush hour. crews for dpw beginning to make their way out. and they are supposed to go on the clock around 7 today and continue working on this. estimates have it at a 3-week project. later today, though, dpw and water treatment management will go before the board of estimates asking for $31,000 and from those monies they will work on emergency projects. we can only assume this is whatthey are work on because since -- work on. because since -- working on. because since june there's been more water main breaks. >> we see water main breaks but maybe not this big but wouldn't it be cost effective to look at it ahead of time and is there a way to do that. >> reporter: there's the short- term for dealing with -- here is a reactionary attempt to fix something that happened monday but there's short-term fix and a long-term fix. and ones that will cost a little and the other a little more and the other about $2
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billion. right now what the dpw is looking for is to change the annual fixes from five miles of repairing water mains to doing 40 miles annually. that's under review so we will have more on that at abc 2 and but quickly again, if you want to know how to get around traffic and for the coming weekend, you want to go to and upload the app. >> charley crowson live. thanks so much. it's called the dream act. and it's offering education to children of illegal immigrants. and today top state and local leaders are teaming up to protect it because you are going to be voting on this come november. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with the story. >> reporter: this is has been a controversial topic. the maryland dream act. today the president of the university of maryland baltimore county will join advocates for the maryland dream act. now there are officially launching educating maryland kid. he will be beyond by bishop
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madden and -- joined by bishop madden and a dream act eligible student and other people. the group is advocating for a yes vote to uphold the maryland dream act. the law ensures maryland students whose family pay state taxes and graduated from maryland high schools can pay in-state college rates regardless of immigration status. the goal is to foes can on voter education and build momentum after president obama's announcement protecting dream students nationwide from deportation and providing work permits. that event kicks off until 12:30 and runs until 1:30. her ri -- her vie -- sherrie johnson. >> gl students faculty and-- students faculty and staff are protesting at coppin state university. they want them to address the layoffs and $4 million budget deficit. that is set is to start at noon today. last year's increase of the state's alcohol tax now being
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set aside for health related initiatives. maryland health advocates are scheduled to talk about what that money is used for today. the tax is expected to raise about 75 million bucks in the first year. shy of the 85 million projected last year. consumer alert this morning. an investigation has been launched into the throttles in ford escape and mazda tribute suv. the complaint is the throttles can stick causing them to trash. there have been 13 crashes one fatal. the agency is investigating whether some of the complaints stem from repairs made from a previous recall. today an annapolis man is being sentenced for his role in a paving scam. tommy clack pled guilty for acting as a contractor without a license. he had dozens of victims in our state and other states including florida and north carolina. prosecutors say that he would
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offer to do jobs at a discount and bump the price up later on. the state's attorney general wants clack to pay nearly half a million dollars in restitution as well as court penalties. five things to know as you head out the door. in tulsa, two men accused of a racially motivated shooting spree will be in court. a judge is going to decide if there is enough evidence for this to go to trial. jacob england and alvin watts confessed to shooting five people killing three but denied it was racially motivated. the boy cots of america affirm the policy of banning gay members after a nearly two- year evaluation. the organization says it reflects the belief and perspective of members and allows it to remain focus on the mission of serving more young people. two dc ministers will hold a rally in support of mayor gray that's happening tonight. he's been battered by scandal involving criminal activity
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during the 2010 campaign. the ministers say he deserves courtesy and respect as the federal investigation continue. gray doesn't plan to attend. there's going to be a bearinvasion at the white house. president obama will welcome baylor university women's basketball team. they made history going 40 and 0 on their way to the championship. and for his 94th birthday nelson mandela is asking for a small gift. for every one of us to spend 67 minutes serving others. the number represents the years he served south africa. back in 2009 his birthday was designated as nelson mandela innational day. aid bit of a hazy shot -- it's a bit of a hazy shot heading towards dundalk. the temperatures will continue to soar later today. 85 downtown. and 80 in d.c. cooler up at
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york at 74. heat indexes already raining between 84 and 86 and feels like it's 86 right now in salisbury. we have the excessive heat advisory from 11 this morning right until 9 this -- 9. the cold front picking up 7 hours away from the city limit. we will address the idea of scattered showers gusty thunderstorms developing later today. we will stop around lunchtime. storms firing central pennsylvania and up to 90 on the way to 100. here's the line pushing to the south and east. it will be coming through sokeep an eye on the western skies. hot and humid and lay day showers and thunderstorms and that's what's lingers with the temperatures down to 75. your self-day forecast, --
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seven-day forecast, 91 heading into tomorrow. gusty showers and storms possible again and there could be enough instability and lift to produce a storm for friday. we will keep the chances in there at 85. 85 on saturday. drier, cooler and less humid heading into the weekend. lauren cook, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. heading downtown e. ex-- downtown expects delays. between red rood and lomb -- redwood and lombard streets the road is shut down. more problems where we are dealing with a fatal accident in phoenix. it continues to shut down old york road at paper mill if you are traveling. use jaretsville park. one person has been confirmed dead and another taken to sinai with life-threatening injuries. no problems on 83 but the beltway is packed. this is what it look like at liberty road. it will remain slow to route 40. and here in overlea very congested at bel air road.
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>> before we go we want to let you know there's breaking news out of syria. good morning america will have it. now off to new york. have great day and thanks for joining us. there she is ! hey, i got a leak ! yoo hoo ! wait a minute, come back ! um, miss ? up here! right. like 85% of us, you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, you need something powerful. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale
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