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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  July 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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coverage, the hard sanctions today imposed on penn state university for its handling of the sandusky discussion -- jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal, including a $60 million, a four-year ban from bowl games, all wins from 1998 to 2011, and a loss of 20 scholarships and five years on probaismghts the ncaa said the sanctions are designed to change penn state's culture. >> the punitive measures, executive committee in the division one board of directors have authorized -- should serve as a stark wakeup call to everyone involved in college sports that our first responsibility, as outline in hour constitution is to adhere to the fundamental values of respect, fair next civil ti, on -- civility, honesty and responsibility pooh current and
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income football players are free to transfer and compete in another school. penn state agreed not to appeal. the statue of joe paterno was removed over the president. penn state's president said he removed this because it had become a source of division. >> joe paterno's family release lad statement that flayed part the sanctions defaiment legacy and contributions of a great coach and educator without any input from our family or those who knew him best. they went on to say the sanctions are not a fair and thoughtful action but a panicked response to the public's understandable repull son of what sandusky did. between the sanctions this morning and the joe paterno statue coming down yesterday, it's been a rough couple of days for the penn state alumni. the ones we spoke with today
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feel the sanctions, while maybe too harsh, believe the ncaa should have waited for all the trials or convictions to happen before levying the entire penalty on the school. >> it's not a football issue. it's an issue about a sick man molesting children and the ncaa made it a football issue. >> the ncaa obviously believes it is a football esh up. >> and will give them the opportunity to rebuild not just the athletic program but the culture surrounding it. so if you're a penn state freshman, you will never go to a bowl game. >> reporter: maryland has more than 200 private programs. all of them could be affected by the sanctions imposed by the ncaa on penn state. >> penn state had feelers out
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this far. >> reporter: he is the athletic director. he has more than 30 years of coaching experience in anne arundel county. he sees the decision on players. >> it's take an player out of the game. >> reporter: with the options of penn state looking less appealing, there could be an impact on the university of maryland program. >> hopefully maryland who be in aings to jump on that. many of the kids who thought about leaving can now stay here and be provided with, obviously, a quality education. >> reporter: seeing all the desists that penn state has gone through reminds ken of how much impact the educators and at let tech department have on the students. >> the adults or entrusted with the care of young peernlings obviously, the coaches, myself, teachers, administrators, i mean it's our responsibility, and with that responsibility, some very, very -- a very, very
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serious duty. >> reporter: people aren't sure what the ramifications will be. a lot of people do agree it will have an impact for many years to come. don harrison, abc2 news. >> all right. stay with abc2 news and for the latest on the penn state sanctions. we want to know what you think. do you think they went too far or not far enough. just head to our website and sound off. >> a baltimore county man is under arrest in connection with the sexual assault in towson. this happened in mai. rickey bosstic was arrested after a burglary. fingerprints matched his. the sexual assault happened on york road. the victim woke up to say she saw the victim touching her. she yelled and he took off and ran away. he is facing several charges including sex offenses and accused of bleamplet police
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found him walking down towson town boulevard later on. he had several credit cards belonging to a woman in the same circle. tonight baltimore city police are investigating the death of a 41-year-old woman found inside the apartment here in charles village. the woman's decomposed body was found at 123 west 29th street south of hopkins university. police are waiting on an autopsy report. a pair of middle river men have died after a head-on crash. friends say the two attended student orientation at the university of charleston and were northbound on interstate 29 when the car crashed the -- crossed the grassy median. tavon frisbee and cameron
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shields excelled in sports. >> a great earnings great individual, really hard working person. t avon one of the most outgoing kids. really involved in student government, just an awful shame when you lose two kids who could be leaders. it's an awful situation. >> the men in the other cars will lost their lives, 44-year-old steven ranjo of philadelphia and his father who was 88. all right. a few showers primarily in northeastern maryland. for most of the state, including the ballet area, just a brief, brief isolated shower. it is hot and humid. that is the main story right now. late summer classic. you can call it late july classic with heat index values. humidity levels are excessive. by the way, an air quality alert issued as well for the baltimore
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area. a lot of levels. 80s. will we get a break by the end of the week. we got it coming up. >> how would you could like to win a billion dollars. how about that? the state of maryland did that during the last fiscal year even with more gambling. roosevelt leftwich has more. >> reporter: for the past 15 years this has seen an average growth of 5% to 10%. this year is no exception, the lottery, even in the stays of inisn't that competition, continues to do well. if it weren't were a -- were a jackpot, this would be the biggest in year. despite the competition from another casino -- >> you have a casino player, a
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lottery player. there's not a lot of crossover. if if they do, they budget their money and spend a little bit on lottery and a little bit on the casino. one doesn't necessarily take away from the other. >> reporter: he said there were plenty of casino players before. they were just taking their dollars out of state. if there was an impact, he said it would have happened years ago. they are putting back more than $585 million in state cof fers this year. he said with the expansion of gambling coming from new casinos and possibly national harbor, the lottery's role is to make sure it all runs smoothly. >> ultimately something goes on the ballot for voter approval. if it's passed we'll implement. this make sure the background investigations are done to the
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highest standards. we thoroughly look at the backgrounds of all the casino owners and make surety actions of the casino are transparent and that we encourage fair play. >> reporter: he said lottery revenues are almost evenly split with 30% coming from scratchoff. 30% from pick three, pick four and bonus match five. 10% come from powerball, those really big games. remember the big one in april? 10% will come to the state. >> $1.8 billion. you ever do this, book a room online. show up and it's not close to the picture? how to not be taken for a ride when you go on vacation. once you do get the room you paid for, make sure you're safe and sound.
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91 at bwi. the record is 102. our weather winner is from manchester. what is the temperature where you live? you can find out by finding our abc2 weather app. you'll find this there. we're back in just a minute on abc2 news at 6:00. t
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let's get on the uss wyatt. another hazy day. thanks for watching us inside.
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that's not too shabby still. wyatt will be back with your forecast. thousands lost in the vacation rental that within the-- went bad. joce sterman has the story and a warning when you're booking your vacation. >> every year our family take as vacation. >> she and her family of 11 are staying in a hotel this week in florida but they paid for a house on the beach. >> we all put in to finance this trip. we all had a portion. >> reporter: she went to vacation, found a house, corresponded with the person she thought was the owner and paid with money orders. according to a sheriff's report when she arrived at the home she realized it was not the one she saw on line. a woman, the manager of the house pulled in. >> she said you're not supposed to be on this property. i work for the owners and she called the police immediately.
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>> reporter: the home down a long tree covered driveway is not owned by bruce christian son. she even had a contract. >> is unavailable to take your call. please leave a message. >> reporter: the number has been disconnected and vacation said they cannot comment on any investigations but emphasize they don't get involved in payments and don't provide guarantees. the family is upset. they're out $6200 a one-week stay. >> i am heartbroken. i worker extremely hard for my money. >> reporter: money lost on a vacation that turned out far different than the one they and for. >> a rep for vacation urges users to be wary of lower
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than usual prices and anyone who wants you to wire the money. we want to put this on our website. read it in detail. also, we have other stories. head to our website at click on the money tab and on to the scam alert. you know summer vacations are fun but traveling with kids it takes planning. we're working with you for safety tips. if you're headed over seas, check the cdc and state department's websites to see if you need any shots and always carry a first aid kit. don't forget your insurance cards and doctor's phone numbers. on a car trip, stay refreshed and keep your eyes on the little ones. in tonight's consumer alert if you drive a ram pickup or
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jeep cherokee, the chrysler models are being investigated for safety problems. the back wheels can lockup. the power steering hoses can like in 2012 cher row keys, possibly causing engine fires. there have been dozens of complaints about locking wheels on the grand cherokee a hose can leak, spark fires. luckily, nobody has been hurt. >> have you noticed you're paying more at pump. gas prices went up. aaa said the average price is $3.58. it was $3.51 a year ago. we are paying less than last year. last year drivers were paying $3.73 per gallon. the price of the gas in the region is a penny less than the national average. a bus depot in baltimore is
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getting a face-lift. the feds announced we are getting $40 million to replace the depot. the money used will put in two green buildings, cutting construction jobs and help maintain new energy efficient buses. maryland's most popular radar show as couple of showers and healthy thunderstorms north of delaware. none of that for us, though. it was hot, humid and even though we got good rain into saturday, had the sprinklers flying off. home of the spartans in laurel. how about a look in annapolis at the u.s. naval academy. lots of boats on the severn and a hazy sky.
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you have to call it mostly cloudy conditions even out here at summit ridge. current conditions in baltimore. we got right now 86 degrees. it's been hotter and in the city these numbers running hotter. humidity high. and the total numbers stacked across the state are hot. hottest spot the patuxent river running at 90. it all adds up to extreme heat indices, feeling like the mid-nos knots -- mid-90s. storms reaching into north carolina. there's the storm that's a dry slot in maryland, still kind of cloudy. but most of the storm action is split around the state and is basically not a factor for us. we will see a continued chance for storms tomorrow, but the main threat may stay south as it is today a weak high pressure
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area, still allowing storms to develop. it's not one of those heavy high pressure domes that can stablize things. and the cooler air continues to be bottled well north of us. look at this map, it's well north of des moines iowa. here you see we're looking at mid-100's. mid-section. where does that large pool of heat goes? it reaches into charlotte. we think we'll catch the edge. we're back close to 90 on wednesday. it's a huge heat dome. extreme drought conditions that we haven't seen across much of the country. we haven't seen this type of drought since really 1980. have to go back more than 3 year -- 3 -- 30 years. this is an estimate. i think we may get hit by some of the storms tomorrow evening.
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74 with an early storm tomorrow morning possible. tomorrow 93, a mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow night a lingering shower. will we see a lot of storms, i'm not so sure. as we look at the set of -- seven-day forecast, more of the same. at the end of the day late july, baltimore, all across maryland, you expect the steam bath. >> this is classic. i'll call this classic late july weather. >> would you like to be a game show contestant? >> i've never done it. that would be cool. listen up. if you want to be a came show contestant, i want you to come to harford county. there's a new game show called "let's ask america." if you're picked, you will compete with others across the country.
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feel good about your decisions. checking your laundry for bed bugs. it's a must when you come home from vacation, but it's not just your clothes to worry b how it will affect your pets. plus a man who doctors claim has been cured of hiv. how they were able to get the virus out of his body tonight at 8:00. all right. are we going to be sweating tonight? >> we will. hey, maryland's most powerful radar. a couple showers moving out of cecil. you're just about donees with the rain. we're done with most of the rain tonight. a chance for storms tonight, again, classic, classic late july weather.
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there you go. >> all right. world news is next at 6:30. we'll see you at 11. have a great rest of the night.
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