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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 2, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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storm toward the south of the city limits. it's the ft. mchenry tunnel on east. rain from 95 toward the southeast free way. essex seeing a good anyone pour and good amount of lightning. slow mover, could be talking about flash flooding. towson, you had a quick downpour. that has scooted off to your east. 695 from 30 to 95, you will be dealing with a good downpour of rain. lightning tracker showing the best storms out to the east. we'll pinpoint that. in terms of what to expect 80s across the board. take a look out to the west where it did not rain.
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frederick hit 95, impressive numbers, 80s, mostly cloudy skies. that's coming up in a little bit. a water main break in baltimore. it sounds like a broken record, not nearly the scale of the one which shut down light street but if it floods your basement, it matters. we have more on the latest break which knocked out water. >> reporter: a break in the same line flooded that same basement area in east baltimore's montebello community three years ago. it keeps bursting from age and stress. this group face as similar task every other day, dig up the water main, cutting out the cracked portion of the pie. replacing it and covering it
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back up again. only the faces of those impacted by the brake seem to change. >> never know how much you need water when you don't have it. i have grandbabies who live here, 1-year-old twins, have it take medication. i have a disabled sun. >> reporter: the city averages about three water main breaks a day or 1,000 a year,. >> it will cost us if we keep patching. >> reporter: the city is trying to be proactive in replacing more of the century old system each year without placing an undue burden on the customers. >> we'll be going from 20 miles up to 40 miles five years from now. every year after feef years -- five years, so can catch up with a crumbling infrastructure system. we do get assistance from this. this comes out of our water
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bill. >> reporter: that's a system that stretches more than 4,000 miles long. it can't come soon enough for flood victims from the latest break like 76-year-old sammy lane. the same line swamped his basement three years ago and the contents were a total loss. >> i had a pool table, television, boots and pictures. i had to pay out of my own pocket to get this junk cleaned up. >> reporter: lane says that cleanup three years ago cost him over $400. by the way workers finished it and got service restored this afternoon. >> all right, jeff. her water may be back on but kim collins who lives right next door to sammy lanes said doing without water is the least have her problems. like her neighbor's, her basement flooded three years ago. she can't go down there. she also lives next door to a
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vacant home owned by the city agency. she has tried to get the home taken care of so it doesn't damage her home. >> there's no one taking care of this house at all. this is an abandoned -- no one cares about it. it's a liability for my house and the insurance companies know if there's something abandoned beside my house it's going to affect my house. >> the inspector has gotten calls from collins before about weeds and high grass but not water damage. collins will have to submit a claim for damages. col lens did that in 2009 and was told the city was not responsible. >> all right. the department of public works says it deals with an average of water main breaks a day.
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he teaches at the school of engineering. he has been designing publicly land privately run infrastructure for more than four decades. hoe said baltimore need has new path. >> baltimore is breck -- broke physically and fiscally. the only way they can move ahead is to priestize the hasn't -- privatize the maintenance or sell the whole thing and privatize it and have a private company take over the whole shooting match. >> he said singapore and others have privatized theirs and seen good results. owed to abc2 news for the latest
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for estimates on how long the repairs will take. tomorrow is the day we'll hear from cal ripken con srng his mom. up until now we received statements saying vi ripken is okay. cal is going to hold a new conference at 10:00 concerning this case. cal ripken will be on "good morning america" tomorrow morning at 7:30. so that's before this news conference. again, that's 7:30 tomorrow morning on good morning -- "good morning america." aurora to annapolis. you know, it's human nature to keep an eye out. madagascar, you know there are kids in the movie. there was a big scare. >> why would he do something
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like that? >> that is the reaction to this man, 25-year-old kyle tan are. help went to the -- he went to the theater. he sat am one of the front rows and began to talk loudly to himself and the characters on the screen. he also had cursed and others watching the movie. tanner left the theater a couple of times and when he returned repeated this behavior. after the second time tanner wandered to the front of the theater and began pointing his finger. in the dark theater people thought he had guns on him. >> they were certainly at fear. many fled. >> even though tanner did not have any guns on him, police are not taking this lightly. >> in light of the recent incidents, we take this
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seriously. >> tanner is charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. >> a bunch of copycats. i would be terrified. >> it's a sad thing. we can't even go to the movies. >> after the outbreak he -- police found him walking and made their arrest. in annapolis, don harrison. >> when tanner was arrested, he was wearing a pair of 3d glass on his head. in colorado where the deadly mass shooting touched off a half a dodsen incident -- dozen incidents, the investigation is now raising questions about possible warning signs and whether the suspect's university could have or should have taken action. abc2 has the very latest and our script station in denver, kmgh. >> this morning questions about whether there were warning signs
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before james holmes allegedly carried out the colorado movie theater massacre. the psychiatrist who was treating holmes at university of colorado was a key member of the team. it shows he actually wrote the policy. then the affiliate is reporting exclusively by early june dr. fenton notified others about a concern about holmes' behavior. 10 days after holmes bought an assault weapon, he told the university he was quitting. so according to work source, the team never had a formal meeting and never intervened, thinking they had no control over holmes once he left. experts said holmes' expert should have been a red alert. >> under those circumstances most well trained threat
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assessment teams would have gone into action. >> listen to what the chancellor claimed early this week. >> to the best have our knowledge we did everything we should. >> reporter: those words are being challenged. reporting for abc2 news. a judge declared -- refused to declare a mistrial in the drew peterson case. the judge, instead of die claireing a mistrial ordered the neighbor's testimony stricken from the record. peterson is accused of killing his third wife, kathleen savio. all right. this is a good one. we all know how generous catholic chair retes -- charity
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rest can be, but willing to pay your bge bill? we need to warn you about this scam. the fountain of youth, the katie couric show. >> and the jackson family drama. did they reach an agreement today or is the feeting going to continue? why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now?
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katie couric was in our studio last week. here she is posing with me. katie's coming on abc2 news and will start on september the 10th. as we get to know katie, we want you to know about her show. one of the topics is aging. >> here's a bit of trivia you can share at the din are table.
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every day for the next 18 years, 10,000 americans will turn 65 and those 65-year-olds are thankfully living into their 70s, 80s and even 90s. but with rapidly growing population, america also has a challenge to keep them healthy and engaged in the world around them. i recently sat dawn with dr. linda freed. >> the thing we can do, first of all, is to invest in every stage and life in health preservation. we know enough now from a public health point of veiw that prevention matters certainly for the young people, certainly for newborns, certainly for young adults but in fact into the older stages. so learning how to implement that for ourselves to do things like healthy eating and staying
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physically active could also not being -- that staying engaged and doing the things that one cares about actually all matters in terms of health. >> this is exactly the type of topic i will be discussing on my new show katie, starting september 10th. you can go to katie or follow me on twitter. i'm at katie couric. >> all right. now we met her and she is so excited to bring her show to baltimore. the show starts september the 10th at 4:00 and join us for abc2 news at 5:00. it was an interesting day. we had the humidity in play. take a look at ellicott city. that was one of the spots. we put time lapse into motion,
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some pretty only min unless you clouds. watch the lens fill up real quickly with the water. the gusty storm moved through it. was a 10-minute window. take a look at the city shot showing the clouds. here's that storm moving through whitemarsh. we have the sunshine. maryland's most powerful radar showing the spotty showers toward middle river. just be aware. if it does pulse back up, it will be over the chesapeake. just keep an eye on our newscast. we'll be watching maryland's most powerful radar. there's another quick cell over harford road. this will drift. bel air road, perry hall, you may be dealing with this. if it pulses up we'll see lightning. starting to see lightning on this storm right around rightford road. this will go toward the south and drift into 95 toward the northeastern corner of the
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state. we'll keep an eye on it. most of it has been south of durbin. notice this line trying to form, this ripple in the atmosphere. so we'll watch this, again, all the lightning really still out over the eastern shore. in terms of temperatures, 80. frederick has cooled down at 91. 90 in d.c. 90s hoafort eastern shore -- over the eastern shore. that is producing heat indexes well into the 90s. 101 is what it felt like in frederick. we'll cool down to around 78 with muggy conditions. we'll start tomorrow afternoon, your friday on a stormy note. we could be talking about showers going into your day on friday with temperatures around
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91. we have a cold front to the north. that will fire off storms. 80s up and down the eastern third of the nation. here's the real heat. once again, tule sarks oklahoma city, 110. average around 110. so this southerly wind bringing in all the humidity, this cold front out to the west. that will fire off the thunderstorm threat. tomorrow during the day on monday. it will be an active next several days. temperatures falling back into the vest development future trends picking up as early as 9:00, 10:00. bank on the idea of a gusty shower at any point during the day with the threat lingering into saturday. daytime highs getting into the 90s. we do have a new system. it's tropical storm ernesto. we talked about tropical
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depression. this has been upgraded. this is moving off toward the west at 19 miles an hour. your forecast for the rest of the overnight 73, partly cloudy, a muggy night. tomorrow, muggy, hot, humid with those afternoon storms. we'll go for a two-degree darn tee. here's your seven-day forecast. bank on an unsettled day on friday. we may deal with isolated storms on saturday. as the system works in through the ohio valley on sunday, that will fire off more showers and storms. sunday could be a very, very rough day. we'll cool things off to near 90 by next week. you'll notice a very only men us in looking forecast. it could feature a scattered shower. >> welcome to august. >> exactly. >> you want to catch up on the olympics, another great day for americans in jolly old england. now is the time to put the volume on mute and turn away.
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good news for michael phelps. he added to his record for most medals you a time. michael swam the gold in the individual medley beating out ryan lochte, who took home the silver. gabby douglas took a huge win in the women's individual competition. she notched the highest on the beam and the vault, boating out russia for the gold. the women's rowing teams will picked up another nothing mosmght kayla hairy son won the first ever gold medal in judo. while michael phelps made a splash in london, he is taking a bath in real estate. according to the best olympian ever lost more than $400,000 on his fells point condo. he bought it for less than $1.7 million but sold it last week for one and a quarter million
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dollars. all right. what do sleep and slots have to do with your health? >> are you offered sick leave? if your job doesn't, you may want to record this report and take it to the office in the morning.
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a new study suggest your slope schedule may affect vaccines. those who slope six or less were likely to build antibody from the help a tight us. participants who got more than
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seven hours had a better immune response. mental health can be just as important as physical health. it turns out even minor mental health can raise the risk of death. among health adults the more signs of stress the higher their men tal ti rates. even those with minor had higher death risk. the findings reinforce the findings of eliminating stress. employers who don't offer paid sick leave, you may want to reconsider. if you have access to paid sick leave you are likely to be healthier. without paid sick leave workers continue to work for fear of losing income. if fewer people worked while sick, workplace safety would be enhanced for everybody. is your place for all the health news you nee.d
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just log on and check out the page. you'll find today's health headlines to had you find the information you and your family need. they do a lot of work helping out the less fortunate. we'll find out how scammers are using catholic chair ris. and chick-fil-a's business was expected to dip after the ceo spoke out on day marriage but we got otherwise. >> and the jackson family dispute heads to court. h [ mosquitoes buzzing ]
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thanks for watching. another water main brake to tell you b this one is near lake montebello. it's the same one that hne


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