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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 2, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the city is trying to keep up with the pipes that continue to burst from age and stress. they hope to be replacing 40 miles of pipes each year. crews restored service earlier this year. movie goers in annapolis got a scare. police say this man, kyle tanner walked in halfway through the movie at the bow tie sin a -- cinema, sat in the front row and started talking loudly. he began pointing his hand as if he had a gun. he has been charged with disorderly conduct and second degree assault. police have not found the man suspect of abducting vi ripken. up until now the ripken family has only issued a written statement. tomorrow cal ripken is going to hold a news conference at 10:00
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in the morning to talk about the case. he will be on "good morning america" earlier in the day. all right. a steamy forecast. 20 minutes ago we were talking about a lot of storms moving through baltimore city. right now look at the sunshine. it feels terrible with the humidity. maryland's most powerful radar showing a clear slate for much of the city limits up and down the corridor, 695 looking good. as we shifted to the north we notice one cell along the pennsylvania maryland line. we'll see if it has further developments. right now the indications are most of the actions will stay to the north. terms of what to expect temperatures will stay in the 80s. i think the new observation will be much higher as the sunshine is coming out. look at the dew point. dew point running to near 72 degrees. that is definitely tropical.
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the trend reflects muggy and humid conditions. we'll get down to eventually 78 in baltimore city. back up into the 90s with scattered showers developing after the 1:00, 2:00 hour. not only is tomorrow unsettled, but much of the weekend sun settled. we'll time that out and show you more about tropical storm ernesto in the atlantic. that's coming up in a little bit. they help those who are hungry. they help those who are poor. they help the children and elderly but catholic charities do not pay your bge bill for a price. someone posing as catholic charities will pay your bill if you pay $150. >> also in a sense of desperation that the bill would be discharged today and paid today. >> it's crazy. >> this is a warm and fuzzy ad made to fool you but don't fall for it. what can you do to protect
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yourself. experts say you should be sure to know who you're dealing with on the web. if you're approached by somebody it's always good to ask why me. >> ask yourself did i apply for something. you don't just get anonymously or out of the blue. you want to ask logical questions. >> no government grant agencies will ask for money or banking information. so if you do give out personal information to someone and you suspect fraud contact your bank to prevent unauthorized access to your account. >> well, it's been a tough few weeks for airlines and passengers. first, needles were found in sandwiches and a camera was left behind. then we hear there was a miscommunication at reagan national airport in d.c. it happened two days ago that
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nearly caused a collision. the federal aviation administration said while they are investigating they do not believe the three planes were on a collision course but they say it was a close call. the faa said there was a miscommunication and changes weren't passed on to everyone who needed to know. so what do you make of all these recent airline scares? just head to well, it's usually hush hush on sales numbers but not yesterday. chick-fil-a posted record-setting tales on wednesday as thousands came out. the headquarters said we are grateful for the turnout. >> and for rest hill had the best opening. the manager said he believes this was because of the protest.
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the manager said while they are aware of the kiss-in protest tomorrow they have not planned for anything and is not sure if this will affect sales or not. well, we had to suffer through a swell thring june and july. bge said the extremely high temperatures the past two months could mean higher energy bills in august even if we lost our power for a week. in order to cut costs, bge recommend keeping the thermostat to 78 or higher, using hot water at a men mum. >> ken more is recalling dehumidifiers because of fires. the models in quo were made between -- question were made between 2003 and 2005.
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if you own one, turn it off and unplug. it ken more is giving out gift cards to customers who purchased the recalled dehumidifiers. >> women have admitted to pairing spanx. girls has young mass 1 3-r -- as young as 13 are turning to spanx and the growing trend is worrying doctors. >> you're scweegz the body -- squeezing the body too much, squeezing the internal organs. >> doctors are treating teens for bladder infections, nerve damage and doctors fear girls are setting themselves up for
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eating disorders or self-esteem orders. in taiwan a sinkhole swallows up a man, swallows him to his death. >> this driver evidently didn't notice the front door. what led to this crash bang entrance. >> this is our interactive app that you can get exclusively on itune. one storm over the pennsylvania maryland line. well, we have more action to the north and west. look at illinois getting pounded with storms, unsettled weekend ahead. we'll show you the seven-day forecast ahead.
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you're looking at the beltway at security. police say there is a three-car crash that left traffic shut down on the inner loop. that's causing a serious backup. so you'll want to area right now. you're trying to get to 70, trying to get out west. it's backed up at security at the beltway tonight. we'll keep an eye on this. extreme weather in taiwan caused a sinkhole that took the life of a man. a man was walking during the tie
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phone when the ground gives way and suddenly he disappears. rest skewers tried to get -- rescuers were unable to get him out. a driver in texas turned a store into a drive through. a woman plowed through. a clerk was on the other side of the wall. he was thrown to the floor, already at work today. the driver, allegedly drunk, is facing intoxication salt charges. the family that can never say good-bye to drama said they will be there for one another. is there peace among the jacksons tonight? >> could a pay raise be in the future. what the new ser vi -- survey says. [ male announcer ] the emotional burden of debt.
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the jackson family feud maybe easing. we have the latest. >> reporter: the jackson family custody dispute heads back to court. this morning a judge reinstated katherine jackson as guardian of michael jackson's three children while their cousin remains coguardian. >> the role mrs. jackson last played, she has been a phenomenal guardian. >> reporter: the custody battle started last month when katherine went to arizona to get rest. a feud escalated within the family with deputies responding to a fight at the 82-year-old's home and there were even reports katherine had been kidnapped. >> my children would never do that. they're stupid for people to think that. >> reporter: a judge stripped katherine of her guardianship and granted temporary
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guardianship to tj. >> i'm devastated that while i've been away that my children, grandchildren have been taken away from me. >> reporter: now they're back with grandma. while some are still feuding, jermaine is calling for calm. in a statement he said after much soul searching it is time for us to live by michael's words -- love, not war. >> miss jackson and tj are working to figure out how best the entire family can move forward. >> reporter: now a judicial investigator and diana ross both met with the children and said katherine is taking good care of the kids. >> we're getting a new exhibit in town. you hear about this. it announced the addition of a new exhibit. it's called black tip reef. this replicates the endopacific
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habitat. it includes sharks, rays, zebra sharks and sea turtles. there will be daily feeding schedules when this opens summertime, 2013. >> that is a beauty, maybe a little weather in the shark tank, jamie. >> daily shark feedings. kent island socked in with the low clouds. all the humidity, just an impressively humid afternoon, a few storms rolling through. we had chesapeake beach. bel air, most of the storms stayed off to the south. that allowed for things to get into the 90s. look at chesapeake beach. some of the big thunder heads rolling through. we had a severe thunderstorm over anne arundel county earlier
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this afternoon. maryland's most powerful radar is clear overhead. that's the good news. we had big storms rolling through. brooklyn park picked up lightning. we have storms working well to the north. again, just going to be talking about scattered showers through the course of the evening with the temperatures that will be running into the 80s, just a muggy field. 80 in the city, 90 in d.c. easton checking in around 90 degrees. so humidity in place. dew points running well into the 70s. 72-degree dew point making that feel like it's 85. feels like it's 101 in frederick. so expect a few storms through the 8:00 hour at 8:00. 11 around 80. we have our temperature that will start to bottom out going back up to 90 for tomorrow.
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got a ton of humidity on the southerly wind that will be in place not only tomorrow but this weekend. there's a cold front out to the west. there's enough of a trigger for scattered showers to develop. the setup is cold front out to the west. southerly winds bringing in that humidity. that will fire off scattered showers and storms and some of which could become severe. keep an eye on channel 2. we're going back up to 90. this model suggesting after 9:00, 10:00 in the morning there could be a spotty shower developing after the lunchtime hour with all that humidity in place. by saturday rinse and repeat. 90s, mid to upper 90s, possibility of a scattered storm. we got one big storm over the caribbean or entering the caribbean in the windward islands, leeward islands moving off to the west.
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look at our official track taking it through the caribbean by saturday and early next week, possibility of gang hurricane status has moved to the south of cuba, so we'll have to monitor this. caribbean, gulf of mexico, need to keep an eye on that storm as this rolls into much hot waters down to the south. that usually intensifies the storms. overnight lows going down to 73. it's going to be very muggy with the possibility of a storm. better showers for tomorrow. 94 degrees, hot and humid conditions. sticky feel through the weekend. 94 goes to 93 degrees, gusty showers possible. we're going to call it a better shot for sunday at 92. monday runs the risk of a scattered shower with temperatures near 90 degrees. maybe we break out of this unsettled pattern by tuesday. some models suggesting a couple of storms. this could be several days. >> saturday when the raves are
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-- ravens are downtown practicing, from noon until 7. >> any point after 2:00, the possibility of a spotty storm. >> let's hit the campaign trail. two vastly different messages directed at the same audience. emily, president obama, mitt romney are out there zeroing in on the middle class, aren't they? >> reporter: jamie, you're right. this has everything to do with timing. the labor department is releasing the monthly job numbers. they're trying to get ahead of the story. they've been polishing whoever their stump speeches and they are talking about the economy. one of the things that we have seen is when you take a look at some of the numbers you look at a case like florida land president obama leading by six points when you look at polls.
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that's cr you have candidates like mitt romney releasing an ad, a place where president obama happens to be campaigning. the romney campaign is saying, look, the economy is stalled in the state of florida because of president obama's policies. that is the argument that we are starting to see laid out today. it all leads out tomorrow. tomorrow morning is when the labor department will release the july unemployment report. the number you want to lock out forks 8.2 -- for, 8.2%. it hasn't budged for quite some time. no matter what happens tomorrow and a lot of analysts think it will not move. it's a pretty shower bet you'll see both campaigns come out. respond to it. it will more than likely be the number one topic on the campaign trail. >> absolutely. reporting from washington. nice to see you. all right. well, social media, you snow, is going to be a big part of this,
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the presidential election and twitter is doing its part it get involved. it unveiled the political index or twindex. it compares tweets about the candidates, the positivity and negativity of all tweets. you can find the index right now at election dot here's a look at what's coming up all new at 6:00. if you're heading out for dinner, do not leave before you see our report on the hidden calories in your favorite menu items. >> plus, if upwent to a local college, chances are they're on a new list. those stories and more coming up at six. here's a prevow of with's coming up on world news at 6:30. >> the alleged terror plot unfolding. were they planning to attack, flying in on pear a gliders.
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>> it flooded our basements. >> not again. her house flooded again. how one woman is fighting the city and a wall of water in her basement. >> we did have some storms earlier. everything cleared out. your full forecast coming up. >> one of the best resources i think we have right now is the internet. >> before you go out for dinner, abc2 is working for you. how to uncover calories hidden in restaurant menus. >> some storms are dotting the ear so we'll have to keep a close eye on the skies. look at this gray hanging over. when will the clouds clear out. give me the broom. mike, how is the evening looking? this shot sums it all up. we're going to be dealing with the humidity, not only tonight, not only tomorrow, not only saturday but all through the weekend


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