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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  August 7, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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america this morning. have a great tuesday. you're watching the station that works for you. good morning maryland at 4:30. sunday shooting at a khalid sheikh temple left people dead. more on the investigation as police try to figure out what led to the massacre. [technical difficulties] i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning before you head out the door, you want to know what the weather is going to be like, here is lynette
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charles. skies have a few clouds, we are dry as of now. a little humid but not as humid as yesterday. maryland's most powerful radar, drying thing out, a few scattered showers around virginia, also calvert county this morning, step out to warm temperatures above average, garrett 72 degrees, hickory 68. jessup 70. the winds turned around to the north. that's filtering in the drier air. with the front to the south it's still going to keep the humidity around. that's what you can expect as we head through the rest of the day. 6:00, 74, 80 by 9:00. lunchtime 87 degrees. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. if you are headed to the downtown baltimore, we have repairs underway on the water main break.
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light street shutdown between lumbart. construction really is starting to pick up out on 895, one northbound lane is shutdown at the steel bridge. later stick with the fort mc henry tunnel. here is what 95 looks like at eastern after. everything will be up to speed. 8 minutes traveling through the lanes through the fort mc henry tunnel from the beltway to the toll plaza. if you are heading downtown, another traffic alert, reminder, the grand prix preparations are underway. a portion of pratt street will be closed through 5:00 this morning. it will open at 5:00, it shut down briefly last night and one of many closures for this year's grand prix. they think they know who did it, they don't know why, a
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deadly shooting at a sikh temple. four people were injured when wade michael page opened fire. one of the first police officers to arrive was ambushed and shot several times while helping a victim. here is the 911 call right after. >> i need an ambulance, i do not see a shooter anywhere. the investigators are learning more about page, he is 40 years old and repaired missiles for the army and played in white supremacist bands. we learned thatmont senior leopard died at 70 years old.
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a strong advocate for the gun buy back program and took part at peace vigils. a viewing for the mount -- a terrible start to the workweek for a gas station attendant in annapolis. the attendant was outside of his booth when two men walked up, knocked him to the ground and took money and ran off. police say one of the guys had a gun. they didn't get inside the booth. they went after the attendant after he went out of the the booth. he stuffed head injuries and taken to arundel medical center for treatment. but he has been released this morning. >> if you have information about the incident, you are urged to call 410280 clue. callers can stay anonymous. five reasons that you might want to watch your speed if you are around baltimore
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county. speed cameras are scheduled to start working tomorrow. cameras will be rolling near southwest academy, lock raven high, stolen elementary and owings mills elementary schools. let's talk about what is going on this morning in terms of the weather. we are quieter than yesterday, the day before that. as we look around the nation, pockets of scattered showers and thunderstorms rolling in, for today, we should stay dry, we have lots of cloud cover this morning. we will get sunshine as we head throughout the day. be prepared for that. no need for the rain gear for today and temperatures this morning, 68 degrees manchester, good morning. 65 emmitsburg, more walkersville. reisterstown 66. west friendship 69. the 70s for handover to annapolis, 74 and more in to middletown. tonight a provider going under the microscopic. pepco customers voiced concerns over power outages caused by
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the recent severe weather. sherrie johnson is here with the story. a number of the people are outraged over the handling of the outages. >> they sure are. customers can sound off in public hearings held by the public service commission. thousands of people didn't have power after storms devastated the region. during the public hearing, customers can testify on pepco's performance. many of those without power were pepco and bge customers. according to pepco it acted siftly and workinged faster to restore power to customers. some folks disagree. >> show this is not going to happen next time. >> the company succeeded a as company while the service failed. we have to change that so the company can only succeed if the service succeeds. >> the public service commission is holding a hearing
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tonight. the hearing kicks off tonight at 7:00 in rockville. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. hearings in baltimore for bge customers, we will have that under links at also send statements through september 10th to the maryland service commission. we will have that at our website, 4:37, people living in one time probably aren't going to work. >> they are urged not to leave homes because they are filled with smoke and they are told to stay indoors. progress made in wild fires throughout the midwest. the latest in efforts in one state to knock down 91 square miles. tips on best apps to use when you want to order food and avoid packing on the pounds and overpaying. everything is up to speed on 695 at wilkins avenue. i will let you know how traffic is shaping up at 95 and 83.
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a live look, that is the porch cam on top of the statute of liberty in new york city. a different perspective of what we are usually seeing from lady liberty. we'll be right back.
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firefighters in northern california have been working through the night. >> people are told to stay indoors because of danger to chemicals and smoke. the refinery makes gasoline jet fuel and diesel fuel. thrill seekers are in hot water with a law after pulling stupid stunt at niagara falls. three men decided to go for a swim, the largest water fall. rescuers had to lower themselves in to the river.
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all charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment. a close call, they barely had time to escape when the flames started to burn up the house. firefighters were hurt trying to get the fire under control. >> flames all over the place. it was like unbelievable. the flames were huge. it's a real shame for the family. i hope they can get help. >> the red cross is going to help the victims and provide them with food, clothing and shelter. unusual sight from the indiana state fair, the pig farm empty after swine flu. 6 pigs had high temperatures, no humans have become sick yet, the officials are waiting for lab results trying to fig you figure out what is causing the fevers. firefighters in oklahoma managed to contain a large wild fire knot of oklahoma city.
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some crews stayed out overnight to keep an eye on hot spots. this one of several that have been burning since friday. look at what has been forming over the oklahoma landscape because of the wildfies. smoke funnel clouds, thoughts had to close several state roads because of drifting smoke. some fires are forcing people to leave homes. joined by lynette charles and loren. you have water main breaks, traffic and detour traffic. >> and sink holes. the weather is still humid. you would think the cold front moved through, but it didn't go through far enough to bring the drier air in. right now, look at the temperatures, we are at 72 baltimore.
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this is above average. 66 for this time of the year. 78 dc and 66 new york. 66 frederick and 68 now in hagerstown. satellite and radar picking up on clouds. most of the rain spotty in nature to the south of us as of now. it should stay that way throughout the day. we will get sunshine in here as well. enjoy what you are going to see. as we look at tropical storm ernesto, we can see it right here. it's not well organized. you can see it is quite large but it is forecasted to slide off towards the east. it is going to be making contact with the yucatan peninsula. the hurricane center believes it could strengthen a little bit. it slides over towards mexico. it stays away from the lower 48. tropical storm ernesto, the winds sustained at 55, moving to the west, northwest at 11 miles per hour. here are the visibility issues. we have a little bit of patchy
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fog. as you step out and about, take it easy on the roadways, three miles of visibility in frederick. 6 in york, 8 in baltimore, 5 culpepper. we want to get to 10. that's what we like to see across the board. we will get that way through time. moisture, this is what i want to show you , the dew points still in the 70s. see to the north and west, trying to drop it off a little bit. the stationary front is to the south. not bringing all of the drier air we want to see and feel. through your neighborhood forecast, 86 degrees by lunchtime. it's going to be a good day to eat the lunch outdoors. more of the same in edgemere with the temperature at 87 degrees. let's slide and fly and glide to the south, hiland beach 85. which chesapeake beach 86. partly cloudy skies. here is a check of the seven- day forecast as we will
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continue to be humid. a little less humid than yesterday. more seasonable temperatures return as we head in to the weekend. our best chance for showers and thunderstorms will come in as we head in to friday. now a check of the time save traffic. grand prix preps are underway. if you are heading downtown, pratt will be shutdown between howard and calvert. the good news is, it will re- open at 5:00. if u you are in the area, light street, use hopkins to get around the congestion. no delays on the jfx. 11 minutes from 695s downtown to east fayette street. here is a live look at the northwest conner, old court road. 11 minutes on the outer loop from 795, towards 95. in packville, harford road. no problems getting up to 83
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this morning. that's a look at you abc time saver traffic. five things you may want to know before you head out the door, the drought plaguing much of the country continues to get worse. president obama is meeting with white house world council to discuss possible relief efforts. murder trial continues today in illinois against former police officer drew peterson. two investigator whose looked in to the 2004 death of peterson's third wife are expected to take the stands. a guilty plea could come in the trial of laughner. he could plead guilty in the judge finds him competent to stand trial. and a forum with ben bernanke key, the importance of personal finance education in the wake of the recent economic crisis. one of the largest antibullying events in the country continues in washington dc. the secretary of education,
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arny duncan is set to speak, the connection between bullying and suicide. you want your children to love school, not be afraid of it. for some they worry about the tests and concerned students will be bullied. >> this was the focus of the summit in dc. the education department unveiled a new ad they hope becomes a national priority for schools and at home. tv ad urges parents to teach kids about dealing with bullies, print ads shows how it can mentally damage children. education leaders want kids to understand how to deal with bullies. >> if you don't stand up for a child who is being bullied who, will be there to stand up for you? >> the focus was on way schools can stop bullying of students perceived to be gay or lesbian.
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a report from the university of phoenix says a child is bullied every 7 minutes in our country. estimated p 77% of students are bullied mentally or physically. during the school years and 42% of students have been bullied in the past through social media sites or texting and email. as you get your children ready for the next school year, their health is just as important as getting school supplies. >> where you can take your children to get them vaccinated for free.
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thank you for joining us this morning. tonight is the night you can stand up and show you care about your streets being safer. 15,000 communities nationwide and here are taking part in national night out. an opportunity to strengthen the police community partnership against crime. participate in putting a blue light in your porch light and keeping it on all night and local events taking place. we will post the list on our
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website, pit bulls and table game willing be getting attention the next couple of days. thursday is when the special session opens in annapolis, adding a casino with table games. the national harbor is one focus. there is going to be a discussion about changing the pit bull ruling handed down by state court. you would think more slots mean more cash. that's the opposite sigh of thinking in perryville. hollywood wants to cut a hundred of the 1500 slot machines. those who run tp casino say no, it's fine and not in financial trouble. >> this is not a death penalty by any stretch of the imagination. this is doing the fiscally responsible thing to make our property the right size so we can maintain our level of profitability. >> the manager says returning the slot members will save you
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from paying more in taxes since the slots have to be purchased for other casinos when they open. a big day for hundreds of students in southern indiana as school re-opens following a tornado hit in march. the ef4 damaged the school and four students. a $55 million reconstruction is now complete and students are returning to almost entirely new school, they will be doing that starting today. the temperatures are seasonal, just feels bad outside. >> it's not relaxing like a sauna. >> i will say a steam bath out there. it's going to mess up our hay and make us want to take several showers. maryland's most powerful radars we are dry. a few showers back in virginia and also calvert county, those are dying out.
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that should be the trend through the rest of today. we will be drier in terms of stuff falling from sky, rain falling from the sky for today. i have the game day forecast, fist pitch 7:05, they are playing the mariners tonight, 85, partly cloudy and humid with the winds south 5-10 miles per hour. now a check of the traffic with loren cook. how are the roads? kind of quiet. we have the grand prix preps underway. part of pratt will be shutdown through 5:00 a.m. between howard and calvert street. we are approaching 5:00 a.m. soon. if you are headed on 895, all that construction continues one northbound lane is shut at the steel bridge, that will change this morning, you will want to stick with this, 95 at 395. notice everything will be up to speed. a nice ride in to the city. here is a live look at


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