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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 7, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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discovery behind the shopping center. in the wooded area in pasadena, gary robert neil and a friend were walking down a trail sunday when they got far more than they bargained for. >> he said, wow, that looks like a how many skull. i said uh? >> reporter: the pear of men called the recount recount police who confirm -- anne arundel police who confirmed it was human. >> some cadaver dogs, search and rescue groups, the remaining parts related to the skull were located a good distance away. >> reporter: the remains were turned over to the cleave medical examiner's office where every effort will be played to identify the gender. he doubts the person died of
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natural causes. >> i think it's foul play. there's people that do that, capitate heads. >> reporter: mindful of what they may have gone through in the final moments of their life. >> it's a gruesome horrible thing when you maim anybody. the fear that a person goes through, the horror is unexplainable. it's beyond my comprehension. i've never been totally insane to i can't understand a person being insane. >> police say they will access dental records to see if they can find a match. jeff hague are, abc2 news. now to continuing coverage of a shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. investigators are finding out more about the white supremacist who opened fire on total strangers in a house of worship.
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jamie costello joins you us with more. >> reporter: his name is wade michael page. he signed to label 56. the families of the victims are remembering their loved ones tonight. near the site of sunday's rampage last night a candlelight vigil as the community comes together to mourn. police have if -- identified this man, wade michael page with ties to a white supremacist group. >> man with dwhras -- glash glasses may -- glasses may have gone on. >> reporter: he used a 9-millimeter semiautomatic handgun that was purchased at a local gunshop. civil rights group said they tracked page's ties to neonazi groups going back 10 years. he was part of a rock group
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called and apathy. >> the music is an incredibly violent genre of rock 'n roll and boiled down to a word, it's genocide. >> reporter: amid the chaos we have heroes. the man managed to stab him with a butter knife. >> my factor slowed -- father slowed him down. >> reporter: the fbi is looking into wade's cx -- connection to terror groups but didn't have enough information. we have more information about the colorado shooter james holmes. a school psychiatrist did raise flags about him. the doctor was so concerned that
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the student might be a threat to others, she called the university's threat assessment team but also contacted campus police trying to find out if holmes had a criminal history. he dropped out of school june 10th. he was charged with kelling 12 and -- killing 12 people. an incident early reminiscent of the colorado movie massacre, police arrested an armed man in ohio showing up at the batman movie "dark knight rises." he was carrying four knives and a loaded 9-millimeter handgun. an off duty police officer working security noted smith carrying a suspicious bag into the theater. the man was arrested. his home was searched and they found more weapons including
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shotguns and rifles. anne arundel county police are trying to figure out why a woman would abandon her child outside of a glen burnie church. the 2-month-old was left outside of the grace point presbyterian church early monday morning. it was either luck or divine province that the child was found. >> reporter: the 2-month-old boy was crying his eyes out when josh found him at a church door. he was there on a fluke that may have saved this child's life. police said pettricia finch-miller left the baby there. when he pulled up, he heard the 2-month-old and thought this was a bird and saw the child's seat. he took the boy inside the church and called 911.
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>> as a father of two little boys it just broke my heart and to know that most weeks that would probably be it for him because nobody would get there until the next day. i'm so glad he will be okay and god protected him. >> reporter: the mother picked up the two older daughters. she has been child. the baby suffered from minor exposured is with a relative. nearly four pounds of cocaine were found hidden inside chocolate drink boxes and a
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luggage. in one bag officers saw garlic salt bottles with six ounces of cocaine. another one had several drink bottles, each hiding six ounces of cocaine. the street value about $126,000. >> customs officers at dulles also sniffed out a small smell of perfume but not enough to hide marijuana. it was found in the purse of a 20-year-old woman who had just arrived from ethiopia. the woman as find $500 for the zero tolerance policy violation. some passing cloud cover, did not see a tremendous amount of cloud cover. a couple showers on delmarva, had showers also down in the southern tip of the state. the weather, generally speak has
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been generally dry. how about our new hurricane, hurricane ernesto and beginning to mush into the mainland of mexico and belize. a category one that will move into areas to our south. we'll have much more onenness toe coming up. much more coming up. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. catholic parents and politicians joined with marylanders to support same-sex marriage and the new viville rights -- civil rights law. >> what we learned in our church, what we learned is the importance of love and justice and caring for. >> i hope catholics vote their conscience on election day and do the right thing by voting for
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the freedom and the opportunity for all loving couples to get married. >> the most recent statewide poll by hart research shows that marylanders favored the new law 54% to 40. and same-sex marriage supporters are recognizing starbucks for its support of lgbt. a magazine is calling today national marriage quality day. the magazine wants folks to support starbucks and other businesses including delta and macy's. legendary composer marvin hamlisch passed away. he had a long list of hits. he also contributed songs to broadway shows. before his death he had been working on a new musical and was tapped to write the musical for
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you want to pay attention to how fast you're driving around buccaneer bawfnlgt five speed cameras will be on. one is on cromwell bridge near
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loch raven high school. southwest academy. patapsco high school and owings mills elementary school. drivers exceeding the speed limit by 12 miles an hour won't just get a warning but tickets will be handed out after 30 days. consumer's reports listed the top five cars. the magazine said the civic, although reliable, has a knowsy cabin and choppy ride. the other vehicles rounding out the list were the ford edge, dodge ram caravan and the jeep liberty. gas prices have risen up
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13.7 cents a gallon. it is the fifth consecutive week it's been on the rise. the midwest has soon the highest in -- seen the highest in one week. the pipeline is scheduled to be restored next week, giving relief. reebok's got to pay $25 million for refunds after settling a class action suit. it's because of deception in the toning shoes and apparel. reebok claimed this would tone. the money will be returned to customers. the amount they get back is based on how much they claimed to have spent. good news to report for
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flyers. airlines are losing fewer bags these days. we have the details on why the odds of losing baggage are improving. >> reporter: airlines are delivering your bags on time more than ever. it shows 99.1% of checked baggage arrived on time in 2011. this is the highest rate on record. all tolled, 25 million bags were mishandled last year. that's down from 32 million bags the year before. a mishandled back is any bag that's delayed, damaged, lost or stolen. transfer bags are the most likely to be affected, those belonging to people with a connecting flight. the more flights you have, the more opportunity for a mistake. these lost bags cost airlines $1 1/2 billion a year. the situation is improving partially because there's more pressure on airlines. checking luggage come with a
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fee. another factor, few are people are checking bags because of fee's. flyers can download mobile apps. one carrier is going a step further. american airlines is offering a service so you can skip the bag all together. it can be delivered to your door, of course at an added fee. a check of maryland's most powerful radar. where are the showers, lower eastern shore. the showers generally beginning to fizzle out. i have not seen a lot of room. i've seen a lot of cloud cover, a gray hazy scenario where conditions stay overcast. a little sun. look at the cloud cover.
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rain at times coming down in ocean city. not the best beach weather. chesapeake beach looking across toward cambridge we find cloudy and at times wet conditions as well. right now current conditions at bwi are 86 degrees and humidity right around 50%. winds are east at six. the numbers are on the warm side but nothing out of the ordinary for early to middle august. winds are light from the east and helping to bring in that cloud cover, also a tremendous amount of humidity, a big humidity bubble sitting over the state. a frontal boundary on top of maryland. as long as we have this setup we'll have the enhanced cloud cover. we'll have the enhanced shower and rain activity. the front is stalled over maryland. clouds hanging tough over the free state and south of us rain coming down into the carolinas and virginia.
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some pleasantly dry weather, but none of it around the immediate mid-atlantic or coastal southeast where it keeps the rain coming down big time. the trend shows this, the showers east. tomorrow a pop-up shower possible. better chance for rain, we think, as we go into thursday afternoon where things could get unsettled. the best chance for storms continues to be on friday, still putting friday down as a potential thunderstorm. ernesto, a new hurricane, making its move. the warnings extend to belize. this storm is south of can country, drops to a tropical storm before crossing the bay of campeche and hitting as a category one hurricane. rote now ernesto pack winds of 180 miles an hour, a stout
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category one hurricane. tonight 70, partly cloudy and staying muggy tomorrow. 90 on your two-degree guarantee. a couple of late day storms possible. tomorrow 72, investigatorrably . let's check out the seven-day forecast. the trend is for an unsettled scenario with friday being, i think, sort of the featured storm day. a slight chance wednesday and thursday. into the weekend mid-80s and a mitt or miss we think. so august like. so ernesto bears watching. we'll keep an eye on it. >> okay. thanks a lot. we're talking about summer but sum per starts to wind down. abc2 is working for you, trying to make sure the children in our community have all the school supplies they need.
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we're working with the preston mitchham foundation to collect school supplies through august 24th. here's a list of some of the supplies we're looking for. back pax, composition books, pens, pencils and packs of wide ruled paper. they can be dropped off at any of the 20 celebree learning centers. we have a list on our website at supplies. one of the biggest targets in the might against childhood obesity -- childhood obesity have been school cafeterias. >> you already know about second hand smoke but what about third hand smoke? ♪ i dare you to dare me
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as your kids get ready to head back to school, there's an effort to make cafeterias healthier to eat. this past school year, the number of schools where you could by a soft drink decreased 20%. only 13% of middle schoolers can. the bad news is while soda isn't ousted, sugary fruit drinks and sport drinks are widely available. we know that second hand smoke can be dangerous, but now doctors are saying even third hand smoke can be harmful. it's when someone smokes in a separate location but others inhale it off of a smoker. it can cause health problems,
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just like second hand smoarks particularly in children. >> there's evidence that third hand smoke is a risk factor in children, some of the same things as second hand smoke like chronic ear infection. the clothe wreak of smoke. the hair wreak of smoafnlgt your child with asthma will likely get an asthma attack. >> the american lung association said you should try to quit. if that's not possible, take the smoke outside where the air is less concentrated and fumes are less likely to be left on your clothing. if you're trying to find the motivation to quit smoke, try watching the commercials. the federal government has been trying to get people to quit. the graphic ad campaign showing diseased smokers has been a success that they're planning another round for next year.
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don't have numbers on how many tried to quit because of the commercial but the ad generated calls to the national quit free toll line. is the place for all the health news you need. log on. you'll find the big health headlines from today and categories to make sure you and your family get all the information you need. coming up at 5:30, six were killed and 13 were killed in arizona, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. today the shooter entered a plea in court. a woman in california tried to snatch a baby from a hospital. see how she was stopped. the drought is having effect. how farmers are trying to stay positive. ♪
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