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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> i got there about noon. as i was approaching the baby, i heard a baby crying. i thought this must be a bird or something, but as i got closer for sure, a baby crying. i found the baby in the car seat facing the wall. >> he said he could not believe what he was seeing, the father of a 2-year-old and 5-month-old was looking at a little baby alone in a child seat that looks like the one his own son used. >> he was crying his head off, which was much better than him being unconscious or something, but he definitely looked like he had been there for a little while. >> in fact, the boy had been there for three hours. someone scooped him up and called 911. this happened early monday morning when pettricia
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finch-miller took the boy to a church and took off. >> we worked closely with family members who helped us come to the conclusion that she was out of the state. we located her at a hotel and fortunately, her two other children were safe oar are police say all three children are with family members. the infant suffered from exposure and is expected to be okay. he says this experience confirms something that he has known all along. there's a greater hand in many things. >> i just hugged my boys when i got home and thanked god that they were okay and maybe appreciate them all the more. >> reporter: the 2-month-old boy's mother has been charged with neglect and desertion of a money noar -- minor. a gruesome discovery was made by a pair of men. they came across a human skull.
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it happened sunday night at the festival at the pasadena shopping center. one of the men said he had been seeing vultures flying over the wood as few weeks ago but he wasn't prepared for what he stumbled over. >> it did have hair, yes but it didn't have scalp. >> reporter: it looked like female hair? >> yes, reddish long female. this looked that way pooh police found what they believed was the rest of the body deeper in the woods. they have sent the remains to the chief medical examiner's office in baltimore and hope to identify the gender and cause of death. on the weather front a klum of showers in deep south maryland here on maryland's most powerful radar. we're looking at a cloudy scenario. the biggest action is well south of us here in the western carp bean sea. look at that, well defined
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circulation as hurricane ernesto is edging landfall just north of belize. more on ernesto coming up. hour by hour into the 80s we'll g75 by -- go. 75 by the time you wake up. all you have to do is go outside land you know it's true. scientists have confirmed that this year has been the hottest on record for the northeast section of the country. data out of cornell university shows the average temperature for the seven months of 2012 was the hottest since 1895. that's the year volleyball was invented. that's when scientists started keeping records. it started with a mild winter and then came this summer, especially july. baltimore hit 90 degrees or hotter. the city also set a new record high, 104 on the 18th.
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for more than a century it was 102 degrees. it's been hot but we haven't had rain. that prompted a drought warning for the entire eastern shore with the exception of cecil county. the warning means people living on the shore and business owners should look norways to conserve -- for ways to conserve water. some have lost crops to the drought and rising corn prices means farmers raising chickens and cows will be paying more in feed. >> a tough one, not our first one. we're trying to get used to it. >> although a warning hasn't been issued, central maryland is under a drut -- drought watch. conserve water wherever you can. our mayor, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is making shower
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that families who need help with their energy bill also get it. the mayor introduced a proposal that will use the fund over the next three years. right now 56% of the bge customers are getting help from the maryland assistance program. >> the university of maryland student who was arrested for shooting up the school pleaded guilty in court. songen terred for charges including disturbing the peace at a school and misuse of telephone facilities. because of the plea, this will be illegal for him to have a gun in the future. he has been released on home detention and is still banned from the university of maryland campus. a date for sentencing yet. he will have to do 200 hours of community service. starting tomorrow we'll have five new cameras ready to roll
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at southwest academy op johnny cake -- on johnny cake and owings mills elementary on reisterstown road. you better slow down or a nice picture will be mailed to you ordering you to pay a fine. how's that holcombeing along? it's coming along. no water but all businesses are open. the city wants to take a holistic approach by replacing the infrastructure in the two-block radius. that will be a three-minute -- three-month project.
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this is the isth anniversary for the fair but there are concerns about swine flew. the centers for disease control said dozens of new cases were reported last week, and although none were reported in our state they are warning people to be careful. >> there are two chairman responsible for the barns. they walked through swls the kids walked through to make sure no one seemed to be distress. >> symptoms are the same in pigs and humans. you get a fever, running nose, coughing, difficulty breathing. the best thrng you can do is wash your hands after touching animals and don't take food in or around the animals at fair.
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they came together today to support same-sex marriage in the new civil marriage law going to referendum this fall. >> each child, each life, whether a son or daughter, is precious, and they deserve a full life, including marriage. i never want our son or any of our children to be alone in sickness or in health. i want each of them to have the security and joy of a family that they create, and for that family to have the legal protections to come with civil marriage. >> the event was hosted by marylanders for marriage quality. last week heart reach associates found in a statewide poll that so far marylanders favored the new law. today was also the day that
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some same-sex marriage activists headed to starbucks to show support for the companies that they say support lgbt rights. the idea came from the online magazine called equally wed. in addition to starbucks, delta, macy's, southwest airlines and target were included in this. we landed on mars, and now we have a medical story to tell you. you can put on a helmet to shrink your brain tumor. this is an amazing story from our linda so. >> there's an hart to savings -- art to savings when it comes to school supplies. >> on the weather front 87 at bri. 86 is -- bwi. 86 is normal. congrats, christopher. you're going to get an abc2 storm umbrella. when we talk about, we'll see if the rains will stay south.
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you clan look at them by -- can look at them by downloading our app. we're back in a couple moments.
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we're keeping you updated on the breaking news, ritchie highway. we had a tractor-trailer overturned and it's causing a big traffic headache. recount recount police said the trail -- anne arundel police said the trailer separated from its load and spilled. it's shut down between east and west between jumpers hold road. you got to be very careful.
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stay away from the area if you can tonight. listen. you may not know this but your brain works a lot like tv's and computers. they're poured by -- powered by electrical currents. linda so shows us how doctors are using a simple electric current that will treat brain tumors. >> reporter: you never know she's undergoing constant treatment for a serious brain tumor but tucked in the backpack is a secret weapon that has give her her life back. >> it has allowed knee do everything -- me to do everything, go to church. it doesn't interview -- interfere. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with glioblastoma. doctors gave her this, a kind of helmet she wears up to 18 hours a bombards her brain
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with electrical current. >> the current interrupts the ability of cells to divide, there by leading to cellular death, there by leading to tumor death. >> reporter: he is a specialist. he says the device has shown a remarkable ability to not only slow the growth of tumors but in some cases tumors have shrunk. it can work just as well as chemo but without the side effects. >> this is equivalent to chemotherapy in terms of outcome. >> reporter: they plan to test it on other types. elaine said other than getting sleetly warm at times, she often
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forgets it's there. linda so, abc2 news. >> doctors say at night the patients plug the device into the wall. right now it's only being used in cases where brain cancer returns after initial treatment but studies are underway to see if it might work as an option immediately. for more on this story and the latest health knew, head to and like linda so. your kids are heading back to school this month. aren't you excited? you're going out to the store. you have to buy all of the school supplies to make sure they're successful. there are good times to buy, even better ones if are a on a busmght most school supply -- budget. most school supplies start going on sale in july. retailers know that most families want to buy by the end of the month so lowered priced
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items aren't the cheapest. august is the best to by bigger items like laptops. if you really want the biggest savings for most items, hold off until september. once students are back in school, the pricings start dropping. listen, while you're in the store getting the best deal possible, keep in mind many students don't have the supplies they nee.d -- need. we're working with preston mitch ham foundation and celebree to collect school supplies through august 24th. they're backpacks, composition books, pens, pencils, packs of wide ruled paper and you can drop them off at any of the 27 celebree learning centers. we have the information on our website at
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supplies. on the weather front, just a couple of showers primarily now in southern maryland. i'll show you where the rain is and where it's been. wet day at the beaches at times. southern tip of st. mary's county, not far from solomon's island. this has so much agriculture. they could use some rain. let's take a look at some of the cameras. you can see in baltimore it was a gray start. it stayed gray just about all day long as we put that in motion. tough to find sunshine. cloudy at the beach and rainy. sea gulls don't seem to mind. chess is a beak beach tough to find. so it's been a couple gray days to kick the week off. i don't she tremendous amount of
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change. 85 now at the airport. at spots 90. 84 in easton. 75 out to the with the. light easterly breeze, kind of a cool breeze in early august but quite a bit of humidity. we remain muggy but not as hot. if the sun was out in force we would have heated up. you have to head up to western pennsylvania, ohio and even the western half of west virginia to find any significant sunshine in the east. but, boy, widespread clear weather. it's all west of this stalled out frontal boundary. we still have the cloud cover. the rain stayed generally south of us at least the heavy rains. you know, the dry air knocking on the door, i don't think it makes it. the front will waffle around. the stationary front means they
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don't move much. has long last it stays in the -- as long as it stays in the air, pop-up showers right around that frontal boundary but mostly south of it. here's a look at the best projection we have. you can see a few showers potentially popping up but the better chance will be as the front shifts further north on thursday. thursday afternoon could feature widespread scattered showers with the best chance for storms coming in on friday. some of the ones friday could be strong to severe. how about a category one hurricane, ernesto, well defined center of circulation just about to make landfall in eastern mexico south of cancun and cozumel. here's belize also with hurricane warnings. the track will bring it to the bay of campeche and a second landfall in the interior of mexico toward the middle part of
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the week on friday. overnight tonight down to 70, partly cloudy. tomorrow i think we'll push close to 90. it depends on how much sunshine we see. tomorrow down to 72. here's the outlook, a better projection for tomorrow, probably the upper 80s. we have lap chance to get to 90 on thursday. the best chance for storms on friday. if you need the rain probably will be your best bet and through the weekend mid-80s. enness toe. haven't had many hurricanes this season. there's one for you. >> what time friday -- early or late? the storm. >> the first one at night. >> the heaves had -- ravens had to go inside. joe flacco. ray rice hugging lenny moore. those are the two legends.
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here's kelly to tell us what's coming up. >> what happens if you order something on lien but it doesn't live up to your expectations. why returning it could cost you and where you can buy it locally. >> plus, hunger games swag is coming to a retailer near you and why it will cost you more than you expect. those stories and more coming up at 11. >> one last look. >> one last look. take a look at the beach where the white marlin open continues. a couple boats coming in. you can see them left of the ocean city pier. we know. 87 tomorrow afternoon and the outlook shows chance for storms increasing toward friday, so enjoy a relatively dry day tomorrow.
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>> i'm ready to see the big one, the big fish. >> it will be coming in right now. have a great night, everybody. >> have a good evening.
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