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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 10, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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let's talk about the next 24 hours. how about the next 12 hours. it storms out over washington county. we watch the storm for the folks north and west of town. as we broaden out the shot there are more storms from pittsburgh into west virginia. this would have to be monitored. we have the risk of a shower or thunderstorm. back close to the home not much is happening. spot showers north of bel air and into cecil county. in terms of what to expect any storms that develop has the potential of bringing in high winds, high winds in excess of 50 miles an hour. dangerous lightning and also some downpours leading to the potential of flash flooding. 86 in town. that's our afternoon high. temperatures ranging from the lower 80s. showers and storms through the
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midnight hour. we'll get down to 73. there is a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. we'll talk more about the storms coming up in just a bit. by now you probably know of the storm known as ernesto. the atlantic hurricane season is getting an early start. the last four months could be busier than ever. >> reporter: the florida panhandle is bracing for rough weather and big waves, ernesto making landfall hundreds of miles away. on thursday, ernesto hit central mexico dumping 16 inches of rain. on the heels, another tropical depression in the atlantic likely to turn into a tropical storm today. get ready. this could be just the beginning. >> we're coming closes to the
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heart of the hurricane season. so it's no surprise that we're seeing more storms forming in the atlantic basin. >> reporter: forecasters with the national oceanic atmospheric administration said the average is 12 named storms but they expect between 12 and 17 including five to eight hurricanes. two or there are expected to be major storms either category three, four or five. >> it's bumper to bumper on the hurricane highway. >> reporter: they point to wind patterns and warmer than normal temperatures. >> lots of warm waters off the seaboard. the way the pattern has been setting up, it lends us to believe we could have problems along the eastern seaboard. >> reporter: the el mean in yes weather pattern that would normally break apart these systems are weaker than expected
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and won't gain enough strength until the hurricane season is over. >> whether it's a hurricane or severe storm you can get plenty of warning when bad weather is headed our way. go to to get it or text wmar to 46988. two people are shot feet from the bell very dear hotel. one is dead and one is in critical condition. >> reporter: police are not releasing the name of either name. what we do know is the person or persons who shot them have not been caught. it happened at the empire house on east chase where the belvidere was located. it was first used for the family of william pinkney whyte.
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police said it was a possible robbery. they were taken to the hospital where a 41-year-old man later died. we'll have more on the investigation coming up tonight at 6:00. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. now an update to the breaking news we first told you last night at 11. howard county police released the name of a man who was shot outside a home in columbia. he was shot in the 9,000 block of constant court. police were looking for holland in connection with an assault on his ex-girlfriend. he breck into the woman's home and held her at gun point until sometime yesterday. detectives tracked holland down in columbia. >> when the officers arrived here, they were con front by the suspect in the back of the house outside and asked him to show his hands repeatedly, knew he
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had a weapon and had just assaulted the woman. ultimately the suspect was shot. >> police said holland told them you will have to kill me or i will kill you. he said he had a gun and would use it but a gun was not found. >> the 12-year veteran is on administrative leave. don't expect to vote today on the gambling bit. the maryland house of delegates showed up but they are not expected to address that issue until next week but there could be movement on what's known as the pitbull bill. it would create a strict liability standard for all dogs and reverse a court ruling that holds landlords responsible for pitbull bites. lawmakers said the special session will last until next week because there's a lot of
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work to do. >> i suspect it will take several days so we can give some due consideration to the bills. >> there were several delegates not in attendance today. some were absent because they had already scheduled vacations. check out square off right here on abc2. the round table discussion is tackling that issue sunday morning at 11:00. mourners have traveled from as far away as india to honor the members gund down by a white supremacist last sunday. thousands have come to pay their respects. >> so many came to pay tribute to the six killed in oak creek. they had to move the memorial to the local hospital. also in the room six caskets, holding the bodies of those shot in the sikh temple. >> my father used to say to me, you make a living by what you
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make, but you make a life by what you give. >> reporter: they wore traditional head coverings, remembering the lessons his father tout -- taught. >> we must not fight hate with hate. >> reporter: but hate is what brought everyone here. white supremacist 48-year-old wade michael page started shooting before he was shot in the head. >> although we have been brought together by an unspeakable tragedy, we are bound together by much more. attorney general eric holder -- >> today we mourn with you. we pray with you and we support you. >> reporter: also after the
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memorial members of the temple within the back there to read pages from their holy book. they will hold services at the site of last weekend's shooting. here in maryland, some muslims are worried they could become the target of similar violence. with that fear a mosque appealed for added protection. jeff hager has more. >> reporter: the mosque on philadelphia road in abington has never experienced hate but it doesn't want it take chances. the wholly month of ramadan is underway which means more potential targets for those who who wish to do them harm. they appealed to the harford county sheriff's office to do patrols, convinced that the white supremacist misdirected
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his hate at the temple. >> they have mistaken them for muslims. we are concerned they might be looking out for a muslim place of worship and not a sikh place of worship. >> reporter: the sheriff has agreed to increase security although they have not received information that a threat is imminent. they will hold an open house tomorrow night to encourage understanding. jeff hager, abc2 news. hundreds of jeep owners complained about a shake and shimmy with their wranglers. what you should do. >> amazing video from inside a cockpit as a plane goes down in
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a field. >> i'm meteorologist mike masco. it's been clear. storms have started to form. we'll track. it are avenue watching -- you're watching abc2 news at 5.
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we are one month away from the airing of the katie couric show. here's katie with more. >> we're a month away from the launch of katie, my new daytime show. i've been thinking about the kinds of stories i want to talk about -- technology, for example, and how it impacts our lives. i recently read an article about
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grief and mourning in the digital age. what do you do if you have received an email informing you someone has died. >> don't reply all and no tcting. if you are the griever and you have all those things in the week and to be interrupted by texting is horrifying. a phone call is personal. you can never regret composing a note. they can read it at their choosing. then after everything has passed, reach out to offer a meal. have a glass of wine. i talked to a woman who has been in hospice. if that person wants to tell the story of their mom's last week for the umpteenth time, listen . if they want to talk about the
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latest hollywood scandal, let them do that. your job as a supporter is to be where the mourn are wants to be. >> and it's important to do it a month, to three to six months later because that's when the loneliness sets in. >> yes. >> i know from experience that's very good experience in this digital age or any age. stay tuned for the debut of katie on september 10th. i'll see you again here next week. >> abc2 is your station for katie. it's starting september 10th at 4:00. we'll have more on the katie show as we get ready for that big debut in baltimore. check out the stories katie is working on. you can do that by going to let's bring you over to our weather bug cameras. today a mixture of sunshine and clouds. take a look.
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those big cumulus clouds. overcast conditions at times. that was the limiting factor, that put the ca bosch on the heavy storms. but that's going to change. i'll show you why coming up in a second. manchester showing the clouds. that kept our temperature into the 80s. we started out with some very heavy rain. take a look at the rains coming down around 9:00 this morning, even some severe thunderstorm warnings over the eastern shore. a mixture of sunshine and clouds. it is clear overhead. let's go to the west where there's an active warning. this is moving slowly along 70, moving toward the east at 25 miles an hour, moving along 70. we'll watch that storm. there's more storms in the mix. also putting down some decent lightning just yod of deep creek. what's going on is we have a lot
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of dynamics in the atmosphere. we have a line from pittsburgh down into west virginia. this slides into our direction through the course of the evening. any storm that develops could test the limits, high winds, cold air aloft. lightning and downpours. it's the entire state, new jersey in the mix down toward rich mnd and virginia. take a look. 86 downtown. 84 in easton and 86 down around d.c. dew points in the upper 60s to low 70s. so any storm that develops could drop copious amounts of rain. still storms in the mix at 74. it's muggy and humid but drier as we head into tomorrow. there's going to be that front just off shore. that could allow for a shower and thunderstorm chance. if you're going toward ocean city, be aware of storms south and east. clouds in the picture. there's that line, pop-up
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showers and storms possible, but take a look at the storm system. here's the area of the system over michigan, spiraling in the humidity. we had big storms, so we'll watch the progress. this will be sliding toward the north and east this. looks pretty nice as we go into sunday. eastern shore communities toward the jersey shore you could be talking about a scattered storm. better looking skyline on sunday and your temperatures back into the upper 80s. 70 for the rest of tonight. scattered showers and storms, some of which could be strong. i think baltimore city toward the eastern shore you'll start to see the storm close to the 8:00 or 9:00 hour. partly cloudy skies. you'll head up the beach. be aware there's a chance of a scattered shower with the temperatures around 83, 84.
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86 tomorrow. 88 on sunday, a beautiful day, mixture of sunshine and clouds and a nice day on monday. temperatures close to 90, low humidity, muggy, mild. wednesday, thursday and friday, you know, i was going to put the 90 but for get about it. close to 90 in spots. we'll watch the storms through the rest of the evening. some could be strong to severe. could be gust storms -- gusty storms. are you hungry? i'm starving. the thought of going home and eating leftovers, that's not right. barbecue can make it better. it's the 11th annual maryland barbecue bash where the gates opened about an hour ago. wyatt have you sampled any of the barbecue? i can smell it from here.
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>> reporter: this is a maryland tradition, 1 years running -- 11 years running. i want to bring in scott walker, my good friend, the director of the downtown alliance. this is a huge event. talk about how you guys are supporting it. >> this is our biggest fund-raiser of the year. we do several throughout. all the money goes back into the local community to support local businesses, to promote our area and to invite people to downtown bel air. this is almost four events in one. we have an amateur rib cooking competition. the winner going to the american royal and kansas city. beer and wine garden, fun zone, sponsor displays. it's an amazing event. family friendly, kid friendly. a lot of fun.
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>> reporter: this year you've added a few tweaks to the big barbecue bash. what's going to be different for them scott? >> we were pleased to brpg on collar broil grill -- bring on char broil grills. they have free samples and interactive games. >> reporter: it smells awfully good. scott walker, thanks. all marylanders loving the barbecue. you want to come and check it out. we'll have much more coming up live from bel air at the barbecue bash straight ahead. >> you had the two -- you said the two words i like to hear -- free barbecue. it is a medicine cabinet staple used to treat aches and pains but could aspirin lower your risk of dying from cancer. >> you bought dorm supplies, but
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does your college student have the shots they need.
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in tonight's health alert, a new study shows aspirin can help prevent cancer deaths. daily aspirin use may reduce mortality rates by 15% over 10 years. researchers found a reduction with those who popped an aspirin every day but not as great as earlier studies showed. before you pack up and ship off your teen for college, doctors are urging you to check their shot records. there are several vaccines they say they should get, including
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meningitis, which is very con tape just and can spread quickly in closinged areas like a dorm room. >> the meningitis shot we're giving when they're youngsters now but they ought to get a booster when they head off to college. that will raise the immunity from 85% to 99%. >> d tap covers many major diseases including whooping cough and chicken pox and all college students should get the hpv vaccine, even young men. abc2 news is the place to go to find the information you and your family need. they said their jeeps shake and shimmy. now hundreds of people who have complained to the feds are getting a solution. what you need to do if you've dealt with a wobble on your
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wrangler. >> each candidate is blaming the other for misleading voters. how the election is getting ugly. >> i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart live in bel air at the maryland barbecue barchltd people coming out getting ready to gear up. we'll have a live report straight ahead. [ male announcer ] the emotional burden of debt.
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call us right now for your free customized plan. or, visit us online. careone. we know what it's like to be in your shoes. a robbery turns deadly in mt. vernon. two men were shot at the empire house on chase street. that's on the same block as the bell vi dear hotel. a 41-year-old man died. another man is in critical condition. >> our county police released the name of the man


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