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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 11, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. mitt romney, chooses wisconsin congressman paul ryan as his running mate. he is set to announce this at 9:00 a.m. eastern. the rising star of the party seen as a bold choice, set to shake up the race. >> can the wisconsin congressman give mitt romney the boost he needs? or will his controversial budget plan drag down the ticket? we have all of the news this morning from abc news' political team, including george stephanopoulos. caught on tape. the terrifying bus accident as viewed from the inside. watch as it rolls over and then splits into two. we hear from the survivors. and why have there been so many bus accidents recently? and the ultimate hollywood guessing game this morning.
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are brad and angelina getting married this morning? the rumors are swirling. they're at their favorite french chateau. his family is there. and george clooney, just an hour away. good morning, everyone. dan harris is off. we're thrilled to have abc's david muir joining us this morning. great to have you. and we do have breaking news this morning. mitt romney is set to announce at 9:05 a.m. eastern time, who his running mate is. and, david, you've been covering the romney campaign. this is a rather surprising choice. >> a bold decision. mitt romney, choosing wisconsin congressman paul ryan to be his running mate. romney tweeting moments ago, i'm proud to announce paul ryan as my v.p. his twitter account up there. a favorite among conservatives. in the past days, a push for romney to make a bold choice has been intensifying for ryan. we showed you the mitt romney
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v.p. app. and has a picture of his running mate. like clockwork, they said they would let the public know. >> but a bold choice, not without risk. paul ryan is 42 years old. he's been elected to the house from his district in wisconsin seven times. but he's best known for his controversial budget proposal, that some in his own party has distances themselves from. he is for sharp cuts in proms. will republicans be forced to embrace it now. and democrats contest it will destroy medicare and social security. it's "your voice, your vote." our political team has been working throughout the night on this. all angles covered this morning. george stephanopoulos standing by. first, our senior political correspondent, jon karl, with the romney campaign in norfolk. jon, you and i were putting the clues together all through the night. secrecy involved in the picks. this morning, you're in front of the "uss wisconsin." >> reporter: no doubt.
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it's going to happen right behind us. that's the "uss wisconsin." paul ryan from wisconsin. the ultimate cheesehead, he might himself say. this is a big pick. this is a bold pick. it is a risky pick. paul ryan, more than any republican in congress, more than any prominent republican in the entire country, has put the question of getting the country's fiscal situation, its budget crisis, its economic crisis, front and center. he has the most specific plan. he has the most detailed plan. it is the ryan budget. it is something he has been pushing for several years. and until very recently, most republicans weren't even onboard, because of the thing bianna mentioned. the fact he would change medicare. he said to get the budget in order, you have to control the costs of medicare. he would change the way medicare operates. give social security citizens the option of buying private insurance, instead of traditional government health
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care. that's something he says is essential essential. but it's very controversial. >> what did you think? was this the most daring call of all of the potential choices you were looking into? >> reporter: i think it was the most daring call of all. this is the person the democrats were hoping mitt romney would pick but thought he would never go there because they have already run campaigns against paul ryan in special elections since the republicans voted for his ryan budget. they've made him into the person that, in their words, would destroy medicare. but he's the one that has the specific plan. as you know, that's one of the big raps on mitt romney, he hasn't been specific enough about what he would do once becoming president. well, he just inherited the paul ryan budget. david? >> jon, we'll get back to you shortly. let's bring in abc's george stephanopoulos, host of "this week," anchor of "good morning america." george, joining us via skype this morning. first, i'm curious, george. were you surprised by this?
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>> a little bit. although, there has been so much pressure building up for the last several days for mitt romney to pick amongst conservatives. "the wall street journal" editorial page, a major conservative figure, all pushing hard for paul ryan. i'm told this was, in many ways, always romney's preference. a personal pick. he kept coming back to this choice, even though there was apprehension by the campaign. they have great personal chemistry. you saw that when they were campaigning during the wisconsin primary. paul ryan is mitt romney's kind of guy. he's very smart. a lot of intellectual firepower. very analytical. they bonded from the minute they started campaigning today. and romney wanted to make a bold statement after what's been a relatively rough summer. >> george, you mentioned the personal relationship. i want to show the viewers at home the video from april fool's day in wisconsin. an event that paul ryan was at. he helped introduce mitt romney.
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he comes around the curtain. ryan in on the joke. mitt romney can be heard saying, i'll remember this. they'll have plenty of time to talk about this as they move forward. george, you know, as well as i do, from covering governor romney, he's very loyal, from his time at bain capital, to his time as governor. he's brought so many of his advisers along with him, along the way in his career. his personal connection is very key. >> no question about it. and paul ryan's described to me as the kind of guy that mitt romney would have hired to work with him at bain. they said very smart. the kind of guy you want by your side during these big high-pressure deals. he's being described as the partner that mitt romney wanted. in many ways, a governing choice as a political choice. as jon and you all have pointed out, there are great political risks here, with paul ryan, even though he rallies the conservative base. even though he has the intellectual firepower. the romney people think he could help put the state of wisconsin in play. we know democrats are going to
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fire hard at the ryan plan, which you pointed out, they can argue will cause for significant cuts in medicare, other social programs. also, it puts -- it also puts into play, states where there are various amounts of senior citizens, florida, pennsylvania, nevada, ohio. that's a group right now, president obama has been lagging with. this could be a shot in the arm there. >> the political ripple effects, positive and negative. george stephanopoulos will dive into all of this first thing in the morning tomorrow on "this week," tomorrow morning. we'll come back to you in the morning. george mentions the white house, the obama campaign getting ready. he has more on that. they are getting ready. president obama getting his first look at his running mate this morning. the full ticket he'll be running against. will this change his strategy? abc's david kerley is at the white house.david, paul ryan is to this administration. >> reporter: not at all. i want to start with the democratic rapid response team, which is very quick in responding to any news. they have been silent on this so
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far. the only thing we have heard, i have heard nothing from the white house. nothing from the campaign, even though i've asked them. the only person who has said something is bill burton, who used to work here at the white house. he's running the super pac for the president. he said that romney would have picked one of the only people who could have an impact in the race. but not for the way he wants. and really, you're right, bianna. paul ryan is already in the president's stump speech. he talks about how mr. romney wants to change medicare as we know it. turn it into a voucher program. well, that's right out of the ryan plan. and the president has mentioned ryan before in his stump speeches. if anything, even though i haven't heard from the democrats, this makes good sense for this white house and for this campaign, they think. this will make it even more of a choice election rather than a referendum on the president and the economy. so, i think they're going to go after paul ryan very strongly. and i've got a feeling that mr. biden can't wait to have a debate with paul ryan. >> starting with the entitlement programs. david, thank you.
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and the race for the white house really comes down to a handful of key, swing states. one of them, paul ryan's home state of wisconsin. could the ryan pick move wisconsin, which is traditionally democratic, into the red? and could that swing the race for romney? for more on this, let's bring in ron brownstein, national journal editor. good morning. >> good morning. >> could ryan help romney win wisconsin? could that be a game-changer ultimately? >> wisconsin is one of the blue >> wisconsin is part of what i call the blue wall. it's 1 of 18 states that has voted democratic in the last 5 elections. if romney could chip it away, it would be a significant asset, not a game-changer by itself. and ryan almost certainly will be somewhat of a help on that. but i think it's clear in this case, the national implications, both pro and con of the ryan pick, will be much greater than the local ones. >> that's what i want to get to. this choice clearly puts fiscal
8:10 am
policy front and center for the romney campaign. will that give him boost for nationwide support? >> i agree that ryan is a powerful, strong pick that also bares more risk than you usually get in a vice president. romney, in the primaries, was pressured to pretty unequivocally embrace the ryan budget to begin with. so, he's already on record as indicating he would sign it. the white house and the obama campaign was going to tie him to it. but having the author on the ticket, i think dramatizes and heightens those issues in a way that makes it much more powerful. and the core of the debate will be the ryan budget reduces the top marginal tax rate to 21%, lower than romney would do, while it's transforming medicare and medicaid. and doing these things simultaneously, as we saw in 1996, can be very challenging politically. >> david, as george said, great political risks here. but this is an exciting choice. >> fast-moving developments. we heard about the romney v.p. app. it's been announced. as we come on the air, it is paul ryan. they promised to let supporters know as soon as the rest of us
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knew, as well. we're going to pull back from the politics for a moment and talk a bit about who paul ryan is. a family man. a congressman known for his grueling workouts on capitol hill. a hunter, a fisherman, and a fan of led zeppelin, who has been shaking things up in washington since the day he got there. he is a rising star in the republican party. a policy, who emerges himself in budget. >> the deficit is really going off the charts. >> reporter: and fighter for the conservative cause. >> republicans are unifying. >> reporter: he is also a family man. a father of three children, married to his wife for 12 years now. paul davis ryan was born in janesville, wisconsin, in 1970. in high school, his classmates voted him prom king. they also voted him biggest brown-noser. at 18, he found his father dead of a heart attack. later relying on social security to help pay for college. graduating from miami university in ohio in 1992.
8:12 am
he filled odd jobs during college, including driving around an oscar mayer wiener mobile. and after college, briefly working for his family's construction business in wisconsin. then, he found his way to politics. first, in a thinktank, then as a speechwriter for jack kemp. in 1998, he ran for congress and won. since then, he has risen in the party. now, the chairman of the powerful house budget committee. he voted for the iraq war, for the t.a.r.p. bailout, for the automaker bailout, too. all while championing his own budget plan that calls for major cuts in spending. >> arguably, the biggest domestic challenge perhaps in the history of this country, is the crushing burden of debt. >> reporter: it was ryan himself who most clearly articulated the republican cause. >> you said you want to take a scalpel to the budget and go through it line-by-line. we want to give you that scalpel. >> reporter: and under that buttoned-up appearance,
8:13 am
congressman ryan is also known for his punishing morning workouts in washington. even leading fellow congressmen in p90x workouts. on his ipod, led zeppelin. thrust into the spotlight this morning, including p90x workouts. something that came out. we punched in online. it took you straight to america's comeback team. they had this launched and online. a little hint in the midnight hours. who will be mitt's v.p.? one way to know this is the real deal. we should remind you, we're going to carry mitt romney's speech live as he introduces to the country who he plans to run for president with, paul ryan. right there with him in virginia. that's coming up, shortly after 9:00 a.m. eastern. right here on abc. time for a check of the other headlines this morning. and ron. >> welcome to the pre-dawn patrol, david. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news out of afghanistan. the second deadly attack on american troops in 24 hours. three troops were gunned down by an afghan in uniform. abc's nick schifrin joins us
8:14 am
from london. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, ron. this is the fourth incident of an afghan turning his gun on his u.s. mentors just this week. it happened last night in helmand. u.s. marines refused to let an afghan police officer into the gym. and the policeman shot them, killing three. that's according to afghan officials. just a few hours before that, another police officer killed three u.s. special operation forces as they ate a traditional early-morning breakfast together. and that officer is still on the loose. this is an increasing problem. we recently saw the taliban celebrating an afghan soldier who killed nato troops and then switched sides. in all, rogue afghans have killed 34 coalition troops. that's one out of every six troops who have been killed this year. and, ron, the question for these attacks raise, how can you win a war if you can't trust the person you're fighting next to? >> really. thank you very much. nick schifrin reporting from london. another close call at the nation's busiest airports.
8:15 am
two planes made contact on a taxiway at dulles international airport on friday, causing minor damage to both aircraft. the wing of a lufthansa jet clipped a commuter flight. there were no injuries reported. and the lufthansa jet was cleared to take off. in los angeles, the pilot of a small plane was killed when his aircraft crashed into a residential area. a plane managed to avoid going down in the street. the crash occurred a few miles from the santa monica airport. no one else was injured. a warning about apple slices sold at fast food restaurants and supermarkets across the country. apple products sold by ready pack foods are being recalled due to possible listeria contamination. that includes apple slices at mcdonald's and burger king. no illnesses have been reported. go to or more details. an amazing rescue down under. a man found in the water naked. sharks circling. he was pulled to safety, just in
8:16 am
time. he had been floating in the ocean off perth, on the west coast of australia, for 24 hours, after his fishing boat capsized. news helicopters spotted him. and flew low to scare away a hammerhead that was closing in. and a boat came along to get the guy out of the water. he was air-lifted to a hospital where he is said to be recovering. naked and shark-infested waters. get out of there, man. >> bad situation. no clothes and a shark. >> and he made it. >> and he made it. good for him. all right, ron. we're going to turn to the races going on across the pond at the london olympics. they're wrapping up with a huge bang, with americans smashing previous world records. abc's jeffrey kofman is covering it all in london. great to see you, jeffrey. >> and good morning to you, bianna. day 15. the second-to-last day of competition. as we discovered, every day here, full of excitement, inspiration and awe. like those u.s. women who rocketed around the track in that stadium behind me last night. they were always out in front.
8:17 am
but it was only after carmelita jeter crossed the finish line that they realized just how much the women's 4x100 meter relay team had won by. a lightning-fast 40.82 seconds, shattering the long-standing world record. what a different story, though, for the u.s. men 4x400 meter team. they began out front. but a surge from the tiny nation of bahama set the stunned usa forced to settle for silver. but they were also transfixed by south africa's team, where double-amity oscar pistorius saw his dreams of an olympic medal dashed. despite claims that his carbon fiber legs would give him an advantage, his team came in last. stunning also describes what it
8:18 am
was like for usa women's water polo team. they've always won a medal. but here in london, they finally, decisively won gold, beating spain, 8-5. in beijing four years ago, one of the true stars of these games is jamaican sprinter, usain bolt, who again won gold in the 100 meter and 200 meter. double-gold glory, the never-shy athlete declared himself the greatest athlete in history. and then, launched into a tirade against american sprint legend carl lewis, who claims jamaica is lax on drug testing. saying he is really annoyed. an angry bolt added, i've lost all respect for carl lewis. now, for the last two weeks, there's been a battle for first place in the medal count, between the u.s. and china. the u.s. clearly out front. look at the medal tallies and you can see. the real surprise, the third count goes to team g.b., great britain, with 26 golds.
8:19 am
today, this second-to-last day of competition, has the largest haul of the olympics. 32 gold medals up for grabs. >> not even close. the american athletes making us proud. we're going to shift gears this morning to a horrifying bus crash, now, captured on a dash cam. it shows passengers on the terror ride, screaming, as the bus flips down a hill and splits in half. it's the latest in a string of deadly bus crashes. here's abc's kirit radia now. >> reporter: it all happened in a flash. the city bus swerved to avoid a car, hit a curb, and then, chaos. the bus rolled over twice. passengers tossed about like rag dolls. a security camera onboard captures the whole thing. take a look again. passengers brace themselves. the man in the front seat slid to the floor as the bus tumbled over and splits apart. this man raced over and pulled two women from the wreckage. >> they were -- i couldn't find the driver at all. >> reporter: miraculously, all
8:20 am
13 passengers escaped with only minor injuries. this was just the latest in a summer of bus crashes. august 2nd, a high-speed crash when a bus from chicago to st. louis struck a bridge pillar, killing one person and injuring dozens. august 7th, an elderly woman struck and killed by a bus in downtown chicago. and the next day, a megabus from atlanta to charlotte caught fire. all 80 passengers scrambled to safety. so, why are there so many crashes? the national transportation safety board recently blamed tired drivers, unsafe operators and poor oversight. despite the season's string of crashes, the tour industry says the number of bus fatalities is the lowest in years. >> department of transportation and other agencies say, we're the safest form of surface transportation in america. >> reporter: and that crashes like this one, are rare. that video will be used to investigate the crash. bianna and david, amazing no one was killed in that one. >> unbelievable.
8:21 am
>> really dramatic. >> kirit in from moscow. time to check the weather and ginger zee. good morning, ginger. >> what was that? >> you lost me there. >> good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. i want to start you with the stormy friday we had. 121 severe record reports from yesterday. one came from long island. then, you have the video from all over new england. boston, 1.17 inches. a lot of spots up to three inches. more storms and rain on the way today. as i put this into motion. there's a big upper-level low and a surface low that is pumping moisture back in coastally here. back into michigan, they had flooding. and my mom can stop calling and saying, my plants are so thirsty. that's right, mom. we're going to have to find something else to talk about. southwest, really heating up. the heat warnings through the weekend in phoenix. i'll leave you with a look at the midwes
8:22 am
>> it has been very stormy there in the great lakes. and one of the lakes, lake michigan, a little unsafe today. i want to mention a beautiful shot. but rip current warnings stretch from chicago, up to the northern part of the lower peninsula of michigan. just a warning. and storm clouds, here from oklahoma. really nice shot. you can send me photos on twitter. >> amazing how beautiful a storm cloud can look and the destruction it brings with it. >> exactly. >> great to have you, ginger.
8:23 am
coming up on "good morning america," breakout. the notorious, daring teen criminal who police say pulled off an elaborate heist in a a celebrity chef's yellow lamborghini. busted trying to bust out of juvenile detention. we take you inside his latest plot. then, is this the day? all of the talk about the other running mate. then, this duo. rumors swirling this may be the day brad and angelina finally get hitched. the clues? george clooney's location might have something to do with it. and caught on camera. dolphins, dolphins everywhere. find out why this pod of dolphins are getting a close-up look. incredible shot. all that coming up next on "good morning america." keep it here. we'll be right back. [ music playing ]
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you are looking at the "uss wisconsin," where in just minutes, mitt romney will officially announce that his running mate will be congressman paul ryan of wisconsin. they're doing it on the "uss wisconsin." it almost seemed too obvious last night when we heard the event was going to be at the "uss wisconsin." but it is true. paul ryan there. he's going to be the running mate. i'm david muir, in for dan harris this morning. saturday, august 11th. this bizarre case, where a notorious team is accused of stealing a famous chef's lamborghini. we'll tell you how the plot was foiled. and will they or won't they? you know what i'm talking about. >> the other running mates. >> whispers in hollywood, that brad pitt and angelina jolie will tie the knot at their french chateau this weekend.
8:31 am
we have the scoop. let's get to the political headline of the morning. it's the big story. and abc's jon karl is in norfolk, virginia, where mitt romney will announce his running mate. jon, you and i have been covering this for some time now. the secrecy in unveiling the running mate. and this morning, the nation now knows. >> reporter: that's right. they did use that app on everybody's droids and iphones and ipad, saying, in fact, america's comeback team of romney and ryan is the republican ticket. the announcement's going to come over here, david. you can see, you mentioned, that's the "uss wisconsin" over there. paul ryan, a wisconsin native. that stage's going to be important in the election. what romney aides are saying, this pick was about putting a team together that would put the economic issues front and center. this is a bold pick. this is a big pick. ryan is just 42. he is very controversial. but he is a hero to
8:32 am
conservatives. and he is the one with that big budget to get the fiscal house back in order. >> jon karl, will be staying right there for our special report. our coverage later this morning, as mitt romney makes the announcement. george stephanopoulos also standing by. it's 9:00 a.m. eastern. marco rubio, another one of the possible v.p. picks has sent out a tweet saying, mitt romney made a great choice. tracking it all this morning. >> a lot of buzz on a typical saturday morning. all right, david. and now, the brazen attempt to bust a daredevil teenager out of juvenile hall. two teenagers are on the loose, after trying to bust out max wade, who is accused of stealing a lamborghini last year. john muller is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. this read like a movie script.
8:33 am
teenagers, fast cars, a celebrity victim. now, it comes complete with an ill-fated jailbreak of sorts. all on the day a juvenile becomes 18 and becomes an adult. they used bolt cutters to cut through two perimeter fences and a sledgehammer to smash in the cell window. a brazen attempt to bust out of a bay area juvenile detention center. on the other side of the window and still in custody, max wade, who turned 18 yesterday, and was scheduled to be transferred to adult jail. wade also is the daredevil teenager who made national headlines when police say he stole the $200,000 lamborghini, belonging to celebrity chef guy fieri. >> the window is big enough, where a body can go through. but again, they hit it with a sledgehammer, i would say 15, 20 times. >> reporter: the steel-reinforced windows held. and the would-be jailbreakers fled the scene. although there's no evidence wade planned the failed break-out, police say he knows a thing or two about break-ins. in the lamborghini heist, police say the thief repelled into an exotic car dealership, cut through a lock and zipped away
8:34 am
in the hot rod. cops found guy fieri's lamborghini in a storage shed, along with paul's i.d.s, police scanner, uniform and badge. the teenager had a reputation in the san francisco area. he's charged in a drive-by shooting. >> he's currently facing two charges of attempted murder. each of those charges carry maximum imprisonment for 35 years to life. >> reporter: no lamborghini and no more juvenile detention. wade got a new address for his 18th birthday, the county jail. bolt cutters and sledgehammers, not likely to work there, either. bad news for the suspects on the loose who tried to bust into the juvenile facility. there were surveillance cameras there. investigators are going to review the recorded conversations max wade may have had with some of his visitors. stay tuned on this one. >> a dungeon for him. guy who relishes risk. john, thank you. ginger zee with another check on the forecast.
8:35 am
good morning, ginger. >> good morning, everybody. i want to start with the tropics. ernesto, we've been hearing about that storm for weeks. and ernesto passing over this part of mexico. and killed seven people. now going to go into the pacific. a 90% chance it redevelops and becomes hector. that will be its name when it goes in the pacific. then, we're watching tropical depression seven. here's the track. looks like it will stay south of a lot of land. a lot of upper-level winds that will be affecting that. tropics are active. but nothing that's going to make landfall. more moisture in parts of atlanta and more places that need the rain, going to get it. look at the 48 hours. some places even in south dakota. into western iowa, nebraska, just a little bit. over the weekend. that will be helpful. i'm going to leave you with a look across the nation, especially that excessive heat in the southwest.
8:36 am
>> so, again, one more showery, stormy day here in the northeast. then, we'll clear up in the weekend, start of the week. >> some people need the rain. >> great, ginger. thanks. coming up on "good morning america," the stars are aligning. >> we weren't invited. >> you weren't invited. possibly arriving in france. are brad pitt and angelina jolie getting married this weekend? we have the scoop. this is incredible. this was caught by accident. that majestic view from under the sea. you'll find out why this pod of dolphins is chasing the camera. and hear from the man who captured the amazing footage. we'll be back. for back-to-school...
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the pieces seem to be coming together. brad pitt and angelina jolie appear to be gathering with family and friends at their chateau in france, for some kind of celebration. so, will wedding bells ring for one of hollywood's most powerful couples? or is this just a big bash for brad's parents? tanya rivero is here with more on the rumors. >> reporter: very exciting rumors, bianna. i've got the scoop.
8:41 am
those rumors are swirling around hollywood's hottest couple. brangelina watchers have turned into wedding sleuths. carefully studying every move of this very famous but famously private couple. and many are saying the big day could happen today. they're the a-list couple at the top of the list. and when brad put a ring on it this spring, the brangelina rumor mill went into overdrive. now, many believe hollywood's hottest couple could get married as soon as today. wedding watchers point to the clues. brad and angelina's family appear to be quietly gathering at the couple's private estate in the south of france, that conveniently has its own chapel. reportedly, for a 50th anniversary celebration for brad's parents. but locals believe recent rushed renovations at the 14th century chateau point to something more in the works. angelina's jeweler, robert
8:42 am
procop, who made the $250,000 ring brad designed, is also in the south of france. and brad's bust buddy, george clooney, who would surely attend, spotted in lake como, less than an hour's flight away. with the players gathered, the stage seem met, with the couple who met playing husband and wife on "mr. and mrs. smith," to finally become husband and wife. >> first time. >> as always. >> this is the biggest wedding for so many people. sure, we had the royal wedding. but there's this frenzy, just as much, maybe even more for some people, more with brad and angelina. >> reporter: this is brad's second marriage and angelina's third. so, it's expected to be intimate. >> they're not interested in a hollywood affair. they want to have the kids involved. they're a very tight-knit family. >> reporter: and the six kids, three adopted and three biological, are thrilled mom and dad are making it official.
8:43 am
now, there are also clues pointing to a wedding happening next weekend. the mayor of the chateau's town is friends with brad and angelina. and he recently pushed back the date of an annual fair. locals say it was to clear the way for the wedding. so, my money's on august 18th. >> still coming up, a lot of hollywood weddings. natalie portman last weekend. love is in the air. >> very exciting. >> mayors clear fairs out for bianna all the time. >> you have your ticket to go. >> exactly. >> tanya, thanks. coming up on "good morning america," unforgettable fishing trip. this is really something. the pictures all morning long. they're so clear. and wait until you hear how they were captured. unbelievable. >> i could watch that all day. my dentist recommended pronamel. he told me that pronamel would help protect the enamel of my teeth from further acid erosion. now that i use pronamel, i feel more confident about having these acidic foods in my diet.
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. david, i believe this is your first "pop news" with us. >> the reason i came. i have been waiting for that. >> we're always excited for "pop news." and our entertainment reporter, host of "on the red carpet, rachel smith, joins us from los angeles. good morning to you, rachel. >> good morning, guys. time to have a little fun with "pop news." we kick things off with excellent news. bill and ted may be back on the big screen with another adventure. another installment of "bill and ted's excellent adventure," with word that star keanu reeves is in the works. bill and ted may be ready for another adventure. reeves and co-star, alex winter, are said to reprise their roles with a look at where bill and ted are today. one can only imagine. we'll have to wait and see if they're traveling through time in a phone booth or if they upgraded to cell phones. taylor swift and conor kennedy's love story may have more chapters to be written.
8:49 am
swift took conor home to nashville. the couple was spotted by fans all around the city. she's been dating conor, the son of robert kennedy, for two months. they were reportedly introduced by grandmother ethel kennedy. can justin bieber make the jump from platinum records to the silver screen? he will if mark wahlberg has anything to do with it. the two are working on a script for bieber. bieber has had small roles on screen. but this would be his first as a leading man. they hope to have the movie in theaters next year. finally, a fishing trip off the coast of santa cruz, california, turned into an unforgettable experience for four guys. take a look at this remarkable video. a pod of pacific white sided dolphins following the camera on the bottom of their boat. we talked to the guy who put the camera on there. he said he didn't know until he watched the video later that night with his family.
8:50 am
>> a lot of people commented that it's not even real. that i took it out of the camera and put it on the computer. everybody couldn't believe it. it's a pretty emotional moment, too. >> absolutely stunning. peters says he's seen dolphins when he's been fishing before. but nothing like this. he thinks they were attracted to the camera, which looks like a squid. and he definitely plans on trying this experiment again. >> i don't blame him. >> so cool. >> you were saying it looks like something out of pixar. >> yeah. like nemo. >> the soundtrack to that. >> the whole thing was by accident. can you imagine getting home and downloading that on your laptop? >> i would watch it all day. entertainment. >> i'm confused. i don't have the latest camera if mine doesn't look like a squid. >> i don't have the squid camera, either. >> go out and buy one. the squid-like camera. >> we'll put it in the hudson. but it won't be as clear. >> oh, yeah. exactly. that's what the water looks like in the hudson. >> i love that we heard from the
8:51 am
fisherman. no one has heard from him until this morning. >> he was excited, too. and surprised. all right, rachel. great to see you. great stuff with us this morning. >> see you, guys. thank you. >> bye. have multiple ways to help you save. they'll reach out to your doctor... ♪ go above and beyond to find lower priced options... ♪ and enroll you in walgreens prescription savings club... which saves members an average of one hundred and seventy dollars a year. ask your pharmacist how much you can save today at walgreens. ♪ ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] at subway, you got it made. try an egg white & cheese tricked out any way you want. subway. eat fresh.
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and we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! and just stay tuned for our special report on mitt romney's vice presidential announcement. of course, we know that's paul ryan. coming up at 9:00 a.m. eastern time.
8:56 am
thank you for joining us. >> and the big duo, brad and -- oh. >> that's the other announcement. >> we'll see you for the special report after 9:00 a.m. eastern. and "world news" later this evening. >> you are a busy man. >> busy man today. a big news day. we're glad you're here. throughout the day. and see you for the special report. have a great day.
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