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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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from abc news this is "world news" with david muir. good evening on this saturday night. and we begin with mitt romney's choice for a running mate. wisconsin ease paul ryan. the story breaking today. a boldy, risky pick says one newspaper tonight. romney rolls the dice says another. and tweeting signs hot off the presses romney/ryan card in the battleground of virginia. there they are side by side first thing morning. ryan a tea party favorite, that would make taxes and spending and while speaking there ryan wasted no time taking on the president.
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the two boarding the bus together tonight in the crucial bald ground and with the battle lines drawn. we ask will romney's choices help or hurt romney's chances. we begin with jon karl is right there in virginia tonight, jon? >> reporter: david that bus tour here in virginia, one of those make or break stakes. paul ryan on board, this is a brand-new race. ♪ mitt romney went bold and got eye little carried away in the moment. >> join me in welcoming the next president of the united states paul ryan -- >> reporter: what was that? >> the next president of the united states -- >> reporter: not long after ryan took the stage. >> every now and then, i'm known to make a mistake. [ laughter ] i did not make a mistake with this guy. but i can tell you this, he's going to be the next vice president of the united states.
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>> reporter: a conservative, a electrifying choice. it puts the slumping economy and skyrocketing deficits front and center. >> i hear people say that this is just the new normal. higher unemployment. declining incomes and crushing debt is not a new normal. >> reporter: ryan is the republican with a plan to slash government spending by trillions of dollars. including politically dangerous changes to medicare, replacing it in part with private insurance. >> we are ute, america, and get this done. >> reporter: to some replica, ryan is a little too bold, too risky. when he first introduced the his budget, only a handful of republicans supported it. we asked ryan about it last year. what do you say about the maybe weak-kneed republicans? >> it's not time to go wobbly. regardless, this is a time for
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leaders to be leaders. >> reporter: with romney, ryan gives him an energetic 42-year-old partner. a numbers guy who can take on the president as he did at a republican conference two years ago. >> spending bills that you signed into law, the domestic spending has been increased by 84%. >> we'll have a longer debate on the budget numbers then, all right? >> reporter: but last year, we saw bill clinton reach out to ryan saying he hopes democrats would not just attack his plan but try to work with him, too. >> i hope the democrats don't use it as an excuse to do nothing. >> my guess is it's going to sneak into paralysis is what's going to happen. you know the math. >> reporter: republicans hope paul ryan will inject energy into the romney campaign. and on day one, anyway, it looks like he has. david? >> a little bit of energy there. jon karl leading us off. abc news confirming that mitt
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romney made his v.p. choice more than a week ago before growing pressure with the republican party to go bold. "the wall street journal" calling on romney to pick ryan. the romney campaign saying they had already made their choice. other names reacting to the news, florida senator marco rubio thought to be a possible pick saying fall ryan is a truly inspired choice. pawlenty calling ryan a bold thingser. and republican portman saying paul ryan was a leading voice on one of the most pressing issues facing our country. who is paul ryan? tonight, we look at the side you haven't seen. the side now in the national spotlight. >> reporter: at 42 years old, paul ryan is also a family man. the father of three children, liza, charlie and sam, right there with him today. a catholic, he's been married to his wife janna, a tax lawyer for 12 years now. he proposed to her while celebrating another love, fly
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flishing in northern wisconsin. an avid outdoorsman he loves to hunt. the youngest of four children. he still lives down the block from the house he grew up in and even though he's been a congressman in washington for 14 years, elected at just 28 years old, his family never moved to d.c. he never even purchased a home there. he stays with family near the capital. but more often than not, he sleeps in his office. back in high school in that wisconsin town, he was clearly popular. classmates voting him prom king he also voted him bigs brown noser. at 16 years old he found his father dead of a hard attack. he was just 55. his grandfather died of a heart attack at 57. his great grandfather died in his 50 gs, too. he relied on social security benefits to make his way into college. and 19 a lightning rod when it comes to solutions to the
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ballooning deficit, he talked about that with christiane amanpour. >> i hear this all the time from the political people, from the pundits and pollsters that this could hurt us politically. i don't care about that. what iare out is fixing this country and getting the debt situation under control. >> reporter: there was a question she asked a year ago. >> how do you feel about being made the boogieman with all the budget business? >> you know, i don't really think about it. i sleep well at night. >> reporter: he sleeps well knowing he's fighting for a cause he believes in. he's also known for another workout. on capitol hill leading p-90x workouts for his fellow lawmakers. and on this ipod, beethoven and led zeppelin, too. >> that's quite a mix. even his music under the microscope. we thank you thought whoever the choice was that he would have to be comfortable with the choice.
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romney has a small and loyal circumstance from his time in maine and paul ryan got us thinking back. introducing mitt romney to a huge crowd, look at this. april fools'. you could hear at the time mitt romney saying to paul ryan, i'll remember this. and another quality mitt romney likely approves of when it comes to paul ryan is his ability to keep that secret. evading the stakeout at the end of his own driveway there in wisconsin, one of our digital journalist watching, studying every move, just as we do every four years looking for signs. >> reporter: it was like any other friday afternoon in janesville, wisconsin, population 63,000. the only difference, reporters. staked out in front of paul ryan's moment studying his every movement for clues. they had gone hours without seeing his wife, he or his children. they staked out pawlenty hose
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home in miss miss. rob portman's home in ohio. >> i get lots of phone calls. >> reporter: and then at 3:08, back in janesville, this. congressman paul ryan dropped off after attending funeral services to remember those lost outside of milwaukee. he talked with reporters, asking one of them to back off the grass. as ryan walks up to the side door, he appears to be locked out. this exchange with our oun journalist. >> i forgot my keys. >> do you want to tell us where its under the mat? >> i am not going to tell you. >> reporter: the man becoming vice presidential candidate locked out. and he said his wife wasn't home. he went around the back and seemed to find another way in. that's the last we saw of him. >> 6:00 p.m. people inside moving around the house. 8:05, the light inside the house whips on. the news trucks pulling up.
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at 11:10 p.m., it announced that ryan would be t minutes later, reporters knocking on the door. it seems the family was home. or were others asked to be decoyed. even though the ryans were never seen leaving. at 7:00 this morning, confirmation that paul ryan and his family were waiting not far from "uss wisconsin" at national stage. >> pulling it off to the reporters. and our thanks to the behind the scenes political teams in so many driveways across america. we've learned that mitt romney and paul ryan have now added a campaign event in the state of wisconsin. he will make an appearance at the iowa state fair on monday as romney continues on the bus tour. the reaction to the paul ryan choice was immediate. let's turn to david kerley at
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the white house. david, they seem awfully happy about this choice, too. >> reporter: what does the president think of romney's choice. we have no idea. the president didn't even look towards reporters as he left for chicago but plenty of democrats are giddy, calling ryan an extreme choice. the ticket, a match made in millionaires' heaven. ryan, the author of disastrous budgets. officially, the obama campaign says the republican ticket will place greater burdens on the middle class and seniors. democrats have attacked ryan's budget. tax cuts for the rich and changes to medicare as we know it. last year, a liberal group used this ad to make the points. ♪ >> reporter: in many ways romney's choice plays into the obama campaign plan. make the selection less about the job the president has done. >> let's can clarify the choice and help them shift the election more towards the choice side and away from solely the referendum. >> reporter: tonight, the obama
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has already posted a web ad. >> and in rewritinging it to help the system. medicare, the entire tax system. >> reporter: while romney is calling his ticket the comeback team, the president's campaign is tagging it the go back team. the president is in chicago tonight. his first stop, campaign headquarters for a meeting about the new political landscape. how is the campaign feeling about this? well, the obama website has been updated, david, it says "game on." >> not surprising. thanks. i want to bring in our senior washington editor reich ryan tonight. rick, we know the incoming fire will be coming with suggested answers. i wanted to read to you. governor romney applauds paul ryan for going in the right direction for his budget and as president he will be putting together his own plan for cutting the deficit and putting the budget on a path to balance. emphasis on own plan, i'm
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guessing? >> that's right. suddenly, it's about very big things. mitt romney is looking for just enough daylight to separate himself from this new running mate when paul ryan's big ideas are hugely controversial as well. >> one source pointed me to the polling saying they looked at the numbers and wanted to know which one of these picks could help turn their home state. >> that's right, the romney campaign was very aware of what each candidate to bring to the ticket. this is a race where every battleground counts. >> rick klein tonight with the bigger picture. thanks so much. a reminder, tune into abc's "this week" with george stephanopoulos. he'll have all the details with the ticket. the powerhouse analyzing it at all. we told you an an alarming number of troops killed fwhir afghan partners. an after began police officer killing three u.s. troops at a
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base they share. so far, there have been 26 of these so-called insider threat attacks in which 34 american troops have been killed. back in this country tonight and to another alarming consequence of this year's extreme weather, a deadly outbreak of the west nile virus. mosquitos are affecting people all across the country but it's so bad in texas, they're even planning to attack from the air. abc's ryan owens reporting in tonight from dallas. >> reporter: crews in gas masks and chem suits stray around dallas schools at night. trying to make sure mosquitos are gone by the time students return to class later this month. dallas county home to almost 3 million just declared that public health emergency. it's never seen this many cases this early in august. they've been spraying from trucks nearly every night but it's not enough. so the county has now approved dumping pesticides from the air over these heavily populated areas. >> we're talking about a
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third-world virus that we don't have a blueprint to say this works versus another plan. >> reporter: scientists say the virus is more common because the unusually warm winter meant fewer freezes that killed mosquitos. west nile has been reported now in 42 states. 241 people have been diagnosed. texas has been hardest hit. dallas county alone has seen more than 175 infections with nine deaths. this 39-year-old dallas area landscaper was bitten a few weeks ago. >> yeah, definitely sicker than i've ever been. >> reporter: late august and september are peak times so grews here will keep spraying hoping to kill a virus that's coming more often and earlier than before. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> ryan, our thanks to us. still much more ahead this "world news" on saturday. a dash cam capturing the moment inside a bus as it flips. survival story coming up. later, the u.s. takes the
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>> reporter: it was a commuter's nightmare. a kansas zee bus swerved to avoid a car, jumped a curve and flipped over. a security camera capturing it all. take a look at that man in the front seat as he braces himself but slips to the floor. his leg nearly dangling out the door as the bus ripped in half. this han dragged two women from the wreckage. >> i couldn't find the driver, though. >> reporter: amazingly, none of the 13 passengers were killed. just the latest in a string of high-profile bus accidents. earlier, the government shut down 26 bulge companies for safety violations. and now the national transportation safety board is sounding the alarm, citing tired driver, unsafe operators and poor oversight. but just how safe are buss? the tour bus industry says accidents like this one are rare. and that bus fatalities are way down this year. >> this year has actually been a
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remarkably safe here in terms of the motorcoach industry. >> reporter: what safety advocates say will make bus riders safer, wearing a seat belt. something thatou c have helped this man in the front row. and that crash is still uer investigation. vid, we followed up, two people still in the hospital. stunning. >> when we come back here on the broadcast, that breathtaking video we showed you here last night, the breathtaking dolphins, you'll hear from the man that captured it by accident. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief fo my th aitis p and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food.
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it was last night here we showed you the break taiking video from under the sea. it's going viral tonight. look at this. a camera hooked up under a fishing boat to get a shot of dolphins. of. the firerman says, mark peters, that it was about making albacore tuna. when he got it home and watched the video, this is what he saw, white dolphins soaring at him. >> it almost looks unreal. a lot of people commented it's not even real. i took it right out of the camera and in the computer. there's no room in there to fake it. so everybody couldn't believe. it was an unbelievable moment. a pretty emotional moment.
6:23 pm
>> peter says he thinks the dolphins were attracted to the camera because he said his camera looks like a squid. the earth is traveling right through a stream of shooting s.d after perseus. the best time, to catch the most action, just before dawn first thing tomorrow morning. let us know what you see. still ahead here on "world news," bringing home the gold. team usa leads the gold medal count at this hour. and we ask, can china even catch up if it tries? whether it's showing competitors' rates or striving to be number one, we're always up for a little competition. zap! [ sparking ]
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and a 30-tablet free trial. and finally tonight, after going back and forth to china in the medal count, team usa takes a commanding lead just as the games come to a close. we ask if it's mathematically possible for anybody to catch up. abc's jeffrey kofman is there with more. with the usa spectacular
6:27 pm
appearances. >> reporter: oh, they make it look so easy. the u.s. 4x400 relay team. not so easy in the men's 400 relay tonight where usain bolt and the jamaicans own the track at 36.84 seconds, they shattered the world record, giving bolt the third gold of these team usa took silver. this is what gold looks like in the pool as american david budia took the top spot and left the chien ooers stunned. top medal gold count has been seesawing back and forth between the usa and china, but today as it passed the 100 mark, the lead over china seems impossible for china to catch up. one secret, vast improvements in sports science, nutrition and science gives the athletes the
6:28 pm
edge, especially in swimming where the u.s. has owned the pool. the other story great britain, an impressive third place in the medal count and with the flaws games this is what people here tell you. >> so far for the games, i'm loving it. >> with 32 golds up for grabs, this was the biggest day for medals in the games. tomorrow, just 15 more left to be won as the xxx medal games come to an end. >> we thank you. that is the broadcast on a saturday night. we're always online at "good morning america" and the latest with orge on the latest with the romney/ryan ticket. i'll see you tomorrow night. good night.
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