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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight, the race is on. the gloves come off. tonight, president obama unleashes his first review of the brand new romney/ryan ticket. >> it's a vision that i fundamentally disagree with. >> from his own battle lines tonight as the new republican duo hits the bat ground states. we learn about the mission impossible. paul ryan's dash in the woods. it worked. and navy ship colliding with an oil tanker. hue did it happen? martha raddatz stands by. and the dust, the blinding dust this evening. tonight, we take you inside the storm. and the dramatic dive. the american who wasn't supposed to make the cut and dove into gold. and the olympic images, it takes 3,000 clicks to capture one
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golden moment. good evening on this sunday night. we begin here as the presidential race takes on a new intensity this evening. the nation introduced to the romney/ryan ticket. this image from wisconsin where supporters are gathering to welcome mitt romney and paul ryan right there in ryan's home state. quu see how the campaign is framing the ticket, america's comeback team there. they have made tops in virginia and north carolina and now we are hearing from the president, taking the stage a short time ago offering his own review of the ticket, welcoming paul ryan to the race. but it was what he said after that that drew cheers from his own supporter. it's your voice, your voice and jon carl on the trail with the romney camp tonight.
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>> reporter: for mitt romney, a running mate at his side and some of his biggest crowds of his campaign -- >> this is day two on our comeback tour to get america strong again. to refill the promise of america. we are going to recapture something that other people thought was lost. >> reporter: in mooresville, north carolina -- packed to capacity inside and several thousand more in an overflow area outside. >> they were able to pass their entire legislative agenda, vishtly. what we got was stimulus. obama care. you know what, north carolina? we can do better than this. >> reporter: down the road in high point, an even bigger crowd. >> our founders made it really explicit. our rights come from nature and god and not from government.
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>> reporter: romney wife, anne, seemed to be caught up in the excitement. talking to the crowd for the first time in over a month. >> we are not going to take it anymore. we are taking the white house back. >> reporter: ryan's wife, janna, came onstage, too, but decided not to take the mike. >> reporter: after wisconsin, the show splits up with a chance to cover twice as much ground. david? >> jon carl, thank you. president obama weighing in on mitt romney ice choice. kind words and fighting words. david kerley tonight with that part of the story. david? >> reporter: good evening, david. the president walked paul ryan to the race. he called him the ideological leader. and he said a man he couldn't disagree completely with.
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i want to congratulate -- no, no, i want to the congratulate congressman ryan. i know him. i welcome him to the race. congressman ryan is a decent man. he is a family man. >> reporter: but mr. obama quickly attacked what he called the top down romney/ryan economic plan stlanchts tried this before. they have tried to sell us the trickle down fairy dust before and guess what? i did not work. >> reporter: in chicago today, the number of fund-raisert 200. qut his first stop was campaign headarters where they plan for the next political landscape. and they called ryan radical, ek treatme extreme. the president already has. >> it is a trojan house. disguised as debt reduction
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plans is really an attempt to impose a radical vision on the country. >> reporter: while the ryan camp has brought excitement and bigger crowds, they say it makes it hardener crucial state, among them, florida and ohio. because talk of changing medicare could anger seniors. >> he is trying to move to the middle and ryan makes it almost impossible to do that. ryan wants a voucher program for medicare. some of the independents -- seniors. >> reporter: the president will spend the next couple dies in iowa. 200 fund-raiser, outpacing anybody else. >> david kerley at the white house tonight. david, thanks to you. want to bring in abc's coky wants. now they have a romney/ryan
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ticket. does it make it izier? >> does it ever? and you know the democrats have been running against the ryan budget for a couple years now. they have made paul ryan into something of a doogie man and used his propose a.m.s as, as they put it n medicare as we know and it congressional races and they feel they have won a couple elections. they are dancing in the streets right now. >> on the flip side, we heard you this morning on "this week" saying paul ryan can address the budget with a smile on his face. that is important paint. >> absolutely. he is a happy warrior and that is why he has conservatives excitemented. is excitement now around the ticket and people are turning tout see them. and conservatives are just singing paul ryan's praises. this is a pick that obvious lip
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has its pluses as well as its minuses. >> reporter: all right, that to you, cokie. and last night, we toelds you about the mission impossible, the aim to keep the v.p. pick a secret. turns out the running mate escaped through the woods. one of our own is staked out in front of ryan's home. it's what we do. he did appear mid afternoon friday, dropped off by an aide. he said his wife wasn't home and he was locked out. he lost his keys. and as it turns out. that moment was all part of the plan. when ryan went around the back to get in, that was the last we would see of him. the aide was driving to the neighborhood and waiting for
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him. he would dash behind his hose and went to a truck that was waiting for him. >> i hughes i grew up in backs up to the house i live in now. soy know the woods like the back of my hand. i just went out my back-door and i went over the gully and i went over the tree in the fort i built and went out next tonight drive way i grew up in. >> in the woods, the house that he grew up in and the truck with his aide inside. he was droimpb an airport and flown to elizabeth city, north carolina and driven norfolk, virginia, and all the while, the team outside his home, the lights on and off, the tv on and off upstairs. the ryans, long gone. >> we learn there was someone in the house after all. it was his sister-in-law. 86 days now until election day. we move on to the other
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headline overseas. a collision between a usa navy ship and an oil tanker. eab's senior national security correspondent on how it happened. >> reporter: it is a major embarrassment nor the navy. a missile destroyer left with a gaping hole. we were on a destroyer and how how difficult the transit can with. the shipping lane itself is about two miles wide. is little room to man nufer. that is the "uss abraham listen con" behind me. but the navy ship was just exiting the strait in the gulf.
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the japanese tanker was verying the strait. ship tract is like car terrific. each vessel is stay in the right. instead, the tanker turned. >> it's inexplicable why a warship world turn into a super tanker. >> reporter: fortunately, there are no injuries but the ship's commander will be relieved of duties. a crucial time when the u.s. is trying to build up missile defenses in the gulf when iran trying to retail yate. david? >> martha, thank you. in egypt, a bold move from the elected pretd. mohamed morsi canceled it a mendmented that were imposed.
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he want -- and in iran, the search for survivors continuing. the quakes struck 11 minute ace part. back in the u.s. tonight, trying to keep a huge wildfire from reaching neighborhoods in fresno, california. fans flamed by hot, dry winds with temperatures near 100. the same hot and dry weather, a giant force behind a dust storm that engolfed phoenix this weekend. tonight, ginger zee takes us inside the storm. >> it's totally dark out. >> reporter: swallowing cities whole. from blue to brown in seconds. >> wow. oh, shoot that is scary. >> reporter: another blinding dust storm rolled through the phoenix area this weekend. >> yeah, i'm surrounded by it. you see blue, blue, blue, bad,
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bad. >> reporter: it's a monstrous swirl of dust. we have seen it from afar. what sit like inside? >> the more i looked at the dust storm and i realize, it's massively huge. >> reporter: trapped inside a huge cloud, breathe canning be difficult. highways come to an absolute halt. the it's moving wall of dust and debris can be miles long. when thunderstorms begin to die out and collapse, rain-cooled air rushes to ground. and that kicks up dust and sends it rolling. may seems like you may have seen more dust storms recently and one of the reasons is extreme heat. phoenix is under heat wantings this week, 110 and above. thuel for the thunderstorms. >> ginger zee, thank you. we have good now about congresswoman gab gee giffords. she is now going home to arizona. she and her husband had been
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living in houston and day a tweet that made us all smile here. our husband tweeting, moving back to tucson today. gabby has been waiting if their day for a long time. we are hering her on here. and in london, the olympic games coming to an end. and not without an gold ge moment for americans. the dramatic drive. look at this, this is a give that took the gold. jeffrey kofman is in london tonight. jeffrey? >> reporter: good evening to you, david, yes, it is over. for team usa, it was 16 incredible days in sunny london that kept raining gold. >> the lob. >> reporter: the men's dream team faced sobers reality in tough match being you this afternoon, they triumphed over spain and and got the god. no one expected david budiah to
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get gold. but look a this, a ten meter plunge close to perfection. not bad for a guy who confesses he has a fear of heights. and the chinaman was expecting to wore gold. with silver, he was shattered. the first american diving gold soins greg luganis. the best medal hold for team usa in a full olympics ever. and what an olympics. web three weeks an i go when the games were approaching and all the talk was about chaos and congestion and a break down of security? what happened? nothing. they are calling these the golden games. >> it's easy to maneuver. there are always people around pointing us this was. i think it was well done.
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>> smashing success. >> reporter: and tonight a huge party to celebrate. the athletes, the host city, the world came together to say to london, well done. and over to you, rio. no four year, brazil will host the first olympics in south america. you can expect something different down there. >> pack your bags. thank you. still ahead, the dramatic moment in las vegas after a chimp breaks free and it's not the first time the chimp has pulled it off. and the perfect perfect olympic moments. photographers wearing scuba fear and standing on porto potties to catch them. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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you have heard the saying what happens in vegas stays in vegas. tonight, the biggest challenge is getting a chimp to stay. it's not the first time she got it. >> another chimpanzee escape in las vegas. >> reporter: for the second time in nearly a month c.j. escaped through a backyard enclosure. the last time c.j. and her mate, buddy, broke out of their enclosure and even were banging on a police car. >> theyre dangerous. bring shotguns.
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i'm series. >> after buddy headed to a group of children, he was shot on the street. c.j. was brought to the cage. after this escape, c.j. was able to be brought back. the owner says she has no idea how she was able to escape. the bar wrs bent. >> we have gotten calls that people want to let c.j. out to pass a law in las vegas. and i just hope that no one tampered with the cage. >> reporter: it would make a tough for owners to own exotic animals in. 2009 a pet chimp attacked a woman at a home in connecticut. >> send the police. with a gun, with a gun! he ripped her face off. >> reporter: and earlier this summer, dan oberly was mauled when he got too close to the
6:20 pm
habitat. >> it was horror riffic. >> reporter: the chimp is being hold in a cage meant for a lion or tig interthe owner is hoping to get her back to send her to a sanctuary in oregon. >> thank you. it looks like michael phelps is still there in london. but he is on the beach partying already, when we come back. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! symbicort is for copd including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. with copd, i thought i'd miss our family tradition.
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relax... air optix® night & day aqua contact lenses are approved for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear, so it's okay to sleep in them. visit for a free 1-month trial. and finally tonight, as the olympics come to a close, the images that will help us remember listen don. they were shot by some of the most intrep pid photographerers around the world. what are the tricks? everything from scuba gear to standing on porta potties to catch the shots. >> reporter: we remember the olympics for the athleticism, the joy and the heart br rememb
6:27 pm
help. he was the photographer who captured each of those moments. what makes a great photograph? >> just a great stage and hope you press the button at the right time. >> reporter: you did nos not luck. each shot takes thousands of click, an army of photographers and greg captured the famous photo. gabby flies to gold. >> i thought i had cropped her off at the top. she launched higher than i was expecting. >> reporter: from there are tricks of the strad that take us through the moments. the under water cameras, by photographers in cuba gear. this one took over three days to perfe perfect. that was taken oi jimmy wixtrom.
6:28 pm
>> you are almost liking up. i want to have the tire here. and the finish here. >> later, usain bolt took the camera and turned it on the ka raman. that is him there. he is a good photographer? >> well, he is good but he has more to prove. >> reporter: he proved his weight in gold thanks to that shot that will live forever. >> incredible photographs and incredible american athletes ready co-come home. "good morning america" tomorrow morning. diane sawyer here tomorrow night. from all of us at abc news, thanks for watching. good night.
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