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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight, a plane halted overage american city amid new worries about the west nile virus, why was it suddenly stopped as the number of deaths and states mount. the big picture, medicare and mom, mitt romney's running mate brings out his running mate, his 78-year-old mom. and the unexpected message overhead. the great rescue and now the great debate. the dog left by its owner, the climbers who found her nine days later, carrying her down on their back. the dog's owner tonight pleading to get that dog back. and in hot water the brouhaha over the bathtub. did michael phelps break the rules and what's this talk some of his gold medals could be stripped?
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good evening. on this saturday night, and we do begin with the growing concerns over the west nile virus across so many states now and we learned late today that the spraying in dallas has now been halted tonight because of the weather and just as we learned of this new delay we're getting a clear picture how concerned the federal authorities. centers for disease control con terming 17 defendants and 693 confirmed cases. i want to show you how wide spread this is. the west nile virus is now coast to coast. we'll light up the map in red. 43 states in all reporting the cases of the virus, as i mentioned more states growing at this hour and ground zero in dallas where ten people have died tonight. bad weather again forcing authorities to sus friend the spraying. we begin tonight with meteorologist jipger zee. >> reporter: breaking in,
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spraying down. tonight our nation is in assault mode. the mission -- eliminate mosquitoes that could carry the west nile virus. in carollton, texas, they are busting into unattended pools and cleaning them out. that way, mosquitoes can't breed in stagnant water. in new mexico, north carolina and illinois, it's a spray that they hope will protect. >> went to bed that night, and the net morning, i woke up and i was blind. >> reporter: that's hal dalton, oklahoma's first confirmed juman case this year, he is one of the facial's almost 700 infected with the virus. with at least 26 people dead, this is the worst outbreak in the west nile virus this early in the season, ever. ground zero this year, dallas, texas -- >> there's no question that there's something different going on in texas this year. we would not call this a major epidemic. >> reporter: so, no need to panic says columbia university's west nile expert, dr. ian lipkin, but no time for complacency either.
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>> this is enough for moss keet toes to develop? it doesn't take much standing water -- even with a volume like this is sufficient -- to allow mosquitoes to breed. >> reporter: in dallas, the aerial attack with pesticides was again grounded today because of rain and thunderstorms. interestingly enough, this year's drought could be playing a factor in the increase of west nile virus cases. >> now, one of the things that happens in drought years is that people tend to collect water 'cause they want to be able to have birdbaths and they want to make sure they can water their lawns and such. so, when this occurs, you have perfec mosquitoes. >> reporter: in frisco, texas, ginger you were telling me tomorrows start to dry out tomorrow? >> yes, and monday and tuesday will be much better sprague days in dallas. >> dusk and dawn is when the critters come out. remember that's the time to avoid coming outdoors. >> see you first thing on "gma." west nile concern force tonight. we turn to another health threat we reported on the salmonella outbreak.
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two people he died and 141 others have fallen ill. authorities seem to know right where this began. >> reporter: tonight authorities zoning in on a farm as like leg source of salmonella. the unnamed farm has withdrawn its product and will not ship cantaloupes for the rest of the season. the cdc is warning consumers to discard any cantaloupe from indiana. walmart announcing it will voluntarily pull all cantaloupes from store shelves. already 2 people have died. 140 more are sick. the outbreak began in july and spread to 20 states with cases popping up from coast to coast. over one third of them from kentucky alone. this comes after almost a year, cantaloupe tainted with listeria killed 11 people in 30 states. bill marler represents many
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victims. >> it's a big outbreak but more importantly an outbreak that really shouldn't happen. >> reporter: and cdc said washing the fruit isn't enough. their advice, look at the label, if it doesn't say grown in southwestern indiana. it's still safe to eat. when in doubt, throw it out. david. now to the race for president. it's "your voice your vote" election day 80 days away. believe it or not the campaigns known this. and new image, mitt romney's running mate showing up with a sort of running mate of his own. it was all about medicare and paul ryan's mom. how do you defend your stand on medicare? >> bring out your mom. >> say hi to my mom, betty. >> reporter: in front of 3,000 florida retiree, paul ryan hugged his 78-year-old mother, a medicare recipient and repeated the campaign charge that the president has taken $700 million from medicare to pay for health
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care reform. >> we'll end the raid of medicare. we'll restore the promise of this program and we will make sure that this board of bureaucrats will not mess with my mom's health care or your mom's health care. >> reporter: trying to comfort those already on medicare, romney and ryan says their program to change the health system into a voucher program won't touch anyone under over the age of 55. but overhead a message, paul ryan keep your hands off medicare. >> here's the bottom line. my money cracked down on fraud and waste. their plan makes seniors pay more to give tax cut to million airs and billionaires. >> reporter: and the obama campaign is ratcheting up the rhetoric to another group. women with a new attack athd. >> romney and ryan backed up voting against abortion even in
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caseses of incest or rape. >> reporter: romney, was fund raising, several stops in his home state of massachusetts. david. david kerley in washington. i want to bring in the chief correspondent, jake tapper. jake, you heard the president today in new hampshire taking, not only at medicare but paul ryan's tax plan. we want to fax check what you heard from the president today. >> his new running mate congressman ryan -- he put forward -- he put forward a plan that would let governor romney pay less than 1% in taxes each year. >> less than 1% is this fact or fiction, jake? >> it's true but with an important caveat. 2010 congressman ryan did put forward a plan that would eliminate capital gains taxes which bring governor romney's tax rates to less than 1%. but governor romney does not support eliminating capital gains taxes for people who make more than $200,000 a year. yes, it's true the ryan plan
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would do that. but romney, does not support that. >> which is why the president is going after paul ryan's plan instead. while we have you the white house press core watching what we watched. the president doing interviews with "people" magazine, with "entertainment tonight." you seat picture with nancy o'dell. is he planning to take pick question from all of you who cover him every day. wheat the strategy? >> the strategy is enjoy tough questions. the last time barack obama did is when he said the private sector is doing fine. they often go off message. mitt romney took several questions from the press this week and did not have the kind of press week that he wanted to have. no word on president obama meeting with the likes of me. and i would not be surprised if mitt romney started scheduling fewer appearances, and availabilities with the likes of you, because they get knocked off message. of course we'll ekeep trying.
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but as i mentioned a moment ago, jake is in for george first thing on "this week" steen yore strategists pairing off tomorrow morning. and we move to afghanistan where there's new orders at all u.s. forces. troops at every base must carry loaded weapons after all times. as the so-called insider attacks mount nine american troops, killed in ten days. working her sources, martha raddatz. >> reporter: there are nine of them mostly marines, ethan martin. sky moat. ryan jess ski on his sixth deployment. jesky was on the hbo series generation kill. and lance corporate greg buckley just 20 years old. all dead at the hands of afghan security forces who were supposed to be trusted partners.
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but buckley told his grieving father just days before he was killed, that he feared afghan soldiers. >> he called me on the phone, he said dad'm not feeling good. he said somebody's going to hurt me, but don't tell mom. don't tell my brothers. >> reporter: the number of attacks, deaths by afghan forces already this year, exceeds the total for last year. earlier this year, after a spade of attacks by afghan forces, we were with general john allen as he counseled his young marines. >> this is the time for professionalism, this is the time for trust and confidence and this is not the time for resjeng. >> reporter: and marines were quick to tell us that there were trusted afghan partners.
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>> they told us to lay low and looking out for us, so they're actually focused on our safety as much as we are theirs. >> reporter: so, trust is still there? >> yes. >> reporter: but the attacks have only gotten worse, shaking the trust of not only the soldiers, but the families back home. one soldier in an e-mail saying that the soldier's spouses now fear death by the hands of afghan soldiers more than regular combat. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> reporter: missy the german fwl the evening, they seemed like lone wolves, but do the sources think this is coordinated now? >> the head of the taliban thinks they've coordinated the attacks. all this comes when the u.s. is trying to transition to afghan forces, of course, this creates huge problems with trust going forward. >> martha raddatz in the washington bureau. thank you. now to the economy. if you have a 401 k. if you noticed the dow finished sixth straight week of gains at 67 points at just above 13,000 for the week. tonight a closer look at the
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enormous challenge facing facebook. after going public, the stock hit the lowest by week's end. if you're mark zuckerberg how do you convince your team that facebook will pay off? >> reporter: mark zuckerberg isn't making many new friends these days. in the 3 months since his company's disastrous ipo, the 23 year old mogul has lost millions of shareholder friends along with some 9 billion dollars in personal wealth. and for the first time the notoriously shy zuckerberg is speaking out about it. addressing employees behind closed doors earlier this month, he reportedly warned that the plummeting stock price could be painful. >> he's made an about face here. he's come up in front of the whole company and he said we know this is painful for you. and you can talk about this. and we want you to have faith. >> reporter: his comments came just days before the first wave of bans prohibiting shareholders from selling stock was lifted late this week. as it turns out, zuckerberg was right to sense trouble,
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investors ran for the hills, sending the stock to it's lowest price yet, half of it's debut value. $38 to $19.02. and it's not just facebook getting the cold shoulder from investors. shares of zynga and groupon, two other newly public companies one considered hot investments have plummeted. the trend could delay the expected ipo's of other tech darlings like twitter. still experts say that headlines like this one asking if zuckerberg is in over his hoodie are premature, and as long as he has the support of his most important friends, his nearly 4000 employees, he'll be just fine. >> you never really know how much people actually believe in it, though. versus how much they're saying they believe in it. >> bianna joins us at the desk. you tell me the real vote of confidence comes when, this fall? >> that's when employees will be able to sell their shares. 1.2 million shares.
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you won't see mark suck zuckerberg do that. but you could see employees do that. >> watching for that. meanwhile you saw the numbers on the dow. 9.7% up jins r since june. what is going on? >> quite impressive. we've had better than expected retail sales. consumers are hanging in there. one thing that could throw that off. rising gas prices, david. >> those gas prices we're watching. thanks to you. we'll be watching the markets next week. tonight all eyes set on the mars rover. a special device mounted in the rover's mast will fire a laser into the rock and analyze the vapor to see what it's made of it. the rock is about 3 inchesed the. that's it right there. sits about 10 feet away. that's the before picture, tonight here -- tomorrow night hopefully we'll have the after. still ahead on "world news," the growing outrage on the mystery insidehis patrol car. the police say a suspect shot himself but while inside, his
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>> the release of dash cam video is the latest extraordinary effort by jonesboro, arkansas, police who tried to prove they had nothing to do with the death of tavis carter. this is his arrest for alleged drug possession and outstanding warrant for a drug charge. a 21-year-old was searched twice. police say he was put in handcuffs off camera and stuffed in the back of a camera for questioning. but the video skips a moment when police say he somehow managed to pull a gun from his pocket and shoot himself in the head. >> i patted him back. i don't know where he had it hitten. >> reporter: carter's mother and his supporters don't believe a word and have been pro testifying for weeks. >> how does that make you sneel. >> reporter: they're calling for
6:19 pm
firings and investigation and police chief's resignation. >> we are not going accept this lie that the city council, mayor, police chief, police department are trying put out. >> reporter: jonesboro police continued to press their case. even recreating the scene with this video showing how suicide is possible even in handcuffs. they are also swearing interviews with eye witnesses who swear the police did nothing wrong. >> they were standing on the outside of the car. i don't think your officer shot him. >> reporter: but none of this calmed the fire. steve osunsami, atlanta. when we come back, the bathtub photo of michael phelps, could it land him in hot water tonight?
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the bar pierced the back of his head and emerging between his eyes. the doctors say he was aweek. after a five-hour surgery the doctors expect a full recover richt. new headlines asking if michael phelps is in hot water after this photograph of him in a bathtub. the photos got out before the olympics got out. you can't show any photos before the sponsors. michael did not authorize the early use. adding an athlete can't control unauthorized uses more than you can guarantee somebody breaks into our home. professional basketball and tennis players can participate in olympics. olympic trouble? please. he's a champ and deserves the exposure. >> also his agent saying the company did not leak the photos either. >> when we come back, a dog
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if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that's not complicated. no. come on. how about... a handshake. alright. priority mail flat rate boxes. starting at just $5.15. only from the postal service. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. finally, tonight, the story behind that image, the dog named
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missy on the colorado mountain after leeing left alone. left up there for nine days. now the debate should the owner get the dog back? >> >> reporter: missy the german shepherd is on the road to recovery. it's her owner who's now feeling the bite. anthony ortolani faces a criminal charge of cruelty to animals after abandoning missy near the 14,000 foot summit of colorado's mount bierstadt. the 29-year-old says he had no choice. sharp rocks had severely injured missy's paws. she was too hurt to walk, too heavy to carry. on top of that he called 911 and was told an animal rescue was too risk he. >> he made absolutely no effort to save her after that, he threw her away. he left her to die. >> reporter: hikers scott an amanda washburn found missy almost a week later. >> she was just laying there, she was barely moving at all. >> reporter: they went online organizing a volunteer rescue team. >> we just started getting tons and tons of phone calls. >> reporter: nine days after missy was left for dead a group of total strangers hoisted the 100 pound animal into a backpack for the hike down.
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>> a happy ending but tonight there is new outrage among many dog owners because ortolani now says he wants to get missy back. online he posted this. i humbly beg the forgiveness of my community and most of all my missy girl. ortolani posted. it may be months before ortolani learns if he can keep his dog. as for missy, she's now resting at a vet clinic and nicknamed lucky. kwlaten sand sand la la lal. that's the broadcast tonight. "good morning america" and jake on "this week in the morning. good night.
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