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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 20, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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fuel. ricky evans, glenn keller and kenneth reed were arrested over the weekend. a 55-year-old navy vote ran is beaten to death inside a cecil county grocery store. the attack on jim pierce was a random act of violence. troy kelly approached pierce from behind and started beating him. detectives say he was unconscious by the fifth blow but kelly hit him another 18 times. a california farm is recalling 2,000 cases of romaine lettuce due to e. coli. it was sold in stores in multiple states, including here in maryland and it has a sell by date of august 19th.
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so far no illnesses have been reported. are you ready to take your s.a.t. this november? well your ballot will look a lot like one. today the state board of elections is giving a first look at how the questions could look on our ballot, abc2's don harrison has more. >> reporter: the seven questions has referendum on the expansion of gambling. anyone can challenge them. if the courts think it's necessary, three change the language themselves or suggest that the secretary of state reword them. >> the way it's worded really confuses people. >> reporter: he heads up the delegation and he thinks the wording is fine. >> other referendums in the past, people had to read it
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three or four times and still didn't know whether they voted correctly. one of the issues is expanding gambling in maryland. others include same-sex marriage and whether illegal immigrants can pay instate tuition to attend college. these two voters think it's clear-cut. they even have suggestions. >> i read it before hand. then i mark what i want. >> they often have the sample ballots on the side. >> reporter: it's not certain what the exact verbiage will be, but what is certain, the questions must be completed by september 11th so they can be printed on the ballot. in annapolis, don harrison, abc2 news. >> so you may be thinking that
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seven ballot questions are a lot, and you're right. well, good news. light street was scheduled to open but it opened ahead of schedule. repairs and renewal work that buckled in july are complete. repairs spanned from light street to baltimore and lombard. the new pipes reduced the chance of future water main breaks. that is great news. back over to maryland's most powerful radar, a little after 5:30. starting to see lightning from the cells working through the western communities, west minister, manchester, there's a cell that just popped up. let's switch it over to storm track mode. this is just outside of manchester right along bachmann's valley road. ham sted, you're next in line to
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see this. a good downpour maybe a small hail. taneytown you saw this moving through, heavy rain along with ton nip town pike. we'll pull this back and show you future scan. here is the line. at least this is what maryland sees it doing. by 7:30 still north and west of the city limits. i think this crosses in after 8:00. the tail end of the commute will feature scattered showers and a rumble of two. manchester starting to see the cell coming in. you can see it thickening to the west. notice the temperatures, 77 in town. 77 easton. it is cooler in hagerstown at 64. our hour by hour breakdown, 66 by bedtime, waking up to fog at 8:00. talk more about the forecast and take you back to maryland's most powerful and show you the tropics which have explode. it's safe to say she made us
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laugh for decades and left behind a huge body of work. we have a look at the life of phillies diller dead at the age of 95. >> reporter: she knew how to laugh. >> i was the world's ugliest baby. >> reporter: with her wild hair, crosser done costumes, she was the queen of standup comedy. >> sometimes when i fall in bed at night, i'm quite beautiful. i drink a little. >> reporter: even as a child growing new ohio she was the class clown. it want until she was married, 38 and mother that she became a female comedian. she soon became a regular. that led to an appearance on the
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tonight show. >> i love to go to the doctor. where else would a man say take off your clothes. >> reporter: she had a fixary husband. >> i have to keep it simple. >> reporter: bob hope recognized her talent and diller became his partner. >> are you sure you're a marriage counselor? >> sure. don't i have a sim threat tick face? >> you have my sympathy. >> reporter: they costarred in a series of movies. >> i hope its blood -- it's blood. >> if your wife sees it, it will be. >> we were bosom buddies. she had a dozen cosmetic surgeries, which became a part
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of her row teen. when i die, she joked, god won't know be. >> they come, they eat, they leave. it's not a lot but it's hour life. >> her life was filled with laughter that unmistakable cakele. reporting for abc2 news, hollywood. >> she was hilarious. coming up, an accident at the state fair sent five people to the hospital. how it turned a fun day at the fair into a very dangerous situation. a suspected drunk driver led police in utah on a high speed chase. what it took to finally arrest the driver.
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they thought it would be a fun day at the fair but five people were injured. a car went through the infield fence hitting spectators. witnesses in the crowd were really shaken up. >> i seen the car coming. another friend of mine said you
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better duck. here comes a car receipt through the guardrail, so we hit the ground. i've never seen anything like that. >> three ambulances and a helicopter were called in top traps port the injured to local hospitals. three people had serious injuries. two others had minors. the missouri highway patrol is investigating what went wrong. a driver in utah took police on a real wild ride. this is dash cam video from a police chase. officers said the cared to speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. the driver was drunk. he had his wife and four kids in the car. the chase ended and no one was gurred. the suspect is facing a number of charges including driving under the influence and eluding police. coming up it is the third time in a year she has tried to pull off this feat. whether the third time was a
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charm for her quest to swim to cuba from the florida keys. and mitt romney and paul ryan are fielding comment -- questions about a comment by a candidate. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet
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she may not have competed in london but diana nyad is a world class athlete trying to do the seemingly impossible at an age where most people are kicking back trying to enjoy retirement. we have more on her record-setting journey by swimming from cuba to the florida keys. >> cuba to the keys. the intrepid swimmer is back on
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track and she's doing well. for the third time in a year, 62-year-old diana nyad dove into the waters off cuba, saturday hoping to swim all the way to florida. >> i think the team is 100% prepared. >> reporter: it would be a grueling record-breaking 103 miles at a pace of 50 strokes a minute, that's a 60-hour gurney. the challenges include muscle a teak, powerful current, sharks and the relentless threat of jellyfish and the excruciating stings. her operations chief -- >> she stops to feed every hour and a half and every 45 minutes she will hit a quick hydration, but these are not long stops. >> reporter: it is mission she has tried over three decades. last september she made it 82
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miles, swimming more than 4 hours -- 48 hours. today, even though she had a more protective suit sheaf had four -- she had four encounters with jellyfish. she's still singing and prepared, she insists to swim through any challenges. >> there's a reason some may have never done it. i may suffer. i'm prepared it do that. >> reporter: if she swims to key west, she will get there before her 63rd better day -- birthday on wednesday. katie's show is set to hair in 21 days -- air in 21 days. she wants to know what yolo is,
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you only live once. >> i just found out what the acronym yolo means, it's you only live once. i have lots of ones. one is to star in a broadway musical. got to dance. oh, god, that was awful. but, i want to know what's your yolo. >> all right. we want to know. what's your yolo. join the conversation on facebook at and make shower you catch katie starting september 10th at 4:00. you don't want to miss this. >> all right. here's what's going on. maryland's most powerful radar still tracking bands of showers. so we are dry in the city limits. let's go over to the street
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level. you got a good shower and storm moving into your vicinity. this is going to cross into falls road over the next 20 minutes or so, a very slow moving line but a little embedded thunderstorm within the band. we have more showers starting to move into sykesville, along sykesville road and ellicott city, showing a band of showers. any storm that is develops could produce small hail. there's cold air working alost. it could allow for hail to come down. here's the line. it will be moving into the city limits. a scattered shower, maybe a rumble or two of thunder. here's what's going on outside as the doors in the inner harbor, a temperature around 77 degrees, humidity at 62% with that southeasterly wind at just about 7. 70s across the board for many
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communities. 73 where they're seeing rain in frederick and a rain cooled 60 degrees. take a look at your temperatures, 71 to 66. could wake up to a little fog but it's a blend of sunshine and clouds. the temperature of around 65. still have this front offshore. here's a trough moving through the atmosphere. there's another one set up back over chicagoland. there's a chance as we go into tomorrow as well as but we'll kick everything well to the north. by later this week high pressure will build in and bring in sunshine and milder temperatures back into our 80 to near 90 degrees. take a look at the tropics. we have three systems that we're watching. the first storm that will get named is isaac but the storm we're keeping an eye on of particular interest is toward the east of the windward islands. we could be talking about a storm nearing florida by the
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weekend. 64 for the weekend. sun and clouds tomorrow. two-degree guarantee. 85 for thursday. much warmer by thursday and friday we're nearing 90 degrees. it turns thicker by saturday and sunday, temperatures into the upper 80s. kelly. now to democracy 2012 news tonight. mitt romney and paul ryan held a joint wham pain event in new hampshire today but in was actually a comment made by a republican continent for senate that's in the headlines. tory dunnan joins us from washington. this comment, first of all, shocked a lot of people and it revealed the key difference between romney and ryan on the issue of abortion. >> reporter: today mitt romney and paul ryan had hoped to focus on the issue of medicare. instead, the focus is on abortion. it started sunday when republican senate candidated to akin from missouri was asked about his position on abortion.
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>> from what i understand from doctors, if it's a legitimate rape, the female has ways to try to shut that down. >> reporter: he later said he misspoke when used the term "legitimate rape," but it quickly found its way into the presidential race. the romney campaign released a statement saying governor romney and congressman ryan disagree with akin's statement. in a romney administration the the -- they would not support abortion n-except in the case of rape. romney expressed disappointment with the candidate's comment. >> his comments were deeply offensive. i can't defend what he said. i can't defend him. >> reporter: and, kelly, mitt romney gave a nonanswer about whether he thinks akin should
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drop out. he said he should do whatever he deeply believes. >> all right. congressman askin on an island -- akin on an island. >> more than 50 kids were treated to lunch at the white house. this was the first ever children's state dinner -- actually lunch. it was a contest to create an original nutritious recipe. the president even stopped by. the white house said this is the first time ever all the guests of honor were under the age of 13. >> great. all right. i'm jamie costello coming up at 6:00 a trip to the grocery store, we do this once a week but for an elkton man this was the last trip he would make. how police tracked down the man who killed him. and where gino's is planning to open a new restaurant and what makes it special.
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here's a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. bears prepare for hibernation this time of the year but now they're hunting for human food. find out why. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points
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stocks slipped slightly. the dow jones down 3 1/2. the nasdaq down a little over a third and the nays nays 1 -- nasdaq composite 103. news on whether the housing number is bouncing back. the national association of realtors will release two
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reports for the month of july. on wednesday sales for previously owned homes will be released. on thursday we'll hear about the number of new homes sold. they expect the numbers to be better. if you have an iphone or planning to upgrade, the time to trade in is now. the value will drop as everyone decides to trade for the new iphone 5. apple hasn't release lad date yet for the iphone 5 but the rumor is september 10th. money magazine has high praise for one of our local living space. it ranks the columbia ellicott city as one of the best places to live. the area comes in at number eight on the list according to the magazine, columbia and
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ellicott city offers the best of both worlds. columbia is a laid out community with tons of big box stores. the towns topping the list of best places to live, carmel, indiana. all right, coming up university of maryland students want to kick chick-fil-a out. how they're trying to get it out of their student union, plus mike's update on the forecast. a saturday night run to the grocery store, you're supposed to make it back alive. why this man did not. >> ritchie highway is returning to its glen burnie glory days. gino's is bringing the memories back. we begin with a loss of life. he served two tours in the navy,


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