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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 22, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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injured in an early morning accident. the driver was traveling on bowleys quarters road when he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into two utility poles. al le andre santiago wine and ryan boothe died. >> texas alone is reporting more than 20 deaths from the virus. the cdc said since spraying began last woke fewer mosquitoes have been found in traps. the cdc recommends getting rid of standing wart and using insect repellent while you're outdoors. it's been a beautiful august
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day, temperatures warming up. 87 in the inner harbor. temperatures around the state low 80s. a few 70s dotting the map. all eyes on tropical storm isaac. now isaac beginning to make its path over the antilles islands, st. lucia, points south, north america. the storm is getting a little bit of a hearing apart. we'll see if it organizes tas crosses -- as it crosses into the caribbean sea. into the 60s, cooler by the morning commute. we're back into the 80s. how will things change. we got details coming up. it's too early to tell what the weather will be like but one thing experts are starting to predict, traffic -- lots of it. even with the rising gas prices
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and sluggish economy, more americans are ready to go. karin caifa has the details. >> reporter: the last major holiday of the summer is expected to be a busy one. 33million americans will enjoy a labor day weekend getaway at left 50-miles from home, an increase of 2.9% over last year. $749 on average will be spent. the average trip will be about 626 miles. half of travelers will stay a little closer home, between 100 and 400 miles round trip. 3million will travel by rails, bus or crouse ship -- cruise ship. the overwhelming majority will go by cars, 22.8 million. gasoline is still lower than an
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april peak of $3.94 but higher when aaa did the forecasting last year. most will stay with families or friends. others will cut their trip a little shorter or take a less expensive mode of transportation. our kids are online. there's no way around that. katie couric talks about how to keep our kids online safely specifically talking about the growing problem we hear so much about identity theft. katie was here a couple weeks ago. we got a chance to talk to her. her show debuts september 10th. we know plenty of people want to see it. the folks at katie are running a contest. you can see it live on september 10. like the katie show facebook
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page at show then tell them you are katie's biggest fan. one person will win a trip for two to attend the premiere. you can get there by heading to our special section, remember that videotape of the school monitor being bullied on the school bus? she's raising some of the money -- using some of the money raised to start a foundation. the video went viral. klein received more than $700,000 in donations and she's using $100,000 to establish the karen klein antibullying foundation. well, we've been banging the drums for a couple of weeks.
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we're teaming up with the preston mitchum foundation and the celebree learning center. we're collecting school supplies through friday. that's the deadline. here's a list of some of the things we're looking for -- the backpacks, pencils, pens, packs of wide ruled paper, composition notebooks. supplies will be dropped off at any of the 20 celebree learning centers. you can get a complete list on our website supplies. a driver mows down a pedestrian in a parking lot and takes off. a turtle got stuck in a tree after being taped to balloons. police were able to make a reptile rescue coming up. the car on the left was filled up with
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shocking video out of arizona where a man walking through an elementary school parking lot with his brother was hit by a speeding truck. the truck didn't stop. it's hard to imagine anyone would survive but he walked away with just a broken right hand
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and bruised ribs. he said the teen girls were throwing water balloons at them. as he crossed, he said the truck accelerated and drove right at them eye remember thinking through my head this is it. i'm going to be thrown off this truck and i'm done. >> police are looking for the teenage girls. they could face charges of aggravated assault. people are facing charges of animal abuse after they duck taped a turtle to balloons. it came from the animated movie "up." the humane society is looking into who's responsible. if are a an internet addict trying to decide where to book
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your next vacation, israel might be the place for you. they want tourists to use their smartphones or tablets as they go for a ride. the park officer's biblical experience but only an updated experience. crop can take a donkey ride through the old testament landscape while posting pictures on facebook. visitors say it's a nice way to get away. do you make good use of everything you buy at the grocery store. some shocking stats on the amount of food americans waste. for days politicians have been focusing on senate hopeful todd akin's comment. how republicans are trying to steer the rhetoric in a different direction.
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tonight howard county is looking for ways to prevent people from hanging out on the tracks in ellicott city. county executive ulman said it was a tragedy. ulman hopes that people will not forgot ellicott city business as they try to suffer through the accident. cleanup is estimated to take 48 hours. the ntsb said the investigation will be slow going because of the environment and the fact that ellicott city is a historic town. how good are you at eating your leftovers? a study shows a lot of us are not good at all and that we waste a lot of food. >> reporter: a new report finds
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americans are throwing out nearly every other bite of food. >> i'm shocked. >> i see people order a meal and pick tat. >> reporter: according to a study, we end up wasting 40% of the nation's food supply every year. that includes $165 billion of produce and meat. >> no matter how sustainably we're growing it, if we're not eating it,'s a terrible use of resources. >> reporter: the waste is especially alarming during a time of record drought, high food prices, expected to get higher and families unable to afford food. food gets wasted in several hours. >> agriculture that's buying a lot of food that's subsidizing tonight. industry that's making food. consumers are buying food.
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there's no one group saying here's the amount we should have. >> reporter: most waste takes place in homes. >> we can start in our own refrigerators by using up what's in there. in supermarket i'd love to see adjusted promotion. in the united kingdom they're experimenting with promotions like buy one, get one later. >> reporter: t.j. winick, abc news, new york. all right. start off with is that beautiful vow on the inner harbor. it is fantastic. 83 degrees. humidity at 46%. dew point at 60. so basically a little muggy but this is not the oppressive humidity we saw a week ago.
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things are changing. starting to feel a little bit different. though it did warm up nicely this afternoon. show you some of the weather. in annapolis we had a partly cloudy sky, nice day for sailing on the severn river, just a light breeze. our fantastic view from the u.s. naval academy in hd. manchester, nothing more than a few clouds today and beach side, a good day for the activities and down at the beach. a few showers, even a couple thunderstorms near harrisburg, pennsylvania. low 80s now headed to the 70s tonight with the humidity. it feels warmer. that heat plus humidity getting close to 90 in spots but an east breeze. the weather has been relatively quiet over the mid-atlanta eke.
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nothing more than a hit or miss shower. the more active weather has been to the south and east. this will be a developing system off the next couple of days. so it's a coastal system. high pressure keeping us dry but this system staying just offshore spinning a few clouds in our direction, but, most of the warm dry weather will continue across the mid-atlantic. tropical storm isaac looking like a powerful well organized system spline terring a bit over the past 24 hours. you sew the core getting into two separate areas of convection on each side of the antilles. as we look at track, we think developing into a category one hurricane and shearing apart hispaniola. as it gets back into the florida
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straits we think isaac could develop into a category one. the track is a wide swath. could be offshore of florida. could be in the gust the center of the track brengs it southwestern florida. tonight 63, trending cooler with patchy fog possible. tomorrow 87. here's your 70s -- seven-day forecast. some sun. looks like we'll hold that pattern through early next week. now to democracy 2012, for the past few days the political focus was on congressman todd akin's comments on abortion and what he calls legitimate rape. now there's another distraction. tory dunnan has more. what are we talking about tonight? >> reporter: we're talking about this tropical storm that's brewing in the atlantic.
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yes it's early and a lot could change. an extra 50,000 people are headed to tampa this work and next for the republican national convention, so imagine that potential night mayor. tropical storm isaac is making its way toward the southeast coast of the u.s. some projected models have the host city in its path. >> i don't think this will be a factor in this particular convention but we are prepared in the event it is. >> reporter: four years ago hurricane gust taf hit the area and minnesota scaled back the first tight of events. contingency plans are in place. >> what a welcome. thank you oar meanwhile, the convention's main attraction, mitt romney took his message to iowa, a state that went to
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president obama four years ago. >> the president promised he would cut the deficit in half. it didn't happen, dit it? >> reporter: the president wraps up his two day swing through iowa. >> i have a question for governor romney. how many teacher's jobs are worth another tax cut for millionaires and billionaires. >> thanks for that report. well, the two most infamous party crashers of all time no longer husband and wife tonight. they have finalized their divorce. they showed up -- remember them -- at the white house state dinner. then they became fame movements the couple's relationship hit
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the rocks when she began to see journey's guitarist. we'll be right back.
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stocks climbed back from lows. the -- s&p 500 down. the nasdaq up almost 6 1/2. the s&p 500 close to a third. t-mobile will preg back its unlimited data plan, this time
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with 4g coverage. customers can't tether their smartphones to their computers or use it as a mobile hot spot. the new plan will cost between $69 and $90 a month. privacy groups are angry at british airways targeting vip and business travelers. the airline is searching google images as part of their know me program. it allows staff to offer a more personalized and friendly service program. it gathers seating location, previous flights. privacy groups say it's an unnecessary intrusion. if you thought you couldn't be more cramped on an airplane,
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you're wrong. airlines are turning to slimmer seats so they chan pack more people on the plane. >> they're getting more come tact, more people on. make us feel like a cattle car. >> going to los angeles and gets cramped. >> slimmer seats mean airlines can add an additional row in economy class. the average is between 30 and 32-inches. southwest plans to shrink theirs by an inch. well, country cup, we are -- coming up we are working on putting an and to those political phone calls. the investigation into a fatal


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