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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 29, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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gaga visit. we'll see you how daniel's classmates are making this a priority. abc2's roosevelt leftwich has more on the search for sherman walden. >> reporter: if has been a long day for walden's family. no one wants to think he could be gone. searchers are looking for sherman walden. walden grew up on the water and wa always out fishing on the bai. yesterday was no exception. the natural resource police said the two women went into the wart for a swim. they started drifting away and got into trouble. walden went in to safe them --
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save them. walden disappeared. >> he's the type of person, no matter hell or high water would be there. at left he saved the two girls. >> reporter: the family has been shaken by the news. the extended family has spent the day watching and waiting for news from the authorities. >> you see it all over the news. you never think you're the one to get the phone call. >> reporter: at this time the search for walden is still going on in the creek. >> we had a fire in harford county, killed a dozen cats on monday night but authorities are still trying to determine why dozens of animals were found in refrigerators on the property. they encountered a viral pet cemetery along with fox, raccoons as well as domesticated
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animals. neighbors said they had called animal control but those incidents seem tame compared to what was inside. >> we had times where some of the animals would get ill and she would get the animal and take it back inside. >> the humane society of harford county is monitoring the animals and holding them until this can be determined to have rabies. the discovery has raised a lot of questions on whether hoarding had placed the animals lives in jeopardy. >> isaac is making its way through new orleans, dumping buckets of rain. this is what it looked like. unbelievable rain and wind gusting up to 80 miles an hour. let's check in with chief
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meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> for now isaac is anything but history. yes, it's been downgraded but a powerful tropical storm, right at the edge of category one strength. incredible rains a foot of rain, over a foot of rain. some spots could be isolated and a large system. look at the reach, still bringing the rain to florida, georgia, central alabama, mississippi, all being impact the across the area from a very large tropical storm in isaac. the rest of the night here around maryland, clear and cool would be the theme. gorgeous weather overnight. we'll talk about how things may change by labor day. it's coming up. let's go to the shooting at perry hall high school. 15-year-old robert gladden, jr. is accused of shooting his
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classmate and is still being evaluated. there was a bail hearing but it didn't go off. officials at shock trauma where the teen was shot, daniel, said he is in critical but stable stab. while daniel is still in the hospital his classmates are trying to do something very special for his friend. kelly swoope has more on this fit for daniel. >> disan yell's classmates said lady gaga is his favorite and she's no stranger to keeping out to teens. so the students have started a movement to get lady gaga to visit daniel. they are making a video asking ga ga to come, wearing red shirts because that is daniel's favorite color. >> everybody is supportive.
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everybody's make shirts. >> as part of their evidents, students have started this facebook page called lady gaga, please visit daniel. the page has more than 14,429 likes and this is within the first 24 hours after it went up. we'll keep following the effort. they want people to like this page as much as they can to get the word out so people can support daniel and get lady gaga to visit. >> let's like it. let's goat it here. the south jetty is one step closer to getting light. the investigation uncovered several serious accidents. an accident prompted friends to call for lights. the commissioner of queen anne's
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county said they are trying to get the job done. a naked man with a rifle. baltimore county police said someone called 911 and reported a naked man firing shots from the beltway motel. when officers arrived, the guy came out still carrying that gun. the man was shot several times, take ton shock trauma, listed in critical condition. take a look at these guys, three of them, they walked in and pointed guns right at the clerk on august 13th in the early morning but authorities still have not been payable to identify the three. they believe there are more witnesses to the robbery. could that be you? if sew call 1-888-540-8477.
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up until now preparations for the baltimore -- baltimore grand prix has been taking place. all roadways will be closed to traffic throughout the day. the city is urging all of us to expect delays. the delays will continue through the weekend and into the beginning of next week. all the affected roads should be open at 6:00 tuesday morning. abc2 is working for you. that means getting to the race you want to see are a avoiding the traffic. go to prix. all right. listen, if you want to know more and get an easy pass for the at
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-- hat tum bridge, bring your license plate number, cash, credit card or a check and get an ez pass. the republican national convention is heating new tampa. some of our local politicians is bringing attention to the issue of voter rights. congressman elijah cummings pointed out while our state doesn't have a voter rights law, other states do and there is an effort to suppress the votes. >> we have citizens of the united states of america under attack. our precious right to vet and assurance that our votes will be counted. >> congressman cummings said the most important thing is to be
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educated. note candidates, date, location and time you can cast your vote. even though we are hundreds of miles away, you can't leep but notice what's happening in new orleans. the red cross has spent volunteers and more will be sent to meet up with the 2700 volunteers already in the gulf coast. >> it's very important to the people. we're the first line of help. we reach out to those who need help and give them some shelter, food, clothing and some assistance. >> the full effects of this storm won't be known for a couple days. that's when our volunteers will first start to get out. residents will be able to get out and see the homes, see the destruction. that's when we really go to work. >> red cross volunteers will be doing things from giving out
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food and supplies. we have a crew. george huguely will be sentenced tomorrow. the jury that convicted huguely in february recommended a 26-year sentence. only in baltimore do we see a funeral like this. there was only one scunny. with natty bo shedding a tear, baltimore says good-bye to the mayor of canton. >> the crescent city is trying to hold on. we'll take you to new orleans coming up. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet
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you know, scunny was one of us. he yelled oh, during the an tom, drank natty bo and was one of baltimore's best chore leader. he was in a bike accident and today we bury patrick mccusker. what he did at that bar -- >> scunny was a force of nature. he was a rare individual who lived with passion and with love for his community selflessly, a family man whose family was the center of his world. his family suffered a tremendous loss. our city suffered a tremendous loss and i suffer and friend. >> tonight toast to natty bo. they will raise money for the
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foundation which scunny believed in. scunny just poured one in heaven. we have an update is from the connors care foundation. it's named for conner james fried who died, as of last night it is in effect in queen anne's county. the law was passed unanimously at a public hearing in centerville. all right. we've seen isaac cause our gas prices to go up. aaa says overnight the national average for a gallon of gas rose five cents from yesterday. isaac is forcing oil refineries to shut down or cut back.
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it's two days away from the weekend when gas prices go up so stations can capitalize on travelers. all right. we know you just sent the skids off to college -- kids off to college but have you had this talk? how about stay home rather than staying at the dorm. right now the average cost of a private four-year college just under $30,000. >> the hot topics of the day are the stories you can expect from katie. that will air right here on abc2. we are very excited to have katie on abc2 and starting spt the 10th at -- september the 10th at 4:00. it will be a great addition to
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the abc2 newsroom. check out some of the stories at we're going to have a live report if a minutes or two from the gulf coast on what isaac is doing. a tropical storm yes, downgrade yes, but a huge storm reaching up into atlanta, georgia and the flooding rains continue up through southern mississippi, the biloxi area, baton rouge. the movement of the storm is just five miles an hour. it is continuing to dumb the heavy rains. we've seen spot reports of a foot or more. of course you have the tremendous surge that came in with high tide along the immediate louisiana coastline. you see the reach all the way
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through actually well into south carolina now, the outer bands of cloud cover reaching just that far and the concentrated part north of new orleans into the baton rouge area down through louisiana. our tropical tracker brings this system not just through the midwest but curving toward the east coast by the last part of our labor day weekend. we could see rain around maryland as we go into monday afternoon and especially into the day on tuesday. want to show you new orleans. 7.63. that's just since midnight. the overall pattern a rough one, not too far from southeastern louisiana. all right. 84 degrees. here in baltimore the weather has been anything but bad. it's been outstanding, clear, less humid, dry, sunny. we like it. look at the north winds, a
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refreshing breeze, a great day to have been outdoors. we're looking at a carbon copy tomorrow as dry air continues to dominate. the closest sticky conditions is south of the maryland border down into virginia and south of north carolina, but, again, all eyes continue to be on this system, and what the rain will do but eventually flooding potential threw hark saw and oklahoma and eventually missouri, those states in a drought situation welcomed part of that rain. it's too much too fast in the big easy. we'll have much more in a second. clear, 60. tomorrow 86 a bit warmer. saturday getting hotter, friday saturday. i think we'll stay dry, sunny, pleasant conditions. as we look at the setup, especially on labor day monday,
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hit and miss showers. most of it will be after the holiday weekend, though. all right. we were talking about death a live report from the dprupped conditions here in southeastern -- ground conditions here in southeastern louisiana. stephanie, tell us how the weather will be changing through the day on the ground, in the new orleans area. >> reporter: it's been changing by the second. i have to be honest with you, wyatt. this morning we couldn't get out of our hotel room. we were seeing tons of rain. then we saw a little bit of a lull over the past several hours. right now at this moment, probably the worst we've seen since we've been out here. we were thinking, okay, we're at the tail end of this. and then, bam in a split second the winds pick back up. so that's going to be the biggest concern, that this is honestly what we were expecting to see probably well into
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tonight and probably tomorrow. that's been a huge concern, especially given the levee system is why we felt the catastrophic effects from hurricane katrina seven years ago. that levee system has held up. here in new orleans we're not seeing the flooding we saw seven years ago. >> we knew it would the be a katrina. we are not expecting the failed levees but what have you heard? there has been flooding in some of the rural areas in southeastern louisiana. >> reporter: that's important to point out. i think it may be confusing that people see those images and confuse it with the heart of new orleans. a lot of money, $14 billion was spent on the levee system around the new orleans area. the plaquemines parish, which was really hard hit with katrina is harder hit this time. they were in the part of that,
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so what they're experiencing is the same levee system that they saw in katrina. that's why they're expecting and seeing the same system that they saw -- that they're seeing today. what's interesting is there were federal funds allocated to that particular parish. the parish in charge of that levee, they did not spend money on the construction. close to 100 people were being rescued op top of the rooftops. one of the things that's important to point out, today we were seeing people on the roof with 70-mile-an-hour winds trying to be rescued by the coast guard. >> good point. thank you for that report, live from new orleans. stay safe. >> we'll have full coverage at the bottom of the hour. we'll be right back.
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our thoughts are with the people in the gulf coast. the system will make its way when? >> rain coming up from the storm system as we go into, i think, the last part of our holiday weekend, maybe labor day, maybe into tuesday, so watching for potential rain, but, again, our thoughts and prayers with those in the gulf. >> all right. diane sawyer is next. the republican national convention and you canned cof
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rooj on the gulf coast. we'll see you back here at 11.
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