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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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too quickly for neighbors to be able to rescue elderly victims. a neighborhood filled with dispair, 63-year-old reg nal russ -- reginald russ sell spent each day supervising the kids. >> he was a good guy. he was affixed to kids, loved little kids. he was real good with kids. >> reporter: what's left of his possessions are heaped on the street in front of the house where he died. >> my sister woke me up and said reggie's house was on fire. the heat was so strong that it was all the way over here. >> a single flower arangesment
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-- arrangement rests on the stoop. the following day, a mile away a fire would erupt on east north avenue. for 88-year-old ge rtie horton. >> my son-in-law and his friends tried it get in. pulled the air conditioner out the window. >> reporter: the machine -- men tried valiantly to rescue her. >> they tried to get her out. its wall real tragic. >> it happen sod fast. >> it happened so fast. it was so intense. i mean, the fire was just coming all the way over here.
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>> both victims died from smoke inhalation and burns. there's no indication whether each home had working smoke alarms. jeff hager. a navy seal from edgewater killed in afghanistan will be laid to rest. he was among several americans killed in a helicopter crash during a firefighter in kandahar on august 16th. a fewing -- viewing will be held tomorrow from 2 to 4 and then from 6 to 8 in edge watt are. he will be laid to rest at
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arlington cemetery. a man was shot and killed on a busy east baltimore street. roosevelt leftwich has details oar loor police are looking for the help to solve two shootings. police say 20-year-old lorel amos was at the house when the shots rang out. amos was shot i the tweft h-chest -- chest, taken to the hospital and died. late this morning on barrel avenue a 20-year-old man was shot near the end section of elmwood. a young man in his late teens to early 0s was seen -- 20s was seen sprawled out in the street. >> homicide detectives were called because of the seriousness of the victim's injuries.
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we have no motive. they're busy processing the scene along with people from our crime lab. >> police said they're still looking for suspects in the barrel avenue shooting as well as the alameda shooting. roosevelt leftwich. a convenience store clerk is shot during an attempted robbery in baltimore county. it happened at 1:40 this morning at the speedy mark on hollins ferry road. when the clerk hesitated, police say the suspect shot him twice. the clerk was treated and release. anyone with information is skad -- asked to call the baltimore county police. all right. take a look at the current flash flooding setup. heavy downpours that we see reaching up the i-83 corridor. rain reaching to reisterstown
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and beyond. this is a significant amount of tropical moisture. this is what was once isaac, now just scattered rain and a tremendous amount of humidity and moisture that will keep headed our way. this will continue for the next several days. we'll talk about when we see the dry weather. that's all straight ahead. >> democracy 2012 news, the gallop pom finds that last week's republican convention had minimal impact. we have a look at what's in store. >> reporter: the party is underway in charlotte. a star studded event featuring james taylor and others, but
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some may be celebrating too much. two california san diegos celebrated late sun date one ended up hospitalized while the other ended up getting kicked out of the convention after getting belligerent with the police and hotel staff. >> refused to show identification. >> reporter: the convention begins tomorrow. speakers include the first lady, mary j. blige and the black eye peas. while the president continues his tour through ohio, there is this ad. it comes days after the republican convention where republican nominee mitt romney was critical of the president's term. >> this president cannot tell us you're better off today than when he took office. >> reporter: a poll shows a dead heat and another poll after the
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con sprngs at first showing romney with a slight lead, calling the two tied. the obama camp is streaming the entire convention, gavel to gavel online. governor martin o'malley is expanding remarks he made about the state of the country over the weekend. o'malley told face the nation that people are not better off than they were four years ago. but this morning the governor said we are better off as a country because we're creating jobs rather than losing. o'malley will speak at the democratic national convention. well, for many women, labor day is the day they spent in
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labor giving birth to their children. it's aimed at improving a turn nal healthcare. locally members of improving birth choices gathered at the columbia mall this morning to speak out on the need for women to seek as much information on birthing options before they make choices. >> we have a voice. if you're going to choose cesarean, make sure what the real outcome is. ask for evidence-based information. >> things like convenient cesareans and when someone offers you that option and doesn't explain all the risks, it's easy to make that choice. >> the group is asking that hospitals implement incentive
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programs for doctors and nurses to get the most recent information on current berthing options. coming up, it has been a dundalk institution for more than 30 years, but ross' crab house is in shambles. >> it's a lot more than a restaurant. it's our life hoot owners tell us about the people inside that were sent scrambling. it can be difficult to strike a balance between your personal life and career. how to tell if you're crossing into a workaholic territory. plus, hurricane isaac has blown through louisiana. the latest on the cleanup efforts. [ female announcer ] caroline penry began using olay total effects in 2001.
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the u.s. coast guard came to the rescue of oscar winner russell crowe. he was kayaking with a friend when they lost their way.
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they were 10 miles east of where they set out. he was picked up by the coast guard boat and ferried to harbor. crowe tweeted out thanks to the officers. president obama is headed to the democratic national convention in charlotte, but is making another stop to visit the victims from hurricane isaac. t.j. winick has more tonight. >> reporter: hurricane isaac is gone but not forgotten in louisiana. >> i lost everything. what i have with me now is what i own. >> reporter: the st. tammany parish is expected to crest today, which means these homes are still in danger of flooding. on top of it all, hundreds of
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thousands have had no electricity, no air conditioning for six days, the heat index this weekend topped 105. meantime, residents keep a nervous eye on this canal lock in st. tammany. residents were told to evacuate quickly. the evacuation was later canceled. >> the current situation is everything is stable. the integrity of it is fine. >> reporter: the system is forecast to bring heavy rain and flooding to the east over the next several days. even though it means short-term flooding, the rains are beneficial in the long term, especially the south and midwest. then there's tropical storm leslie in the atlantic. it is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane. president obama will get a firsthand look at the storm damage later on today when he
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visits one of the hardest hit areas, st. john's parish. emergency responders received multiple calls last night for vehicles stuck in water. d.c. fire officials said three vehicles were trapped in high water in the bloomingdale section of the city and several metro stations had to close due to the flooding. it is related to isaac. so all that moisture is much more spread apart now but it is drifting into the east coast and will be for the next several days. let's get into it.
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maryland's most powerful radar. rain continues, especially on the i-83 corridor. good thing -- headed north into the county. rain coming in, had rain earlier in delaware. we'll continue to see the rain. i do not expect it to change much. baltimore county, baltimore city. low lying spots, you could see ponding of wart-- water. dew point is 73. it is extremely muggy. i don't have to tell you that, extremely muggy. look at the clouds billowing up. rain clouds, tropical moisture. kent island, showers off and on.
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a wet weather scenario at beaches. it was not the best beach weather, especially the second half of the weekend. temperature wise low allot heat statewide, 70s to the west. 70s to the east. all of a sudden, a humid pattern, extremely muggy conditions. it feels rather warm it. feels like almost 90 with the clouds and rain. feels like the mid-90s toward frederick. even with the clouds uncomfortable. winds from the south, not much to stir the air. moisture from isaac. that is the story the next several days, a little boundary over canada will squeeze the moisture to the east before they begin to diminish. you see how far reaching the rains are reaching into illinois. that's the center of the leftover of eye tack. we're in the beginning of this wet weather scenario.
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future trend shows showers will continue on an on and off basis, this is right through wednesday night, still tremendous on and off scattered showers in the area. dry air would be knocking in the door. scree active trop -- very active tropics. tropical storm leslie looking more intense. the latest projections take it up to a category two hurricane. it would be more powerful than isaac. it keeps it out to sea for now. we'll see what happens. at some point it could move toward mid-atlantic or new england. tonight 72. tomorrow 86. muggy. may feel warmer than that. tomorrow night 74 with more of those tropical showers and downpours. they will last into thursday.
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we'll get bulletproof -- briefly drier air. back to you. seems like now most of us are working around the clock, trying keep our jobs. others are embracing their round the clock career but where do you draw the line between your work and personal life. >> reporter: she had everything she deeded to walk -- needed to walk down the aisle, veil, dress and her smartphone. yep, smartphone. she worked on her wedding day and tried to tuck the phone down her dress. >> my wedding planner removed-- removed it. i'm glad he did. >> reporter: she is an engaged
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workaholic, a new term of. term. >> the economy is adding a new level of pressure to the workforce. >> reporter: so are you a workaholic? researchers have developed a new skill. the questions include how often do you hear others to cut down at work. do you think how you can free up more time to work and less time enjoying leisurely activity? if you answered often, you could be a workaholic. dr. elizabeth lome bar doe said she is seeing more people stressed about work and it is believed to be the economy. the constant connecttivity of smartphones are forcing many to
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be workaholics. the days of working from 9 to 5 are long gone. >> it's more like work life integration. >> he's embracing the new norm of blengd work -- blending, work, family and personal activity. >> is it work when you provide for your family, their future? >> reporter: make time to focus fully on what's important to you outside the office. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> sometimes it's easier said than done experts said if you want to cut back on working, leave some time for yourself. say i'm going to work from eight until nine and stop. some companies have preekized -- recognized the stress the extra work can cause and now orders
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downtime. you know smoking is bad for you. now there's evidence it's bad for your baby, too. how exposure to smoke in the womb could increase their chance for obesity as they get older. biting. the reason why young children go through a biting phase and what we parents should do about it. :h
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we're talking about smoking, and obesity. >> exposure to a mother's cigarette smoke while in the womb increases the chance for obesity. those exspoalsed to a thern hall smoke had higher body weight and more body fat than those who were not exposed to it.
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they also showed a larger volume when it comes to lowering fat intake. if your child is biting, it doesn't mean in they're bad kids. they're probably going through a phase and there's a variety of reasons. >> they may being -- be teething, frustrated. a variety of reasons. >> if your child does bite, doctors say to remain calm but let them know that biting is not okay before redirecting them to another activity. flu season typically runs from october to may and most clinics have vaccines ready by
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the end of september. this year the vaccines are out. if you get a flu shot now, will you be covered for the entire season? the answer is yes. it's bet tore get vaccinated as soon as possible. yearly flu vaccines are recommended for everyone six months of age and older. we want you to know that is the's for all the health news you need. you'll find interesting categories to help upand family get all the information that you need. coming up, a popular dundalk landmark was devastated. and car dealers frequently charge an arm and a leg even for a small repair. why to be wary and use mobile
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