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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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better off now than four years ago. the end of summer as a fallen navy seal comes home forever. >> we're an institution. >> a popular baltimore county restaurant ruined by a two alarm fire. we'll hear from the owner. >> and tear down the barriers, the fences, baltimore is getting the main drag back. all right. let's take a look. it was right in between the window of opportunity that we're seeing. most of this action north of baltimore, right, wyatt?
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>> a lot of the rain coming down north of the city. you see the rain reaching up to bel air and beyond. still some rain in those areas but, again, the bulk of it is up the i-83 corridor. we have a flash flood warning for baltimore county and baltimore city that's going to exestablished -- extend for another hour. to the west you seat tropical -- see the tropical moisture. more of this coming our way the next several afternoons and evenings. we'll talk about when this lets up, coming up. we typically honor our service members on veterans day and memorial day. hundreds showed up to honor petty officer patrick feeks. hundreds were there as hundreds
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honored our fallen hero. >> reporter: on august 16 maryland lost one of its own in a helicopter crash in kandahar. petty officer patrick feeks along with six other americans were killed in a firefight when their helicopter within the down in kandahar. that was two weeks ago but the community has not forgotten. patrick's casket was flown to dover avenues basement hundreds of friends lined the streets in edge water to welcome patrick back home. some new patrick personally. some came to support the family. many came to support the family. >> i know what he went through. >> reporter: rob served in vote familiar. he doesn't personally know patrick's family, but that doesn't matter. >> coming home is the best of the best that we have to offer
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in this country k the least i can do is give my respect to him. >> reporter: other veterans came to show their respect. >> lo and behold, the entire community was out in force. it brought tears to my eyes. >> i think maybe the greatest generation is right now, the guys who are serving now, a lot of hardships. >> this is what america is all about, everybody looking out for each other and pulling together. >> reporter: in edgewater, don harrison. >> a viewing for patrick will be held tomorrow from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 right there in wedge watter. the funeral will be wednesday at the ft. meyer memorial chap pel and laid
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to rest at awrlg ton national cemetery. two people shot dead, boghts 20 years old. the latest happened yesterday in east baltimore. rosie? >> different cases but one common request. police want to note motive of two people who were very young. except for the amtrak trains going over the tracks at kentwood, things were quite -- quiet. police got the call and when they arrived, they found shell casings and many unanswered questions. >> a victim was transported from the san in serious condition. homicide detectives were call toed san because of the seriousness of the victim's
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injuries. >> reporter: looking for the motive behind a young woman's murder is also a priority. 20-year-old lorel amoss was outside with friends when shooting started. she was shot in the chest. she made it to the hospital but she died. she appeared to be an innocent victim. >> detectives do not feel like she was the target of malice or violent crime. she appeared to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. homicide detectives are in the in getting as much information as they can. >> reporter: police have little information on either crime. no matter how big or small the detail, they want to call detectives or metro crime stoppers. a fear claimed the lives of two eller di -- elderly people.
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the fire killed 68-year-old reginald russell. russell lived in the home for 50 years, watching out for children as they played on the street. a second fire broke out a mile away on sunday in the 2200 block of east north avenue killing gertie horton eye kept smell -- >> i kept smelling something and her son-in-law said the house was on fire. >> they tried to reach the wheelchair bound woman in vein. fire investigators haven't determined if there were working smoke detectors. people who prefer mel's liquor in columbia will have top find another place to find your adult beverages. that's after a fire ripped
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through the business on waterloo road. emergency workers had to close down the area. the cause is still under investigation. nobody was hurt. it's been on the corner of merit and north point boulevard for over 30 years, but ross' crab house is ruined by a two alarm fire. 15 customers were sitting in the dining room. she said the whole building was going up, so she rushed to get everybody out. listen. >> could have been deadly for all of us. my instinct was to go back down there, try to put it out. ran through the building to make sure everybody was out. it was terrible, just terrible. >> you can feel it in her voice much the cause of the fire is still under veasmghts the restaurant -- investigation. the restaurant has been in her
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family since 1969 and she plans to rebuild. tampa beat yairch kyes -- yankees one game out on september the 3rd. two more to play in toronto the. and back home for the yankees. orioles, one game out of 1st. downtown baltimore opening up after several roads were opened up for the grand prix. the roads were supposed to be open by 5. workers started breaking down the barriers. this is the second year for the race and it's slated for a five-year deal. >> on this labor day some women are addressing a different labor day. they're focusing on the day a mother spends in labor giving birth. members, improving birth choices gathered to speak out on the
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lack of information some women are given on their options regarding natural or cesarean birth. it's to encourage women to get the most up to date is information on birthing options. >> we are grateful that we have it as good as they are today but when need. our intervention rates are month highest in the world. >> ours is at 34% in the nation and 32% in maryland. >> the group wants to see standards that would address c section performed without medical justification and ensure more mother friendly births. how excited are you to get into that new house. all the papers you have to sign. this scam will sock you in the pocket books.
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you got a window of opportunity top enjoy, laurel because you'll have off and on showers for the rest of the night. wyatt everhart will have the
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details coming up. buying a house can be stressful and confusing. that's what schemers are counting on. a new tactic is trying to get money from you in the weeks after you buy. >> reporter: the joy of buying a home can oftenning lost in the flurry of paperwork as mortgage records and loan documents begin to blur together. that gives some a chance to strike. an abc2 report irgot this one we decided to look noo. it's an offer to get a copy offed deed to the home he just bought this. looks official with a washington, d.c. address and appears time sensitive with final notices sent and a $35 late fee if you don't act before the deadline. the paper says you can get your deed for $85. we're sending out a warning. you can get deed for far less
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money because it's a public record. the baltimore city said certified deeds cost less than $10 on average but this company wants you to pay more. although this looks critical at the top, the offer says clearly at the bottom that it isn't associated with any government agency and not a bill, just a solicitation. so if you want your deed, don't send away your cash. instead, take a walk to the courthouse. >> we contacted the toll-free number for the company but didn't hear back. in addition to the fine print, the voice mail says you can get a deed from any county record. we have more on our website at well, governor o'malley is getting a lot of attention even brt opener of the democratic national convention in char lot. asked yesterday if we are better off today than we were four
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years ago, the governor responded with no. he said help found him set of victim of a word splice and said there was much more to his answer. so what did he mean by no in the governor explains. >> here's the reality of our situation as a country. we are clearly better off as a country because we're now creating jobs rather than losings them but we have not recovered all that we lost in the bush recession. >> so the governor will be very busy in charlotte. he leads the governor's association. let's talk ago pasmght they dropped a penny since yesterday. the average is now $3.74. we were paying $3.69 last week and $3.53 a year ago. the cheapest is at the glen more service center. they're selling regular for $3.63. you can find the lowest prices
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by going to prices. you can zoom in to your specific area and get some good fuel saving tips. can we talk, face to face talk? right now we live in a texting world. if you are 18 to 29, you send or receive on average 88 text message as day. you only get 17 phone calls. those older than 65 still get more text messages. it's easy to say "i'm sorry" in a text but what's lost is the explanation on how this hurts upand are y--- you and what your eyes say. some tell us to mex our text messages, by skyping or face time where you can interact with
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another person. all right. tropical moisture. that's what it's been about and what this will continue to be about. several more days you're going to be dealing with the rain coming into the east coast mainly out of the midwest. the humidity is helping to fuel the showers as well and as we look at maryland's most powerful radar showers to our east as well and in the larger perspective, again, hit and miss scattered showers will be a good belt the heaviest rain beginning to move out of the city and the county. there's a flash flood warning that will extend past the 7:00 hour. kent narrows was very, very wet. our view from hemingway. watch rehoboth beach. and that's what we have seen at the beaches from saturday
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afternoon forward. in annapolis, you see a little sun breaking through but also quite a bit of cloud cover and at times the raindrops did come down. 82 at bwi. as we look at the setup low 80s the story but feeling warmer. the dew point numbers are excessive. 75 but the highest you'll see anywhere is pushing 80. so this is the top end. it is muggy to say the least, just showing you on the map, almost no breeze to stir the air. more showers continuing to spend, courtesy of what is left, the remnants of isaac. there's an area of low pressure and still, that tropical moisture dips all the way into north florida. rain coming down as far west as southern illinois and all that steady tracking east over the next two days will mean more downpours at times, more soak
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rains and as we look at the overall trend it goes into wednesday at 8:00. still, quite a bit of rain. that will be the case until we get into thursday and friday. isaac came out of the south atlantic. now we're watching leslie, exing is thed to -- expected to strengthen into a category three. tonight 72, a few storms possible with showers on and off, showers and storms tomorrow, more of the same tomorrow night, repeat carbon copy. that will be the story through thursday. by late thursday clearing. saturday and sunday another system could bring showers. it will pale in comparison.
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drier for monday night football. so there we go. >> that's good. >> one week from now. hey, listen, in your health news as you're heading back from the ocean, should youd had to the doctor's office? -- you head to the doctor's office? is it too early to get our shot? >> reporter: most clinics goat their supplies by early september and have vaccines ready by the and of the -- end of the month. many are dispg -- asking if i get a flu shot this early, will i be protected for the entire season? the answer is yes. the cdc recommends people get their shots as soon as possible
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because this year there could be early outbreaks, so why not be protected. as of now there is very little seasonal flu going around but health experts say you can never tell when the flew will hit -- flu will hit. here we are on the boardwalk in rehoboth. if you leave now you could be home by 9:30. [ female announcer ] over the last ten years,
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kelly's back. >> new at 1 1-rbgs it's a dilemma phages many college students and high school students. ipad or laptop. is a laptop better suited for class? >> plus, the grand prix has come and gone, but was it worth all the hassle? those stories and a whole lot more coming up at 11. >> it's going to rain for the rest of the week, uh? >> let's take a look, some rain in the northern part of the county. still could be flash flooding concerns. it's back to work but at least it will be during the workweek. >> crawl under a rock. >> that's it. we'll see you at 11:00.
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