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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a pretty dreary labor day leading off a damp week. your forecast is coming up. >> i miss him so much. >> an innocent life taken by a stray bullet. abc2news talks to the family about the surprising and sad news. >> normal speed resumes along pratt street. we grade the grand prix. >> first thing is first, we'll take you out and a live look at the county city line. it was hot and humid and poured in places. >> it was pretty much an ugly day. let's see if we're in for the
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same. wyatt everhart has a look outside right now. >> it's what you love in central maryland, when you're still talking about the air you wear in maryland. it is tropical moisture, the leftovers from what was once hurricane isaac. just some showers around the state. primarily the north eastern corner. there's much more moresture down to the south. just about over lexington kentucky. more showers overnight maybe the rumble of thunder is possible. the better chance for storms will come after midday tomorrow. but there are still showers in the out look. we're going to see a lot of this. so we'll talk about when we finally dry things out coming up. a stray bullet kills an incident bystander. >> she leaves behind a fiancee
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and an one-year-old son and a family trying to get through the shock of all of this. christian schaffer talked to them tonight. >> the victim in this case was not the intended target of the shooting which happened early sunday morning. she was standing more than a block away from the gunman talking to her aunt. she has become the most recent victim of gun violence. >> a smile. >> reporter: she graduated from kenwood high in 2008 and worked at a local bank. she was at a party at her aunt's in northeast baltimore on saturday. two cars sped by as she was talking to her aunt and at least 100 yards away from them -- >> we heard the gunshots. >> they both dropped to the ground. but then she realized her niece
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has been struck in the chest. >> call 911. >> reporter: rescue crews took her to the hospital, but she did not survive. >> we didn't think she was going to leave us. but she left us and we miss her daily. >> reporter: a life cut short by a stray bullet. >> i came to her for everything. she was like my big sister to go to. >> reporter: family members are planning a funeral and are hoping police won't need witnesses or a long investigation to solve this case. they want the gunman to himself in. >> his conssurance means something to him -- his conscience means something to him, and that there be justice for her. >> if you have any information you're asked to call metro
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crime stoppers. christian schaffer abc2news. >> you can help on this one too. were you around route 1 just north of the hick ray bypass about 730 tonight, a woman was hit by a car and the drive kept going. a woman was in the road waving her arms. the sky blue car struck the woman with the passenger side mirror. witnesses told police they saw the car pull over about 500 feet down the road and then pulled away and left. if you remember seeing a sky blue car with a broken mirror, call the police. it is a scary night for park parkville. fire and has mat crews were -- hazmat crews were called after a resident noticed a strange odor in a home. turns out it wasn't a methlab, but there was some mixing going on in the basement and it
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involved his nephew and a friend. >> they sprayed engine starting fluid into two mountain dew bottles and they were shaking it up and preparing to sell it because apparently they are selling these things for people to get high with. >> he doesn't live there. he said he called 911 early in the day about his nephew posting threats on facebook and tonight police are looking for the teenager. jason whyman was on a sail boat with his girlfriend when a big wind gust-tossed both into the water. this happened near bayside beach. he was recovered but they lost sight of whyman. the response boat from station curtus bay is going to stay overnight. that rest of the crews will come back at first light. most streets are opening again and baltimore is getting
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it's main drag back after a weekend of racing. >> how did the city do? well we looked for answers tonight. >> it's interesting, there are some neighborhoods that are raising the flags for the grand prix and other folks hope the brakes are on for next year. you'll be happy to get roads back tomorrow morning if you drive in the city. >> reporter: tearing dounthe safety laws for the second year of the baltimore grand prix. the construction doesn't make as much noise as the race cars that turn downtown into a track with speeds of 180 miles an hour while the rest of us stood still. literally if you were driving near the inner harbor, broad street was shut down through the weekend, putting business owners on edge. >> i think [ indiscernible ] was with us. they told people to come downtown. the race was over at 6:00, so
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everybody came out. >> reporter: in little italy, this restaurant owner says this year was more successful than last year's grand prix. to the south and federal hills, many owners of restaurants on light street hope a red light goes up for next year. >> i probably about 50% over that weekend. the customer don't want to come in because they have a hard time, you know, come to here because they're [ indiscernible ] >> his business will do better this weekend when the yankees are in town and ravens start their regular season at home monday night. so while the redmans from louisiana praise this city. >> reporter: some business owners hope the streets open for good, the barriers never come back and the curtain is closed on the grand prix of baltimore. >> not happen again next year.
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>> a spokes person for an drety sports marketing says they don't plan to release the crowd numbers but are haupy with the -- but are happy with the turnout. the city says all roads will reopen at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. cheryl conner, abc2news. >> we lost a lot of history when two people who lived a long time in east baltimore both died in two separate fires over the weekend. reginal rustle was killed early saturday morning. a day later and just a mile away a fire broke out in the 2200 block of east north avenue. >> my son in law and his friends tried to get in there to get her out. they busted the door. the air conditioner out the
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window. >> when the air conditioner came out, all the fire and smoke. >> fire investigators are working to determine the cause of the to irand whether there were working smoke alarms in either home. petty officer first class patricks died in afghanistan. he and several americans were killed when their helicopter went down in a firefight. hundreds of people including am ilitary vets lined route 2 in edgewater today to welcome him home for the final time. >> this boy coming home is the best of the best we had to offer in this country. and the least i can do is give my respect to him in any way i can. >> a viewing will be held tomorrow between 2:00 and 4:00 at callus funeral home in edge wait water and his funeral will take place wednesday before he
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is layed to rest at arlington national cemetery. one back and 28 games left. for the first time since 97, the orioles are steering september into a playoff run. they shut out toronto 4-0 behind joe saunders. so get pumped up. thursday, calripcon gets his statue. that marks 17 years since he broke lieu garic's record. tickets are still available for friday and sunday games. >> get excited about this. laptop, that's a dilemma facing many parents and, high schools and colleges right now. >> what's better for taking to class? we found out. >> reporter: best buy is struggling these days as electronic shoppers purpose online or at the apple store. but best buy is seeing uptics
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in business from college students and parents of high school students coming in for computers. this year, the decision is tougher than usual on what to buy. >> reporter: laptop, pc ors nothing? if your school provides laptops you can choose nothing. but most families willave to choose between a tablet or laptop computer. >> many teens want an ipad, but best buy's mow mew hummed says the mackbooks are almost as light. >> they don't have to fold it up and throw it in their back pack anymore, they can keep it in their hands and just carry it. >> reporter: a recent report says as much as your kid may want an ipad, a laptop is still a better choice for most
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students. it's better for note taking. a laptop is less likely to slip from your hands and drop and you can get a loaded one for $400. $100 less than an ipad. finally, if you buy a student an ipad, that will love it but realize a month later they still need a laptop computer. >> if you decide to buy one, you may want to consider also purchasing a portable key board for around $50. it makes it much easier to type an and makes an ipad almost, almost a laptop. that way you don't waste your money. >> michael clark duncan died today of a heart attack. we're going to look back on his 54 years of life. >> weather-wise i want to remind you to check out the
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abc2news weather app in the itunes store. you can track our most powerful radar right here. >> on a rainy night like this, is it time to get your flu shot? find out why it's not too early when we come back in 60 seconds.
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new tonight, a controversial book as stormed to the top of the best sell seller list -- seller list. no easy day, the book by a former navy seal about the killing of osomma bin laden. the writer has been revealed as the former seal matt bisnot. the pentagon has threatened legal action for allegedly violating nondisclosure agreements. michael clark duncan who starred in the green mile died today at the age of 54.
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he never recovered from a heart attack he had back in july. he was supposed to protect notorious big before changing assignment. after green mile he appeared in arm argeddon, breakfast of champions and you just heard him in kung fu panda. tomorrow in charlotte, the convention kicks off with a speech from the first lady. >> reporter: the stage is set and democrats are ready to get their convention underway. first lady michelle obama arrived in charlotte today. shoo egot a feel for we're -- she got a feel for where she'll deliver her speech tomorrow night. most americans spent labor day enjoying the end of summer, but the candidates were busy
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working the campaign trail. in toledo ohio, he took credit for saving the auto industry. >> i believed in you, i bet on you, i'll make that bet any day of the week. >> reporter: he detoured off the trail to louisiana. there he surveyed the damage from isaac and talked to the flood victims. >> we're all just americans looking out for each other. >> reporter: trying to steal some of the spot light from it democrats. >> -- from the democrats. >> every president since the great depressions who asked americans to send them into a second term could say you were better off today than you were four years ago except for carter and for president barack obama. >> reporter: have i meant biden today said not true. >> you want -- vice president biden said, not true.
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>> >> reporter: he is trying to convince americans that he can move the country forward and they won't be better off in four years if mitt romney is elected. >> as the presidential campaign goes into high gear abc2news is working for you. >> changes are they are asking for money. >> abc2news -- >> reporter: after the final balloons and confetti fall, it's back to business for flitical candidates on ever level. the next few weeks are crucial for raising money for the final stretch. but the better better business bureau warns this could be a path for scams. fake fund raising calls that sound legitimate, but are not.
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they suggest contacting a campaign yourself to donate, rather than give money to an unsolicited caller. the promise of a frucruise in exchange for answer -- free cruise for answering a survey. and checking for voter eligibility. scammers will e-mail or call a victim to ask if they verified their voter registration prior to election day. if not, the scammers offer to do it in exchange for a social security or credit card number. you've unloaded the car from your weekend trip, but you still haven't gotten over what you had to pay for gas. in august the national average for a gallon spiked up ten percent. we're paying 20 cents more than we did this time last year. the good news is oil production is getting back to normal after
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being shut down for several days because of hurricane isaac. >> if you're out there, you may have already noticed signs up for flu shots. some pharmacy are already offering this year's vaccine. is it too early to get a shot? well the cdc says no, so by getting it now you'll be protected the entire flu season. this is what it's all about this week, tropical moisture streaming in from the remnants of isaac. they reach all the way up and down the east coast with more moisture out of the midwest and tonight we continue to see the rain on maryland's most powerful radar. a shower in southern hartford county. there will be more showers like this toon, tomorrow -- tonight, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. you get the idea.
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what a labor day this was. rain on and off with a little clearing at times. the official end of summer today with rain on the board walk and we have to show our fishing pier. some good fishing in the fall yet. it's not over yet, but it's starting to feel like it a bit. at bwi, we're talking a dewpoint of 75 and a temperature of 77 degrees. e as the air ever gets around here. i've seen it get closer to 80, but that's unusual. that's asmuggy as an air mass as we've had all summer. temperatures are mid-to-upper 70s and with this to in of hew -- type of humidity, be ready for showers as you go back to school tomorrow and more on wednesday. i think we may begin to see some improvement. a light southeast breeze helps to pump up the moisture. temperatures are still around
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80 right now. rain, all kinds of rain. just to our south and west most of it in west virginia leaking into the central part of the valley. so this is already starting to drift in. but you see the size and scope of this tropical air mass and the remnants of isaac going all the way back into the kentucky and western areas. isaac is still bringing rain. and then we have a front to the north that will eventually try to push this moisture out of here, but it won't happen from now until wednesday. we're still talking more rain. i think by late thursday, that front should push in and help clear the skies a bit. and of course, isaac came from the atlantic waters and now we have leslie getting to be a bit of a power house tropical storm. and ramping this up to category
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two strength as it moves into the bermuda area. so travelers there, be cautious of the approach of leslie. over night, 72, showers and humidity are going to be the story. same for tomorrow, 86, muggy. storms at times too. and tomorrow night, down to 74 with some downpours. this all peaks tuesday into wednesday. improvements by thursday afternoon. into friday we get drier. a chance to hang the laundry out for a day. but then this weekend, more showers. probably late saturday and early sunday, we have a different system coming through. so there will be a break in the middle there. >> sound like a bad hair week. >> you're kidding me on that, right? >> we'll be rightwe'll be right back. coming up on night line the church bashing rap with over 20
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million youtube hits meets the person who hates religion but loves jesus. ñ[=
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. tonight they were on a moving mission at the national aquarium. and it's no easy task when what you're moving is a 500 pound sea turtle. tonight they had to move her to a new temporary home and they had to use a tire. >> the reason for that is it helps support her underside.
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because she does breathe air, she's a very easy one to move. again it's just looking at the weight of the animal. >> she was 200 pounds when you first met her. what the heck did they feed her. they she will be in hibernation. >> good down there at the national aquarium. >> obviously. >> quite an end to the summer for her. >> i'm excited to see the new exhibit next year too. a lot of sharks going on next summer. here's that seven-day forecast. the warmth and humidity of summer are here as well as some tropical showers. when is it going to dry out? late thursday. >> with a hair drier. >> with a hair drier.
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>> they have this new thing
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about you only live once. >> you think dusten was on --
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i think i'm going to wear a hat for the rest of the week. >> because of the rain? >> make sure it's an orioles hat, though. keep the brim straight. all right. we'll see you tomorrow. happy labor day.
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