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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 4, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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>> if you think it's going to attract a bear, pull it inside. that's what's making strange odor leads to a neighborhood evacuation. the book on the raid of osama bin laden goes on sale today. streets of downtown return to pregrand prix form layer this morning. we will talk to business leader whose have mixed feelings about the race on this tuesday, september 4th. good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. many of you it's back to work today after having a long holiday weekend. >> hope yours was safe. back for the short workweek. how is the weather going to be?
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looks like it's going to be on the deerry side. tropical feeling. we are dealing with the remnants of isaac. we have showers to talk about this morning, we can see them floating in to kale county and some -- carroll county and some to the south and west of baltimore, moving towards the north and east. heaviest in york, pennsylvania, lancaster, if you are heading towards that area, be careful, there are flood watches and warnings. temperature wise, we are very warm, 73, 75 easton, 74 sykesville. nothing stirring the atmosphere. through 9:00, 79 degrees and 83 by lunchtime. good morning, everybody. let's get to the boards, 795s down towards 695, it meets 70, looking good. green on the screen.
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few construction delays to report. no speed sensors, indicating everything going good. this is along sinclair lane. near the highway seeing construction this early morning, that should slow you up. towards the tunnels, dealing with issues with road construction. outside for a live shot. this is the approach. looking good, headed towards the 695, looking good. another check of traffic in less than ten minutes. police are searching for a teenager. >> believed to be behind a has mat situation that forced people out of their homes in parkville. linda so is live with the latest and what do police think this team was making? >> reporter: police are trying to determine what this chemical was but saying it was not bomb making material or a meth lab. police and crews were called out to originally oak road in packville, the person called
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911 after he smelled a strong odor from the basement. he found his 19 year old nephew and a friend mixing chemicals. i walked down to the basement where it was coming from. my nephew and his friend were down there, they had a bottle of engine starting fluid, a can, i'm sorry, they sprayed it in to two mountain due bottles, filled it up with hot water and shaking it up and preparing to sell it because they were selling them for people to get high with. >> reporter: the teen's uncle called 911 earlier after finding threats on his nephew's facebook page. police are searching for the teen and trying to determine if any charges will be filed against him. linda so, abc2 news. young woman is struck bay car, passenger side, police are trying to track down the
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driver. around 70:00 on route 1, just north of hickory bypa. the woman was waiving her arms while near or in the road. the driver tried to swerve, clipped her with the side mirror, the car did stop, pulled away and left. police are looking for sky blue car with damage to the passenger side. if you have information, police would like to hear from you. family of a woman shot and killed while at a party is opening up about her short life. she died while outside her aunt's home sunday. a gunman fired in her direction hitting her in the chest. her family remembers her as the person with a bright smile who loved everyone. >> we didn't think she was going to leave us. she left us. we miss her. >> i came to her for everything. she was like my number one fan.
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>> amos leaves behind a fiance and a baby's son. police don't believe she was the intended target. a family continues to say good-byes today to the son who died serving our country. patrick feat died in afghanistan last month when his chopper went down during a fire fight. his casket arrived yesterday at dover air force face. >> this is the best of the best, we have to offer in this country. the least i can do is give my respect to him. >> the viewing is at kalas funeral home. funeral services are tomorrow at fort meyer memorial chapel before he is laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. get your hands on a book detailing the navy seals raid. it's become the top book seller
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op the pentagon is threatening legal action against the author for violating secrecy agreements. the author should have gotten approval before releasing the book. >> the mission he was on was a classified mission, classified by the cia, not department of defense. only the cia had the authority to declassify information that might be in the book. >> his attorney says his client didn't violate rules or break laws. we want to know if you are going to read the book, no easy day. head to facebook fan page. jobs, health care, foreign policy, topics speakers will be covering at the democratic national convention, they are expected to touch on the issues. it kicks off in charlotte, north carolina. local reps are down in charlotte for the dnc. governor o'malley and
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congressman, hoyer and edwards as well as mikulski. the speech is from michelle obama and leian castro. the dnc will wrap up thursday when obama gives his address. the dnc has gotten off to a soggy stat but here is something, a tower cam captured a rainbow over charlotte, north carolina, as storms passed through the area. we had rainy weather across our region. i guess you say this is going to come for a few more days. >> it is going to linger. we have the remnants of isaac moving in across the area. we will have this until wednesday and showers around in to thursday. we can see what is going on, i'm going to zoom in closer. we have a few showers lingering, frederick county, carroll county, to the north
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and east. if you are heading to pennsylvania, this morning, you are going to run in to heavier rain showers across the area. they have flood watches and warnings in the vicinity. temperatures, once again, very warm outside, muggy, we can see the 76 degrees, annapolis, 72 marriottsville. 70 westminster. edgewood 74. 73 elkton. by 6:00, the roads in downtown baltimore should be re- opened for you use following the weekend's grand prix which is welcome news for commuters and people who drive downtown. >> cheryl conner spoke with business openers to get thoughts on this year's race. take a look. >> reporter: tearing down the walls for a secondee of the baltimore grand prix, the construction doesn't make as much noise as the race cars that turn downtown baltimore in to a trap with speeds of 180 miles per hour, while the rest of us stood still.
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literally if you were driving near the inner harbor, pratt was shut down through the weekend putting business owners on edge. >> i think this year was with us. the race was over at 6:00. everybody came out. >> reporter: little italy, the opener says this year was many successful than the first grand prix, a special menu, cool wine cellar and bocce ball inside brought people in. the owner says his business will do better this weekend when the yankees are in town
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and ravens start regular season at home. some business owners hope the streets re-open for good, the barriers never come back and the curtain is closed on the grand prix of baltimore. >> that was shell cheryl reporting. he is a line backer and beloved mvp, lewis is a giving man, we will tell you how the ravens tar is helping kids in need in our area today. ñ[=
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. group of thieves picked the wrong house in kentucky to break in to because earl joans is 92, air force veteran, thieves targeted his farm three times stealing guns, money and cattle. jones woke up when he heard the three intruders in the basement. jones shot a man in the chest. two others dragged the victim away and the man died. now, police say jones is not going to be charged. a kitten makes a trip hundreds of miles from connecticut to new york on the top of a car's gas tank. a family was traveling from connecticut to drop their son off when heard a strange noise. after a 6-hour ordeal, a rochester mechanic made the
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discovery , the kitten will go up for adoption as soon as he gets healthier. a texas man knows how to fry food and gonzalez won the 5th fried food away at the fair. his crunchy creation, jambalaya. >> there is not one thing on the list that sounds good to me. >> deep fried marshmallows. >> deep fried snickers bars. >> why would you take something as delicious as jambalaya and fry it? things are calm. people are going to be happy downtown. >> everything is re-open. one accident we will talk about in 90 seconds. >> fried pickle.
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>> those are good. >> when you are talking about food. food and the weather make me smile. much needed rain moving in to the picture. let's talk about what is going on. tropical moisture that's going to be moving in across the area. we will go up and under the clouds and from that we will see showers and storms already on the map for this morning. we look at the radar, we can see that showers coming down around carroll county as of now and this is going to continue, tawny town showers, manchester getting wet, if your travels are taking you to the north, wet weather across the area as well. take it easy. we turn the map around and see where the moisture is coming from. we see it from south and the west. that's the scenario as we go throughout the day. future trend picking up on isaac, see the low, we see a cold front. that will get to us through thursday even eve. in the meantime -- evening, in
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the meantime we will be humid. the tropics heating up, we can see that we are going to be dealing with another tropical storm, that is tropical storm leslie. see it here, on the satellite view, and it's not moving that much, moving to the north at 4 miles an hour, it has picked up strength a bit. 65 miles an hour, it is forecasted to become a category 2 hurricane, but the good news is it looks like it stays away from us. we have to keep our eyes peeled. for today the temperature 86 degrees. the morning fog and showers and storms as we head through the rest of today. now a check of the time saver traffic with mike masco. taking you to the boards, one local accident, this is well south of town, around green castle road. most of the roadways looking
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good, 695, liberty, down in to harford road looking good. road work on sinclair lane, slowing you up near edson highway. live look and show you everything looking good. 95 approach, looking at 195, another shot for you to give you an idea, clear roadways, 695, harford, volume picking up. another check op traffic in less than ten minutes. trial begins today for the amy major accused of shooting and killing soldiers at fort hood. nasal is charged with killing 32 people. trial starts today for the moe accused of her son's disappearance. she has given two stories about her 8-month-old. council is discussing two bills preventing taxpayers from
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footing the bills, stemming from the issues facing john leopold. standoff in contract talks is racing the possibility of a teachers strike in chicago. head of teachers union says more than 26,000 teachers and staff are prepared to strike. it would be the first one in 25 years. ravens stars lewis teamed up with wal-mart to help stupes in need. the national aquarium moved the turtle and zebra sharks. how do you move a 0-pound sea turtle? >> it helps support her
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underside and doesn't allow her flippers to dig in. she is an easy one to move. >> they will be in hibernation until if new exhibit, black tip reef debuts next summer. is it tough for you not to look at you work email every ten minutes? >> betty white is adored by all. we will tell you about a petition that's begun to have he presence known. we'll be right back.
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actor michael clark duncan died after two months of treatment following a heart attack. >> he never recovered from the heart attack he suffered in july. he appeared in dozens of films but best nope if his role in green mile which won him an academy award nomination. democrats want betty white. they launched a petition to get the golden girl to appear at the dnc. white endorsed president obama in may. there are 5300 supporters. white's agent says she is in production of two tv shows and likely not able to make it to charlotte. >> betty is booked. she is so popular. >> i'm not surprised >> how can you not like her?
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we are humid once again, it's miserable out there. the tropical feel and that's what we are getting the tropical remnants from isaac. see the rain pushing in york, pennsylvania this morning, if your travels are taking you this way, emmitsville, red lion, winter town, moderate to heavier rain. they are dealing with some flood warnings across the area. heading to the bus stop, be prepared for foggy conditions, wet conditions, temperature coming in around 77 degrees, by this afternoon, we will warm up and feeling hotter with the muggy weather out there. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with mike masco. good morning. here is what is going on this morning. working together here with the traffic and weather. ponding of water, north of town, near northern carroll
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county, baltimore county. we have an issue, maryland 25 at ridge road. debris if the road. that's going to slow -- in the road, that's going to slow you down this morning. outside for a live shot. things are look good , the this is near easton, showing us good conditions on the roadways, thus far. 695 harford, things are looking good. our speeds are looking good. 695, outer loop, 95 to 83. more of you are working around the clock and some of us are trying to keep our jobs. >> this morning, joce sterman, has a test to see if you maybe teetering on total work addiction. >> reporter: she had overing she needed to walk down the isle, dress,


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