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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 4, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the sond fire caused $500,000 in damage. authorities are. ing one with fish to call the state fire marshal. can you believe it? the orioles are one game out of first. they have a shot at post season. seats are being scooped up fassments the stadium is completely sold out. tonight the orioles are playing the blue jays in toronto. let's go to chesapeake beach. take a look at the boat on the lefthand side of your screen. all right. let's go to meteorologist wyatt everhart. whose boat is that? >> the best boat is the one your
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buddy owns. i'll bring all the bore and you pay for all the maintenance. good deal. it wouldn't be a bad day to be out on the water, obviously, far less crowded than labor day weekend. showers to the west in hagerstown. showers further south as well down the way of calvert county. so there have been showers in the last few minutes moving toward chesapeake beach. the sun breaking through. that's a warm afternoon in the 90s. most of the rain stayed west. we think a much better chance for hit and miss showers and downpours tomorrow. we think the best chance will arrive on wednesday. more on that and into your weekend coming up no all right. let's go to miss mess where people who live here spent their weekend trying to sweep out the water and mud left from hurricane isaac. in the small town of helena,
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volunteers arrived to help clean up the mess that isaac left behind. >> i've seen it on tv and heard about it but to witness it myself, it makes your eyes worried. >> the people said they are used to flooding, living in such a low lying area but have never seen it this bad. the red cross arrived with supplies. while people in miss misare cleaning up their homes, in florida, they're dealing with dead and rotting fish. residents say the stench is overpowering. the government hire lad local contractor but was leaving it up to residents. finally, the health risk is beginning to outweigh the cost. >> you can get maryland's most accurate forecast any time. you can also get the storm
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shield app which will alert you when severe weather heads right toward your neighborhood. lucky ravens got big surprise today. not only did they win tickets to the opener but ray rice was also on hand when they arrived to pick up their prize. >> there's nothing like getting invited to a special show and getting to see the special guest as well. it would be great to personally hand somebody tickets to the game. >> when they came in to the m&t branch, they got an added bonus. after rice presented the tickets and signed autographs, help went to a nonprofit to hand 10 tickets to them as well. let's go with another. ray is giving tickets. big ray was handing out
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backpacks at the empowerment academy charter school. he gave students and staff a pep talk before handing out all the school supplies. >> prior to handing out the book bags, ray said we had to society good role models and be good role models for all of our students. they had to pay that forward, which means they have to be good role models for the other students. >> they provided more than 200 backpacks and they were filled with necessary supplies, like pens, pencils and paper. democracy 2012. the end of the conventions will bring the beginning of the final sprint on to election day and in crucial states the airwaves will be saturated with political ads and many funded by high powered super pacs. how can viewers sort fact from
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fick fiction. >> reporter: in the final push voters in swing states will hear plenty of political ads. the new tech tools are aimed to put the power in the hands of voters. >> you just tap to explore the ad. >> reporter: they came up with the super pac app in a class at mitt -- mit. it matches sound waves, like how much money was spent on the ad, who spent it and links to fact checking sites. >> hopefully, the goal for a super pac act is to engage average voters. >> reporter: start-up websites are taking a kick starter
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approach. grass roots ad make pers post their message on the site. if they reach a fund-raising threshold, an ad agency will help. >> the spotlight will be on charlotte it. switches over from pam tam -- from tampa. so what can you expect to hear from the democrats. during an on camera interview, we had a surprise defendant. how a naked man interrupted an interview. "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub away tough, dried-on stains. hey, do you guys think i'm "momtacular" or "momtrocious"? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer.
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they are calling him south korea's john mcclain, the police officer from die-hard. he hung on to the windshield of a criminal's car for 25 minutes. as the driver zig zagged and crashed into other cars, when the car stopped, the officer jumped off. way to go. as a journalist you see a lot of things. during an interview about severe weather a cameraman got more than he bargained for. a completely naked man.
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there he is. he was in the woods. police had to be called to arrest the man for indecent exposure. the man was just casually walking down the street. a tree fell on an indianapolis home causing part of a woman's roof to collapse over her be.d the dog started bark. the woman and the dog were not seriously injured. fire crews were called to the scene. a vermont man woke up to an unexpected site on monday morning. a bull moose was outside with a hoof on his car. the man grabbed his video camera, but the moose quickly changed the plans. he dropped the camera and made a bolt for it. the moose eventually had to be
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killed because it had a brain parasite. organic produce cost more but is it healthier for us. >> and summer isn't even over yet, but retailers want holiday shoppers to start right now. how toys 'r us are planning to get us into their stores. mid grade dark roast forest fresh full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs bag of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve
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we've all been there in the produce section wondering if organic is better. a finding shows they have no extra vitamins but there is a difference when it comes to pesticides. >> reporter: many people shell out the extra money for organic foods figuring it must be
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healthier for them but a study questions that. this study looked at a lot of other stud -- studies, organic foods had a 30% chance of risk of -- given the two things you might think if i eat organic, i will live longer, but what the researchers point out there aren't great studies showing that people who eat organic live longer or will decrease your chances of getting, say can several there is one group that deserves special consideration. that's pregnant women. there are studies showing pregnant women with higher levels of pesticides in their body give birth to babies with a lower birth rate and lower iq.
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so try to minimize the amount of pesticides in your diet. a few showers on maryland's most powerful radar mainly west and south but most of the day, most of us in central maryland have stayed generally dry unless upcount the loment. the showers toward hagerstown breaking apart. one shower coming up off of golden beach, getting a little bit of rain. things are relatively quiet on the radar scope. manchester with a mix of sun and clouds, really more clouds than anything. how about another check of kent island. over the chesapeake early sun and the clouds thickening up in the afternoon. again, that's going to be the scenario tomorrow and the following day. tomorrow we'll have a better shot of rain. current conditions at bwi 86 degrees, a dew point of 70. that is extremely humid
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conditions. temperatures now low weight -- 80s to the mid-80s. bel air around 83 degrees. the heat index more like low 90s. the dew points across the state are oppressive with a very july like humidity. visible sat let view -- satellite view. the main moisture train is poised to move in tonight and tomorrow. you see the big line of rain extending to the mid-south all the way into the northern reaches of new york stated and into canada, very heavy rain there. trough line coming through a boundary, not really a true front but a moisture boundary from the remnants of isaac. could be some downpours in the peak heating of the afternoon. as we go into tom and thursday
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that trough should slide further south. we'll get clearing, perhaps thursday night oral game, the weather will be look good and drier air for friday, should mean decent weather for the and of the week. tropical satellite staying active, left overs of kirk. leslie still a powerful tropical storm that's crawling in the open atlantic. a little bit of decent organization. still projected to become a very intense hurricane over the next three to survive days and eventually threaten bermuda. we'll see what happens. even the western most track keeping it offshore. overnight 74. showers and humidity continue, maybe a few showers or storms into the day tomorrow and then later in the afternoon, this is when we could get tropical showers late in the day.
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where the line will be we cannot say but we think somewhere in the state we'll get heavy rain. tomorrow night lingering showers and as we look at the outlook you can see thursday into friday we get the drying trend. then into saturday and sunday a new weather maker could bring rain for the second half of the week. could be good football watching weather. of course most have our attention will be monday night. right now showers possible during the earlier part of the damon day. so we'll see how that unfolds. >> get it out of here by kickoff. let's take a look at democracy 2012, big night tonight. one of the most important times of the year for democrats as they kick off their democratic national convention in charlotte. tory dunnan has more. what's the message? >> reporter: i could tell you they seem pretty energized. the speeches have already started at this point.
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you're hearing cheering and boost. people are into what the singers are saying. as far as the message, they're focusing a lot on the middle class thiseek, focusing on making sure this is a convention about including people and some of the victories they consider, things like the auto bailout as well as healthcare. there's this brand-new poll tha came out that's going to relate to this. mitt romney got a 1% bump from last week's convention. that moves everything from a virtual tie to an actual tie and president obama is going to have to put on a big performance on thursday night to get bump as well. >> wall, the speeches tonight including governor o'malley at 10:00 followed by a relatively unknown mayor from texas, san antonio. what's this about? >> reporter: yes, san antonio mayor julian castro. not a lot of people know about him but he takes to the national
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stage tonight. he is 37 years old. he's a rising star in the democratic party and will be the first latino to deliver a keynote address at the democratic national convention. here's what he had to say. >> immigration, education, healthcare, and any number of issues, he has been a very effective advocate for the latino community. >> reporter: people are already starting to draw some parallels between obama's speech in 2004 when people didn't necessarily know so much about the state senator and how this is going to be a similar setting for the san antonio mayor. he has some big shoes to film tonight. >> that's interesting. addition to castro, people are waiting for the first lady, mall -- michelle obama. she is supposed toew?
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stick to a more positive message. the president, though, made mention of his wife's speech when he was campaigning earlier today in virginia. take a listen. >> whatever i say here today, it's going to be, at best, a distance second to the speech you'll hear tonight from the star of the obama family, mall ma'am-- michelle obama. >> reporter: these wives are really playing critical roles for their husbands. this is exactly one week after ann romney delivered her speech at the rnc. >> tory dunnan live for us in charlotte. the republicans, as you know, had clint eastwood. now some democrats are calling
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for betty white. there's a petition to get her. she endpoarsd president obama in-- endorsed president obama in may. coming up at 6:00, these owners are beside themselves. who could have stolen puppies. >> and breast cancer. we will hear from some survivors. those stories and more coming up at six. now here's a preview of what's ahead at 6:30. coming up on world news, charlotte and the democratic national convention. all eyes on first lady michelle
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obama. plus, julian castro. is he nervous? [ female announcer ] caroline penry began using olay total effects in 2001.
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stocks were up and down. the dow jones industrial average closed almost 55 points down. the s&p dropped less than two points. let's take a look at your consumer alert. summer is drawing to a close. the holiday season will be here before you know it. one major store is revamping its layaway program. >> reporter: toys 'r us are gearing up for the holiday
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season. with the economic outlook unserntion the store is make changes. it's offering free layaway. the store plans to wave the $5 upfront fee through october. shoppers have to make a 20% down payment and pay the total by mid-december. there is fine print. the free layaway only applies to proppeds like toys and video games but not toys and holiday items. lay jay has become popular dmeag because of the red-h--- again because of the recession. a survey found 40% rough shoppers plan to use layaway. with the economy still struggling, it is expected to
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continue. last month walmart said it would include more items and extend the time frame. as we get closer to the holiday you can probably expect more retailers to roll out special offers as well. apple will reveal the new iphone. it will be the first change for the headphones since twi. a website said the new ear buds are coming from a vietnamese buds, which is also a manufacturer of the iphone and ipads. why the oral have more is celebrate. that's coming up on abc2 news at 6 which starts right


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