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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 6, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great thursday. what would you say to the country to convince you that you should keep your job in tonight the president takes center stage after he got praised from bill clinton. newly released surveillance video from prince george's county this morning that's pretty tough to watch. what's going on here now that this has been made public. a baltimore icon in the hospital this morning. we have the very latest on the health condition of art moe dell this morning. it is thursday, september 6th. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle, you can see charlie out live at camden yards.
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been sleeping all night? >> i did go home and change clothes but i have been out here all night. not really but camden yards is the place to be in baltimore once again. the beginning of the orioles' four game series with the new york yankees. they now trail new york by one game in the american league's eastern division but tonight, it is also about remembering baseball's ironman on this date. 17 years ago, cal ripken became the all time consecutive games leader beating lou gehrig at 213 #. that's the number, consecutive games played a streak that will never be broken in the history of baseball. tonight, the living legend statue will be unveiled honoring cal and that's coming up for you tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. the ceremony around 5:15 just before the start of the game. we're going to have a preview for that for you today here on "good morning maryland." but for first let's go back to the studio with lynette and a check of the forecast. all right, charlie let's talk about what's going on right now becae we are looking pretty good. we have a shower in caroline county and also some showers in
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virginia just about around montgomery county. we can see some showers now trying to move into the rockville area. that will be the scenario through the morning. very light in nature out and about and an isolated show in the afternoon and evening time frame but mainly dry for today. temperature-wise this morning we're at 70 kegs right now in woodbine. 75 in bethesda and 72 reisterstown. we will have the winds on the calm side. they'll shift around to the south so that's what it is for this afternoon for the morning. and your hour by hour forecast it looks like this. we have some patchy fog out there this morning, souppy once again and by noontime 86 degrees with the sun/cloud mix. a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. good morning. the orange by the way lynette. we all have orange on but they lost last night. may not have to do that for tonight. here's what's going on outside on the big boards. we have some construction
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delays across baltimore city right now. sinclair lane dealing with some closures right around edison highway. then up towards the beltway 695 construction delays. this is on the inner loop closed near liberty road and we have more construction along 125. outside we go for a live shot and we'll show you pretty easy commute thus far this morning. most of the area roadways are looking good at this hour. and that should remain to be the case over the next couple of hours. 695 at harford road that is looking good. another check on the traffic coming up in just less than ten minutes. megan? right now, the man who brought football back to baltimore is in the hospital this morning. art moe dell is at johns hopkins reported to be in grave condition. the 87-year-old is a baltimore icon. modell purchased the browns back in 1961 and then moved the franchise to baltimore in 1996. that move made him a hero in baltimore. he sold the minority interest in the team to steve, that was back in 2000. and then in april of 2004, steve completed the purchase of
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the franchise. however, art modell is also a philanthropist in the community raising money for local charities. we will keep you updated on the condition. let obama finish the job, that's what former president bill clinton had to say to the country last night. and tonight, it will be the president's turn. his speech has been moved inside and this is because of weather. brandi hitt has the latest from charlotte. >> reporter: president obama joined bill clinton on stage after one of the most loved democrats delivered his resounding endorsement. >> we're going to keep president obama on the job. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: president clinton who led the country during a strong economy validated the current president's economic plan and said no president could fully repair the damage in four years. >> the republican argument against the president's re- election was actually pretty
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simple. pretty snappy. we left in a total mess. he hadn't cleaned it up fast enough and fire him and put us back in. >> reporter: clinton spent the night dismantling mitt romney's attacks. >> as another president once said, there they go again. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and said democrats have created more private sector jobs than republicans in the last 50 years. >> are we where we want to be today? no. is the president satisfied? of course not. but are we better off than we were when he took office [ cheering and applause ] >> ohio madame secretary has all 188 votes for the president and the next president of the united states barack obama! >> reporter: now the democrats have officially nominated the president for a second term, tonight he must sell voters on his plan for the next four years. but he won't do it at the open air bank of america stadium.
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the obama camp is moving his speech indoors to this smaller venue because of possible thunderstorms. the obama campaign insists the change of venue is not due to lack of enthusiasm and it's turning tens of thousands of people away. brandi hitt, abc news, charlotte. his report said that his gunfired as he was being assaulted by a teenager this morning. surveillance video tells a different story. abc2 news linda so is here to tell us why one prince george's county police officer right now has a lot of explaining to do. >> reporter: the pge county officer were on patrol. the officers thought a robbery was about to happen and they followed him into the store. no crime was committed but what happened next was caught on surveillance video and it's raising a lot of concerns. take a look. you can see the 19-year-old ryan dorm enter the frame first. then the officer with his gun drawn swings his right hand and hits dorm in the face with his service weapon.
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the gunfires and the flash goes off. the incident happened in february as dorm walked home after leaving the gas station. the officer corporal taylor wrote in his official report that his gunfired while he was being assaulted by the teen and the teen reached for his service weapon. >> you have a handful police officers in -- in pg county that's just like anybody else. >> now the teen was arrested and all charges were eventually dropped but he still served four months in jail. the officer was charged with several crimes last month. linda so, abc2 news. tomorrow baltimore city will honor a police officer that was fallen. officer forrest taylor died last week from injuries that he suffered during a car crash. he was critically injured back in february. this happened at the intersectiondowntown. officer taylor's cruiser was hit by another car as he was responding to an emergency call. services for officer taylor will be tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning at the cathedral of
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mary our queen. he is survived by wife and two children. if you live in baltimore county your neighborhood may be sprayed for mosquitoes. that area and that's happening tonight. the decision comes after recent human case of west nile virus in the county. the center for disease control is saying that 2012 is on track to be the worst year ever for west nile in the united states. symptoms of it resemble the flu. on the midst of the orioles' first playoff run in 15 years the o's are honoring their ironman tonight. the team's living legend series continues. so abc2 news charlie crowson down at the yards this morning with a preview of what's expected and of course a big crowd tonight charlie light? >> reporter: it's going to be a massive crowd megan. the ball game is a sellout. that's game one of the four game set with new york. the o's in the playoff race you
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just mentioned but tonight, september 6th, 1995, 17 years ago, to the date cal ripken's living legend statue will be you can vailed for fans here -- unveiled for fans here at the ballpark. a game against the california angels here at the yard where cal set the record of 2131. not official until the 5th inning. that's a rule in major league baseball just because you start you have to play a little bit before it's an official game. at that point a 22 minute standing ovation by fans for cal ripken jr. becoming baseball's all time leading consecutive games champion for the game a record never to be broken. now, an interesting thing to that megan when you consider what he did. he kept playing and went on to 2632. that record he willfully took himself out of the lineup in 1998 breaking the streak at 6,232 games and tonight o's fans are going to come out around 5:00 to honor the ironman as his living legend statue is unveiled for all to
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see. >> 1995 was cal's record- setting year. '96 and '97 were the playoff years at camden yards and you know here we are 15 years later and hopefully on the cusp of another playoff season. >> reporter: that's monica bar low with the o's and says tonight the gates are going to open at 5:00. the ceremony in the garden area where the statues are four already up. cal is going to be number five. that's going to start at 5:15. there's going to be a ceremony on the field at 6:20 prior to first pitch. with the yankees tonight. bar low says everyone needs to be patient. coming in tonight because it's going to be a big crowd. the sellout crowd getting ready to cheer the orioles on but pay tribute to one of their living legends here in baltimore. megan? >> all right, let's talk about what's going on right now. because we have it will forecast for this evening. first pitch 7:05 and temperature around 85 degrees and it is still going to be muggy out there with the winds
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out of the south at about 5 miles per hour and i'm forecasting not only the weather and a big wind out of this as well for the -- win out of this as welt for the orioles. right now as you're stepping out the door this morning, yes we have some clouds but also a little bit of reduced visibility and some patchy fog. a few showers especially the further to the south and west you go if you're heading down to montgomery county this morning be prepared for light rain showers. also around caroline county around denton a couple of showers there. we pull out the bigger picture and this is what we're going to be talking about in just a few minutes. this is the spawn of isaac. we'll talk about what the named storm could be. all that is coming up. back over to megan. all right, thanks lynette. listen if you want your kids to get a little history lesson and have some fun. stay with us this morning there's a big celebration happening this weekend that's fun, educational, and free. we're going to tell you what's going on at fort mchenry. >> plus, would a traffic ticket change your life? one woman says getting a
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citation the best thing that ever happened to her. >> really? >> i know. >> i'm mike masco, take a look again 695 at liberty road. we're looking good and a little construction out there this morning. we'll detail the latest coming up. and take a look, times square looking good megan. more of "good morning maryland" coming up right after this.
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making headlines around the nation this morning, the woman is crediting a seat belt citation for changing her life. she remembers her drive home from school. this happened in march of last year. a state trooper pulled her over that would ruin your day but she weighed over 400 pounds at the time and she wasn't wearing her seat belt because it wouldn't fit across her frame. that trooper wrote her a ticket. now a year and a half later, she wants to thank that trooper, she says it motivated her to basically lose about 200 pounds. she is now motivating others to
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lose weight as well and she's doing it through social media with her facebook page. halloween is more than a month away but you wouldn't know it when you're looking at one farmer's crop. look at this. andrew is from western new york and he has been harvesting giant pumpkins for about ten years now. currently has four growing. each one consumes more than 100 gallons of water every single day and his biggest pumpkin this year. estimated to only be about 1200 pounds and that one is still growing. the biggest pumpkin will be entered into a competition that's happening at the end of the month. heavy rains in south -- parts of massachusetts. they were caught a bunch of drivers off-guard. drivers got stuck in flood waters and firefighters they were called out to help those who were stranded in their cars in fall river. the storm dumped about 3 inches of rain over the area and that prompted several flash flood warnings. some areas had water up to four feet high.
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all right. it's lap dancing is form of art? well, it's an argument right now that's happening in new york at one strip club because attorneys for night moves in new york are asking the new york state court of appeals to rule that lap dancing is an art. they should be given a tax break under new york's live dramatic or musical arts performance law. so this move is now basically contested at $120,000 tax bill. officials are expected to make a ruling on this debate sometime soon. i'm sure a lot of people would have something to say about whether or not it's art. >> what do you think about that? >> i only talk about the weather mike masco. >> you would rather talk about the massachusetts rain. >> i rather would. >> all right, we're not even going to ask you what you think. i'm sure you think it's very artful. >> all right. >> you're going to weigh in on the traffic later on and maybe lap dancing and you're going to basically tell us if we can get a break from the humidity. >> not today. >> okay. >> not today it's not going to have happen.
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you can see the temperatures megan well above average. we should be at 62 degrees now and we are well above that close to 80 in tillman this morning. 75 denton with a little bit of a shower across that area. 72 galena right now. even jermantown this morning. we look at what's going on we still do have lots of cloud cover across the area. reduced visibility. some patchy fog in some spots this morning and also just a few stray isolated showers working their way in and all this is courtesy of a trough that's trying to move in across the area. it's weak but still going to be in place as we head through today also tomorrow. as long as this is draped across the area we will keep the chances slight in nature. chances for some showers to work their way in here for today. isolated and also tomorrow. but high pressure really going to try to do its thing. we'll see which one is going to win out throughout day. under the clouds still talking about the very tropical pattern and what we are looking at we are still looking at tropical storm actually it is hurricane
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leslie right now. not looking too good. we still have some sheer that's encountering this and it's going to be staying away and atlantic as well. out into the that's a hurricane. that's going to be staying away from us. we like to say that. and then we have the chance for some showers to work their way in here throughout the day and that high temperature coming in around 90. hot humid with the isolated shower, a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. good morning. good morning lynette. good morning everybody. pretty easy commit thus far. just have some construction delays out there. in fact 695 western loop rather we're starting to see some delays and our speed sensors knocked down to around 36 miles per hour. just know that they should wrap that up a little after 5:00 this morning. you get more towards the north at 795 and 695 split and some road crocosmia low you up this morning. -- construction may slow you up this morning. otherwise a pretty good commute. and the counterclockwise split at 702. just be aware of that since speeds are being knocked down at this hour. outside we go for a live shot.
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the 695 at harford road approach looking pretty good. 695 and belair is looking pretty good. everything looking good on my end. megan? >> we like to hear that. if you thought the celebration of 1812 was over, well, all the tall ships is when they pulled out of inner harbor think again because this weekend the celebration continues. it's a "star-spangled banner" weekend and sherrie johnson is live this morning at fort mchenry. what's going on this weekend? >> reporter: let me tell you something. if you are a big history buff you know this weekend, this is the place to be. there's something for everyone. we're talking about maryland's oldest holiday. defenders day. i am here with my favorite person, ranger vince here this morning. we're already having a good time. like 4:30 in the morning. good morning. so nice to see you. >> good morning. good to see you. >> reporter: all right, so let's talk a little bit about defenders' day. you know for those folk who is don't you know know a little bit. >> it commemorates the writing of the national anthem and the saving of baltimore from the
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british attack in 1814. the saving to have city and the writing of the -- of the city and the writing of the "star- spangled banner." >> reporter: tomorrow at 5:50 p.m. what are some of the things that people can get involved in? >> on friday, at federal hill, we're going to fire the cannon because that was the alarm gun. that's how it started the big weekend and then we're going to march through locust point right here in you know, right here near fort mchenry and that will be at 7:00 in the evening. if you're busy on friday don't worry. come on saturday. we have things going all day long. we have childrens' programs and you have like you know young kids can have wooden muskets and march around. hold and open up the big flag. if you're a bookworm we have authors like burt comero. and we have the pride of baltimore ii, the pride is back, baltimore's only tall ship is going to be here. if you like tall ships we have that. and then we have the living
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history people. about 120 of them and women too. men women and everything and you get a cross section. sailors and everything filing canyons and fifes and -- firing cannons and everything and fifes. and then in the evening, 6:00, free. >> what's free? >> united states -- 6:00 in the evening, saturday evening united states naval academy band and when we go into the big fireworks show and a ship to shore bombardment. >> reporter: excellent, real quickly there you have a cannon ball. >> getting ready to load the guns man. >> reporter: you have to stay tuned for 5:00. we're going to fire a cannon ball they're going to teach me about folding the flag and we have a lot coming up in the 5:00 hour. reporting live here at fort mchenry. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> cannons and costumes looking forward to it. five things no know before you head out the door the morning. jury selection is underway today in the corruption trial of former detroit mayor kwame kilpatrick. he has argued he can't get a fair trial in the city of detroit because of the area
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being biased against him. a judge today is expected to order the army psychiatrist charged in the deadly fort hood shooting rampage to have his beard shaved which could trigger yet another delay in this upcoming murder trial. major nidal hasan is accused of killing 13 people back in 2009. this hearing is to determine how a federal relidge jus freedom law applies to the case. this election day just two months away the federal voting assistance program acting director patch him ill holds a presser today. all in preparation for the upcoming elections. the mtv music awards will be held in los angeles tonight and viewers will get exclusive access from live stream feeds that will be available online and this starts at 6:00 tonight. comedian kevin hart is hosting tonight's event. it is officially orange pump thursday. so today everyone being encouraged before you get out
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the door to wear some orange in support of the orioles. baltimore county is going to get involved in this. the orioles and yankees as you heard charlie talk about earlier. they are at the four game series starting tonight at the yard and game time by the way 7:05. throw on some orange if you have some. all right, some pretty scary moments to tell you about for people who live along the coast of costa rica that's because of the earthquake there. we've got details on how powerful this was and what's being done to clean up the damage this morning. >> plus, a close call for a little girl in china. how she managed to escapeling and what could have been a -- escape from what could have been a tragedy. ñ[=
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