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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 6, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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making headlines around the world this morning, a powerful 7.6 earthquake shook costa rica and a wide area of central america. so far no reports of any injuries or any deaths and so some buildings have collapsed in the area. it was down for a while in a lot of areas of that country.
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the earthquake hit just west of the capital and a tsunami warning was issued after that to three countries. close look at video in china captured a very close call for a little girl. a 3-year-old was trapped and this happened underneath the front of a bus. you can only see her head and her torso. reports say the bus lost control when it basically dodged on coming cars and plowed into a roadside garden. that little girl had been riding a bike on the sidewalk and landed underneath the bus. firefighters were able to get her out. she was not seriously injured despite how dramatic that video is which is incredible. always glad to hear that somebody is okay. i like your orange. >> i love your orange. >> i know we're in the spirit of things and a lot of people who are heading down to the yard are going to want to know. if that rain can stay away and the humidity. >> i know the humidity is going to be here. i think we're going to be dry for the most part. maybe an isolated shower but nothing that's going to disrupt anything. we're going to be in the spirit of things and the bottom line is that the orioles are going to win through the even.
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>> i like your forecast. >> i do. i do my best. let me show you what's going on with the weather right now because we have a few showers on maryland's most powerful radar as of now. and we can see i'm going to go ahead and zoom into the area where you could be this morning. maybe you're heading out the around and also around huh lock and easton light rain this morning. a break in the action and some sunshine in here as we go throughout the day. but as you step out the door this morning, you're heading to the bus stop with the kids, well, that temperature coming in at 78 degrees. it's going to be muggy all day long. and also we're going to get hot as we go into the afternoon with that temperature coming in right around 90-degrees. lets get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. good morning. good morning lynette. good morning everybody. let's get you right into it and just again a couple of construction delays out there and bring you to the big boards and show you there's one construction delay the right lane closed on 695 near eastern boulevard. so that's knocking down our speed sensors below 65 miles per hour. we can't take that spot and you know what? we'll go outside and take a look and it's a beautiful shot
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at 695 at harford road. really not much happening on most of the area roadways. another check on traffic in less than ten. patti labelle cement ld a lawsuit. this one is two years old. what the singer was accused of doing that had one mother filling charges against her. >> plus, a tough year for a lot of people in and many had to go without. we're going to tell you how many people went to bed hungry last year.
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consumer news for you this morning, we all shop for groceries and most of us always looking for ways to save money. shop smart magazine recommends apps like push pins and grocery iq. they basically allow the whole family to think of the shopping list and then scan the ideas to a digital coupon. not a bad idea. so shop smart says that though the coupons are great, some of the most common popular ones are for things like cookies,
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snacks and processed foods. so you have to use them in moderation no matter how good a deal looks. the president is set to take the stage at the dnc tonight. we have the late fest north carolina. good morning -- latest from north carolina. "good morning maryland" at 5:00 starts right now. the government says it's out of control. now it's time to do something about it. what's happening here in maryland to prevent the spread of west nile virus. he gave us what we wanted. football. back in baltimore and this morning, keep art modell in your thoughts, the baltimore icon is in the hospital. and baseball's ironman returns to camden yards. the living legend statue for cal ripken unveiled just before the o's take on the yankees. a live report coming up this morning. clearly charlie out live again at camden yards. somebody is excited about tonight's game. and we'll check in with him and a bit and in the meantime if
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you are headed downtown to go cheer on the o's you probably want to know how the weather is looking. over to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning everyone. we are looking pretty dry for the most part so we will continue that trend as we go throughout the day and also we'll get a little bit of sunshine in here it's going to look more like it did jed and the day before that. an isolated shower or storm is possible in the afternoon. the green spots indicative of rain showers this morning. very light in nature. 270 you are going to be seeing some wet weather there especially in virginia. rossville trying to get on the edge of light rain this morning. then over to the eastern shore around federalsburg dealing with some moderate rain there. huh lock more of the same and also around easton. this is temperatures in baltimore this morning. 75-degrees and that dew point is at 67. so yes, the muggies out there once again for today. and this is your hour by hour forecast as we head into 10:00. 81 degrees and 86 degrees by lunchtime. a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike
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masco. good morning. good morning everybody. pretty easy commute thus far, most of thecrossings looking pretty good. the fort mchenry tunnel everything is fantastic and how about the harbor tunnel rather looking good at this hour? one construction delay to bring to your attention. sinclair lane both directions at edison highway we have some tie-ups due to the of night construction. and most of 695 on the western side of town dealing with some construction right at liberty road. outside we go for our live shot and we'll take a look at 83. york road things are looking good at the present hour. your drive times looking stellar right now. 695 outer loop from 795 to 95, that's an 11 minute commute. route 43 to 695 do that about four minutes. more about the traffic in less than ten. megan? when you put on the ravens' jersey you can think art modell. he is the man who brought football back to baltimore and this morning he's not hospital said to be in grave condition.
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the 87-year-old purchased the cleveland browns back in 1961 and then moved the franchise to baltimore in 1996. that move made him a hero in this city. he sold the minority interest to the team to steve bisciotti back in 2000 and in april of 2004 bisciotti completed the purchase of the franchise. we will keep you posted with any developments on his condition. the mosquito spraying will begin in baltimore county tonight. this is all in response to the recent spike in west nile virus. abc2 news linda so joins us right now with the details on when the spraying is going to begin. >> reporter: it's scheduled for tonight in the millford mill neighborhood, workers with the department of agriculture will splay for mosquitoes. the spray is designed to kill mosquitoes that carry the virus. the cdc says 2012 is on track to be the worst year ever for west nile in the u.s.. most of the cases are in six states right now.
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texas is the hardest hit. so far, 87 people have died from the disease. symptoms of west nile resemble the flu. >> the mosquito is a key here, it is the victor, it's the part of that chain that takes the disease from the bird. and it bites a human and passes it on to the human. without the mosquito you break that chain. >> reporter: now if you live in the area, you're advised to stay inside while the spraying happens tonight. each street will be sprayed once. linda so, abc2 news. all right. president obama will close out the democratic national convention with a speech that's happening at 10:00 tonight. however, last night he got a pretty big boost from former president bill clinton. he hold the democratic national convention that -- told that t democratic national convention that president obama is offering a better path and he also said the republican ticket promotes a take all you're on your own mentality that's contrary to the democratic party, their ideals. >> we democrats, we think the country works better with a
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strong middle class with real opportunities for poor folks to work their way into it. with a relentless focus on the future with business and government actually working together to promote growth and broadly shared prosperity. you see? we believe that we're all in this together. is a far better philosophy than you're on your own. [ cheering and applause ] >> clinton painted the biden ticket as one that's based on shared prosperity and shared responsibility. the president will not speak at the open air bank of america stadium as previously planned. now moving the speech indoors to a smaller venue because of possible thunderstorms expected in that area. well, tonight sit is going to be a big night at camden yards. not only are the orioles set to open a four game series with the new york yankees tonight, but they are also going to be honoring baseball's ironman. cal ripken jr.. charlie back at camden yards this morning. later today the statue will be
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unveiled. charlie? >> reporter: yeah, megan the statue itself for cal ripken jr. is covered right over here and you can't really see it from our position right now. there's a tarp over something and a very large spotlight on it so obviously you know what that is. now the man you just mentioned former president bill clinton he was here at the ballpark 17 years ago tonight when cal ripken became major league baseball's all time consecutive games leader at 2131. he was in the booth in the 4th inning when cal ripken hit the home run that was a part of that game. the president was once again a big hit in charlotte last night and he was back in the ballpark 17 years ago. ripken became major league baseball's all time consecutive games lieder passing lou gehrig on this date 17 years ago and tonight the orioles are honoring him with their living legend statue series. you got jack, you got frank and you got eddie and even got jim palmer up there.
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what better night to do it than when the orioles take on the yankees in game one of the four game series that's going to be for the division playoff race that we're in the middle of right now. before the game all about cal. >> even though he retired almost ten years ago a little over ten years ago now, you know, people still recognize cal's name no matter where you go across the country. and even around the world. certainly the impact he had on the game transcends just baseball. >> reporter: monica says gates are going to open at 5:00 tonight and the ceremony at 5:15. there's going to be a pre-game only field ceremony at 6:20 prior to the first pitch at 7:05. the game tonight here at the yards is a sellout. but bar low is saying if you make your way out to the ballpark, if you have that ticket, be patient because they're expecting a big crowd. now megan coming up later on "good morning maryland," we're going to take you back 17 years and show you the memorabilia that was handed out the night cal broke that record. >> all right charlie looking forward to it and we'll check in with you in a bit.
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the countdown to the ravens' kickoff begins tonight. come out to mchenry row. the cheerleaders are going to be doing a meet and greet at the green turtle at locust point. that starts at 6:00 tonight and then tomorrow is the first official purple friday. and the festivities will start early and end late into the night. that caravan all over the city and if you want to meet up with them we have a list of the stops all available on the website. check it out on a new study about nfl players and brain injuries which players which most likely to suffer long-term consequences and what's being done to help players in the future. >> we are here at fort mchenry with more on maryland's oldest holiday. defenders day. i'm sherrie johnson and i'll have more on the events you and your family can take advantage of this weekend. >> it still feels tropical outside with the dew points in the 70s. i'll tell you when the more
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comfortable weather returns coming up. >> and good morning, i'm mike masco. 695 and middle river looking good and most of the traffic looking pretty good at this hour. we'll take a look at some construction delays coming up on the other side of the break. [ harry umlaut ] the five stages of muller. suspicion: it's yogurt, how good can it be?
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this weekend sit all about remembering the -- it is all about remembering the bicentennial of the war of 1812. hang on because abc2 news' sherrie johnson is live this morning down at fort mchenry with all the festivities a busy weekend and i like your hat! thank you so much megan. >> i tell you it takes you back a day in history here. these rangers are so nice to come out and help us talk a little bit about this. we're talking about maryland's oldest holiday. defenders' day and this morning i have rangers vince talking to us here a little bit. first of all, this hat. what's that called? >> that's a cap or a shako and it was worn by the soldiers in the war of the 1812. >> reporter: what's it all about? >> baltimore's oldest holiday commemorating the saving of the city from british attack in 1814 and the writing of the
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"star-spangled banner." baltimore the star-spangled city. >> reporter: and tell us a couple of things that folks' families can get involved there this weekend to commemorate this. on saturday, fort mchenry from 10:00 to second quarter the pride of baltimore ii the tall ship is going to be here at fort mchenry. we have the state-of-the-art visitors center and you can go through that. 120 living history reenactments and activities for kids. i mean wooden muskets and swords and paper dolls the whole gambit. we have people dressed up as the women from baltimore at the time. not just guys in swords, it's everybody. really cool. >> reporter: this is so exciting and you know what? now we have to show -- now what is this here? this is a musket here. and we're going -- ranger jim is kind enough he's going to demonstrate shooting the musket. go ahead there. >> and that will be almost as loud as the fireworks -- >> reporter: that was pretty loud there. so they used the muskets --
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>> that's right. during the battle of north point shooting at the british. but the fireworks on saturday night. you have to come here saturday night for the fireworks and the ship to shore bombardment and the united states naval academy back. >> reporter: there's something to see and do for everyone. what a great time. thank you so much. you handled that pretty well there. good job. good job. all right. >> that was the plan. >> reporter: it was a blast. all right, we got more coming up at 5:45. reporting live here at fort mchenry. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> we know what she's doing this weekend. and of course we want to know what the weather is like, here's meteorologist lynette charles. weather for the weekend megan not too bad and not too bad for today. for today it's going to be out in full force. the cloud cover also this morning out in full force and along the eastern shore this morning a few showers and also some fog out there. so as you head out and about take it easy on the roadways if your travels are taking you in that direction. temperature-wise we are warm. we're mild this morning. 76 degrees in annapolis.
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good morning to you. hanover at 72 and woodbine right around 70. 71 westminster as we look across the eastern shore we're at 77 in cambridge and close to 80 there and chestertown good morning, you're at 73. so this is the scenario. this -- this trough. this trough here this dotted line? this is going to plague us as we go you this today and also -- through today and also tomorrow because with that that's why we're going to keep the chances for showers in but then back to the west we will have a cold front that moves through and that will begin to slice through the area by saturday. and we'll begin to drop the temperatures also as we head to the beginning of next week. so we're definitely going to be dealing with some more comfortable air. we take you to the tropics and we have hurricane leslie right now the winds sustained at about 75 miles per hour and still moving very slowly. not a threat to the u.s. and then we have hurricane michael. this is the first category 3 hurricane season of the season. no -- of the season. no threat to the u.s.. the future trend not picking up on a whole lot. more of the same tomorrow.
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and then that hour by hour forecast looks like this. through 3:00 this evening, or afternoon rather i'm going to go with 90 and isolated shower and this is what it looks like on the seven day forecast for you. as we will get cooler, nice day for the ravens' game on monday. let's get a check of the traffic now with mike. good morning. good morning lynette. good morning everybody. up to darlington route 1 we have an accident being reported. police on the scene with this and again tying up parts of route 1 at this hour and also between castleton and sheriffs dale roads. an accident in darlington along route 1. down towards the south 695 as you head into the key bridge and also road construction ongoing. that has been -- that has knocked 695 down to one lane after quarantine road. outside we go for a live shot and a look at 695 and harford road. things looking good on most of the beltways and most of the construction will be wrapping up in the next 15, 20 minutes. they're going to get going and prepare for the morning's commute. here's 695 at mile marker 146. little light volume at this hour and more about the traffic
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coming up in less than ten. megan? the hard hits sustained by players in the national football league they may have a lasting impact on brain health. and now a new stud did finds professional football players certain juans may be at higher risk of death from diseases that damage brain cells. researchers studied 3500 former nfl players and they were split into two groups. the speed group that consisted of quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers and linebackers. then the nonspeed group that was made up of offensive and defensive linemen. the results show players in the speed group were three times more likely to die from a neurodegenerative brain disease than the nonspeed position players. all right, she is known for her voice. but this morning, it's a court case that's getting her attention not her talent. what singer patti labelle is accused of and how much she's paying to close the case. the president is at the main event at the dnc tonight but some hollywood stars are expected to take the stage
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first. we're going to tell you who they are when we come back. ñ[=
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singer patti labelle agreed to pay $100,000. this all to settle an issue that's two years old. you see a mother filed a
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lawsuit against the singer accusing her of verbally and physically assaulting her and her child in manhattan. the woman claims the incident ended with la bell dousing the mom and 18-month-old girl with water. patti labelle denied the allegations, there was a jury trial but the case was thrown out after an agreement was reached and she's paying the money to be celted. big names expected to speak today at the democratic national convention and we're not talking about president obama. actually hollywood now lending some of their star power. actresses kerry washington have been secretly scheduled to speak and according to a tentative schedule provided by a source to cnn, actress natalie portman was rumored to also attend. however, her rep says she is not going to be there. i guess we'll have to wait and see tonight. there's another car recall that you need to know about this morning. why ford is recalling even more of their escape suvs. this is the third time they've
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done this. >> and some shocking numbers to bring you about food shortages in this country. we're going to tell you how many people went without anything to eat. the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner. "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub away tough, dried-on stains. hey, do you guys think i'm "momtacular" or "momtrocious"? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. now with the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser.
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we have a warning from the ford motor company this morning. this is for owners of the 2013 escape. they're recalling the suv and this is for a third time because it improperly installed a part of a trigger that could actually trigger a fire in the engine. in july, ford recalled nearly 1200 of the same car and that was because of a fuel line defect. ford says this recall isn't as severe, however, they say you should get your car checked out nonetheless. well, more than 80 million americans rather 50 million american, excuse me couldn't afford to actually buy food at some point last year. chirp in some four million -- children in four million households suffered from food insecurity. that's last year with their families unable to provide them with adequate nutritious food at times. many families had to reduce the
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amount they ate saying the food they bought didn't last and they didn't have enough money to buy more. well, two teenagers are in trouble this morning trying to rob a wal-mart. however, these guys, they did get some points for creativity. also ahead this morning more on who the teens were impersonalling while pulling tough -- impersonating while pulling off the crime. >> animals do some strange things. what this is all about, poor skunk how he ended up in a pretty tight squeeze. >> good morning everyone, topping america's money, there's new evidence the housing recovery is picking up steam with homes selling more quickly. in july the median listing time was 69 days, last year it was 98 days. a warning if president obama's -- from president obama's former budget director. he predicts the u.s. will go over the so-called fiscal cliff next year telling cnbc he expects tax increases and spending cuts before washington
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cuts a deal. fans are really coughing up big bucks see nfl games. a new list shows what people are saying resellers, number one? steelers at the cowboys in december almost $480 a pop. finally a federal appeals court says that shoe designer christian louboutin can trademark the distinctive red soles. that's what makes the soles pop. that's america's money, i'm paula faris.
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he has been a hero to baltimore, he gave us something to cheer about once again. this morning, art modell is in the hospital. we'll have the latest. and get ready to see some gold


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