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tv   News  ABC  September 6, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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citation changed her life for the better. we'll explain why on this thursday morning. thanks so much for joining us, we are going to get the all the news plus charlie out there live but in the meantime, mike masco is checking out the roads and harm is looking at -- lynette charles is looking at the weather. >> pretty good. but the humidity still going? >> still going out there so the hair is not looking so good. >> pretty good. >> yeah. >> good to see me and oh gosh. we look at maryland most powerful radar as of now and we still have a few showers pushing in around the eastern shore moving out over dover just to the shutoff dover right now some heavier rain across that area. but further south to the south we go and we can see around southern maryland and princess anne and crisfield dealing with a nice shower around that area. definitely need some more rain around the area. off and on showers through the day and mainly dry though so just berepared for that.
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isolated showers in nature. a stray shower. 70 degrees right now for our temperature in myersville. nottingham coming in at 72. so temperatures are on the warm side once again. and then you factor in the humidity and we are going to be feeling it. this is what you're hour by hour forecast looks for into 3:00. 90-degrees but feeling hotter than that. let's get a check now of the traffic with mike. good morning. good morning lynette. good morning everybody. we have an issue that just popped off the wires 695 at 95. now this is 95 southbound where it interchanges with 695. we have an accident and we are expecting some lane blockage due to that. again especially on 95 southbound and watch it and put it on the graphics for you in the next traffic hit. also a wreck to the north of town, this is right at 95 northbound past riverside parkway. that's an accident that had just moved other to the right shoulder. another accident route 1 in both directions closing route 1 down between castleton and sheville road. outside we go for the live shot
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and we'll take a look and things looking pretty good. 9 at 3 # normal volume for the early hour and a look at 695 at harford road. we'll watch this camera because this is where we'll see the first indication of some backups due to the accident on 95. here are your drive times 695 outer loop from 95 to 83, that's an 11 minute commute. megan? all right, finally baltimore's baseball town once again tonight the orioles will unveil the fifth in its living legend series and they are monoing the ironman. -- honoring the ironman. charlie back down there live at camden yards with the story and charlie important date in history. >> reporter: a wonderful date in history. 17 years ago today megan cal ripken jr. became baseball's ironman at 2130 games consecutive games played without taking a day off. imagine doing your job that day. going to work for over 2,000 days in a row and never calling in sick. but cal ripken he did it. and in 1995 he became the all time leader at 2131. tonight the o's are going to
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honor the ironman by unveiling the statue in the living legend park. cal is fifth. so cal is going to take his place among them. some things you need to know for the game tonight. gates are going to open at 5:00 and the ceremony around 5:15. then on the field ceremony at 6:20 tonight just before first pitch against the yankees. we talked to monica about this today. the game tonight is a sellout. a lot of people coming out to the ballpark here in downtown baltimore. be patient and take your time because a lot of people are going to be wanting to get here. coming up here we're going to go back to 1995. also a piece of commemorative memorabilia detailing just how long cal played that's coming up in about 15 minutes. megan? >> remember we want to see your orioles' pride so send us those fan photos. send them to and put orioles in the subject line and you can always check out
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the fan pictures on the slide show section of our web page, you can't say it. that's where you can find it. all right, you know have another carrier to choose from flying out of bwi. spirit airlines begins service and it stars today and it's going to fly from bwi to dallas/ft. worth as well as fort lauderdale. the new carrier comes on the heels of the busiest month in airport history. all right, well, remembering the bicentennial. that's what it's all ant. the war of the 1812. you might feel like we already did this earlier this summer. and then those tall ships sailed out? it turns out the celebrations aren't over. abc2 news' sherrie johnson is live this morning at fort mchenry with all sorts of festivities for the family and that little flute i hear right? >> reporter: i mean it, this is so wonderful here. we're talking about maryland's
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oldest holiday. defenders' day. i have ranger jim and tim and vince here. now good morning to you. first of all let's talk a little bit about the day and also the bicentennial the war of 1812. >> this year, 2012 is the 200th anniversary of the start of the war of 1812. we're commemorating the successful defense of the city and the write of the national anthem in 1814 but don't wail until 1814 to get your 1812 on. come this weekend and get in the game. >> reporter: all right and let me ask you something. there's a lot of things going on. what can families take advantage of? >> okay so on saturday when you come to fort mchenry and we have stuff on sunday too. we have activities for the kids and wooden swords and muskets and unrolling the full sized flag. cannon firings. if you're bookworm we have guest authors like the new "in full glory reflected." really really cool. we have the star-spangled commemorative coin for sale. then we have the pride of baltimore ii, a ship and you
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can come tour that or maybe day sail in the afternoon. then in the evening after 6:00 we have the united states' naval academy band and then -- a ship to shore bombardment and a fireworks show. i mean what don't we have this weekend? >> reporter: exactly. it sounds like it and really quickly we want do go ahead and fire this musket here. this is all these things you can catch. wow, this weekend. way to go out with a bang. huh ranger vince? you know that. >> check our website. >> reporter: thank you so much. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> all right there's no doubt about it nobody likes to get a traffic ticket but in one case is south carolina woman is actually crediting a citation for changing her life for the better. she remembers the drive home from school one day a state trooper pulled her over more than a year and a half ago. she was over 400 pounds and couldn't get it across the frame. she says getting that ticket prompted her to lose more than 200 pounds. >> i'm sure that's a lot of things that led up to that
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point. but that ticket was like -- reality in my face. and -- i don't know if i would have done it as quickly if i didn't get the ticket. >> she didn't have surgery and didn't take pills to lose the weight. she says she just changed her diet and she started exercising a lot more. lady marmalade has to fork over a lot of cash. just ahead patti labelle says she didn't to anything wrong but -- do anything bushes paying tens of thousand -- wrong bushes paying thens of thousands of dollars if a settlement. ahead how those who loved michael clarke duncan will say good-bye. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for...
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public and private memorial services will be held for michael clark duncan. the oscar nominated actor passed away monday in los angeles where he was being streeted since suffering a
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heart attack from july 13th. a public viewing will be held on sunday in hollywood hills. private services will be held on monday according to a family spokesperson, the 54-year-old duncan was engaged. there's word this morning that singer patti labelle agreed to pay $100,000 to settle a lawsuit from two years ago. a mother accused the syringe of verbally and physicallysy salting her and her child in new york. the woman claims the incident ended with labelle dousing the mom and the young daughter 18 you'll with water. labelle denied the allegations and attorney for the accuser says the $100,000 payment will be donated to charity. all right, the video pretty tough to watch. however, some say it is shedding some light on what could be police brutality. a teenager and an officer both on camera, we'll tell you what happened and what's being done now that this sid owe has been release. >> the president will address the nation but we're going to talk about who he's sharing the stage with.
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some serious star power there. the big celebrities expected to shine at the dnc. >> and the heat and humidity will be on tap for today. but there's some relief on the way. i'll have that answer for you coming up. >> all right, i'm mike masco. we're going to take a look at 695 and 95. we have a report of a crash but our cameras are looking pretty good. we have another issue in baltimore city. we'll talk about that coming up. [ harry umlaut ] here we go. [ sally umlaut ] what? the five stages of muller. ah yes... stage one: suspicion. "it's a yogurt, how good can it be?" stage two: revision. "actually, this ain't bad." stage three: surprise! "look at this cool cornery thing! i love this stuff!!" stage four: desolation. "it's gone!" stage five: anticipation
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thursday morning, thank you for joining us, time for the abc2 news to go, i'm megan pringle, the latest with the weather right now and lynette charles who has been busy. and it is humid out. >> it is megan. it's very humid out there this morning. and it's going to continue to be so as we go into the afternoon. maryland's most powerful radar picking up on a couple of areas of some showers this morning but mainly lot of spots dry. so as you head out and about just be prepared were that but also heading to virginia harrisonburg and also front royal in washington, realington and standardsville and also getting in on the wet weather this morning. then over towards the eastern shore, southern maryland, princess anne and poke poke city all getting in on the heavier rain and heavier
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downpours this morning. this is what it looks like outside right now in mount airy we're nice and dry tying to get a little bit of sunshine in here. as we go through the day temperatures are really going to heat up but in mount airy 70- degrees with the dew point of 68. we're feeling it. lunchtime sun and clouds and 86 degrees and very hot as we head to 3:00 p.m. 90-degrees and it will feel hotter than that with the humidity. good morning everybody. we have an issue on 695 at 95 southbound. we are getting a report of an accident but here's the thing if i pull up one of the network of traffic cameras, we're not seeing a delay or any kind of a tie-up in that place. we'll have to watch it and so far, we're just getting that off the wires and then a lot of congestion has been picking up between catonsville and 95 southbound where we're starting to see volume beginning to pick up. in fact i want to go over to the cameras and show you that. that's 695. this is the closest at will kins avenue and starting to see the volume picking up this
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early hour on this southbound side the outer loop. switch cameras over to 695 at harford road. we'll take another look at traffic coming up in just a little bit. megan? the man who brought football back to baltimore is in the hospital this morning. art modell at johns hopkins reported to be in grave condition. the 87-year-old is a baltimore icon. modell purchased the cleveland browns that was back in 1961. moving the franchise to baltimore in 1996. that move maid hem a high row here. he sold the minority interest of the team to steve bisciotti back in 2000 and in 2004 the bisciotti completed the purchase of the franchise but art modell remained passionate about the ravens often taking the golf cart over to practice. however we are being told all confirmed reports are that he's in the hospital this morning in grave condition. wore working the phones right
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now. new this morning, is haw ford county's sheriff deputy is dead. right now there's no word on the cause and the name of that deputy has not been released. conowingo road closed at this point between castle roads and we'll keep you posted and put more information on the report said that his gun was being -- that his gun fired and he was being assaulted. this all happening by a teenager. well, this morning surveillance video actually shows a different story. abc2 news linda so is on this story telling us why prince george's county police officer there might be in trouble. >> reporter: well, the police officer and his partner were actually an patrol when they saw the teen walk into a gas station. the officers thought a robbery was about to take place and they followed him into the store. no crime was committed but what happened next is raising a lot of concern.
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you can see the 19-year-old ryan dorm enter the frame first. then the officer with his gun drawn swings his right hand and hits dorm in the face with his service weapon. the gun fires and a flash goes off. the incident happened back in february. as dorm walked home after leaving that gas station, the officer corporal taylor wrote in his official report that the gun fired after he was being assaulted by dorm and the teen reached for his weapon. >> you have a handful of police officers in pg county that's -- you know, just as worse criminals as anyone else. >> reporter: now the teen was arrested and all charges were eventually dropped. but he still served four months in jail. >> all right, what about that officer? anything happen to him? >> reporter: last month the officer was actually charged and meanwhile the police chief is vowing for more transparency and eliminate police brutality. more about the case. linda so linda so reporting, thanks so far temperaturing in -- linda so reporting. thanks so much for coming in. if you live in baltimore
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county one neighborhood right now being sprayed for mosquitoes. it's happening tonight. the maryland department of agriculture will spray the millford mill area. this decision comes after a recent human case of west nile virus in the county. now the cdc saying this morning that 2012 right now on track to be the worst year every for west nile virus in the united states. so far, 87 people have died from that disease. all right, are you on the bandwagon? if not hop on board because there's still room. tonight the o's and yankees are meeting at the yard for a four game series that really could be the most important of games with this magical season evenings appreciationed so far. charlie has not left the yard since yesterday morning and out there again sporting the orange. a lot of stuff happening tonight basses the game. >> reporter: so much going on for the game tonight. it's just so fortuitous it's happened for the o's. also it is september 6th.
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17 years ago today, cal ripken jr. became baseball's ironman. this was a handout given at the game in 1995 when he broke that record. this, a shot from cal's first game. this is in 1982 and then off to the side this was this game that was 2130. the very next night what we have here on september 6th that became 2131. also some tickets that were given that night 17 years ago when cal broke that record. why are we talking at in? tonight the orioles are going to unveil the statue here at the ballpark for cal. it's going one of the legends series and cal ripken jr. is going to be done tonight just before the game here at camden yards at 5:15. they're going to honor baseball's ironman with his name and his image forever immortalized in bronze. >> you know, you routinely and current players what is one of the baseball records that will never be broken? and almost all of them will mention cal's streak as one you know that just is going to be nearly impossible for a player to break.
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you know i think the longest active streak is maybe 300, 400 games. nowhere close. >> reporter: nowhere close to what jr. did. the game a sellout tonight. so the orioles are telling fans be patient because this is a thursday night sellout. a big game and big event prior to. megan? >> all right charlie. thanks so much. all right, football fans gearing up for the ravens' home opener, that's monday night against the bengals. however tonight ravens' cheer lead will be at the green turtle to autograph the swimsuit calendar. the par city starts at 5:00 and autographs will begin at 6:00. tomorrow the caravan is going to be traveling all oh baltimore. if you want to know where the stops are we have everything on the website at the team invites fans to show their purple pride and keep that if mind when getting dressed tomorrow. five things to know as you head out the door on this thursday morning. jury selection officially gets underway tonight in the corruption trial of former detroit mayor kilpatrick.
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kill pat rake argued that he can't get a fair trial in detroit because the area is biased against him. tonight, before the president takes the podium at the democratic national convention, you can see all your pop culture going on. that's because mtv video music awards happening in los angeles. that starts at 8:00 tonight. today amazon set to announce new products and they could announce a new kindle. this comes one week after the company said it is sold out of its kindle popular. if you're in glen burnie you can enjoy a meal at gino's now. the burgers can chicken because there's a new location opening today on richie highway near fifth avenue. in 1957 former colt players founded gino's and its location the very first one was in baltimore. the president is the main event at the democratic national convention tonight. but hollywood is certainly lending some star power. actresses scarlett johansson and kerry washington have been secretly scheduled to speak.
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that's according to a tentative schedule provided by a source to cnn. we are warm out there this morning and humid. we can see these temperatures in the mid 70s in annapolis and also cambridge. denton at 74. 71 in chestertown and we're at 70-degrees in woodbine and also westminster this morning. out in bel air where we are seeing plenty of cloud out there. a few peeks of sunshine throughout the day. the trend has been for the past couple of days for the sun/cloud mix and i believe we'll see more of that through time. the satellite and radar picking up on a few showers to the south of baltimore this morning. scattered in nature. that's what we may see as we go into the afternoon. part-time going to call it more isolated as woe go through game time. so we should stay dry for the most part. the reason why i have to keep the chance for the showers in is well, we have this trough of low pressure. it's at the surface and with that it could keep us a little bill on the unstable size even though high pressure is beginning to build in. to the tropics where we're dealing with hurricane leslie and also have hurricane michael
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right back out here. hurricane leslie not doing anything that's going the stay bay way from the -- to stay away from the u.s. and so is hurricane michael although it's a category 3 hurricane a major what's going s year. on on the future trend not a whole lot. that's some good news as we play the -- the o's play the yankees tonight. and we are definitely going to win out on that. but what's happening through the next several days here, things are looking pretty good even into the weekend. a couple of showers but we will get cooler as we head into monday. a check of the traffic now with mike. all right, thanks lynette. good morning everybody. let's get right to it and we are looking at some issues right now it's maryland 100 at 177 mountain road. we're dealing with an accident. we have some closures down there. just be aware of that. this just came off the wire, as you come into fort mchenry tunnel, the northbound section of 95 we have a disabled vehicle starting to slow things up and speaking of slow volume picking up big time. speed sensors down to 30, 40 miles per hour at 695 near catonsville. outside live and show you 695
6:56 am
at will kins avenue and still moving at this hour. the 695 at harford road camera showing up volume picking up on the outer loop. with the extra police presence at the dnc, some of them are doing what they can to help keep themselves a litten entertained on job. look at this. for some cop that is means busting a move. -- cops that means busting a move. there we go. directing traffic. a lot of people are smiling. >> great fun thing to watch. >> the image of -- is changing forever. >> i got to say he does have some moves. and people attending the convention. they say it's nice to see people slowing down enjoying something a little bit different other than politics. so look at that guy getting into it too. i see a trend now. we have to talk to the folks down at downtown baltimore see if they can do a little move. >> i like it. >> well, all right, thank you for joining us.
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