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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 7, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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that's what's making news in america this morning. p. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday. have an even better weekend. thanks for joining . you're watching the station that works for you "good now, good morning maryland. when you put on your purple thank art mow deal. he gave us football and so much more. we will tell you how to pay your respects. >> it will take sometime is what the president had to say about the economy. did he make a case for keeping his job? >> west nile sounds like something so far away, but it's right now in our backyard. it's been another death the result of that virus. we will tell you all about that on this friday, it's september 7th good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. happy friday. >> purple and orange friday. >> what did you go with. >> o's and ravens and weather we have got to have a good
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weekend, lynette. >>it solution. orange or -- i knowit solution to the problem -- i know. i have the solution to the problem orange or purple, i have them both. we are dry around here, traveling to pennsylvania, you will deal with severe thunderstorm warning across the area. and we are going to be mainly dry as we go through the day. we are looking pretty good for the game tonight as we look at temperatures right now coming in at 68 degrees easton at 66. frederick at 69 degrees. and the winds are calm for the most part. they may pick up more out of the south throughout the day. not a bad day except we are going to get hot. it's a little humid out there. and we are waking up to patchy fog this morning. and as we go into lunchtime, the temperature at 86 degrees. and we are going to go with the sun-cloud mix throughout the day. let's check the abc2 time savor traffic -- timesaver traffic
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with mike masco. >> reporter: construction delays. east of town and that's 695 at maryland 702. morning construction that's ongoing. that's going to start to wrap up during the course of the morning. we will see they take down the cones after 5. the 695-95 approach near exit 64 dealing with construction this morning. and finally out toward the west, right around 70 at 695 and this is aring highway 144 some construction tying up the speeds. we will show you things look pretty good on 695 at harford road. another check on traffic. news time 4:32. he had so much generosity and vision and courage. he is the person that we can thank for the ravens and every thing he did for the community. art modell passed away yesterday and it's your turn to say thank you and good-bye. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live with how you can pay your respects and they want people
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to come down there. >> reporter: they sure do. they are hoping for a huge outpouring and art modell's caskets will be on the field right here at m and t bank stadium on saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. it will be a silent tribute and they are asking folks to wear purple. and the lombardi trophy will be right by his side e passed away -- he passed away early yesterday morning at age of 87. he brought our beloved ravens here from cleveland in 1996 and hosted the lombardi trophy as owner in 2001 and his influence was bigger than football. he and his wife pat donated millions of dollars to charities in the city including the school. johns hopkin high school and modell impacted the nfl but particularly left a mark with number 52. >> he's one of the most awesome man i met in my life and for me to know him, i know the guy had a real plan. for me to meet a manlike that
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with all the impact he had on the world, so, it's hard losing someone that powerful with that much influence. >> reporter: now modell died of natural causes and his family and ray lewis were by his side. that tribute will be held on saturday right here at m and t bank stadium from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and you are asked to wear purple. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. some of the friends mourning art modell are members of the ravens marching band. the ravens are a hand full of the team with the marching band and you can thank art modell with that. a member of the colts band continued to march until modell brought them back when football came back to baltimore. >> mr. modell came to baltimore and adapted -- adopted the bandto show his support. he was devoted to the band.
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>> the band stayed together until the ravens came together in 1996 adopting the band was a nod by modell to the football history. from the owner of one team to another. peter and lows is-- angelos is speaking out saying art modell was the visionariy and pioneer whose impact on the game continues to this day. he and his late wife pat were as committed to philanthropy to professional football in baltimore and beyond. he was a national football league visionary and that's what he is saying. thank you to him. so that statement coming from pert angelos. >> and governor o'malley reacting to the passing of the former baltimore ravens owner saying in part he was respected by his players and beloved by family and fans. he brought the game and spirit of football to baltimore. he said he helped invigorate
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baltimoreans with pride in their team and set sety. >> they want you to head down to the bank this weekend. nearly 2,000 people across the country infected with the disease. we are talking about west nile virus and there's a fight here in maryland. >> here in maryland there's been one confirmed death as a result of west nile and now word of another confirmed case in baltimore county. christian schaeffer shows how the county is trying to prevent the virus from spreading and possibly threatening you and your family. >> reporter: 5-year-old cousins know what the mosquitoes are after. >> so they can have something to eat so they can drink your blood. >> reporter: and they wish the bloods would. >> drink something else. drink some juice. >> reporter: that's not likely to happen. but now, itchy bugs are the least of the worries here. there are concern of the millford millionaire yeah that a bite could bring much worse. >> the neighbor came over and
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wanted to give me a reminder they are going to spray and wanteverybody in the house. >> reporter: spraying because a confirmed case of west nile virus means west nile carrying mosquies are here. the state agriculture department is doing the bug equivalent of a carpet bombing. >> the goal is to get rid of the breeding bites to reduce the number of mosquitoes in a concentrated area. >> reporter: west nile cannot be spread from person from person but only through mosquitoes. the spraying could last into the early morning hours and the girls are hoping that the mosquitoes won't be around longer than that. >> and you can help no matter where you live by getting rid of standing water around your home and blocked storm drapes and potted plants. anywhere water can gather, get rid of it. experts say long sleeves and bug repellant will be good
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ideals for you and your children. abc2 is working helping to keep you informed about west nile virus. we have a special session on the webbing -- section on the webside devoted to the diseaseso you can read up on the symptoms and deaths nile vile rouse and that is weather story and that's one of the reasons they say it is so serious. >> people need to be extra careful when it comes to things like this. we take it for granted mosquito bites are nothing and that's not the case. >> you need to protect yourself. temperatures are on the warm side once again and we are dealing with humidity. as we look at temperatures in westminster at 70 degrees this morning. 67 in hanover. 65 in mitchell. good morning bel air at 69 and we are at 66 degrees in denton over on the eastern shore. galena at 67 and tillman 75 degrees this morning. also dealing with patchy fog as you head out and about. we have it all for you. now the humidity is out there but it's not going to be as
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humid as it has been but dew points in the upper 60s. we look at the big picture and this is what we have. we are looking at still the remnants of isaac off in the gulf. we have a 30% chance of this developing into a tropical system as we go through the next48 hours and it would be nadine if that happens. we will break it down and talk about what to expect as we head into game time. all that is coming up. over to you. 4:39. after two weeks of party conventions in florida and north carolina, now back to the campaign trail for president obalanca and gop challenger mitt romney. after the big night at democratic convention, he will be campaigning that's the president, for the first time this year with first lady and the vice president also the vice-president's wife dr. jill biden. brandy hitt is in charlotte north carolina with a look at how the convention came to a close. >> reporter: as president obama accepted the democratic nomination in charlotte, he asked voters for another four years.
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>> you elected me to tell you the truth. and the truth is it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that built up over decades. >> reporter: he told americans frustrated with his first term there are two different paths to choose from. >> we can get more tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas or we are start rewarding companies that open new plans and train new workers and create new jobs here in the united states of america. >> reporter: he even threw a few punches at mitt romney over foreign policy. >> you might not be ready for diplomacy with beijing if you can't visit the olympics without insoughting our closeist allies. >> reporter: joe biden laid out attacks while defending the president. >> this man has courage that's so compassionate in his heart and a spine of steel. osama bin laden is dead and
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general motors is alive. >> reporter: the night was full of celebrities performances and tears. as former congresswoman gabby giffords delivered the pledge of allegiance. >> liberty and justice for all. >> reporter: at the end of the night, the president hit home his same message from 2008. >> if you share that faith with me, if you share that hope with me, i ask you tonight for your vote. >> reporter: with the party now over the campaign continues. both the obamas and bidens are heading to new hampshire ahead of the august jobs report and unemployment rate is expected to remain unchanged. brandy hitt abc news charlotte. if you haven't done so start pulling out the purple because it's purple friday. >> it is. coming up, a live report where to catch the purple caravan as ballmore gets ready to cheer on the ravens. >> and you are not only going to see purple today but a lot of orange, too. the magic the orioles have
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brought back to charm city.>> reporter: that's the 895, 95 split. construction and latest coming up. we will take you to boston. hey, let's take a look. beautiful shot this friday morning. we are back with more good morning maryland coming up.
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4:44. thanks for joining thus morning. birds of a feather. we are on cloud 9 from the orioles and now we are getting pumped for the ravens. so what a great way to say thank you to art modell than to put on your purple and celebrate the ravens. that's what linda so is doing live with the caravan. it's early right now linda but i know there's a lot plapped for today. >> reporter: just -- planned for today. >> reporter: listen to this. can you hear the music? >> i can. >> reporter: we are in hanover and they have the lights up and the workers are out here putting up decorations getting ready for the first purple
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friday of the season. joining us is chico. he is getting the breakfast table ready. cheerleaders are on their way. they will be with us in the next half-hour. you are a huge fan. >> very huge. >> reporter: excited? >> very excited. i been waiting for it since last year. >> reporter: and you said last week, you are like the biggest fan here and you did everything to get the decorations up had. >> yep. i did. i took it upon myself to decorate the placement we started with the cheerleaders and we did have a bike show and car show put together with the cheerleaders and guest appearances. i figured, hey, why not. set it up and get it ready for tonight too. >> reporter: you guys opened for business this morning at 6 a.m. and you are going to have the breakfast table ready and you are getting it ready and you want people to come out. >> definitely. everybody should come and check it out. we will have, again, ravens cheerleaders come up here too and special guest appearance by
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rainous maximum mouse. >> reporter: awesome. today is the first purple friday of the season. the ravens caravan kicking things off at cancun cantina in hanover. they will make stops throughout town all day heading to m and t bank branches and one in owings mills and one in white marsh and crumb yacht at verizon store and -- columbia at the verizon store and they will go to 20 rs giving out special prizes and making special appearances. but it starts here this morning at 7:00. business here at cancun cantina starts at 6 a.m. so come on out if you are a ravens fan and help us get ready. linda so, abc2 news. the race for the an o's october is on. baltimore continuing the four- game series with new york is going on tonight first pitch at 7:05. half the night we had high drama in the late innings. after blowing a 6-1 lead it's gone to bed and you may have
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cringed but with this ball club. no fear at all. the collapse -- no feel of a collapse and adam jones goes deepp that's reynolds a dozen home runs in the past month. o's game569. now it's 8-6 and davis says gentlemen we are not through ander going deep to right. game won, o's win 10-6 your final. they move back into the first place tie with new york and al east. game 2 tonight 7:05. sure to be if not a sellout, pretty darned close. we are snapping a picture of lynette with the orange and mike with his orange if you are wearing it we want to see it. log on to the facebook page and post the pictures and let us know what you and your family are doing to support the team. and doesn't forget to send in the pictures. again you can upload them on the facebook page or send them to news around the nation this morning. the search is going to continue in georgia for a couple accused
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of taking their baby to a armed robbery and police now say the duo was caught on camera. police say stopping the two before they strike again is the top priority. they caught them on camera hanging around a mall in atlanta. police say the couple was caught on camera a number of times before pulling a gun and robbing a number of people. detectives believe the couple are carrying changes of clothes disgeesing themselves following the -- disguising themselves following a robbery. a passenger was taken into custody after a tipster said someone on a u.s. airways flight may have explosives. the flight was on its way to dallas. man in custody was a target of a hoax. no explosionives were found on the plane. he was on his way to celebrate his birthday. so, happy birthday to him and an investigation is going on. and after deliberating for 14 hours a jury found drew peterson guilty of murder for the death of his ex-wife
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kathleen savio who was found dead in a dried cleaned bathtub a crowd was outside the courthouse cheering on the verdict. the former chicago cop faces up to 60 years in prison for that conviction. he is going to be sentenced november 26th. savio was his third wife. another dust storm over phoenix, arizona. it rolled in just as rush hour was getting started prompting warnings for drivers basically to pull over because they couldn't see. i believe this is called a haboob.look at the meteorologists surrounding me. the people can expect more rain and thunderstorms and does that mean more haboobs? >> say it with a little more ummph. >> how does the meteor out gists say it. >> haboob. >> reporter: that's how i say it. >> we have the panel of experts. >> reporter: just saying. >> nothing like that here but it's cool to see because you don't see something like that.
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>> exactly. get them in the desert and you will have them in phoenix. but today,. >> no haboobs here? >> just humidity that we will be dealing with once again as we step out the door this morning. but i can say that it's not as humid as it has been. so those dew points in the 70s, not so much. they are in the upper 60s to mid-60s for today. the satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. there is one thunderstorm that is -- does have severe limits on it. but that will start to die down as we go through time. so if you are going up to burks county you are looking at severe weather. but other than that looking pretty good especially as high pressure does its things for today. it's to the south and will work off toward the east. we will begin a to get a return flow around that. so temperatures are going to heat up. future trend is not picking up on a whole lot. the game looks good as we go. >> the 7:05. saturday afternoon we are dealing with some stormy weather. and for today, that temperature coming in at 09 degrees.
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-- 90 degrees. morning fog and hot with sun and clouds. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we will get you to the boards. if you are making a run into the key bridge, we have construction. that's knocking out one lane on 695 at quarantine road. and construction around 695 this morning as you head out towards 895 split and 95 southbound at 895. more construction on the west side of town 695. knocking it down to one single lane right near highway 144 at this hour. but we are expecting most of the construction to wrap up during the course of the morning and then again 659 beltway. this is on eastern side of town near 702 dealing with construction. outside for a live shot 695 at harford road looking good. we looked at 695 bel air camp looking good. a bosnian immigrant accused of plotting to attack new york subway system will be sentencedtoday. he was convicted of conspiracy and terrorism charges in connection with the planned
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suicide bombing attack in 2009. he faces a mandatory life in prison sentence when this happened. history set to be made at the pentagon with the national guard holding a change of responsibility ceremony. the defense secretary panetta will host the ceremony as frank graphs is the next chief of the guard. he is replacing general mckinley who is retiring. a status conference scheduled for today to discuss the transfer of access from the second mile charity has been canceled. judge granted the charity's petition to delay transferring $2 million in assets in closing the charity for good. three of jerry sandusky's victims objected to the transferred assets. the networks are coming together to do their part in the fight to cure cancer. stand up for cancer will air on all major networks and somecable channels beginning at 8 featuring performances by top musical acts and appearances from tv and film stars. candlelight vigil will be
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held in pasadena for jessica lee whose remains were found last month. she went missing in may. the vigil starts at 8:00. a young girl is found alive hiding under bodies in a car. >> the search for the person responsible for killing four people all of this in a. [audio not understandable] >> 25 soldiers died in turkey and we have details on the explosion that took their lives.
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