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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 7, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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this morning french police are flooring motive and suspects in a mysterious aare looking for a motive and suspects in a mysterious murder and death. three of the victims were found inside of a parked car. authorities say all three were british. a fourth person identified as french was discovered near that car. two young girls survived and police found a badly wounded 7-
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year-old and hours later found a 4-year-old inside the same car. they say she was hiding underneath the bodies of adults for almost four hours. both are in the protection of the hospital as this investigation continues. a massive explosion at a storage facility claimed the lives of 25 soldiers. turkish officials say it was accidental and it took place at a facility that stores hand grenades. four other soldiers were injured in the blast. time for a check on your weather which is going to be important this weekend because there's so much going on of course. the tribute to art modell happening at the bank and then you know,. >> the dragon boat races at the inner harbor. >> fort mchenry. >> o's of course and lynette, are you ready for this? >> i am ready for it i think i can do. this let's start you out with what's going on this morning. head together airport, temperatures at 69 degrees. visibility is reduced and we have patchy fog that sunrise at 6:41. as we head out for today, well, you are heading to the game it's going to be a good one. partly cloudy skies and
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temperatures at 58 with the winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles an hour. let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. issues on 895 northbound rather as you make your way into harbor tunnel. we are seeing speeds reduced that's because of long-term construction patterns that's ongoing. but this will wrap up after 5 this morning. also more construction related delays across-town out towards east side of town. this is road construction on two lanes closing down 95 southbound so they will reduce you to one lane approaching exit 64. another spot we will look towards the west of town in catonville construction related delays nearing highway 144. just off the 695. outside for a live shot 695 harford road looking pretty good. another chuck on traffic and the -- check on traffic coming up. the honor the city is giving the iron man cal ripken we have details of what fans have to say about him.
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>> health officials concernedregarding autism and symptoms of epilepsy and doctors say there may be be a way to control it. more coming up -- may be a wa
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it's revving up and getting ready to take on audubon. ford will sell the classic mustangs in europe. the mustang has a big european fan base and i am sure it does. and they didn't say when they will start selling the cars there but they say they are. so no word on whether or not the european model will be identical to the ones sold here in the united states. >> they do tend to change them a little bit when they sell them overseas. they have to right? well baltimore will tay tribute to art modell this morning. we have details coming up because the team wants you to show newspaper good morning --up. >> good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> you are watching the stationthat works for you, now,
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good morning maryland. >> remembering a baltimore sports ledge en. how to pay -- leng end. how to -- legend. how how to pay tribute to art modell. >> the o's taking game one against the yankees in this thrilling fashion. we have all the details. >> get your purple on. maybe a little splash of orange. nfl season kicking off. we are live at the ravens caravan on this friday i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. if you are thinking what to wear, you can take a cue from lynette charles. -- cue from lynette charles. >> orange and purple. yes. we love it. and you know, what i am smiling because the weather is going to hold up for the game this evening and also when the ravens play on monday. it's going to be absolutely stellar. so let's get down to business. maryland's most powerful radar is pretty much dry across the area. one lone shower thunderstorm up to the north around burks county that will exspire.
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it has severe -- expire. it has severe limits. and things will be improving going through time. we look at temperatures this morning in baltimore coming in at 70 degrees. and that dew point at 67 degrees so yes we still are dealing with humidity out there. and also we have patchy fog to talk about this morning as well. sykesville at 67 degrees at the dew point of 65. and towson at 64 and the dew point at 63 and this is forecast heading through the hour by hour. we are looking at about 10 the temperature coming in at 79 degrees. and lunchtime 86 is going to be a very warm day. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah let's go to the boards and remind you we have this little baseball game going on later tonight. so be aware 295 baltimore national pike we will be dealing with delays and 395 probably starting after 3:30, 4:00. people out there right now. we will expect a massive crowd down in downtown. so use light rail if you can.
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695 dealing with construction making are way into the key bridge and the phenyl stop toward the west near catonsville 695 dealing with construction related delays near highway 144. outside we go for a live shot. we will look at 83 at york road. things look good at this early hour. some drive times expecting a pretty good commute on most of our area roadways. 695 outer loop from 95 to 83. that's an 11-minute ride. another check on traffic in less than 10. now onto you. when art modell passed away yesterday, his son john and david were by his side and now it's your turn. the team he brought us they want you to show up and honor him. sherrie johnson is live this morning with all the details on what they are doing to help you honor art modell and the push to wear purple. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, the team is hoping for a huge turnout. you know, art mow deal's cas -- modell's casket will be here on the field on saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. this is a silent tribute to him and they are asking everyone ione to wear purple. now -- everyone to wear purple.
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art mow did he credit -- modell died yesterday morning of natural causes of johns hopkins hospital. he was 87 years old. modell is best remembered for his contributions to the national football league. he was the owner of the cleveland browns from 1961 to 1995. and the baltimore ravens from 1996 to 2003. he helped launch monday night football but was known for charitable work including 20 years of service on cleveland clinic board. he and his late wife pat weredevoteed to the arts. >> talking about personal -- devoted to the arts. >> talking about personal philanthropy and giving and caring. not that he just gave money and was so gracious that way. they would go to places. they game money to st. vincent's and to have a symposium on domestic violence and they would go out and be there as well. it wasn't just the giving of the money but they were
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involved and cared. >> reporter: now modell is survived by his sons and 6 grabbed children. once again that tribute will be held right here at m and t bank stadium on saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. reporting live from m and t bank stadium, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. birds of a feather we are on cloud 9. now we are getting pump med up not -- pumped up not just for the orioles but the start of the season with the ravens. >> what great way to say thank you to art modell. you can celebrate the and that's exactly what's going on this morning. the party is getting started with linda so live this morning with the caravan surrounded by purple lights and some fans who are willing to get up very early. >> reporter: linda what is going on out there? >> yeah. -- >> reporter: yeah very early and well worth it. here atthe cancun cantina they will serve up free breakfast. doors open at 6. look at this place. they have the purple lights and disco lights going and they have the banners up. they are ready to kick off purple friday and the new season. joining us is the owner tony
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you've been doing it for 18 years. excited about today. >> very excited about painting the town purple. >> reporter: tell us about the specials. you want everyone to enjoy free breakfast. >> absolutely. the cheerleaders and caravan will be here. free breakfast -- breakfast, bacon eggs and beer. >> reporter: have you been waiting for this to start? >> we have been excited. >> reporter: you seem to be huge ravens fans any predibs? >> i am hoping we will go all the way. >> reporter: and how -- we were talking about the o's and the ravens and it's just all coming together. >> yiel excited in baltimore. -- really excited in baltimore. really excited. >> reporter: anyone who wants to come out today what can they enjoy? you are getting ready. >> 6 to noon today. we open at 6 a.m. >> reporter: free breakfast until when? >> 11. >> reporter: the cheerleaders just got here. they will be with us joining us in the next half-hour. again, free breakfast here. doors open at 6 this morning and cancun cantina just so you know the purple caravan which
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kicks off today. they will make stops throughout town into the night and they will be giving away special prizes when they stop at about 20 bars and restaurants in the ar. so look out for them. again purple friday kicks off today. we will have much more in about 30 minutes. we are live in hanover linda so abc2 news. 5:07. baltimore city police will honor a fallen officer later this morning. officer forest taylor died in injuries he suffered in a car crash in february. he was critically injured at gillford and center streets downtown. his cruiser was hit by another car while he was responding to an emergency call. services for olor -- officer taylor is 10 this mork at the cathedral of mary our queen on north charles street. flags are flying at half- staff honoring corporal charles licato. he struck a guardrail before slamming into a tree. he was 14-year veteran on the force. and the sheriff's department
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will drape the headquarters and patrol cars and deputies badges with black in his memory. today the president is going to be campaigning in new hampshire with his wife. however, last night, he closed out the democratic national convention accepting the nomination for a second term. in the speech the president provided a picture of what he would like to do if elected again. >> we can get more tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas. or we can start rewarding companies that open new plants and train new workers and create new jobs here in the united states of america. >> president obama said it's going to take more than just a few years to solve the challenges they have built over a decade. switching gears to sports, the race for an o's october is on. they continue the series with new york. last night high drama in the late innings. after blowing a 3-1 lead in the 8th, you may have cringed but not this ball club.
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jones bringing it back his 26th bomb on the year. this is the bottom of the 8th breaks the 6-6 time and 7-6. mark reynolds says anything you can do coming up in a bit, i can do better. 12 home runs in the past month alone for the ball club. his second home run on the night and chris davis says you know what, i can do that too. he ices the cake coming up in a second. number 24 for davis. celebrations going on all around for reynold. how could you deny that. and here we go with chris davis sweet swinging and that reminds you of will clark. baltimore moves into a tie with first place. 10-6. it was a night honoring the ironman and the o's continuing the dream run and jamie costello is telling the ghost of baltimore he a baseball past you are back and so are you. >> reporter: you came back and pull the orange out of the closet and came back. >> okay, my gosh it feels grade. 14 years and you can get it
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done this year. >> reporter: on an omotion -- emotional day how about this moment. brooks and cal hero and hero. and the brother speaks. >> it's about a guy that cared about what he did on the field, cared about what he did off the field, and cared about how he did it on the field and how he did it off the field. he still does. thank you sir. >> reporter: he came back and draped the railing pointed out superstars in the crowd like earl and eddie and another star speaks. >> cal has exceeded all expectations not only as a baseball player, but as a human being. >> reporter: and for that, you get a statue. 17 years to the night he broke the iron horse's record the ironman gets his bronze. >> i am taking a lap around the ball park. >> reporter: he took a lap around the statue and orioles greeted the yankees with 4 home runs. what do you want from the club?
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to keep it going. >> it's pretty cool. >> reporter: it's cool you came back and are looking beyond new york and scooping up tickets for the tampa series and it's cool leak mason is lit up in orange. >> we need this. >> reporter: our city is alive you can feel it. great for the birds, to be back. >> that was jamie costello reporting this morning. orioles take on the yankees again tonight first pitch 7:05. seats available. but if you want to go to saturday's game check stub hub. the box office says no tickets. >> they are hard to come by and you have to pay a lot. >> see this? >> it's nice to see. >> it is fun. >> stay with us because as we have been talking about all morning long, with everything that's happening so many people are expected to show up at the inner harbor. and they are taking also to the water. >> going out into the inner harbor. a free view -- preview of the dragon boat races. get ready to row, row your boat. >> a study shedding light on the fight to save your life. what doctors are saying about
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how responders rely on cpr and how it could be better. >> and maryland's most powerful radar is mainly dry right now. i will tell you if that holds up through the weekend. coming up. >> reporter: things look good out there thus far. 695 heading to edgemere looking good at this hour. a check on traffic, weather and news all coming up again after the break.
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thanks for staying with us. an unusual sight in the inner harbor. >> you've ridden on the -- ridden on the dragon boats but how about the kinds you have to row. >> a crew of 22 will row in the harbor raising money for catholic charities. this year there are 36 teams competing in 8 different boats. the main embole is to help for a great cause but it helps the -- goal is to help for a great cause it also helps the teams taking part. >> every paddle hits water at the exact same time. >> so the dragon boat races will hit the water tomorrow morning at 8 and goes until 6. they will race from the world trade center to the science center 370 meters and 10,000 people are expected to come out. it's a big event free and open
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to everyone and pf you know anything about -- if you know anything about the cath lig charities they do great things for the community. >> i listened to what you said it goes noel 6. that's when the rain will -- it-- goes until 6. that's when the rain will come down. hopefully it will hold off and they can get that wrapped up. because we will start tomorrow on a nice note. let's check out what's going on because we are steadily clearing out for today. you can see plenty of clear skies this morning. a few showers that are beginning to diminish in pennsylvania making the active weather to the south. going to the south to the gulf of mexico we are watching the remnants of isaac. and if this becomes a storm, which the national hurricane center does predict maybe about 30% chance in 48 hours, this could be nadine the next named storm if it becomes a tropical system. now we slide out toward the atlantic we are watching double hurricanes here and the eye
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goes to michael where we are looking at a well defined eye still although this has weakened from yesterday. it was a category three storm. now aid category 2. -- it's a category 2. sliding towards leslie not looking healthy and not moving that much. very stationary and encountering dry air also here. we want dry air to come in here. but it won't do so until next week. what we are dealing with this is what i am talking about on saturday. showers and storms working their way into the area. it's going to be a wet half of the day. the latest half of the day and sunday looks good. we dry out nicely and this is what we have for today. by lunchtime, temperatures right around 86 degrees. and sunday's temperature at 80 and monday, the ravens forecast is stellar coming in at 77 degrees nice and cool. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: good morning. we will get you right to the boards and show you some drive teems across the area. we will take you over towards the east of the city from downtown baltimore to elk ring. -- ridge. about a 12 minute ride.
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taking a commute from 295 from downtown baltimore to laurel that should take you between 13 and 15 minutes. that's innedcation most speeds are -- indication most speeds are look good. construction related delays across-town west of town we are looking at one lay two lanes closed 695 tweep eastern boulevard and 702. outside for a live shot, things look good this morning. 695 at harford road. things good on the northern beltway. we will look at another shot and confirm for you a good commute thus far as we go towards the maryland 43 at this hour. we will look at the traffic once again show you drive times coming up in less than ten minutes. 5:18 and new research suggest hospitals may be giving up too easily when trying to resuscitate cardiac patients. a study looked at more than 65,000 cardiac arrest patients at hospitals across the u.s. researchers measured how long the hospital attempted cpr, if it worked and if patients lived to be discharged. i creasingly the duration of
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cpr could improve a -- increasingly, the duration of cpr could improve a patient's chances of survival. researchers say they have found a rare form of autism that could be treatable. the researchers say mutation cos lead to a form of autism with epilepsy which could be treated with a dietary supplement. the "los angeles times" reporting that it comes from a gene that controls the breakdown of proteins. some gene mutations break the proteins down too fast and that results in a severe form of autism. if it's treatable, then that dietary supplements could do the job. so the saying what happens in vegas stays in vegas. it appears it is true for a british royal. >> yeah an investigation intothe nude photos of prince harry. what popped up and it's happening. we will tell you why. >> all right. one of america's comedic couples taking a break. we will tilly. >> -- fill you in on the split of amy poeller and will
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aroundett -- arnett. are both of those people really funny? >> yes. >> ♪
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yeah, i dated a comma in high school. and there's juicy chicken hellmann's is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear hellmann's. bring out the best thanks for joining us on
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this friday morning. comedic couple will arnett and amy poehler. a represent for -- rep arnett says they are splitting. she stars on parks and reck vation and rose from fame from saturday night live he is known for arrested development and 30 rock. they have two young sons and we will see what happens. >> what happens in vegas will remain there at least for prince harry. britain's press watch dogs not going to open the pblycation of the -- an investigation into the publication of e nude e sun pictures and the unidentified woman folicking with him in the hotel room. frolicking with him in the hotel room. high-speed chase through the rain that end in a surprising discovery for police. >> we will tell you what they found inside a car as the chase came to a crashing stop and
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this is shocking. >> also ahead this morning, the elected leaders are used to verbal sparring but what about this? some say it's a new low. the toy turning the president into a punching bag. creators athey are not sorry. -- say they are not sorry. >> and temperatures above average going into the afternoon but a cool down is on the way. details coming up. >> reporter: we have construction delays we will talk about coming up on the other side of the break. [ female announcer ] over the last ten years,
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while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. thanks for joining us. the police chase that ended with a huge surprise for officers. a man was speeding down a wet road but when officers tried to pull him over, he doesn't stop. the driver crashes the car and runs away. the whole thing caught on dash cam video. when officers pull up to the scene they are shocked to find a four-month-old baby in the front seat of the car. they comfort the child who is amayingly doing okay this morning. police caught up with the suspect and he faces a number of charges. a controversial toy for sale at one kentucky store has some customers now fighting mad. they are stunned by a new product local hardware store
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has. it's a punching bag called the obama bop. the president has a bruised face you see for yourself right there. >> if you have different views than the president that is in office, it is the office of the president of the united states you have to show some respect. >> this is just a good comical item and that's all it is. it doesn't pick one political candidate over another. >> the store owner says the romney bop has not been made because there hasn't been a demand for it and here's thing, he is not apologizing for selling the product. >> we will put this question on the facebook page what you think of it. you think it's appropriate around the. we want you to weigh in. coming up, hell has no fury like a woman's scorned. >> that's right. >> is that right? now hey, you ask them and you ask one guy who was on a flight to texas and he -- >> the bizarre girlfriend his
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girlfriend made that caused the plane to turn around and he was in handcuffs. >> and back to school means back to fun for one mom. her fancy footwork now hitting the spot. you've got to see this. do we have to see this? >> >> reporter: good morning topping america's money the big focus every first friday of the morning but today's august employment report from the labordepartment carries extra significance so close to the presidential election. optimism about jobs and progress on the european economic crisis helped fuel the powerful wall street rallych the dow jones 234 points in overseas markets heading higher. and you probably seen credit card come on offering payment protection for emergencies such as losing your job, those expensive and often unnecessary plans are under fire for misleading marketing and now u.s.a today says many card companies are ditching those protection plans. and finally, talk about a loyal employee. 92-year-old rose syracuse is retired from macy's in new york after 73 years.


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