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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  September 14, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome to "world news." and tonight, there is breaking news. now, a major attack on an american base in afghanistan. two marines dead, martha raddatz standing by with the latest. also tonight, coming home. the solemn return for the four americans killed in libya. the caskets brought off the plane, the president, the secretary of state, their families waiting. while overseas, those fiery protests continue to spread. now, in 30 countries. our team, on it all. then, on wall street, the comeback. tonight, the sky high close, the highest week in five years. tonight here, the math on your 401(k), the number then and the number now. the royal fight. buckingham palace suing over those photos of kate. prince william defending his
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wife, as the palace remembers what happened to his mother. >> hi, david! >> and made in america is back, and the simple question tonight. is the next million dollar invention sitting right in your home? tonight, you're going to say -- why didn't i think of that? good evening. diane is on assignment tonight. and we do begin here with breaking news. we are learning just moments ago of an attack in afghanistan. two u.s. marines have been killed. we don't know if it is related to the same anti-american protests raging in the region but it comes on a day when america witnessed a somber co homecoming. sean smith, glen dougherty, tyrone woods and u.s. ambassador chris stevens. their kas gets met by their
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grieving family and president obama. we'll have more on what the president and the secretary of state said to the families and to the nation in just a moment. but first, back to the latest on the afghanistan attacks we're learning of. martha raddatz in washington tonight. martha, what do we know? >> reporter: this is what we know right now. it was a big attack on camp bastian in southern afghanistan. this is a base divided between a british side and an american side and it was a complex attack, involving many militants. as you said, two marines killed, three or four wounded and two harrier air draft damaged. the attack was carried out with rockets and small arms fire. it is apparently coming under control now, though, david. >> and martha, as we said at the top of the broadcast, we don't know if this is related to the unrest in the other part of that region. but we learned late this is the same base where prince harry is
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serving? >> reporter: it is. but on the other side, we believe, where the attack occurred. and we don't know whether this had anything to do with that anti-muslim film. >> all we know at this hour, two u.s. marines have been killed. we'll have more on this throughout the evening. we spent the afternoon reporting on that very somber homecoming for the four americans killed in libya. >> reporter: we certainly did, david. as you said, there hasn't been an ambassador killed in a violent attack in over 30 years. it was ambassador chris stevens' flag-draped casket that was first brought off the cargo plane. u.s. marines making the sad, solemn walk to the hanger where the families, the secretary, the president waited to honor all of the dead. >> four americans, four patriots. they loved this country. and they chose to serve it and
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served it well. they knew the danger and they accepted it. they didn't simply embrace the american ideal, they lived it, >> reporter: for secretary clinton, it was personal. >> i was honored to know ambassador chris stevens. chris won friends for the united states in far-flung places. he made those people's hopes his own. during the revolution in libya, he risked his life to help protect the libyan people from a tirnt. >> reporter: she spoke of all those lost when the benghazi consulate was attacked by armed militants. sean smith, the technology specialist, who leaved two young children behind. tyrone woods, a former navy s.e.a.l., the father of three little boys. and his fellow former s.e.a.l., glen doherty, a beloved son and brother. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies
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over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. it is hard for the american people to makes sense of that because it is senseless. >> reporter: but the message of today was not just of grief. it was resolve. >> so, we will wipe away our tears, stiffen our spines and face the future undaunted. >> reporter: indeed, the state department is in crisis mode, sending additional security to embassies around the world. david? >> martha, thank you. and martha, as you know, the reason for all of that concern tonight is this. an eruption of protests, big and small. in fact, 24 hours ago, in five countries around the globe, tonight, more than 30 countries. two more u.s. embassies stormed, even the new president of egypt, a member of the muslim brotherhood now calling for calm in his country.
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abc's lama hasan is on the ground in cairo tonight. lama? >> reporter: david, that anger and those protests are flaring up again tonight. the protectoll us or thes are seething with anger, all aimed at america. in cairo today, the u.s. embassy under siege. running battles tween protesters hurling rocks and security forces firing back tear gas and water cannons, using a newly erected concrete wall to defend the embassy. what is it that you want right now? >> a promise from the american government that that will not happen the next year or any other year anymore and all governments stop disrespecting muslims. stop disrupting our religion. >> reporter: it is fury fueled by that online movie mocking the prophet muhammad. in tahrir square right now, we have crowds gathering. they are carrying the islamic declaration of faith, "there is no god but allah and muhammad is his prophet." today, the protests spread
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across the globe. in sudan protestors stormed the u.s. embassy before being stopped. this after setting the german headquarters on fire. in tunisia, black smoke billowed from the u.s. embassy after protestors attacked it. two protestors killed. in yemen, the crowds torched. in lebanon, crowds torched a kfc restaurant and broke the windows of a hardees. all this just as the pope arrived to the region, spreading a message of peace and tolerance. back here in cairo, it is clear the violence could have been worse. after president obama called egypt's new leader mohammed morsi, morsi reversed course and urged the protesters to hold off, saying, "it is required by our religion to protect our guests and their homes and places of work. so i call on you all to consider this, consider the law, and not attack embassies." not all the protesters are listening to the president's call for calm.
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tonight, near the u.s. embassy, street battles rage on. david? >> la ma hasan, thank you. and that phone call that was mentioned between president obama and egypt's president, helping to diffuse some of the tension today, a window into the kind of high stakes negotiations under way at the white house. so, here is abc's chief white house correspondent, jake tapper. >> reporter: president obama worked the phones, calling the leaders of nations where posts were attacked, from libya to egypt to yemen, pushing for them to ebb sure security is in place to protect americans. this afternoon, president obama notified congress, he was sending combat equipped marines to libya and yemen to protect american interest. >> even in our grief we will be resolu resolute. >> reporter: and the president made a promise. >> we will bring to justice those who took them from us.
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>> reporter: but the obama administration faces questions about whether it was prepared as it could have been. if it missed any intelligence. why was there not adequate security around ambassador stevens? >> there was a security presence. it was, unfortunately, not enough to resist the attacks that we saw. and resulted in the tragic loss of life, but there was security. >> reporter: and the white house said the attack seemed to have been motivated by the anti-muslim movie, but on capitol hill, members of the senate armed services committee said it seems more serious than that. >> they were a well-planned and professional terrorist act against the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> reporter: david, one other development today. the national security council here at the white house has reached out to youtube to find out if their posting of that anti-muslim film violates the terms of use. david? >> of course, sparking so much unrest. jake tapper at his post at the white house. jake, thank you.
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all of this, of course, unfolding in an election year. american voters have been watching president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney. how they're handling this, how they're reacting to it. and tonight, for governor romney, new numbers he's facing, as well, in key battleground states of florida, ohio and virginia. we can show you the map tonight. and in all of those three key battlegrounds, president obama is now, in fact, pulling ahead. this is key. we want to turn to jon karl to tell us more about what's happening tonight. jon? good evening. >> reporter: good evening, david. it looks like president obama got a real boost out of his convention. and now, mitt romney is scrambling to catch up. for the romneys this morning, it was all laughs, as they taped an interview to air on tuesday's "live with kelly and michael." >> what does mitt wear to bed? >> really? >> i didn't write the question. i promise. i didn't write the question. >> yes, he did. >> i hear the best answer is "as little as possible." >> reporter: but when it comes to the campaign, it looks bad for romney. worse than at any time since he
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clinched the republican nomination in may. first, those new polls in ohio, virginia and florida. they're the three biggest battleground states and romney is tanking in all of them. and the big picture is even worse for romney. take a look at this. the eight states abc news lists this week as tossups. romney is trailing in every single one of them, according to real clear politics, a website that averages all recent public polls. why is he trailing? romney is losing his biggest advantage. on the economy, voters in ohio now say obama would do a better job. he may have hoped to gain ground after lashing out at the president, but the move backfired. today, romney struck a different tone. >> and i'd ask that you might each place your hand over your heart in recognition of the bloodshed for freedom by them and by our other sons and daughters who have lost their lives in the cause of america. >> reporter: no political attacks, just tribute for the four americans killed in libya.
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jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> jon karl reporting in from washington. our thanks to you. we're going to turn to the economy tonight, the driving issue -- you see there, up 286 points for the week. last night here, we reported on the fed and so we want to bring in bianna golodryga. felt chairman saying keeping rates down until 2015 and the markets responding. >> reporter: the markets responding. the market touching near five-year highs. we did the math. if you still have $100,000 at the market bottom in 2009, today that would more than double to $208,000 in your 401(k). huge jump. >> the big question tonight is, can this kind of rally continue? >> reporter: most of the sources i talked to say not at this pace. a lot of this was due to the announcement. bernanke did say the economy is slowing down. plus, we have the election
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coming up and the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. a lot of uncertainty there. >> bianna, thank you. we shift gears now to those photos and the firestorm overseas. the royal family suing a magazine in france. abc's bob woodruff is traveling with the royal couple. >> reporter: the royal couple put on brave faces as they left the malaysian capital today to tour the jungles of borneo. but there's no escaping the uproar over the topless photos of the duchess and the couple's decision to sue the french mall sooeb that published them. abc news will not show the pictures but learned the couple were told about them just before visiting a local mosque. the pictures are said to have been taken at this remote french estate -- where william and kate spent four days on holiday just before the start of this trip to asia. royal officials called the invasion of privacy "grotesque and totally unjustifiable." adding it was "reminiscent of the worst excesses of the pres and the paparazzi during the life of diana."
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>> you don't normally get those kinds of comments on the record. that strength of feeling behind those words shows just how angry they are. >> reporter: it was 15 years ago that princess diana left a hotel in paris and sped away from paparazzi in hot pursuit. she was killed when her car crashed. the paparazzi hasn't changed much but the cameras they can now buy are powerful enough to take images up to 800 yards away. >> with the lens i have on here, i have the ability to focus a full three still blocks down onto an elevator shaft, filling my entire frame with that. >> reporter: in the end, the royal couple felt their privacy was so violated by these photos, they decided to take a stand and sue. david? >> bob woodruff tonight, thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news" this friday night. in fact, this question. could the next million dollar idea be sitting right inside your home? tonight, the latest mom to show us her made in america invention. and so many parents out there
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and her husband steve believe they're onto something. this video says it all. not the ice cream, but what the kids are wearing because of it. bibs. big ones and hike tech ones, too. the idea, mom came up with on a plane trip. >> my kids were a mess. i was a mess. and i had nothing left in my bag but wet, sticky clothes. >> reporter: she turned to her husband and wearing a fitness shirt, wiped it off with that. the mess came right off. >> i was like, why are you wiping clean and we're disgusting. >> reporter: so, she began her hunt for nontoxic fitness material. chef began testing all types. and where did she test it? on her children. >> i wore them on my kids. i just cut fabric on the table. >> reporter: she made them and sold them on the internet. this is my uncle richie and he's running production. >> hi, david. >> reporter: now, she's hoping her uncle will have tell p. and she's asking the sharks for it, going on the new season of "shark tank," hoping they bite on her made in america idea.
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>> the stuff i bought from china, the toxins my kids were sucking on, i couldn't morally do that. >> oh, my gosh! how are you? >> reporter: perhaps she'll have success like the other moms we've met. >> oh, i get a hug, oh! >> reporter: spartanburg, south carolina, and the daisy cakes. her mother, watching. how am i doing? tonight, kim has hired a coo and a cfo and she's sold 1,000 more cakes since then. $300,000 in sales. and there was tiffany, with her ava the elephant. she invented that character that delivers medicine to children. remember when it landed at cvs? she told us today it's been picked up by, safe way and kroger. now, hope those bibs are not only on susie's kids, but soon on a store shelf near yu. we are pulling for her. by the way, the new season of "shark tank" starts tonight on abc.
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award to muhammad ali in his role for fighting for civil rights and religious freedoms. hundreds watching from the lawn of the national constitution center as his daughter laila there draped the medal on her father. his wife speaking for him as he clutched the medal in his hands. >> it is especially humbling for hum h muhammad. >> while we were on the stage with her, describing the moment with one word. overwhelmed. when we come back on the broadcast, after receiving those images today, that homecoming, there was no question who we should name our "persons of the week." but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better.
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i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ] and finally tonight here, our "persons of the week." as we watched those four caskets arrive home today, we realized that there are thousands of unsung heroes, diplomats, all over the world, working in some of the most dangerous places on earth. and so, tonight, they are our "persons of the week." they are the americans, 9,210 state department employees, serving overseas. serving at the forefront in that push for hearts and minds. looking to help so many others around the world, enjoy the freedoms that we do.
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>> hola! >> hi, i'm piper. >> my name is nancy powell. >> reporter: theirs is not an easy job, to prove that america is a friend. who we are, what we stand for. each and every one of them, an ambassador in their own right. >> all over the world, every day, america's diplomats risk their lives in the service of our country and our values. because they believe that the united states must be a force for peace and progress in the world. >> reporter: for many, their posts in the most violent spots on earth. the places we see, afghanistan, iraq, yemen and pakistan. they also risk their lives working in places we rarely see, nigeria, venezuela, suzanne. 326 foreign service servicers have died in the line of duty. four more names to be engraved.
6:58 pm
the president and secoretary of state. >> my name is chris stevens. >> reporter: chris stevens was so proud having given libya back to its people. so many there letting america now know they are against the attacks. chris stevens was a friend to them, and today, the president vowing that thousands of others like chris will continue his mission. >> we will never stop working for the dignity and freedom that every person deserves. whatever their creed. whatever their faith. >> reporter: and so we choose the brave men and women who continue their work tonight all over the world. thank you for watching. we're always online at a b abcnews.c the season premiere of "20/20," 10:00 p.m. eastern. i'll see you this weekend. diane back on monday. good night.
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