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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 28, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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folk in a little bit. we talk about this miraculous season by the orioles, we are quick to mention buck showalter, jones, weeder, you name it, but this are plenty of unsung heroes. brian kuebler is live tonight at the yard with one of their stories. >> reporter: when we come to the yard, we typically keep our focus and attention on the field. there is plenty of credit to go around for the kind of experience you have here at camden yards. >> before you can see this, you need to walk through this. whether at the gates, clubhouse or concession stand, these friendly faces are here to help. henry charlie and luther, when you put the three together, over a century of meeting and
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greeting with a smile. no matter who you are, or who you talk to, it feels good to be a fan. >> i will tell you right now, i can't believe the orioles are doing what they are doing. it's amazing. >> reporter: luther took a minute to show us a picture of his friend, steve, he made a few friends or two over the years, while manning his post here at the yard. sphwhrerler in theee -- earlier in the year, somebody said how do you feel about the orioles, i said i don't give a dam where they finish as long as they don't finish in the basement. >> reporter: henry worked par time at the yard and loves every minute of it. >> everyone of them is nice. there is none of them -- all these people are my family. >> reporter: thank god i'm a country boy is the song, and the two step is the dance.
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famous 7th inning stretch allows charlie to heel while making you laugh. >> i developed lung cancer, i'm a survivor of lung cancer and battling it now and taking chemo. this is good medicine for me. >> be nice, treat people like you want yourself treated and accept the person for what they are. there is no race, color or creed. i'm 80 and been doing that all my life. too late to stop no . >> reporter: overcoming 14 years of losing, obviously, hails in comparison to taking on cancer he is doing it with a little bit of the orioles magic. coming up at 6:00, we will speak with the new voice of camden yards this year. we are going to hear from an old voice as well. that's coming up on abc2 news at 6:00. live downtown, at camden yards, brian kuebler, abc2 news.
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>> are you the biggest o's fan out there? brian kuebler is a huge fan. prove it, though. we are holding a fan photo contest ends tonight at midnight. log on to maizing. click on the photo contest and submit your picture. there are red light cameras around the city, stephanie rawlings blake wants to make sure they are being used as effectively as possible. establishing a special committee to review the traffic enforce. centers, according to a study, people living in baltimore found disobeying traffic laws is a more serious problem than property crime. mayor wants the committee to find better ways to better protect pedestrians and kids in school zones, there will be 8 people from various departments. he is a pint sized pooch, smuggled out of the animal resource foundation. for two days, workers at the shelter prayed for mango's return and last night the prayers were answered.
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don harrison explains how they got the pup back. >> reporter: that's all allison wanted when she found wut one of the puppies were stolen. sometimes wishes come true. mango, the one stolen, returned, is reunite ed with his family. >> he ran over to his mom and wanted to nurse. >> reporter: somebody called and said, they had mango and wanted to bring him back. it wasn't the person who stole him, even though the reward was a thousand dollars, they wanted to remain anonymous and did not want the reward money. none of that mattered to everyone at the animal resource foundation. they wanted mango back. >> it's too hard to believe somebody would walk out with one of our babies. >> reporter: she was showing mango to a couple when they stole him wednesday. she was devastated by the canine thieves. >> he was still weaning from
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his moe. we were worried about him. >> reporter: mother, his brother and sister, everyone is happy to have mango back now. >> ecstatic. could have been a moment too soon for him to come home. we are over the moon. >> reporter: some think maybe good can come out of something so bad. >> as horrible as it's been, a lot of people have found out about our organization, and about rescues in general. >> reporter: since the reward money wasn't used someone suggest they had buy a security system. that's not necessary, someone stepped up and going to donate one. with mango, and his brother and ster on kent island, i'm don harrison, abc2 news. >> they are going to stand in line to get the dog. mango will be ready to adopt out to a loving home in a couple of weeks. horses were rescued from a farm in washington state. deputies shot video of the seizure. some were standing in a foot of
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manure. the issue is the cost of the county to care for the neglected horses. a decision has been made to dip in to the emergency fund for $40,000 to care for the animals. >> it's the cost of doing business. if they are doing to make it illegal to treat animals in a cruel and neglectful manner, we have to enforce that. >> the attorney for the family who owns the farm says his client loves the horses and worked everyday to keep them safe. the presidentable debates are days away. both candidates are doing cramming, how they are prepping for the big night that could impact how you vote.
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in consumer news, apple's ceo is admitting the new version of the mapped application has a few problems. tim cook is apologizing for glitches with the program.
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previously e phones and i pads used google maps. some of the designations are off target or incomplete. apple engineers are working nonstop to fix issues. in the meantime it maybe better to other mapping programs. people are needing as much canned soup as we have in the past. campbells is closing two plants to cut back on costs. one plant is in sacramento, california, the other in new jersey, 700 jobs will be cut. another day and more canceled flights for american airlines, this despite a call from the pilot's union to stop delaying flights intentionally. sick calls forced cancellations nationwide all of that happening during an on going labor dispute between american and pilots. the aligns sent an apology to people in the loyalty program.
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we have a special program for high school students who want to become journalists. the team media project, we are accepting applications for the season. you got to hurry. the deadline is october 1st, read more about the teen media project and a copy on the website at media. do you have the need for seed? are you ready for a wild ride? we know where you should be this weekend. charley crowson goes driftings you can too. plus it's the newest game show if town. one of your neighbors will be on let's ask america. p
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now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> bel air, showed you this earliers look at the holes in the clouds this afternoon. we saw sunshine that allowed for the temperatures to get in to the 70s. ellicott, same deal, upper 70s. look at the blue sky, here comes the clouds this place through the course of the evening. brand new high-definition camera, looking out towards the east, we are looking at clouds rolling back in to the picture. shot downtown, we are at 75 degrees, things look good, look at daytime highs today. quite the contrast, 79 at bwi. oakland was a struggle to get to 60 degrees this afternoon. easton, hot spot 82 degrees. ocean city 76. 78 down at packs river. mild afternoon, that's it for the 80-degree temperatures at least for the next 48 perhaps 72 hours as we will see cooler air coming in to play. dew point numbers have also
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been knocked down. you notice more humid back over the eastern shore, dew point numbers in to the 60s. you could see rain showers around from easton, towards the eastern shoreline. high-definition satellite showing the clouds in place through the course of the evening. planner reflects the clouds that will stay with us. 71 through the course of the evening. chance of a spotty shower. nice wake up, 57 degrees, on our way to the low 70s. the weekend overall looking good. here is maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we are seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms, we have been watching arundel, through pg county, seeing the spot showers, annapolis, you could stand to see a few scattered showers. bigger storms down over virginia. mouth of the chesapeake, towards virginia beach, severe warnings that will cross over
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in to north carolina, along the virginia split. notice again, our weather is over michigan, cooler, drier air in to the weekend. we have our eyes on the system, not for the immediate 24/48 hours, but beyond in to next week, a lot of moisture that we are going to work with, a storm, a testimonier hurricane over the pacific, this is the moisture that will come up the eastern sea board as we go in to tuesday of next week. we have the chance of scattered showers and maybe a big storm by the beginning of the week. speaking of a storm that will not go away. this is nadine, a category one hurricane. nadine formed 18 days ago. the 9th longest lasting storm in the atlantic. moving to the northwest at 7, try to kick this offshore to give you a reference, 2400 miles, east, southeast of ocean city maryland.
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it continues to pub towards the eastern atlantic. future trend shows us improving conditions in to the weekend as we will see a blend of sunshine and clouds. future temperatures showing us in to the 60s and 50s for tonight. we will boil the numb down to 56 in town. mostly cloudy, showers south and east. 72 degrees tomorrow. seasonable, around 73. the o's game saturday night, 50, partly cloudy and cooler. here is your exclusive forecast from the maryland's most accurate weather team, 72 saturday and storm we talked about for 6:00. this is our mobile app on i tunes and android. both presidential candidates are preparing for a series of debates, that could have an impact on the race for the white house. torey dunnan joins us live from
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washington. the work begun. >> reporter: the first presidential debate is just five days away. now the candidates are studying they are preparing and trying to lower expectations. >> senator mccain and president bush had a very different judgment. >> reporter: mitt romney and president obama are no strangers to debates. combined participated in dozens of debates over the past two election cycles. a lot is at stake this wednesday in denver. >> i would put medicare and social security in a lock box. >> reporter: in 2000, algore held an 8 point lead over george bush before the first debate. right after his lead vanished, the two were tied at 43. this year, each side is making efforts to lower expectations.
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this memo obtained, is written by romney advisor, beth meyers, she talks glowingly about the president's debate record, siting where americans declared him the winner over john mccain each time. you make your opponent out to be unbeatable, regardless of what is said, you can declare a victory of sorts. >> how are the candidates getting ready for the weekend? >> reporter: there is going to be a lot of studying going this weekend, mitt romney is going back to boston, actually you might remember he has been getting ready with rob portman, playing the role of president obama and portman took on the task of playing obama in 2008, helped john mccain during that
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time to prepare for the debates. mitt romney is using john kerry as a stand in, rather obama is using john kerry as a stand in and kerry has practice from his run in 2004. on sunday, obama is going to nevada where he is going to be practicing for the final three days. >> torey dunnan, live in washington, keeping an eye on the debate prep for us. in political news, throwing back a cold one may provide an insight in to how you will vote. the type maybe an indicater of your views. the study published claims republicans are more drawn to sam adams as far as democrats, think heineken. do you have need for speed? are you looking for something fun to to this weekend? you need to go no further than bob davidson ford, for a ride along, you are never going to
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forget. good morning maryland anchor, charley crowson got a taste of the extreme racing sport known as drifting. >> reporter: with its burning rubber, roaring engines and hair pinned turns , the sport of drifting may look like recklessness or eco run a muck. imagine if you did this for a living. >> it's like being in control of a roller coaster,rist amazing. >> reporter: this is what he does to pay the bills as two time world drifting champion from glen burnie. >> 800-horsepower engines screaming, inches from walls and opponents at over 100 miles per hour. it's caged insanity. controlled chaos. >> reporter: cars have always been a part of his life. when it came time to enter the real world and get a job, he had to figure out a way to continue financing his hobby. got microsoft certified. i was an it guy.
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it is what afforded me my hobbies. afforded me the ability to build my first car. once i had the car, and i just essentially chased the dream. >> reporter: that was ten years ago. today, he competes in asia and the u.s., and even signed his own car, the ford mustang, rtr. he says what is most amazing is -- >> i'm just a self built, self taught, guy, just like you. >> reporter: we do ride alongs with police officers and emt. we are going to do a ride along with vaughn today. while things outside the car look out of control, inside he handled the car perfectly and the ride was remarkably smooth. makes you wonder if he ever gets scared. >> inches from other cars and walls, and we are constantly on
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the razor's edge of going out of control. >> reporter: it's something this adrenaline junkie does well. he will look to close the deal on the championship season. >> makes you feel alive. what's the use of doing this if you are not challenging yourself. charley crowson, abc2 news. what call ripken junior is saying about post season hopes and a film could be putting your money at risk. how the u.s. government is
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trying to block cyber attacks. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of llions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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my space was once massive success but overshadowed by facebook and twitter and pinterest. it will focus on music sharing and artists. >> one of the reason people detested it, it was a cluttered mess. it represented everything bad about the way the internet used to look. >> my space had 100 million users. facebook is closing in on 1
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billion. the auction of a ray paining put on hold over the allegation it was stolen from the baltimore museum of art. that story and more coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. down to the wire for the orioleses starting the final home series tonightm out at the yard where the o's hope to clinch a spot in the post season this weekend. it's a happy ending for mango, how the 7 week old puppy stolen from an animal rescue made his way home to mom. >> a 19-year-old girl dies after being gunned down and a second woman dies from gunfire hours later in the city. first you are looking life at orioles park at camden yards. the o's and red sox are an hour away from the first


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