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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  November 2, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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>> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday. >> clocks back . you're watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. >> a huge water main break could impact your morning commute. we have a live report for youthis morning. >> the count down is on for the 2012 election you can still vote early but not for long. find out when the program ends. >> and we donald the worst of sandy. rain and strong winds they were here but nothing compared to what they saw in new jersey. we will show you how close we came to a direct hit on this friday november 2nd. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. we have a little bit of a break but it was kelly and gray. >> feels like a typical fall day. and lynette this is a good thing right? >> well depends on who you ask. if you ask my facebook friends,
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they are not liking it at all. so today, it's going to be better. we will look at maryland's most powerful radar. things are drying out. yesterday we had drizzle around and showers and in a lot of spots. today driver and we will get a few more peeks of sunshine. i will show you what i am talking about once you look at satellite and radar. stepping out the door dry times we are dealing with partly cloudy skies right now. this time yesterday, more clouds around and they stuck around throughout the day. stepping out the door this morning the only difference is that it is cold this morning. make sure to have the coat as you head out the door. let's go back to megan and charley. >> we have told the story dozens of times in the last w months and we are telling it again this morning. >> yeah. baltimore's aging infrastructure is cracking and sherrie johnson another water main break that could lead to traffic headaches. >> reporter: you are right. we are in the 4600 block of york road in north baltimore. you can see here crews are on
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the scene. look at this massive hole in the ground here after this water main break that happened yesterday. and right now, crews are actually waiting on a dump truck to come so they can continue working on this water main here. you can see this whole is huge here. and you know, about 40 homes and businesss are without water this morning. officials with the department of public works say the break happened around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. people from the victoria ministries international was evacuated from the building. public works officials say they are work on getting the debris out of the way to get to the break and start repairs. people parked along the road yesterday had to move quickly to get their -- cars out of the way when it happened. >> it looked like a monster came out of the ground, something like that. >> reporter: now the city has not talked about the cause of this water main break.
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but weather and change of temperature plus an aging infrastructure can cause these things and we will be out here this morning giving you an update on this break throughout the morning. and right now, we are going to throw it over to lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what a mess out there. and if you are traveling on york road you want to avoid it because there's two-way traffic operating along the soutound lanes rit near willow. use charles street as an alternate or 83 and the jfx is going to be nice and clear. no delays from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. everything is up to speed traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as the harbor tunnel. and as we check in and look live outside at 695, here at liberty road, no problems to report as you travel down towards 95 or as you are heading on the inner loop through pikesville. this is what it looks like at parkville at harford road no problems. it will be a nice easy ride up towards towsonp that's a look
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at your abc2 timesaver traffic megan and charley over to you. >> today is the last day to take advantage of early voting with sandy forcing centers to close for two days a lot of you are trying to make up for the lost time. look at the scene in randelstown the randelstown community center in line wrapped around the building as people waited to cast their ballot. it took sometime and voters nearly four hours to get through the line. they say they didn't care. voting to them means that much. >> it's a prief liming and like i told you, being -- privilege and like told you to do this again for a president. so i did it today and my wife was with me. >> i really hadn't focused on time whatever it takes however many hours it took i was going to stay for the duration. >> this is the first time in maryland you can vote in a presidential election early and centers are opened today from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and the governor doesn't
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want sandy to stopy from voting. yesterday -- stop you from voting. yesterday the governor issued a executive order to get absentee ballots allowing those unable to get to their locations in person to apply late including national guard members utility workers first responders and voters who were evacuated. >> there are a lot of hot issues for maryland voters but you have to decide on by tuesday. one of those whether or not to expand gambling in the state. that question is 7 question on the ballot. today, baltimore religious leaders are coming together to show support for the initiative. it will start at 11:30 at firstcorinneian baptist church. >> today both parties will be waiting for the monthly jobs report and it's anticipate because it's the last before election day. we have more from washington. >> reporter: the economy has dominated the conversation
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during the election cycle. >> you want to see four more years with 23 million americans struggling for a good job? >> reporter: now -- >> now is the time to keep pushing forward to educate our kids and take all our workers and create new jobs and rebuild infrastructure. >> reporter: today both sides will wait for the monthly jobs report watching to see if the rate goes up or down. in september the jobless number dropped from 8.1% to 7.8%. that's lowest figure in nearly three years what it was when president obama took office. both sides spun the data. >> aid rehypedder that this country has come too far to turn back now. >> we can do better. we don't have to stay on path we have been on. >> reporter: expect it to become a talking point on the trail that will be winding through the main battleground states in the days ahead. romney and the president are visiting 7 states today through sunday romney's campaign says the traditionally democratic state of pennsylvania is in
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play and announced the candidate will stop there sunday. the obama campaign is calling that an act of desperation. team romney said they are on the offensive and look at an extended map. most everything between now and election day will have heated back and forth exchanges including the jobs report that's coming out today n washington -- from washington, now back to you. president obama received a surprise endorsement days before election. yesterday michael blockberg announced support for the incumbent. he said this week's extreme weather led to that endorsement. he acknowledged the storm devastating his city could be evidence of climate change and said president obama developed a strong environmental record during the first term. mayor bloomberg is a former republican now turned independent. all right. let's talk about what's going on here. i got asked the question did the storm slow down or did the storm get bigger. it's been very large but it slowed down when it came
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inland. this shows you how large the storm s but it's starting to move nor to the north. sothe -- more to the north. so the rain bands over the past several days not so much for today. we can see most of the rain and snow off to the north. and i am going to go ahead and zoom in closer to home so you can see what we are working in this morning and going into the afternoon. ready much dry. mainly clear skies and partly cloudy skies so some of you are in the clear right now. you will step outside see some stars out there. but then we will have clouds trying to move in throughout the day. that's why i am going to give it a sun/cloud mix throughout the day. much more sunshine than over the past several days. that's not saying much because we haven't seen much sun over the past couple days. once again this morning, the temperatures are going to be on the cold side. 40 in emmettsburg and now back to megan and charley. sandy left a trail of
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destruction stretching across hundreds of miles. we are talking up and down the east coast. >> we headed up to atlantic city to show you how close we came to getting a direct hit. and some call the scene in the neighborhood insane. the massive cleanup underway in parts of new york this morning. >> reporter: well everything is up to speed on 695 in towson. but we are dealing with a massive water main break in baltimore city. i will have details coming up on good morning maryland.
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thanks for joining on this friday morning. 4:41. for days we have shown you video out of new york and new jersey of the damage left behind with horn cane sandy. the force of the storm missed us so we sent charley out to atlantic city to bring us back perspective. >> reporter: charley crowson for abc2 news reporter in atlantic city to give yoi and
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-- you an idea how bad it was and how fortunate we were to miss the full force of the storm when it made landfall two days ago. we are in front of the waterside apartments off the shoreline. a number of windows completely torn out.are apartment building not very many people there right now as the cleanup continues. the houses over here are not a window left in any of them. we talked to a cruetor who was brought in -- contractor who was brought in cleaning up one of the house and doesn't know if the owner will rebuild. we are walking along the atlantic city boardwalk. this is the new look of it at least for now. this is where the boardwalk ends once again sandy taking it out completely from where we stand on up to the north. and the city says they will rebuild this but as for the houses, that's going to be left up to the homeowners. what the insurance companies decide if they want to risk something like this happening again. >> i know you had a chance to talk to some people while you why -- you were there what did they say. >> some said they got out of
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dodge. others say they stayed and rode out the storm. we met a gentleman by the name of john petit who said his house was built to with stand the hurricane and stayed on the second and third floor with his wife and they build a kitchenette for this reason and was not surprised by what he saw but his neighbor a different story. he had four feet of water in his house and was there yes cleaning up that mess. so, depending on who you met with or ran into on the streets, as you hop in the car and drive down the city streets, and you see people cleaning and you say hey you want to talk some sayyes and some say no and the stories are fascinating. >> we will hear more about the trip coming up. also ahead this morning, the temperature right now droppingand many people in new york without power that is a scary situation. this morning, they are not just getting impatient but they are getting desperate. those living on staten island are pleading for help from elected officials. eye has been days since sandy slammed new york city.
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and people there are still begging for gasoline, food and clothing and now they don't know how much longer they can survive. >> we are going to die if we get killed with the weather we are going to die and freeze. >> we are getting. >> captain is presumed dead. all right. time for a check on the weather i know we are waiting for some warmth and sunny skies and i feel like we deserve it. >> all right here's lynette with a check of the forecat. you are getting some -- forecast. you say you are getting negative responses about the cool temperatures. >> since sandy left the area, they say lynette we need the sun and i've been promising we will see it for the weekend. so don't let me down mother nature. let's talk about what he's going on -- what's going on right now. it's cold et that's not going to -- it's cold. that's not going to change. look at temperatures right now coming in at 40 degrees in aberdeen and perry haul and davidsonville at 42 and it's going to be breezy for today as well. the breeze is still sticking around right now the wind out of the west at about 15 to -- 5
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to 10 miles an hour picking up at 5 to 15, 20 miles an hour going into the afternoon. but, this is where sandy is right now. at least the remnants of sandy. well away from us moving off toward the northin canada andfinally the rain bands that have been wrapping around bringing us the unsettled weather the past several days, starting to get out of here so we will start to see a better looking day outside. it's not going to feel better but it will look better with more sunshine in the forecast mixing with clouds so we will rotate this cloud around as we go into the afternoon. be prepared for that. not a full day of sunshine. we will have the cloud around but we will get more sunshine. this is what's going on on future trend. reiterating what's going on 54 today and breezy and cool. cold and breezy tonight and then by tomorrow, that temperature at 54 degrees still breezy and cold and don't forget to do this. fall back. yes, we are talking aboutdaylight savings time is
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going to end and set the clocks back before you go to sleep on sunday. and here is a check of the 7- day forecast as the remaining days stays cool. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. daylight savings time awesome after the week we have had. if you are traveling in north baltimore this morning, watch out for a massive water main break on york road. traffic actually has been reduced just to one lane in both directions traveling southbound. right near cold spring lane. stick with charles street later this morning or even 83. and as we check in and look live at 83, just north of the beltway you will notice everything moving right along no delays heading into the city. and as far as 695 is concerned, here's a live look at baltimore national pike. and you are looking at a normal 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95 and the inner loop clear all the way up through pikesville. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. sandy halted transportation to and from new york today. it will be the first day you
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can travel to the city via train. amtrak express and northeast regional will run modified service between boston new york and dc and there may be delays while repairs continue. sandy destroyed major landmarks. >> we have seen pictures of the damage in seaside heights. do you know what it looked like before the storm? we will show you the difference coming up. >> and he was shot in the lower back during a fort hood massacre and three years later he is honoring his fellow victims. his amazing journey ahead.
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and well col back on this friday morning. -- welcome back on this friday morning. i want to show you interesting photos of this on abc not abc2 but the network abc news. i want to flip over right there at the very right-hand side of the screen. we have got it here for you. let me draw that up quickly.
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my apologies for that. abc on the right-hand side see right here. sandy, before and after and whatnoaa and google did came together with aerial images showing you the before and after scenes of some of the hot spots before and after sandy in new jersey. the first one is seaside heights. on left hand side you see what it was like before the storm. this is the amusement park the pier going out an area shot a bound of this because after sandy rolled through, this was the result of what was left. again, before and after. so many of these out here this is one of the marinas that was a before shot and this before sandy and this one after once again one of the piers in new jersey bridges also have been hit hard by the storm. this one is an impressive shot before. that is bridge across. this is the before shot and an area shot of the bridge in new
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jersey. and across one of the bay areas and after shot the bridge taken out. once again, after the storm rolled through, and this was something we talked about during the extended coverage on abc2 this is a aerial satellite shot of what was hurricane sandy as it made it's way inland. a year ago we were affected by hurricane irene and we talked about a comparison between the size of these two storms. they have put that together at google and noaa this is hurricane sandy. irene just one year ago, this is the size of hurricane irene. so you see a discrepancy between the size of the two hurricanes that affected us in the past one year. irene and sandy. that is really cool sight and a link once again at abc we will have a link at abc2 news coming up in a little later. 4:52. five things to know as you head
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out. daylight savings time end this weekend. at 2 a.m. sunday morning the clocks will rollback one hour and as we fall back it's good time to use it to check and replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as well. today marks the start of the greek food and cultural festival. you and your family can enjoy live music and dancing and there's going to be cathedral tours and arts and crafts. there's plenty activity for the kids and festivities take place at annunciation cathedral on west presley street. get a free flu shot on sunday franklin square medical center is holding a drive through vaccination clinic on sunday at essex campus of the ccbc at 9. shots given on a first come first served bases. a block of vacant properties will be demolished this morning as part of the say cants to value program. the demolition will take place in the shirley hill neighborhood on lombard street beginning at 9 this morning. the concert to help victims
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of hurricane sandy takes place tonight. bruce springsteen and john bon jovi will perform. it airs at 8 tonight. we heard stories about some of the guys bon -- john bon jovi helping out. >> and that's what you want to see because in new jersey and new york so many people need help. >> the video is devastating. and we definitely dodged a bullet and it looked like it was going to hit us and i know a lot of you saw rain and had to deal with flooding burks brighter days are ahead. let's hope. here's meteorologist lynettecharles. >> 100 mile difference and we would have been the direct hit. we see different things on maryland's most powerful radar this morning. we are not looking at any type of rain across the area. we have lots of drizzle and showers off and on throughout the day yesterday. not the story for today. we will get a few peeks of sunshine in here mixing with clouds. don't rule that out but we will get more sunshine. so as the kids head off to
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school this morning, what has not changed the cold mperatures 40 degrees this morning and by this afternoon, still quite chilly and cool with that high temperature at 53. give them the big coat. now a check of the traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: well, folks traveling in anne


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