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tv   News  ABC  December 7, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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we're looking around talbot. you are getting in light showers across the area. and we slide to the south. dorchester picking up. the county picking up some wet weather. rippling waters. be prepared for that as we slide towards the north and west now. we're seeing a mix. maybe sleet across the area. again this is a this could be further to the north. further to the south. if you want to get in. head into pennsylvania where we are seeing it this morning. be prepared and the temperatures are on the chilly side. and make sure that you have that big coat. >> we are dealing with rain and sleet in frederick county and maryland. baltimore, nice and clear now. we have an accident right in lutherville on york road.
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but you are taking a look at 83 now. north of the beltway. and everything is moving along. no delays heading into the city. here is what 695 looks like in parkville. a normal conditions, 11 minutes now to travel to the outer loop from 95 up to 83. as we look at the other drive times. a 12 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. and there are no problems to report through the fort mchenry tunnel from the beltway all the way to the toll plaza. over to you. investors will be watching as the government releases the final jobs report for 2012. they are expecting the numbers to be weak due to sandy. and we have more live from washington with the details. and what are the experts seeing that are the signs. >> you know, charley, if the report is weak, it is mother nature that will be partly the
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blame. you remember sandy that hit that happened at the end of october. and (technical difficulties with audio) >> it looks like we're having a technical problem with the live shot there. we apologize. we'll figure out what the problem is and bring you that report in a bit. parents from a school in baltimore are asking why a man who was charged now with raping a 15-year-old girl was allowed to be alone with the children in the first place. that suspect was a temporary contractor. and now parents say that he met and counseled students there. >> they don't know what he was. he was allowed complete access to children. >> , they meet with officials.
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no cameras were allowed inside but the parents we spoke with say they want answers on this. they want answers on why he was allowed to be in the school in the first place. right now he is free on bail. he has a hearing schedules for later on this month. >> man is accused of abusing students at the school for the deaf. and clarence tail your touched three students there. one of them was 10-year-old girl. the abuse happened between 2008 and 2010 when he was a overnight door mate. he faces abuse of a minor. >> they are serious charges. we have every reason to believe that they are likely other victims. >> and taylor is in custody. and 6:33. we have been there and looked at something that you are buying on tv and thinking why didn't i think of that. and today we'll hear from people who had that thought and acted on it. >> a guest is here. michelle welch created the
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safety tab. >> come up here; he chose today the beautiful butterfly tattoo. >> let me see your -- can you show it to the camera there. >> oh. >> basically that's a phone number. you are going to show me quickly. you stay here how to apply it. >> i made a special tattoo just for you, katie. >> please call if lost call george clooney. >> can you share it with me later. >> no. [ laughter ] >> can you catch more of the interview here at 4:00 and stay with us for the news starting at 5:00. there are no words to describe the agony that a parent feels when they lose a child. >> but a place that may help remember they are not alone. we'll take to you a county where children are honored and
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remembered. a breast feeding controversy but this is different from stories we heard in the past. and it has to do with nursing the wrong baby. traffic is picking up here. we're teaing with a crash here. the details coming up.
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all right as a mother you cannot imagine a terrible mistake that happened at a hospital in minnesota. >> the mother of a new born say that a nurse gave her new born to another woman. and the hospital said there will be consequences. >> i cannot process what happened. and then they tested the mother for hiv and hepatitis and
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tested me. they tested cody. everyone is negative. so, that's the good news. >> the nurse did not follow proper procedures and match the codes on the bands. >> that's common practice for the hospitals. new video to show you from tennessee where the video show as worker at a jewelry store. you see them there, in the blink of an eye a suv plows through the glass. she was just nearby when she was hit and the owner says that although they estimate the losses are more than 100,000, this rethankful nobody was hurt in the crash. they will be open for business today. >> the curtain is closing on a piece of history. writing the star spangled banner. and mag kick happen. a university making sure that more than a game is played at
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their school. how they will help others on the court. and temperatures in the 30s. and the 60s are on the way back in. when they arrive coming in. >> bring them back soon. >> traffic is starting to pick up on 95 here. we're dealing with a crash not far away. the details coming up.
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and let's dick off with a check of the forecast and go to lynette. >> good morning to you. we need the umbrella. don't forget that and the coat as you step out the door. we're dealing with the cold again. but let's kick it off. we are starting to see that rain back off to the west start to inch its way into baltimore county. so around you will get in on the wet weather in a matter of moments. we can see it and all this is heading from carol opportunitiy over into baltimore county and carol county. be prepared for that.
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we're going to continue with off and on showers as we go throughout the day, the temperatures at 37 degrees now. we'll see more of the same as we go into ellicott city. 36-degrees there and in frederick we're at 37 degrees. and the temperatures will stay chilly as we go into the afternoon. this is the planner as 8:00 rolls around cold and showers. 49 degrees. by this evening the temperature is coming in at 48 degrees a chilly rain will be on tap for today. let's get a check of traffic. >> we're off to a cold start. we have several accidents in baltimore county. a crash right on york road. and problems will persist where we are dealing with an accident on philadelphia road if you are traveling on 95. traffic is starting to pick up from route 43 down to the beltway. as far as 695 is concerned.
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thiss is what it looks like at hartford road. everything is moving along. no problems up to towson. this is what the corner looks like. and green spring. traffic is starting to pick up on the outer loop as you make the drive to liberty road. you are looking at a 13 minute ride from 795 to 95. that's a look at your time saver traffic. over to you. >> and we're 15 minutes from away from 7:00. it was over the internet. a clip of how bad the streets can be. a tourist is beat robbed and strip. and one of the robbers will be in court to leash her fate. we have the story this morning. >> reporter: and see will be in it is the same place she was involved in the crime she is
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being sentenced for. >> and back in march. and the whole thing was videotaped and went viral on line. and a woman is seen beating the victim with a shoe. it show as man being beaten and robbed. people were so enraged here and they received enough tips to identify the suspect and bring them in. and they have been sentenced at 9:30. she is expected to receive up to three years in prison. >> the heartbreaking pain of losing a child brought dozen of people together last night a special vigil will be held at the stat guard of hope. one that opened in may is the first in maryland. they are dedicated to children
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who pass aid way at any age. cindy hughes lost her son years ago. she created the josh foundation which brought the garden here. >> it is a devastating thing, i don't think it matters how they lost them or the age. they will always be your child. it is something you never get over. and you want to make sure they're not forgotten. >> the vigil will be a tradition. you may soon be able to watch a movie, play a game or use your e-reader. the chairman is urging the faa to change the policies. >> and sent a letter to the faa requesting the use of tablets and devices from take off to landing. you are required to turn these devices off during take off. and time is running out, you have less than 2 weeks to buy a coin commemorating the brighting of the star spangled
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banner. they depict the battle of the war of 1812. they will be available until december 17th. another battle to tell you about this morning. which is better, federal hill or captiol hill. the travel channel is comparing the two in a new show and today they will be at the cross street market looking for a sp- fplt and the executive director of the baltimore public markets. good morning to you. >> how are you. give us the one moment where it will put federal hill over on captiol hill. >> i would like to tell you a brief story. i have a daughter who lives and works in washington, dc. i travel the area visiting my daughter. , they want to talk about the pride and where they are from. and they are from. >> when you talk to people they are proud they are part of federal hill whether they were
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born here or not. they talk about their people. and that's what they are proud of here. >> that's big distinction. >> we're seeing images in dc. no one is from there. this is something that you are talking about the home town feel of people being from baltimore and federal hill. there is no comparison between the two. this is a neighborhood, these are where families are raised and buses roll every day. this not where it is done. >> and everyone knows and a city and neighborhoods. and is very, very proud of the history and where it is going. they are proud to be part of the community. and that'ss a distinction between captiol hill and federal hill. they are proud of where they're from and they are proud of where they are. >> what can people do to get involved and show off not only the pride but the federal hill
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pride. >> they need to come out here at cross street market and show the people how proud they are to be a part of the city and part of the community. and the market. we're looking forward to -- we're looking forward to large crowds this morning. >> we'll see you later today. five things you want to know as we head out the door. the coast guard will remember ars ago today. tack on pearl and the event will take place on the cutter. and located in the harbor. and taking place and the it holds that the lights were burning for eight days despite having enough oil to sustain it for one. changes in the income base student loan repayment program. new rules december 21.
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and at 10% of discretionary income. if you want to see how the governor lives. they are hosting an open house. and it runs from 1:00 until 4. head down to little italy. starting at 7:00 the corner of styles and high street. there will be carols and a visit by santa. >> help a child in need and it is toy drive time. we have been doing this for 14 years. can you drop off an almost -- most area wal-marts. can you find a list at and we have a drop off location in the lobby. 6:51 a local effort to help victims of sandy. and the loyola is holding a classic. here is how it will work.
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current undergrad waits will form teams for each class. they will compete. and athletes and coach them and referee the teams and proceedings from donations and the event is from 2 to 6. we have outdoor and in door f the weather play as factor this weekend. there is plenty to do. >> something for everyone. i say if you want to go out. bundle up. can you do this this weekend? >> you only have to bundle up. can you bundle up today but make sure that you have the rain gear. we'll need that this morning as well. >> let me break it down. we have clouds out there this morning. we have some rain starting to come down across the area. all this is pushing from the west to the east. and off and on showers.
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can you see and lots of clouds but we are dry and we will get that sun com in here soon around 710. we're going to deal with the temperatures this morning. so once that rain does come in. we'll deal with a cold rain. 32 in westminster and northville and baltimore at 36 degrees now. and annapolis and the numbers are playing with precipitation. and that's the time we're in. they are above average and freezing right now. that's why we're going to get that moving in here as we go through this morning. and gate break in the action and we'll have more this afternoon. we do have high pressure that's out in the at lan it. we're waiting for the front to move through. it will not move all the way through. that's going to be a problem. that's going to set us up for what is happening as we go into the weekend. and this will stall out and with it, we'll keep the chance
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for showers in the forecast for saturday and sunday. can you see right here as we go through the evening. we will have another chance for them to work in there. if you have the plans take the rain gear with you and keep the coat handy for today. ed temperature around 49 degrees. we will have the patchy fog late and 42. and megan asked if you need the coat, not, not so much. 63 tomorrow. we will be above average. the forecast. the football forecast battle of the beltway. cloudy and a chance of showers for that game. and the 7 day forecast is like that keeping the showers around sunday and monday. temperatures moving in for tuesday. >> ravens or redskins. >> dah! ravens. >> and if you are traveling in
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baltimore county. we have a crash to tell you about and this is right on york road and 83 nice and clear as you make the drive to 695. we have an accident in rosedale on philadelphia road at golden ring road if you are losing 95 and white marsh. this is what it looks like. it is going to be congested a ride from root 24 to the beltway. that's a 16 minute delay. and speeds at 32 miles per hour if you are heading to the tunnel a four minute delay now from the beltway into the city. >> here is a look at 695. and inner loop nice and clear. the outer loop starting to pick up. here at harford road a 13 minute ride from 95 up to 83. over to you. a black friday small business saturday, cyber monday do you need any more days to do shopping? >> the answer is yes. >> yes. >> for you guys, mac.
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why's is doing something special, we're not talking about flat screams with the nfl and it will stay open for 4 # hours straight through the weekend before christmas. this is the first time that the store has done anything like that. >> did you just make a red zone reference. >> i did. >> it is very big in my house. >> that's huge, huge. >> do you to mac. why's. >> if they had it, i would do it. >> that's my contribution for you. >> take advantage, fans. talking about the game on sunday, ravens and redskins, there are a few fans who work here and i told them i would give the devil his due do. but rg 3 will be fun to -- fun to watch. >> let us know what you think. we want to remind you since we're talking about facebook, send us your holiday pictures. we would love to see your lights. >> and the purple this morning. >> have a great day.
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>> we'll see new about 30 minutes. >> have a good one. [ knock on door ]
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