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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 28, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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p hell hello, ev troutman. we find we find the best videos so you don't have to. let's get started. "right this minute." it's a dangerous combination. a man, a dog and -- >> thin ice. >> see what it took to pull off one dicey rescue. new video as a car is trapped by a tornado. >> in front of the car is a fallen tree and behind the car is a fallen tree. >> hear about the terrifying odyssey of the family inside. >> we got caught up in the middle and the car swirled, literally swirled. a talented musical theater student is granted -- >> a stalking order against her parents. >> hear what led to the unusual ruling. >> that just seems odd!
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>> and some remote control plane videos catch the eye of -- >> the prince of dubai. >> how it earned one man a trip with all the royal treatment. we are all very aware of the dangers of thin ice, but dogs don't know the difference. this video is from wxyz and huron river where it meets lake erie. we've got a dog in distress. jim swayze is the owner of this dog and jim takes his four hounds out for a walk every day. this day one of the dogs got loose and jim tried to get the dog back but was unable to. >> the deeper he got out, the more ice was cracking. >> so he calls his wife and 911 and his wife called her cousin. that's who you see here. >> my cousin, lance, got some waders and he went to the dog and actually crawled on his belly on the ice. got to him, lifted the dog up on
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the ice and rescue put the boat there and hauled him into the boat. >> the rescuer tells the others on shore let's bring this boat in. >> oh, gosh! >> that didn't even look like one of the most thin parts. luckily he's covered in safety gear, but he stays prone as rescuers drag him over to the shore. >> oh, wow, that is a scary moment. >> the pup looks like a total chilly dog, he's not moving. he gets a little help going up the snowy bank. they put him into a waiting police car to warm the dog up. take a look at this video sty jim this is the aftermath of the horrible storm that blew through the southeast on christmas day. this footage is the aftermath of a tornado that hit hattiesburg, mississippi. what's incredible about this video is this white car. in front of the car is a fallen
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tree and behind the car is a fallen tree. this car was in the direct path of a tornado as it came across highway 49. a woman inside of this car, her name is kimberly brown, actually spoke to jim about this experience. >> we thought it would be behind us but we got caught up in the middle of it and the car swirled, literally swirled and we could hear crashes. >> they were caught in a rain-wrapped tornado. visibility was nonexistent. >> what was the first thing you saw that was problematic? >> well, blinding rain, we couldn't see anything and then everything started turning. >> she went directly to the store and bought herself a handful of lottery tickets, right? you don't get much luckier than that. >> jim said he had a radar system on his ipad that showed a base velocity image so he knew half a mile up the road this tornado was touching down.
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as he came upon this car he saw where the tornado had just been and knew these people were incredibly lucky. >> those trees look like toothpicks that have just been broken in half like nothing, like a giant just stepped on them. >> toward the end of the video you see people out with chain saws trying to clear this debris and get these folks out of there. got some traffic videos from india where traffic police are telling people you've got to pay attention to what you're doing. this first one is pretty unusual. watch what happens when this two-wheeler hits a pedestrian. the two-wheeler and the passenger fall off. the pedestrian didn't even lose his balance, just kept walking. >> i think there was a little kid on that bike too. >> there was. >> that's weird because the scooter next to him stopped and that guy kept buzzing through. >> the pedestrian had the right of way in that instance. here's another video that shows you've got to be careful. you never know what's coming
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your way. >> oh, dude, look both ways, man. >> the bus hits the scooter carrying two people and they jump to their feet too. >> they also stopped right in front of the bus. i felt they had time to go backwards or forwards and get out of the way but they just stood there. >> one more to show you. >> he's playing cat and mouse with the golf ball. >> this guy is trying to beat the light, beat the traffic and the person falls off the motorcycle and he's still standing. >> one of the situations where the people look like if they don't look at what's coming, it's not going to hit them. >> guess what, folks, they don't always slow down. >> according to police the majority accidents at intersections are jumping light signals and speeding. >> it sounds like traffic problems are the same all over the world. 21-year-old aubry ireland, she's a senior at the college conservator of music. she's studying musical theater. we're seeing her in a few of her performances. ♪
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>> listen to this. she recently won what's called a stalking order against her parents. her parents, david and julie ireland, would often drive 600 miles unannounced to see their daughter. now that kind of just sounds like, okay, they're checking in on her. but they also accused her of using illegal drugs, of being pro miss u.s. and also saying the mental woes. they installed monitoring programs on her laptop and cell phone. aubry insisted all of these things were untrue and asked her parents to stop but her parents informed her department at school that she indeed had these mental issues. >> i can believe that of one parent, but both parents together? that just seems odd. >> and the school thought it was odd too. the school hired security guards to keep them from their
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daughter's performances. eventually aubry cut off contact completely with her parents and they stopped paying tuition. the school gave her a full scholarship for the remainder of her senior year. >> is she an only child? >> she is an only child. it appears as though they just wanted to make sure she was succeeding in her career path. a judge eventually ruled that her parents have to stay 500 feet away from her until september 23rd, 2013, at the very least. we've got a runner, a police chase on foot with a surprise ending. >> this guy is going down. >> that's sweet. >> see how the chase ends, all caught on camera, next. we told you about the rescue of these dogs and it's time for an update. >> here are the dogs now. >> see what they look like now and find
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this is surveillance video from inside a subway station in shanghai, china, and you're going to love what happens. pay attention to this man. police determined that he was a fugitive, he was on the run from the law, and they thought he might have weapons. the guy runs away. the cops high-tailing it after him. they're running through the hallways of this subway station. but watch what happens. coming around the corner -- >> yeah! the high school hallway trip. >> a citizen to the rescue by sticking out his left foot, tripping the guy. he goes down, flies across the floor. the policeman appear prenrehend. this guy is going down. watch again from this other angle of the fall. look how hard he eats this. >> and he fell like ten feet. it was the longest fall ever. >> the citizens are calling this guy golden left foot. >> do you think they give that guy a gold star or medal?
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>> i hope you get something. >> he should get a gold left foot trophy. >> yeah, t-shirt with a thumbs up on it or toe up. >> who's awesome? this guy. >> yeah. this next video just proves that you never know who is watching on the internet. who we're seeing in this video is joe smith. he's 18 years old from ft. wayne, indiana, and he is a remote control plane enthusiast. this was at a show last year in south carolina. you see him out there demonstrating what he can do with these things, twists, turns, corkscrews and everything you can possibly think of. joe has been flying for four years. he's already got 17 so he's pretty good. he posts this video on the web and, yes, it's impressive. yeah, this didn'tguy has seriou skills. guess who else thought this was pretty cool? the prince of dubai. yeah. saw the video and said, joe, i think i might want you to come
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to dubai and fly for me. he asked joe to build a specific plane, ship that plane to dubai. then the prince of dubai flew both joe and his dad, jim smith, to dubai for 14 days over thanksgiving to put on this exhibition. >> i'm just totally overcome right now. i love rc planes, i would love to go to dubai. >> sure. this is actually as the prince's personal rc hangar that he has to do shows like this. you can see all these sorts of people are there. but at the end of the video, after joe is done, the two of them are just kind of hanging out shaking hands, wearing the same shirt, just like they're old buddies. they share this same hobby. he's the prince of dubai, he's joe smith from ft. wayne, indiana, but a video on youtube brings them together. you guys may remember this incredibly sad story of animal
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neglect. we brought the story to you a few months ago. lacy, molly and angus, three shih tzus. the owner pleaded guilty to six counts of animal neglect. the dogs couldn't see, they could hardly walk. here are the dogs now. these pictures provided by north news. the dogs all cleaned up, happy as can be and luckily have found permanent homes just in time for the holidays. each one of the dogs, lacy, angus and molly were all adopted to separate families. it took a little bit of time for the dogs to reacclimate to human care, they were obviously afraid, but the new owners all say they're loving, sweet dogs. >> these dogs go through horrendous abuse or neglect and end up being the friendliest, sweetest pets someone would want. >> you can't believe someone would let this precious,
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adorable little animal become that neglected mess. you can't imagine what kind of human being would allow that to happen. but i'm so happy for the people that adopted them and make them look so happy with their santa hats. >> a man creates a replica of an ironman park but when he turns it on. >> the lights start to spin around and then watch. >> no way! >> find out what it did that made him the superhero to his girlfriend. and this is dave new year's day 2012. now meet dave one year later. >> he's going straight old style just letting ev
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we've got a bit of a proposal video that guys and gals will love, but comic book nerds will like the most. >> it seems to be like an arc reactor. >> that is what looks like a replica of the arc reactor, which is of course what ironman sort of stores in his chest, that piece of equipment that keeps him going in the movie. but this one was created by a guy named eddie varick.
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he's a bit of an ironman enthusiast, and his girlfriend loves ironman 2, even calls him tony stark when he's working on stuff like this. you see here he created what looks like a perfect replica of the arc reactor. it's not just that piece of equipment. wait until you see what this thing does. you turn this thing on, flip it over and the lights start to spin around and then watch. >> wow! >> no way! >> a little piece slides away, the ring's in there, the ring comes up and, boom, now you're proposing to your girlfriend. >> i love this. >> she was clearly very excited and even crying. >> we've got a picture of eddie and his now fiancee. these two ironman enthusiasts during the whole thing. awesome stuff. >> this is creativity. >> this means that he is smart and that is hot. >> yes, it's hot and he can fix stuff around the house. >> if he can make this, i'm
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pretty sure he can unclog the garbage disposal. when you go to the atm, you're not really used to having the bank say have a nice day, but this guy was told to have a nice day multiple times. >> i'm at the bank, i got my receipt. >> he got his receipt and then he got a happy face. >> here you go. smiley face. >> and then another one. >> smiley face. >> and then another one. he got a whole pile of them. >> i hope this bank gets this fixed because it isn't so good for the environment. one smiley face is fine, but not 50. >> look at all these smiley faces. >> why couldn't it have been 20? >> i would be nervous this was some kind of trick. somebody had this atm rigged up and were stealing all my money. but really we're going to steal all of your money. >> did he know these smiley
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faces were going to come out? i think he rigged the atm. i think he did this. this year a number of us guys in the office participated in movember. dave phillips from the u.k. did the same thing, but he felt one month was just too damn easy. last new year's eve he shaved off everything and vowed not to shave for an entire year. >> or get a haircut? >> or get a haircut. >> he's going straight teen wolf style, just letting everything grow. >> you bet. so here's dave getting it all cleaned off, and here's dave a year later. doesn't even look like the same guy. >> he looks like he could be a member of the young zz top band. >> he's doing this all in the name of charity, namely the help for heroes fund. it's a charity that helps injured vets. so far he's raised more than $1700. >> i've got to say a mustache is
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one thing but, man, that looks uncomfortable. >> he says it's been itchy. he's looking forward to getting all this off. he's especially looking forward to kissing his newborn baby, give her a nice, smooth kiss from daddy. >> baby won't even recognize him. >> he's gotten a lot of notoriety in the u.k. for what he's doing. not shaving or doing anything for a year is going to change your look. the fiancee is also looking forward to him getting the hair gone. but once a year when you can raise money and it's for a good cause, you can deal with your not-so-great looking husband for a year. would you buy a bag of chips for$8.45? >> or 64-ounce mayonnaise, $16.55. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios,
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. now on occasions, you been a little skeptical of robots doing things humans do, right? >> if we let them do everything that we can do, then we will become obsolete. >> you have nothing to fear from this robot that can open doors. >> they're already escaping. >> now they know how to get out of a room. >> well, not so well. >> wait a second, he actually got out. the thing actually was able to get through. >> yeah, but it took like 800 years. that's the dumbest invention
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i've ever seen. open the door yourself. >> if your hands are full of stuff and you're holding things, this thing can open the door for you. >> are you going to trip over him? he's standing right in the middle of the day. >> i take pride in being able to carry all my groceries in in one trip, to be able to open the door myself. >> does this robot scare you? >> i think he's pretty unnecessary and pretty bad at what he does, right now. steven -- >> beth. >> it is pretty common knowledge these days that the future of our space program, in the hands of the private sector. that means it's pet time space exploration. >> to infiniti and beyond. >> buzz lightyear would be proud of this. look at this sucker. it is a rocket that takes off, hovers and then lands safely all while staying in the vertical position. it's a reuseable rocket.
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>> oh, my goodness. >> you know who could tell us what this could be used for? >> yeah, i think i do, our little grasshopper. >> our space buddy. >> our space buddy. >> zack. hey there, space buddy. so tell us about this sucker, the spacex grasshopper. >> it's vertical takeoff, vertical landing so it can take off vertically and also land vertically. you've seen it before actually on the lunar module. >> so will they use this rocket to launch shuttles and then they would use it over and over again? >> basically yes. this is the rocket tank for a larger rocket called the spacex falcon 9 but this is just a test to see if it will work. >> how high up did this go? >> it went 40 meters up which is really cool. they have been doing tests at much shorter distances but this is the first time that it's gone higher than its own height. >> because eventually it's going to need to go much higher than
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40 meters. >> exactly. they're planning on doing tests where it will go much higher and much faster, up to supersonic speed. let's take a trip to a grocery store in hooper bay, alaska, where we can find such items like -- >> ketchup, $6.49. >> how about -- >> paper plates, $7.25. >> 64-ounce mayonnaise. >> $15.65. >> paper towels in here? >> $13.55. >> mind blowing. this girl lives in this part of alaska. this is a grocery store in a smalls k eskimo village. there's some information here from the university of alaska, fairbanks, cooperative extension service. they give you some numbers. if you had a family of four and your groceries cost you $94 in portland, oregon, this is what it would cost you in alaska. bethel, $187, nome, $173.
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>> i think you got the gist of it. it's really expensive here. >> think what it takes to get all that stuff all the way up to alaska. the ice road truckers that have to haul this stuff for miles. it costs a lot of money to get this all the way up there. it seems like top ramen is still pretty cheap. >> 65 cents each. >> this is why we won't have kids. $21.19 for diapers. >> $21 for diapers? seriously, $21 for diapers? i'm surprised they even have babies in alaska. >> i can't afford anything. >> that's going to do it for us [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios, it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it that you actually get it. the difference 100% fiber optics makes
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