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tv   News  ABC  December 31, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning 28 degrees. 33 bel air. a bit of a wind this morning, that's coming right through dropping the real feel temperatures, feeling like in the 20s in some spots, at times the teens. let's roll you through future trend, 2:00, notice the clouds in he, temperatures gunning in to the low 40s. moving the timeline in to the midnight hour, clouds, a lot of clouds, temperatures in to the 30s, by newees day, maybe a spot shower from the city towards the south. we will talk about that in a little bit. your planner showing cold start but here comes the clouds and a bitter blast by the end of the week. let's talk about traffic. are the roads packed? nobody is doing anything. >> we have trouble all the way in myersville. we are dealing with a crash alone the eastbound lanes of 70, route 15. baltimore, 83, nice and clear, no delays from york road, all the way to 695.
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if you are heading downtown, checking in and looking at 95s fort mc henry, traffic moving along, a normal 8 minute ride, northbound, from the bellway to the toll plaza. as we look at the other time saver traffic drive time, 695, great shape knocks problems on the east -- no problems on the east side. inner loop clear down to 95. west side, no delays, 11 minutes on the outer loop, 79, down to 95. it's not the first shooting or the second, there have been three fatal shootings in three years. arundel county police are looking for a suspect in the most recent, it happened yesterday around 5:30. 31-year-old jones was shot outside the bar and died at a hospital. the suspect drove off and neighboring businesses say they are sick of the constant drug
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activity. >> some of your customers are scared to come in. would lake to see the place coast down. >> we don't know about the suspect, he is described as black male in his 20s, 180 pounds, around 5'9". the owner had to go before the arundel county liquor board and operating with restrictions on the business. tax hikes and spending cuts could be hours away, it is down to the deadline, if congress and the president are going to stop the nation from going over the fiscal cliff. without a deal, taxes are said to go up on every american. sherrie johnson is here with the latest. talks continue this morning about 11:00, so far there is no deal. republicans and democrats negotiated all weekend with the hope of passing legislation that will protect most people from a massive tax hike set to kick in tonight. there was optimism when the republican leader in the senate, mitch mc connell, made
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an offer, it ended when harry reid said he couldn't precepts a counter proposal. joe biden is playing a direct role in the talks. they remain at odds over the across the board cuts to government programs and defense set to go in to effect. they are divided on taxes. the white house wants to raise rates on people making more than 250,000 dollars a year. republicans would like to keep the estate tax from going over. >> we have to make sure taxes on middle class families don'ts go up that would hurt our economy badly. >> i placed a call to the vice president, to see if he could jump start the negotiations on his side. i want everyone to know i'm willing to get this done. i need a dance partner. >> if there is no deal today, the average american family will start with a $3400 tax hike. hilary clinton is waking up in the hospital, secretary of
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state was admitted to the presbyterian hospital. the clot stems from a concussion stuffed a number of weeks ago. her doctors discovered it during a follow up exam sunday. she has been out of work for weeks, recover from a stomach virus and a concussion. doctors are treating the clot with medication, and want to monitor the progress during the next 48 hours. you voted for a handful of laws, tomorrow the laws go in to effect in maryland. the big one is same-sex marriage. at midnights january 1st, same sex couples with legally marry in the state. wednesdayings are planned during the first few minutes of 2013. stephanie rawlings blake is opening city hall at 12:30 in the morning where the historic ceremonies, same-sex marriage isn't the only change coming to maryland. there is a law allowing veterans to have status show up on their driver's license. another aimed at protecting children from id theft by allowing parents to freeze their child's credit any time
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colts are getting ready to face the ravens. before looking to the future, the team took time to celebrate yesterday's win with their head coach. take a look. chuck and his team showed off moves in the locker room, the colts were celebrating the win against the texans and celebrating the coach's win against leukemia. he was sidelined yesterday for first time since week 3. september 26 he was forced to leave the team for cancer treatment. chuck was a defensive
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coordinator for the ravens. another f team brought smiles to the faces of those suffering. new york giants welcomed survivors of the sandy hook elementary school shooting to yesterday's game. the children got to talk to the player before the game. when the players ran out of the tunnel, they gave the kids high fives. time for a check of the forecast. let's get to mike masco. >> it is cold. it is going to get cold all week. temperatures starting across the area, in to the 20s, manchester, 24, 33 baltimore city. it feels like it's in to the teens. that windchill, a little bit of a wind out there. notice clouds blowing off on the storm over texas. you go towards the west of the mississippi river, you are going to run in to wintery
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weather. notice travel troubles across much of the mid sections of the nation. that will stay towards the south. closer to home, 2-degree guarantee, 43 today, a cloudy day. on the coolish side. tonight, 35, dropping down to 32 in the city. dry but going to be chilly. here is your seven-day forecaat the big 7 day, notice temperatures around 43 for new year's day. watch this, though, wednesday, 37, thursday, 34, headline is the fact that for one, two, three nights in a row, close to the types and that's in the city. outlying areas, 12, 13, 14 degrees, chilly stuff on the table. we will talk about the forecast in a little bit. traffic wise, how are we doing? it's going to be cold for the fireworks. bundle up, 95, nice and clear.
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14 minutes, southbound from the beltway in to the city. 695, no problems to report from parkville, all the way up to towson, heading to pikesville, checking in and looking at the beltway here at green spring avenue, no problems, traveling from green spring all the way down to route 40. that's a look at your time saver traffic. charter bus heading to canada from vegas crashes down an embankment. police say this caused an accident that killed nine and sent dozens to the hospital. also he began his journey a year ago, it ended yesterday. why this man says it's to bring awareness to the disease affecting several members of his family. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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headlines, the body of adam lanza has been claimed for burial, two weeks ago, the 20 year old went on a shoot rampage in connecticut. lanza shot and killed 26 people including 20 children at the sandy hook elementary school
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before killing himself. the medical examiner hasn't released the name of the person who claimed his body before the miss . care he killed his mother at a home -- massacre, he killed his mother at a home nearby. a dozen injured after a tow bus lost control and crashed down an embankment. the bus hit a patch of ice and crashed through a guardrail on a steep mountain pass. crews used ropes to get people up to the interstate. it's believed there were 40 people on the bus. the bus driver survived but remains in the hospital this morning. the bus was returning to canada after a trip to las vegas. new york woman charged with second degree murder as a hate crime for pushing a man in front of a subway train. police released video of her moments after the man was pushed onto the tracks. she implicated herself in the crime and told officers quote she push himed off the train tracks because she hates didn't
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dues and muslims -- hates hindus and muslims. another sad day in webster, new york. family and friends will remember one of the firefighters killed during a christmas eve ambush. this, one day after thousands of people gathered to say good- bye to a firefighter who spent his life helping others. a lieutenant was one of the two firefighters shot, along with spangler on christmas eve. he ambushed him when he arrived on the scene of the fire. he serve odd didn't force of the webster police department, hundreds of firefighters and police from buffalo, rochester and across new york state were in attendance, paying respects to their fallen brother.
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time for five things to know after almostel 80 years in print, news week magazine will put out the last edition today, the magazine will go on line at a on line only format, the news and commentary site for the beast. subscription to the publication will cost $4.99 for a single copy. hugo chavez is in delegate condition as he continues recovering from cancer surgery. he has new complications. he announced he was battling cancer in 2011. z burgers is offering a delicious way to end 2012, giving away free cheeseburgers, know the secret password resolution. z burgers is located in white marsh and the dc area. 315 million people living in the u.s. on new years day. that's according to the census
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bureau's projection. 315million peoples increase of less than 1% since april of 2010. low birthrate and immigration rates are site aced the reasons for the sluggish growth. annual interfaith new years service will take place from 8:00 to 9:30, the program will feature a gathering of people from all faiths including jewish, chris mans and christians. new york, where hundreds of thousands of people will fill the streets tonight to ring in 2013, before all of the people arrived, officials put the ball through one final test yesterday. ahead of the countdown, everything appears to be working as planned. the 12,000-pound ball will rise 130 feet above times square. it began as a resolution
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for one man last january, ended yesterday after he completed a 52-mile run in house. mark hammer took part in the challenge as a way to spread awareness about type 2 diabetes, it's been a year long journey. first week of 2012, hammer ran one mile, two miles in the second wee. three miles in the third and so on and so forth. in the 52nd week, last week, mark finished the 52-mile run sunday. around 5:30. a numb of his family members have type two diabetes, being able to complete this is a huge accomplishment. >> my grand father had complications from it. he passed away due to the complications. my grandmother in florida, she is dealing with complications from type 2 diabetes now and losing circulation in her legs. >> hammer is planning another running challenge and may write a book about the experience.
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52-mile run. >> that's amazing. >> it is for a great cause. you run a marathon, 4.5, 5, 6 hours. 26 miles. double that. >> good man, getting it down. >> it's like, that's great. that's great. time for a check of the forecast. >> it is cold out there. >> it's the end of the year. >> it's going to get colder, too. we are getting in to the pattern. it's going to be cold over the next several days, dundalk, cold, 29 degrees, that dew point, dry atmosphere, 20- degree dew point. pretty cold across the area. looking towards manchester, 24 degrees. elkton, cecil, 28 degrees. your planner, while at 29, it may dip a degree to around 28
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at 9:00. clouds through the course of the afternoon, 35 on our way for the low 40s today. a lot of clouds on top of us. look at the satellite and radar, getting the clouds that are blowing off from the system. you look at the system, say, this could be a storm coming. that's not the case. this is going to stay south of maryland. it will bring in a shot shower over pg&e county, arundels not a big deal. while we are in to the 20s for the east coast, go up towards the canadian border and beyond, central canada. look how cold the air is. this is going to dump over the boarder and over the lakes, in to later this week, we will call ate blast, our daytime highs will struggle to get out of the 30s and 20s. the folk today, not bad. comparison to where we will be, turning cloudy. tonight 32, 35 at midnight. cloudy skies. look at the seven-day forecast, by thursday, 34, 35 on friday. the real story is the lows that
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will be in to the 20s loren cook. get that snuggy out. long underwear, the snuggy. arundel, 97, nice and clear, won't have problems heading to route 50 or up towards 695. this is what 95 looks likes north of 195, no problems down to dc. a normal 12 minute ride from elk ridge in to baltimore city. as we look at the other time saver traffic drive times no more questions delays in to the city, 11 minutes, southbound, 695, to fayette street and the beltway, great shape on the west side right now. 8 minutes on the outer loop from 79, down to 70. 7 years and still going strong, coming up, a couple whose love has certainly with stood the test of time. how they were able to make this last so many decades. w=!n
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paul mccartney may have said it best, all you need is love. one couple is saying the same thing after 70 years of marriage. they tied the knot in 1942.
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five children, and a number of grand children later, leela remembers the christmas eve night her mr. right popped the question. >> he came running down the street. i went to the movie and went to the post office to see if there was a letter from him. by the time i got halfway to the post office he caught up with me. he says let's get married tonight. i said, we can't get married tonight. he says yes we can. no we can't. yes you can. >> couple says they will love each other forever. cox was the first surgeon to do overnight call shifts at shock trauma. many of you want to help the people in connecticut and scammers are keeping their eyes on you. coming up at 6:00, what you need to know about the tricks they are using to dig deeply in to your wallet.
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weekend shooting rocks an arundel county tavern known for history of violence. she was said to return to
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working hilary clinton hospited


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