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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 2, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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told my team that this will be my last ride. >> he was only 20 when we saw him for the first time in a ravens unifoamplet we blinked. he will be taking it off at 37. >> i told them i felt so much peace and the way i am with my decision because of everything i've done in this league. i've done it. >> nobody enters a stadium like lewis. he has the talent to get 70,000 people in person to go nuts. >> i make this last run with my team and i give them everything i got. that's what i said, i'm going to give you everything i got. wherever it ends, it ends but i didn't come back for the end in the first round. >> 17 years, the hits, the picks, the td's, the speeches. how many dogs are in this house.
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>> and to raise ed and to be with him so long and we're so much on the same path, that part hurts. absolutely. you can never rebuild those bonds. >> defensive player of the year twice. super bowl mvp, all pro, all decade. you can say ray is the greatest football player we've seen in this town since johnny u. >> for me to be where i am standing as a man now and make my own, it's time for me to go on. >> he was generous with his time and money. a few years ago a young man was seriously hurt playing high school afternoon. ray would sneak in the back door of the hospital to visit that young man every single day. no camera, no media. >> i've done what i wanted to
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do. now it's my turn. it's either hold on to the game and keep playing and let my kids miss out on times we can be together because i always promised my son if he got a full pride scholarship, dad would be there. >> so our eyes will focus in on that tunnel. we know it's coming. we won't hear a thing but we'll seat smoarks the famous wiggle, twist and the bend of the grass from the best we'd ever seen. this will be the most anticipated point in our history -- >> we will all get to enjoy what sunday will feel like knowing this is the last time 52 will play in the stadium. >> during his injuries he watched both sons play on the same football high school team and he plans to watch ray the
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third play at the university of miami. he said daddy will be there and he's going to keep his promise. here was a guy that's facing prison for a double murder in atlanta but charges were dropped and art model backed him 100%. >> not a major surprise but emale sure -- i'm sure folks are taking it hard. >> reporter: oar they cannot think of a ravens team without ray lewis. taken in the first round by the ravens in 1996. they say he grew into someone who became the heart and soul of this team. this is the last dance for the ravens' own fred astaimplet he is the linebacker every league wants to have -- tough,
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aggressive and set standards for leading a team. he's also one of the fan's all time favorites. from t shirt tools statues, ray lewis means an awful lot. >> this is what my son texted me. hi, dad. i get to see my favorite player one more time. i'll miss him a lot. >> reporter: gary's son gary was just a little boy when the ravens took to the feel in 1996. he quickly found his favorite player number 52 and has worn his jersey every year. big gary said this will ab game that father and son will share. >> not in my time and i'm going back to the old days. i've never seen one like him. >> reporter: with ris preermt items are starting to fly off the shelves. fans probably knew he was close
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but kept hoping one more year. one more year. like many fans, he's the heart and soul of this franchise. >> all i've ever known is ray lewis. so i'm trying to stock up. i asked my mom if i could get really good pictures of his last dance. >> reporter: people are trying to stock up on that ray lewis stuff. they would like to see ray lewis somehow stay with the team in some capacity whether he coached on the side or came out every game, jamie and kelly, and did that little dance for the next 20 to 30 years. they want him to stay in baltimore and be a part of that team. >> that will be the rosie rule.
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honor of ray, we put together a slideshow of the most iconic moments. just click on the link. that brengs us to tonight's hot topic. when ray is introduced on sunday, what do you think the crowd will be? here you have chuck pagano. right now the weather for sunday looks pretty good. it will warm up a little. temperatures will stay frigid. if you've been outside you felt temperatures dropping. the numbers down into the 20s in owings mills, westminster and norrisville and bel air. low 30s farrow's point. low 20s and teens as we go toward the overnight.
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the rest of the evening getting colder. we'll talk about how long the big chill holds. all new at 5:00 tonight best they could. too much smoke and fire. couldn't get it out. couldn't get in and nobody could get out. >> bruce ten smith and his neighbors could not get inside the burning home to save his >> t and fire. couldn't get it out. couldn't get in and nobody could get out. >> bruce ten smith and his neighbors could not get inside the burning home to save his friend. >> they heard him but couldn't get to him. this was too hot. they kicked the door in and the floor was already gone. three couldn't go in. >> reporter: the fire inside the parkway village mobile home park was too dangerous. >> a lot of ammunition going off. couldn't get too close. ammo was going. bullets and stuff were flying.
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>> there was ammunition which delayed the rescue attempts. >> reporter: the victim, steve her man, was an avid hunt are. he need oxygen. but oxygen and ammunition want the only problem. >> trying to get a hopes line down the street. kids going to school. the street is very narrow. >> reporter: two days ago on monday another trailer caught fire. in maryland city, don harrison, abc2 news. >> the family dog was also killed in the fire. we have an update on the breaking news we first brought you. two men were rushed to the bay view burn center after an cent in a boiler room at bates school. the fire was cause bhied buildup of pressure and smoafnlgt students were evacuated and at
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first seemed like a standard drill. first period was already underway when this happened. >> when i walked outside, i noticed there was smoke, and i smell th.d -- it. we were waiting outside and knew it was more than a drill because they evacuated us. >> the two people who were hurt were employees but they did not have life-threatening injuries. students were let back in about 11:00 but just to get things ready before they left early. they will notify parents once they make a decision on whether there will be school tomorrow. the dow is up 309 points. the s&p and nasdaq showed great gains, the best since 2011. this positive day isn't just because of the fiscal cliff deal
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but a deal was hammered out. the market does not like uncertainty. where does this lead the rest of us and what happens next? karen travers tries to explain. >> reporter: the stock market surged this morning. late last night congress finally spent president obama legislation. >> this law is just one step in the broader effort to strengthen our economy oar at one point it looked like the deal could fall apart. >> there's no spending cuts. we're adding $4 billion a day to the debt what we're really doing is raising taxes to gift president more money top spend. >> reporter: some republicans were pushing house speaker john boehner to add new spending cuts, but ultimately, there weren't enough votes to get that passed. so the house approved the senate
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measure. it prevent as tax hike on estates less than $5 million and extends unemployment benefits for some 2 million people but the payroll tax could expire, which means an increase on salaries by 2% for workers earning up to $110,000 a year. then stuff the bill didn't do. to avoid this fiscal cliff congress set up new ones. two ones they will have to deal with the automatic spending cuts. there lab nasty fight over the debt ceiling. last night president obama said he's not willing to debate congress on the borrowing limit. >> we can not not pay bills that we've already occurred. >> reporter: karen travers, abc news, washington. for all of you holiday
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eaters, cot overweight actually be better for your health? we'll tell you about the recent study which suggests you may not want to lose those pounds. and how the stievers of sandy hook are moving forward.
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listen up if you're trying to lose those extra holiday powbd -- pownlsd. researchers found having a higher bmi may have a slightly lower chance of dying. those slightly overbeast were
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not much greater than a normal rate. now don't get too excited, though. experts warn the study does not prove that being overweight is a good thing. scientists say for the first time image tests show fructose can spark brain images. women who spent eight weeks practice -- eating fructose, the brain doesn't register it. researchers say the study is too small to offer proof but does add to the evidence that fructose may play a role in overeating. if you're planning on losing weight in the new year, through practice run before you dive into the new diet. women who spend eight weeks practicing weight maintenance before starting a diet will lose the same amount as a woman who starts the diet right away.
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president maintenance first dieters are more success f the practice first approach could also be applied to things like quitting smoke, cutting back on your spending or increasing your exercise. i think today is national go back to the gym day. 32 degrees at bwi. the dew point is down to 13. that means the air is extremely dry. we had sunshine. a nicer day but a colder day. in parkville temperatures struggling to get out of the 30s. a few high thin clouds. back to school today for a lot of people in the area and a nice sun set over the key area. a little built of snow in carroll county. north westerly wind 5 to 10.
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it is a cold breeze coming down the pike. already feeling like upper 20s to mid-20s. all points going down into the low 20s and purpose teens. a few passing clouds right now. otherwise, a dry quiet weather scenario up and down the east coa. mid-20s will be the story. it's going to be funneling down as we go through the overnight hours. you see things get frigid. 14 in pittsburgh. as we work in the day tomorrow, a struggle to get out of the 30s and another frigid night. the cold air keeps settling. we don't see active weather makers, no brewing storm system. the only thing generated, some lake-effect snows into upstate new york but none of that impacting us. we're looking at canadian high pressure to keep settling.
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this will keep the weather nice and clear but on the cold side. so don't look for any big warmup until we get into friday and sat dpai. temperatures will struggle back to 40. could see mid-40s. so things will look to improve some. tonight down to 20. partly cloudy with that deep freeze. your two-degree guarantee 37, sunny and crisp. that's colder than average. tomorrow night back into the mid-20s so another night to let pipes drip. so be careful. the next few days that slope change to slightly milder conditions by saturday and a good bit warmer as we push toward the early part of next week. looks like sunshine will be on tap. i don't see the possibility of precipitation, so that's good. for tail gaiters, which i think there will be more than there was going to be, i think, again,
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this is good tailgate weather for the moment. cold in the morning with the 1:00 kickoff. i don't think anybody will let it stop it. >> well done. thank you, sir. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. students of newtown, connecticut, sandy hook elementary school reunited with their teachers. >> it's the first time the students have been back since the december 14 massacre. >> reporter: it will be a long time before things return to normal for the kids of elementary sandy hook elementary. >> they're so excited to see their teachers. the students coming in complete circle. that's what's missing. >> reporter: classes will resume
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thursday at a retrofitted middle school. today the school held an open house for students and parents to take a look around. it's the first time they'll be back in school since the december 14th massacre. for weeks, they have worked to recreate every aspect, desks, backpacks, they will be in the same place. the sign has been changed to read sandy hook loom and green ribbons line the road to the school. >> a lot of effort to make this as seamless as possible. >> reporter: some things are different like counselors to help students, parents, teachers transition back. >> our goal is to make it a safe and secure learning environment along with the teachers, also. for right now this has to be the safest school in america.
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>> reporter: she was one of the educators and 20 first graders that adam lanza killed. a spokesperson for lanza's father said they have claimed his body. we will tell you how thy thwarted a robbery attempt. take a look at this picture snapped inside a delivery room. the unborn baby grabbing the doctor's hand.
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two homeless american being called heroes for stopping a
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robbery. they ?tdzed a business man being robbed, so they came to his rescue. they say they were just following their gut. >> someone needed assistance. i'm not going to stand by and watch somebody be assaulted like that. >> when we got him separated, he ran through the alley. >> the suspect is charged with robbery and obstructing official business. two people are dead and two others in critical condition after a car crashed into a building in california. a white car slam knolls a convenience store right here. the car had just been broadsided by a black chevy, sending it careening into the store. the driver of the black chevy was running from police. police say they found the gun inside the black chevy. right now the suspect is recovering at the hospital. this might be the coldest wedding of the year. a minnesota couple tied the knot on new year's day, the
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temperature hovering just above zero. okay. they kiss. they do come apart, right. they invited more than 100 guests who bundled up to watch them exchange their vows and they did hold their reception inside. whoa. >> take a look at this picture. this is the story you'll be talking about for the rest of the night. an unborn baby reaches outside of the womb and grabs the finger of the doctor performing the c section. dad snapped the picture. they gave a copy to the doctor and plans to hang a big canvass print in the baby girl's room. the baby grabbed a hold of the fing per. >> i'm hoping that's real. hannah storm returned to television yesterday after suffering serious injuries in a sporting accident. we'll hear about her recovery. the house failed to vote on
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aid for victims of super storm sandy. >> and trying to take a picture of justin bieber, the photographer died. >> we'll talk about how frigid things will get straight ahead.
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