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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 2, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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future hall of famer ray lewis announced his retirement. when ray is introduced on sunday, it will most likely the last time we see him. lewis says he wants to spend more time with his family. neighbors and friends try to save a maryland city man from a fire. the victim was identified as steve her man. they say he was on oxygen and had a lot of ammunition because he was an avid hunter.
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two workers were destroyed at an explosion at bates school. a decision has not been made on whether to open tomorrow. >> what a life of sunshine. we have a cold chill in the air. numbers continue to fall. we're at 28 in owings mills. 28 in damascus. 31 in spar rows point. you have who get down to cambridge to find above freezing numbers. very chilly night on the way. overnight falling into the 20s. a deep freeze by dawn. we'll talk about will this hold into the weekend and game day sunday. that answer is straight ahead. for the latest on the grilling accident that left espn anchor hannah storm bad but i
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burned. >> reporter: the flames hit her like a ball of fire. >> i looked out -- it's a terrible feeling. >> reporter: it was december 11th. espn anchor hannah storm was getting dinner ready. he is lit the grill, left for 10 minutes. when he is returned the wind had killed the fire. >> after i turned the gas off, i relit the flame and it was a huge fire. it blew the doors off. >> reporter: the flames licking at her face, neck and chest. >> i yelled to my daughter, mommy's on fire. you have to call 911. >> reporter: it left her with first degree burns on her neck and face and second degree burns on her badly injured left hand. >> i had my kids changing my
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bandages. >> reporter: her recovery continues but she's back to work. now she's sharing her story and how lucky she feels to be able to tell it. >> i spent an hour in hair and make up. i was, by far, the most fortunate person in my burn unit. >> reporter: what happened to hannah storm can happen to anyone. propane gas is heavier than gas so it sat on air. it's important to wait 15 minutes when using a propane grill before relighting it to make sure the gas has dissipated. fire dangers are more dangerous than we think. with hannah storm it was a prepain barbecue but it can happen with those increasingly popular fire pits. >> ryan kuebler is working to
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bring us a story later on a phenomenon that killed one local teen. >> reporter: many know when you're mixing fire and any kind of accelerant it can be dang but these accidents happen. enough that the alcohol, tobacco and firearms know what to do. this is a test done by the atf. under the right circumstance, a gas can explode when pouring it over an open flai. up to two years ago no one knew or thought a gas can could act like a fire breathing dragon of sorts. where the opening can violently spew up to 13 feet of fire, making it an unintended but deadly weapon. this happened right here am baltimore county. the teenager and her family recovered from burns. we were invited to bitness how this could happen at the atf
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laboratory last month. >> we documented it using high speed cameras. we look at it from an engineering basis to understand what's happening. we had to do the test ourselves to see if this could actually happen. >> reporter: later this month we'll break down how to could happen, introduce you to the family and how to prevent it from happening in your backyard. in our backyard baltimore saw a record low of deaths in 2012. 12 people died in fires. officials said that's the fewest deaths recorded. still it did not reach the department's ultimate gel. >> our goal continues to be zero fire deaths. i take personally every time we lose a person in a fire, i want to remind people in order to gain our goal, we have to have
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working smoke alarms in every residential structure. >> the city is providing free smoke alarms to residents to meet that goal f you call 311, they'll come out and install detectors in your home. the alarm will last up to 10 years. less involved shooting broke out today in the city. the police pulled a man over for a traffic violation on cliftmont avenue. he took off, was chased in a nearby alley. the officer shot him in the h. the man was taken to hopkins with non-life-threatening injuries. we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. the murder rate in baltimore dropped last year. police investigated 23 homicides, a drop in the five-year average. of the 23 murders only five row
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-- remain open. if you use a zip car to get around, there could be plans underway. changes are coming to four square. we have more on the changes to the private policy.
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the pope lar car -- popular car shearling service, zip car will be under a new owner. avis is buying it for half a billion dollars. it still needs approval from the shareholders. zip car will operate as the subsidiary of avis under the deal. social media network four square is alerting users of privacy changes. the location based networks will now display user's full names. it can be confusing for some. so the new practice will go in effect on goon ri 28th. >> they avoided the cliff but congress left people in new york and new jersey hanging.
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how long homeowners will have to wait to recover from superstorm sandy. stars have always said they feel like their lives are in danger because of the paparazzi.
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a chilly night out there, a little bit of a cold northwesterly wind come in dropping that wind chill factor down into the 20s. it is a cold, cold night. at least we had sornings high thin cloud cover today but not enough to stop some pretty bright conditions, very bright conditions out in the carroll county way.
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snow at summit ridge and ellicott city, crisp, cold, sunny, january day, second day of the year with a beautiful finish. how's that. gorgeous shot. current winds northwesterly 5 to 10. a few gusts 10 to 15. it is a cold wind funneling into the state. the air mass originating way up in canada. conditions struggling to get into the mid to upper 30s. curtis bay up through canton and mt. vernon. on the whole, it's going to be cold. how about a little further north and west, a very cold day on tap here across carroll county. 34 ham sted and maybe the low 30s toward mt. airy, so very cold conditions. partly cloudy skies across the state. tomorrow will be a mix of sun and clouds, active jet stream could bring us high level clouds. the cold air will be the story at the surface where we live and
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breathe and work and have to go. this will be the story. very cold weather continuing to funnel. we'll struggle to get in and into the day on friday another very cold day, stuck in the 20s overnight. the city could find teens both tonight and tomorrow night, 18, 19 degrees on the pennsylvania state line. a couple of lake-effect showers streaming in on that cold northwesterly flow that cold air funnels in over the great lakes where the water is not frozen, generates the lake-effect snow showers. the cold air obviously, is reaching us now and will continue through tomorrow. polar high pressure settling in, meaning lows right around 20 degrees and highs struggling to get out of the 30s at least through friday. temperatures begin to bounce th. let's check it out, temperatures
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pushing back to 40. most of the days in the 30s both friday and saturday. game day sunday, you see the numbers hovering in the 30s and eventually into the 40s for the 30s both friday and saturday. game day sunday, you see the numbers hovering in the 30s and eventually into the 40s for the afternoon hour. it will be a cold tailgate. this looks clear and dry. that's the main thing. people can handle the chill. right now this looks like we'll trend milder into next week. so there we were go. a quiet stretch here. the holidays were very active. >> no kidding. >> trending mild. >> nice to be back. tonight people and politicians up and down the east
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coast are fuming. >> we're talking weeks after superstorm sandy devastated parts of no new jersey and right around here on the wart. congress refused to act on this i'd package. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: in october, superstorm sandy unleashed her fury often new york and new jersey. now the fight over funding has l.upted into a storm of anger on >> we cannot believe that this cruel knife in the back was delivered to our region. >> reporter: and in the region. >> 66 days and counting. shame on you. shame on congress. >> reporter: lawmakers expected a vote on the sandy aid bill late last night after the fiscal cliff deal passed but in a surprise move, house speaker john boehner pulled the bill. it would not -- the reaction was swift and angry. >> the ayes have it. the house stands adjourned until
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10 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> reporter: the senate passed a measure that with provide $60 million and many said the provides tag was too high. >> there raise been no substantive reason given for the action. >> reporter: the timing is key. if the house doesn't vote on the senate-passed measure, lawmakers have to start from scratch because the new members cannot take up a bill from the old congress. that means the much needed i'd could be delayed for several weeks. >> we need to rebuild now. we need to act now. we can't wait for the next congress. >> reporter: speaker boehner told republicans there will ab vote friday and the rest by january 15th. >> congressman peter king said the speaker of the house john
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boehner promised aid to victims will be coming up january 15 and there's a scheduled vote for friday and another one on the 15th for the remaining i'd. if you want maryland's most accurate forecast right there in the palm of your hand any time day or night, just search abc2 in the apple apps store. the health of our bay improved slightly last year. a report found underwarted grasses were the only bay health indicators that worsened. grab and oxygen levels got bet better. the the bay is still dangerously out of balance. strategies are starting to work. an oil drilling rig is threatening the environment in
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alaska. it is new grounded on an island, killing more than 150,000 gallons of fuel and other petroleum products. it's not clear how much was spilled. teams are working to contain any environmental damage. pennsylvania's governor is taking issue with ncaa sanctions against penn state following the jerry sandusky child sexual abuse scandal. last july the organization handed down harsh sanctions, including a fine of $60 m the governor said the ncaa did not have the authority to issue the sanctions. >> the ncaa shouldn't have sanctioned penn state, i believe and the suit contends the ncaa has no authority and operated outside of their own by laws with these sanctions that they brought. this was cral matter, not a
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violation of ncaa rules. >> the ncaa spokesman said they don't talk about legal actions until they're filed. the preliminary hearing for the suspect in the aurora, colorado movie theater shooting is set for monday. james holmes killed people in july. they will determine if there's enough evidence to get holmes to go it trial. how one man ended up accidentally shooting himself. >> if you have a new year's resolution to lose weight, we'll tell you which food cost jump start your metabolism. here's a preview of what's ahead. >> coming up, the latest on your taxes. a cautionary tale about the
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the frenzy surrounding stars like justin bieber get crazier and crazier every day. we have the latest on how a chase turned deadly for one paparazzi. >> reporter: pop star justin bieber said enough is enough after a paparazzi was killed. bieber's friend was driving his white ferrari and was pulled over for speeding. that's when chris garrett parked
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his car and crossed the street to snap pictures. >> he was ordered to return to his vehicle. >> reporter: g.d ara was struck by an suv and killed. bieber wasn't there. in a statement the singer offered his condolences and said hopefully this will inspire meaningful legislation and what other steps are necessary to protect the lives of celebrities, police officers, innocent bystanders and the public themselves. this isn't the first run-in involving the paparazzi and pop stars. >> i have like five cars following me. >> reporter: last july a high speed chase led to a photographer being arrested and charged with california's 2009 antipaparazzi law but a judge later threw out the charges and said the law was too broad. in this case his friends claim he was the victim.
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>> he loved the people he was following. he was respecting the celebrities. >> reporter: the lapd said the person who hit gara was in the at fault and will not be charged. we all note future king of england is about to become a dad. but this is role we don't see him in too often, pilot. a man was walking his dog on the pier when he was suddenly swept into the sea. william left his family and was up in the helicopter searching for the man. sadly the rescue effort failed and the coast guard called off the search. >> we all know that stress is bad for you but how do we make this less stressful.
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for 17 years he was our leader and sunday we get top stand up and cheer for 52's final game at home. >> a domestic cent lands an edgewood man in the hospital and jail. how the step dad ended up shooting himself. >> scary moments for students at a middle school. why they were forced to evacuate their school. >> well, we hoped and thought he would play forever but plear plearp dropped the news like he dropped a running back. >> sunday will be it, the final time he will come out of that tun. he plans to retire after the ravens playoff run. he was drafted in 1996. when he quits at the age of 37 he will leave the gamals the greatest linebacker ever to play in the nfl. he is the heart and soul of the franchise. ray -- >> today


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