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tv   News  ABC  January 3, 2013 6:30am-6:51am EST

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will be around 35 degrees by lunchtime today. it's going to be a cold crisp morning on tap. and we'll get more sunshine by the afternoon with the high temperature of only 37 degrees. let's get a check now of the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, i had mentioned that peyton manning was really good for the colts? obviously my coffee hasn't kicked in. andrew luck. best of luck to the ravens whole they can beat them. on 95 we have an update on the crash it has just cleared from the southbound lanes at 395. the delays have really dissipated. no probes getting through the funnel -- problems getting through the fort mchenry tunnel. a crash on 795 northbound lanes at lombard street. if you are using 695 this is the west side at baltimore national pike. no problems getting up to 795 and that is what the beltway looks like in parkville at harford road. nothing to get in your way and it will remain nice and clear on the outer loop as you make the push up to towson. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you.
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two men killed overnight in a fire while five other people including a pregnant woman managed to escape. this is breaking news we've been following for you all morning on "good morning maryland." and abc2 news linda so is live in northeast baltimore and linda, you're near morgan state right? >> reporter: about a mile away. we actually moved our location so we could be right in front of this house to show you just how intense the fire was. you can see the siding there melted from the fire. the windows all busted. the door is gone. two men died in this fire. five people got out safely. including a pregnant woman. the first victim was found inside the house on the first floor. the second victim was discovered outside right by the basement door and we're hearing reports that victim initially got out but may have been trying to go back inside when he was killed. the fire broke out just after 11:30 last night in the 3,000 block of montebello terrace right off harford road right behind the safeway when
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firefighters got here it was so intense they were not able to get inside. a second alarm was called firefighters eventually made it in and discovered the body of that first victim. now the five people who made it out including the pregnant woman. they all had nonlife- threatening injuries and three were taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated. fire and arson investigators were here throughout the morning trying to determine a cause. we do not know at this point if this home had working smoke detectors. the fire department wants to remind you that if you need a smoke detector all you need to do is call 311. firefighters will come out and install one for free. but again, this fire killed two men. five people made it out safely. three were taken to the hospital including a pregnant woman. we're live in northeast baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. news time 6:32. and to an interview only see here on abc2 news. the now former head of the criminal investigations for the carroll county sheriff's department is facing criminal charges of his own.
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the state prosecutor charged major nicholas plazio with misconduct in office. it all started with a murder in 2010. 25-year-old jeremiah demare owe was stabbed to death outside his apartment. that suspect russell laderer gave a taped confession but it was dismissed. the girlfriend of laderer asked for an attorney but plazio asked for the interrogation to continue without an attorney and they say he lied about that under oath. >> here he had an opportunity to truly take a bad guy off the streets and for whatever reason, he didn't do it that way. >> the murder charges against russell laderer have been dismissed. yesterday the carroll county sheriff announced that nicholas plazio has resignmorning a 6-ye from maryland has been suspended all for making a gun gesture at school. and his family this morning is outraged. chris van chief has reaction
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from the parents this morning. >> he went like this. >> reporter: with that gesture mimicking a gun by a 6-year-old to a fellow student be threatening enough to justify a suspension from school in the family of the student in silver spring says that's exactly what happened to their son. the incident happened just days after the connecticut school shootings. >> this is a meek skinny child. on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being most threatening, i'd give him a .2. >> reporter: in a letter school officials described what happened as a serious incident. where the boy threatened to shoot a student. family attorney says they are appealing the one day suspension calling it an overreaction. >> it's on his permanent record that he threatened to shoot a student five years from now, someone is going to look at that and think this is a bad kid. he's been branded. he's been thrown under the bus. >> reporter: the school district doesn't talk about individual decisions. however a spokesman said this was not quote not a knee jerk reaction adding that particularly with younger
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students there's a serious discussion with the student and parent about the problematic behavior. >> nowadays with everything going on it's something very scary. you know, for our kids themselves. but at the same time, i think that was a little too harsh for a 6-year-old. >> i wouldn't expect someone to do that to my child. if they did i mean, i would expect you know, some type of discipline. >> i know they feel they must do something. but i'm just saying 6-year-olds that's a little bit much for a 6-year-old. >> that was chris van chief reporting. they asked for him to be sent to a different school altogether. thanks a lot. check out the video of a small plane burning in north las vegas at the airport. the twin engine plane appeared to have skidded off the runway. fire crews came out spraying foam on the flames and airport officials say everyone got off the plane safely. a smash and grab job at a tennessee gas station and all
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caught on camera. the van pulled toward the gas pumps then backed through the store window. one watching the rid owe she says he can't believe what happened so close to home. >> that dopamine you got to steel man. i think it's pretty sorry. they're going to have to foot the bill there are that. >> -- for that. >> the thieves made off with an atm. we do want to let you know this morning baltimore city, they are telling us that margaret brent elementary middle school are closed today because they don't have any heat. but if you're a staff member there, bundle up because you got to show up anyway. but again, that's margaret brent elementary and middle schools and no heat today so no class. this morning now facing harsh criticism for remarks he made about kwanzaa. >> why senator called the holiday and its founder fake. >> also, florida, north carolina or california? where do you want to live?
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we're going to tell you where most people are choosing or what they did in 2012. we're back in a bit.
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thanks for joining thus morning. rapper jay-z is working on a new project. >> reportedly composing the score for the latest adaptation of "the great gatsby." the producer of "the bullet" revealed the news on twitter. the movie stars lick and tobey maguire and expected in heaters this summer. a home renovation leads to the discovery of love letters from world war ii. the homeowner in detroit says that he found the letters tucked away in an air duct in his basement. what an incredible treasure to find. the letters long to a man named stan. they came with black and white photos of his military discharge papers. and the homeowner sawyer tracked down his nephew. a local museum has asked for some of the photos for their
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archives. sawyer says he'll let the family decide. okay, look, by now we all now you can't carry a gun or another type of weapon on to a plane. >> why are hundreds of guns found in the airports around the country? that was at least the case for 2012. which airport confiscated the most weapons. >> also this morning it's a picture you and many others will be talking about for a quite a while. a beautiful image now making its way around the internet and around the world. >> and temperatures won't be as cold over the next few days. i'll have that seven day forecast coming up for you. >> well, lynette traffic is just starting to pick up here on 95 north of 195. loleta know what 83 and -- i'll let you know what 83 and the beltway look like coming up on "good morning maryland."
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this is your abc2 news to go on this thursday morning, i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. a lot to talk about right noway specially to closures. in baltimore county, they're telling thus morning middle sex elementary is closed today because of a water main break. >> in the city margaret brent elementary and middle schools are closed today because there's no heat. staff needs to show up and lauren we'll find out what we
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can expect for weather but in the meantime? the roads. >> we have some improvements out on the roads a crash has just cleared from the northbound lanes of 895 at lombard street. a o'donnell street traffic moving right along. no problems getting through the harbor tunnel. the fort mchenry tunnel also nice and clear. on 695 though here in barkville, traffic really starting to pick up on the outer loop here at harford road. it will remain that way as you make the push up to providence road. the west side will be clear. and if you the traveling -- are traveling in randallstown a crash on liberty road. hunt valley 83 no problems getting down to the beltway. here's meteorologist lynette charles with a look at the very chilly forecast. good morning. good morning lauren. yes it is cold outside. look at emmitsburg at 21 eggs and that -- degrees and that dew point at 12. that's why the temperatures are really able to drop off this morning. and we also do have the calm winds and if we had clear skies these temperatures would be
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much colder than this. it's 26-degree right now in easton and the temperature in westminster coming in at 20. make sure you bundle up this morning as you head out the door. leave the umbrella you won't need it. maryland's most powerful radar is dry and it will stay that way throughout the day and a high temperature today coming in at 37 degrees under a mostly sunny sky. megan and charlie, over to you. breaking news all morning long. a deadly house fire in northeast baltimore. crews cleared the scene and abc2 news linda so is live on montebello terrace with about a mile as we understand a mile from morgan state? >> reporter: about a mile from morgan state and right off of harford road. this is where the fire happened. you can take a look at the house right there. the siding burned. the windows busted. the door is gone. this fire was intense when firefighters got here, they found two people, two men had died in this fire. five people were able to make it out safely including a pregnant woman. the first victim was found inside the house on the fist floor. the second victim was
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discovered right outside the house by the base. door. we're hearing reports that victim got out safely but may have been trying to get back inside when he died. again this fire broke out just after 11:30 last night in the 3,000 block of month bell row terrace. that's right off the harford road behind the safeway. the five people who made it out safely including the pregnant woman. three were taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated. again two men died in the fire. live in northeast baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. right now, it's been about three weeks since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school and newtown, connecticut. when a gunman killed 20 students and six adults and today, surviving students from that school will go back to class. this time in a different school. abc2 news' sherrie johnson is live in towson with what some area schools are doing. >> reporter: yes, we are here live at towson and baltimore county public schools headquarters building. as students return to class after winter break, a number of police officers will be
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patrolling the schools. this is all a part of the keep a check program. and basically, officers at the baltimore county schools they'll be visiting the schools that are not awind resource officers. now officers are stopping by the schools during each shift to ensure safety and security. the school shooting in newtown that left 26 people dead including 20 young children has districts on alert and baltimore county the superintendent says there are security plans in place. dr. dallas dance says they are considering enhanced security options that orderings are using like -- other districts are using like badges for all staff and students as well as cameras and a buzz in policy at the doors. in howard county the superintendent there dr. foo is looking at security upgrades for their schools. her team looked at potential problems in the system identifying at least two schools that will need physical changes. now she says newtown is an important reason to update safety plans and procedures. now i talked to baltimore county police officers and they talked to me a little bit about the patrols and they will
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continue until further notice. reporting live in towson, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's back to school today for students and staff at beats middle school in annapolis. this after a fire and explosion in the boiler room. the entire school was evacuated yesterday afternoon. two people were hurt and rushed to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. school officials say air tests and other inspections have been completed and it's safe for everyone to return to class today. the number of fbi background checks on americans looking to buy guns hit record numbers in december. the agency did more two million background checks and in december is a typically busy month for christmas gifts. but some experts believe the spike is also connected to the shooting massacre in connecticut. some troubling news for flyers. more than 1500 firearms were found by screener last year. that's 200 more than they found in 2011. atlanta's airport which is the busiest airport in the country had the most with 80 guns found. that's followed by dallas,
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phoenix, and houston. it's not clear if the increase is because more people are traveling with weapons or maybe just tsa screeners and new technologies are doing a better job finding them. the co-owner of a restaurant in federal hill is facing pretty serious charges this morning. and we have new reaction from the restaurant via facebook. you see matthew lasinski is co- owner is accused of raping a woman in the bathroom on new year's eve. well, according to police the victim says that she went there after getting into an argument with her boyfriend. the restaurant put a statement out about the allegations on their facebook page and in part it reads one of the team members has become the victim of one of the worst injustices i have seen in my lifetime. we have video as well as witnesses and yet he's still being charged. what happened to innocent until proven get. now official. the president signed into law the bill averting fiscal cliff. now he's vacationing with his family in hawaii and a copy of that was sent to him to review
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and signed with the autopen that mimics the president's signature. the new law prep serves the bush era tax cuts and extends overall unemployment benefits. secretary of state hillary clinton is waking up in her own bed this morning. she was discharged from a hospital yesterday. you can see her leaving with her daughter chelsea and her husband president bill clinton. she spent four days in the hospital being treated for a blood clot near the brain. doctors have using blood thinners to treat the clot and she's expected to make a full recovery. she plans on leaving the obama administration later this month once her replacement is confirmed. nine minutes away from 7:00 right now. wisconsin state senator is getting heat over his criticism of the celebration of kwanzaa.


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