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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 21, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> superbowl. >> superbowl xlvii here we come. we are celebrating this morning. >> we are celebrating each other. and celebrating the incredible nation that we call home. >> the celebrating that too. the president has been sworn in but the public's ceremony is today. a preview coming up on this monday morning. thanks for being with us. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. you are joined by the most tired news team i think
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probably ever. we all stadium and enjoyed the game. >> walking dead over here. >> this guy was down in federal hill last night and you will see some of the photographs of that. apparent. >> >> reporter: apparently i was and don't remember. >> yeah you were. >> and you were watching at home. >> i was and i am so glad i did because it was a fabulous game. i am trying to contain myself running off adrenaline getting you out the door. the cold air will wake you up. >> you want to bring it down a notch. >> look at the 20s across the area. we could see that in bel air this morning. 27, 26 in elkton. 22 at emmettsburg but we are supposed to be this way this time of the year and we should be at 24 degrees for a low temperature. and it won't be until tomorrow we are going to be feeling cold air. i am talking about the teens when we wake up in the morning and we are going to have a wind chill so we could be in the single digits feeling in a lot of spots. but bundle up as you head out this morning. we are going to be talking about a wind chill as well. the temperature in glenelg at
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24. and we have that dew point coming in at 14. now this is what it looks like heading through the rest of the day. starting out at around 8. cold at 34 degrees. and we will have the clouds pretty much sticking with us as we go through lunchtime and 3:00. breezes kick up by 3 coming in at 4 to tee -- 42 but feeling chillier than that. bundle up and stay that way as we go throughout the day. i will talk about the snow showers that could linger across the area today and tonight as well. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: good good morning >> reporter: how often is this. it hasn't sunk in but next week it will. >> superbowl bound. >> reporter: here's what's going on. let's look at the maps. not much happening. roadways look pretty good. some delays from annapolis heading towards the eastern span of the bay bridge. and we will show you frederick avenue at 695 road construction will trip you up but fort mchenry tunnel from 95 into the
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toll plaza looks good. but keep in mind, you go south of town and you go into the dc area, just know volume will be increasing through the course of the morning because of the ceremonies ongoing. there's a shot looking at towards the toll plaza. and we will look at drive times. speeds pretty much in check around 65 miles an hour. we will take -- did it will take 11 minutes from the from 83 to 695. there are some of the drive times there 695 outer loop from 95 to 83. that's an 11-minute ride. looking at traffic in less than 10 minutes charles crowson onto you. learning, knowing and commit it to memory because for the ravens time to let the good time roll down to the big easy for superbowl xlvii. last night they avenged last sea seen title loss and beat brady and the patriots 28-13 in foxborough coming off the mile high miracle. legitimate concern the ravens may be out of gas this go
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around. after a 13-7 new england halftime lead, tom brady was in control and a win for baltimore was in serious doubt. but in the second half, it was all baltimore. the defense shut down the pass offense forcing three turnovers. and the offense started clicking. joe flacco account for 3 second -- accounted for 3 second half touchdown. when the dust settled you can hear the chant of 7 nation army from enemy territory. and the ravens get out of town with a 28-13 win. >> huge game. offense stepped up and made the plays they needed to and story book ending. one more game to go. >> we knew we had one more half left. and if we wanted to get to the superbowl we had to get everything together and put together a better game plan than the first half. >> this battle means everything, man. we did it we did it for our guys. this is our team and we did it together. and you know, it was one of the situations where we had to go out and fight for what we wanted and we did it together.
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>> boldin snagging it down and ray rice sayser that team of -- team of destiny now own to the superbowl and ravens and 49ers two weeks from last night. some people calling think the the har ball bowl. john against his younger broken jim and early behind on the game vegas doesn't like baltimore and ravens 5 point underdogs. team coverage continues this morning. you may be late for work or man you are not going. the chance superbowl -- chants superbowl could be heard from the federal hill and quiet neighborhoods of bel air. there is so much excitement after the ravens prove they are a team of destiny. linda so is live talking to fans. and people are heading to the towson diner and getting breakfast. what are they saying? >> reporter: a lot of them were up late for the game and up early excited we are headed to the superbowl. thanks for joining us. and you said you had a sign
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going into the game to you -- did you think they would win. >> good morning i was pretty sure they would win because the first thing i did when i woke up i looked out the window of my yard yard and saw a big raven sitting there by my car and named it suggs because it was so big. >> reporter: and so the beginning of the game, when the patriots were leading, you weren't nervous at all? >> a little bit nervous but i thought it was early and if it was the other team winning, we needed to come up and win from behind. so i was a little nervous. >> reporter: yeah. during the playoff season the ravens have been called the underdogs. they beat the colts and then denver last week. you said you were glad it was not another game like last week because that gave you a heart attack. >> last week was good game and i heard everybody talking about itbut i said if it's like last week i will probably have to turn off the tv and check up on it or something.
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but they were doing good. >> reporter: and we are all happy now they are head togethersuperbowl. we can't believe it. he says he put his ravens hat on today and doesn't wear any ravens gear on the day of because the days that he has they have lost their games. that's his superstition. so he put it on today. we are excited two weeks lateer when they face-off for the superbowl. everyone is hoping ray lewis gets the second superbowl win. now back to you. >> celebrations all around after the big win. these pictures come to us from fells point. people pouring out of bars cheering and screaming. the excited fans did not cause any trouble. this is great news. it was a -- similar to what happened on the west coast. >> that's right. fans took toot streets in san francisco after the 49 -- took to the treats in san francisco -- streets in san francisco
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after the 49ers won. we will face them february 3rd in new orleans and we are getting you ready. to get ravens info head to and relive the playoff run at this point and you can take a look at the photo gallery we posted online. the constitution requires the president to take the oath of office before noon. on january 20th megan. >> it does and, of course, that was yesterday. and that's when president obama officially started his second term. washington is abuzz before the big inaugural ceremony and sherrie johnson is out at the mall in washington, d.c. with more. good morning. >> we apologize we are having an audio issue with sherrie johnson.
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we will try work that out but this is video of the president. this is from four years ago, the first time was sworn in as you can see. you saw george w. bush in the crowd and he won't be there this year nor is his father because he is recovering from bronchitis. celebrations start with the parade and the balls and you know the pomp and circumstances today. the official business was yesterday and then they will celebrate today. >> 800,000 people expected to be there today. and also if you want to head to the inauguration but don't want to deal with the hassles of driving you could have another option. today, there's going to be a special marc train service to dc. mta official will be on penn and brunswick line selling tickets costing about $25 for a round trip ticket and they only acceptcash. trains will not run all day so double check the schedule beforeheading out the door. when president obama takes the oath of office today, he is going to use the bible that oncebelonged to dr. martin luther king junior and today is
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a national holiday in his memory. he would have turned 84 last tuesday. the reverend jesse jackson participated at wreath laying ceremony dedicated to king. even though it's a national holiday for many it's day on not just off. operation oliver is holding asecond aljune mlk day of service. they will spend the day work on the north bethe street making it a wetter place -- a better place to live. if you think your password keeps you protected, think again. especially for those of us not usually making the difficult passwords experts has advice of what you need to know to keep them safe. and if you are trying to lose weight there are things to remember to cut back on or take out of your diet. a list of some of the foods that may surprise you coming up on this monday morning. >> also ahead this morning, it's supposed to be cold all week. other parts of the country have been dealing with the chills. so we will take you there and then we will see what's expected for you as you head
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out the door this morning. >> reporter: well we are talking about a few days lan volume south of -- shall delays and volume south of town. more of that coming up after this. >> a live look at times square and now too today new york for the latest tech bites. >> reporter: in teed tech bites a controversial tech figure daring a comeback file cheryl mobile launched mega. u.s. prosecutors shut that one down and accused him of enabling video pirating. and bigger is not always better. online reports claim that sharp which makes parts for apple products cut production of the full-sizeed ipad scenes because sales of the -- scenes because sales of the mini is stronger he. instagram is bouncing back.
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it has 19 million active users who post 40 million pictures per day. the announcement is after many users threatened to shut down over the privacy policy and google may have a vision for a world without passwords. they are developing a single device that would allow useers to verify identity on all the gadgets. those are your tech bites have a memorable monday.
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listen to me. when you sacrifice something for god, he will give you anything your heart desires. if eat alines with his will. and i. >> emotional ray lewis talking by a cheek what many thought was impossible. the ravens beat patriots and
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are heading to superbowl xlvii we will have complete coverage throughout the morning. ravens took to twitter celebrating the win and here's a pic courtesy of smith. see the guys sporting the t- shirts and we have got one of those here in studio this morning. we will show you later. and suggs tweeted this out of coach harbaugh on the way back. suggs said he had the coach turn the hat to the side and check this out. that's jones and phelps on the sideline almost excited about the win as the ravens themselves. other news this morning, scamers go to very great lengths to get your access to your personal information but some people don't make it hard for them. creating passwords that a toddler could crack. josie ster -- goasi sterman explains -- goasi ster -- joce sterman he can planes why it's hard to crack. >> reporter: you have them everywhere bank and social
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media all the online accounts needs passwords use capital letters and numbers and symbols to beef up security but some of you are letting down your guard. slash looked at the worst passwords from 2012 and ones at the top of the list are so shockingly simple it's astounding. the number one spot password. and at number 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. and both held top spots in 20 len as well according to the website which compiles the list after examining files full of millions of stolen passwords posted to the web by hackers. the feds posted the slash data list on the crime complaint center as a warning. saying if you have gone simple with the passwords it is time to make a change. and they suggest longer options with a string of words but different passwords for every account. joce sterman, abc2 news. a weather mess across the plains. roads were barely drivable along fargo north dakota and
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subzero blizzards bringing 50- mile-an-hour winds. >> sitting there you got the white knuckle grip trying to hold it on the road. >> the wind knocked out power sunday to about 200,000 customers. and utah city roads turned highways deadly. a couple and their unborn child and four dogs were killed when the pickup careened over a guardrail in salt lake crashing 30 feet below. upper midwest is bundling for a deep freeze and the wind chill minus 14 in wisconsin. this was yesterday. and it was cold enough to turn boiling water into freezing mist. >> we are seeing cold weather across the country and it's not skipping us. >> exactly. today, we are pretty much seasonable but the arctic blast is going to move in. by tomorrow, temperatures for highs will be in the 20s guys. >> it seals like we are stuck. >> and it's going to stay that way all week. we will finally be below average for a week. >> all right. no? >> it's in the forecast. this is what's going on right
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now. we can see that we are talking about this area of high pressure that's going to slide out of the area. but before we do so, let's go back and touch on the temperatures that i want to show you. so we have the temperatures coming in right around 24 degrees right now in hereford. ellicott city at 25. bowie is at 30 and you know the temperatures are pretty much above average or at average this morning and we are going to be dealing with 28 degrees in havre de grace and we will continue to have the temperatures on the seasonable level going through the rest of the day. satellite and radar picking up on snow showers back off towards the west. around the great lakes this morning, they are dealing with a wind chill across the area. and it will go into effect for today as we go more later into the evening. that's when things will begin to change even across our neck of the woods. so here's what's going on at the surface. this is what we are waiting for an arctic front that's bringing in that arctic blast i was talking about bringing the temperatures in the 20s for highs for tomorrow. and right now we are working with a plenty of cloud cover
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out there this morning. that will continue throughout the day. and future trend brings high pressure back in as we work towards middle of the week. and charley asked about snow. that's in the forecast as well but this is what's work for today going into lunchtime today, the temperature at 40 degrees. and we will continue to be right around 42 for the high temperatures. here's the check of the 7-day forecast as we jump into friday. there's the snow showers we are talking about. it's going to be breezy and still monitoring the situation. we will keep it fine tuned. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco what do you think about the snow. >> reporter: i am going to say you mate a typo and said 13? -- made a typo and you said 13? >> it's not a typo authorize that's a shock to reality. we have to go far south on the road, there's one issue and we bring this up is i think it will tie things up on 95. it's tying things up on the baltimore washington parkway. and it's an overturned vehicle but well south of town.
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we will keep ion on that and see if it affects the southbound lane of 95 heading south. we will go up to patapsco near 895 approaching 895. we have an on ramp closed down due to construction. just be aware of that. we will see volume pick up around there. and last stop up towards 695 right lane being knocked out near liberty road. that's due to some construction. outside for a live shot to columbia. we love the columbia area. this is at 95 northbound at maryland 100. things look pretty good and mdot cameras good at 695 on harford road. a little volume. most speeds are around 65. again, notice 95 northbound for 659 to fort mchenry tolls soon 8. traffic looks good and we will look at traffic coming up news time 6:20 and typically you start a diet you run down a list of things to eliminate. >> absolutely but there's foods you should never ditch. experts recommend eating natural peanut but theer with
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no transfat and keep it to one to two tablespoons per day a cup of 100% whole grain pasta per day the whole grain is the key. and that should stabilize the blood sugar levels and provides vitamins like vitamin b. and a baked potatoe will help keep you fuller for longer and don't forget, the cheese. >> the important piece to remember about cheese is the amount. and we are talking about one ounce. cheese is going to give us is vitamins, minerals, protein and calcium that is going to give us what we need and know towerously -- notoriously women are low in cal iumsium. >> a registered decision says mozzarella string cheese or onesquare of american cheese all you need. barbara walters will watch the inauguration from a hospital bed. >> how she is doing after a nasty fall. >> holy mega bucks batman.
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the original bat mobile sold at auction and the price it drew is going to make your eyes pop. we are back in a bit.
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thanks for joining thus morning. it's all about the ravens right now. last week you may remember a story about a notre dame play manti te'o and that captured the nation's attention. the heisman trophy runner up claimed to be a victim of a hoax after it was revealed his girlfriend never existed and the death was fakedch in the first camera interview he will sit down with katie couric and you can watch that on abc2 on thursday at four. coming up on katie today a different subject all about the oscars. hugh jackman makes a guest appearance on her show and here's a preview of what to expect. >> what do you think about all the oscar buzz?
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>> people are saying hugh jackman will win. >> when i hear i think what's my son done? what's -- where is he. to give you perspective, you know my father worked for price water house the accountant firm and tht oscars they brought the account tants on with the brief -- account tants on with the briefcase accountants on with the briefcase i used to cheer when the accountants came on i am from the northern suburbs of sydney when i was invited deb and i went and i took photos on the red carpet and of the accountants and sent it to my dad and that was as good as it got. >> would it be nice in>> of course. >> some actors are like whatever i am not into it. but i would be into it. just for the record. >> well. >> once again catch that coming up this afternoon at 4:00 news time 6:28 and the original bat
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mobile has a new owner. the 1960s tv series batman the cape crusader was adam west that used a sleek 19 foot long customized car to fight crime coming up laser the bat phone and repair shoots and cannon the flames shot out the back that car sold for a cool 4.6 million dollars and a guy in arizona bought it and said he will park it in the living room probably going to watch superbowl 47 from the comfort of the driver seat. >> would you yo do that? what would you do with it. >> i would never spend 4.6 million on anything but if it's that bat mobile i would probably like park it in my front lawn and make a fountain out of it or a memorial or a tribute. >> a fountain out of bat mobile. >> and the flame would shoot out the back. >> good thing you don't have that. >> no. no. >> stay with us this morning. screaming and cheering and crying and streets of baltimore were wild last night after the ravens won. >> coming up this morning we will show you what looked like
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when it became clear. it was obvious baltimore was going to win the game before the final zero tick. here's what it look like in the streets. >> how about the fans a beautiful scene. baltimore we did it for you baltimore.
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