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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 29, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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judge dennis sweeney gave his opinion based on seven days of testimony. he sided with the counts, one given by a scheduler for leopold although said she was on her hands and knees changing his urine basmg the judge called that outrageous and egregious. on the issue of officers used to put up campaign signs, sweeney said leopold's efforts were extensive and persuadesive but the most serious one, he was found not guilty. that was the offense that could have led to prison time. joining me is joan harris, the attorney. you've been talking to us throughout the trial. you filed a civil lawsuit. tell me what this means to you. >> i feel very happy about the verdict. i think mr. leopold needs to resign immediately and i think
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we need to get a county executive in the office this can restore integrity to the county. >> reporter: we heard a lot of testimony throughout. witnesses were on the stand and people saying time and time again that they were afraid of him. did this go along with his experience. >> absolutely. you were always afraid you would do something angry and hoe would fire you. when patty was testifying, i could feel the main she went through and the fear she felt every day just knowing what she would have to face at work. he definitely will intimidate you and a person who abuses power as an elected official. >> reporter: john singleton, you have been standing by joan's side as well as carla's side. both have filed civil lawsuits. tell me what's next for your case. >> we're happy this part is over. it allows us to go forward with
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the civil case. it's getting ahold of the judge and scheduling the civil case and finish the discovery that we were in the middle of. >> reporter: we'll hear similar arguments. >> in the civil case it's far more extensive than what you heard in the criminal case. in the criminal case they were focused on spokesperson criminal acts -- on certain criminal acts. the civil case opens it much more. >> thank you for your time. the biggest question is whether john leopold will keep his job. that is up to the county council. the chairman of the council -- he as going to join us live at 6:00. he said an emergency meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. a vote will be made on monday. there are seven council members. five of them have to vote in favor. that's a super majority, to vote john leopold out of office.
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he told me there were four counts. if he was found guilty on four of them that most likely the council member would step up to vote john leopold out of office. there are questions to be answered. yet, there were four counts that john leopold was charged with, two of them misconduct in office. he was found guilty. the other one not guilty in the most serious charge of fraud, he was found nying nipping. leopold is expected to come out of the courthouse. we hope to hear from him and will bring you that sound as soon as we get it. >> good work. we'll see more at 6:00. now to another trial. jurors in the phylicia barnes trial watched and illicit tape. today they found pictures of her body after it was found.
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brian kuebler has more. >> reporter: today the jury mostly heard from law enforcement officers after the state tried to sheet jury a gritty and detailed side. after most of money was dedicated to gist the testimony of deena barns, prosecutors called a then sergeant in homicide who oversaw phylicia's case. now lt. with yam simmons answered questions about the searches and recovery efforts. he described how data from michael johnson's cell phone led his team to search a tas copark -- patapsco park and how a
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cadaver dogs led them to a well on the property. abc2 covered the search. this is the well after the trained dog got a hit. phylicia barnes' body was eventually found last april in the susquehanna river north of the conowingo dam. they listened to the testimony from a department of natural resources sergeant that located and helped remove the body from the river that day. this trial will continue tomorrow morning at 9:30. brian kuebler, abc2 news. we have an update is on the breaking news we brought you on good morning maryland. they were working on a tip to burglarize a gun store this morning that ended in a crash. the men tried to drive off and ended up crashing into a parked
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car. police found 29 guns, including a loaded one underneath the seat. >> two of our finest officers came together to take the guns off the street. they would have resulted in taking young lives. >> both were taken to shock trauma for non-life-threatening injuries. it felt more like spring today. people got a run in. others were out with the dog. let's check in now with meteorologist wyatt everhart in the abc2 most accurate storm center to find out how much long are we can enjoy this warm weather. man and dog alike enjoying
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the weather. the cold will return with a vengeance to a certain degree by the and of the weak. annapolis, it never got much above the upper 40s because of a breeze off the chesapeake but most of the state well into the 50s and even 60s for highs today, so very nice stuff. our next weather maker is developing to the west. we're seeing a few clouds. i think it will be somewhat cloudy are, but this is the line headed our way. it will bring in the rain, quite a bit of it. we'll have more coming up. for now a milled evening. much more straight ahead. fun for the ravens before. >> all right. count them.
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5300 members of the media are inside the superdome. grown men in white jerseys acting like they're 11. when you run out of that tunnel on sunday, your emotions. >> i really can't explain this. i get chills every game. this is the biggest game of my career. >> reporter: media day is row deck cue lus. >> i am the king of mardi gras. >> reporter: rg three and now. >> i'm getting a lot of praise. >> reporter: from ray shooting down a steroid story to jacoby jones and his mamma's jambalaya. >> i had it all, baby . >> reporter: joe flacco in front of more cameras than you'll find
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at sear's portrait studio. fans can pay to see them shove microphones in people's places. in your wildest dream, did you think you would be here for super bowl xlvii? >> never. all this happened so quickly. three weeks ago i was at the national championship watching aj play. just to be in gnarl gnarl my first time watching the -- to be in new orleans my first time watching it, it's incredible. >> reporter: with the ravens in new orleans, jamie costello, abc2 news. >> the players didn't want to touch the new one because it would be bad luck. there's nothing unlucky about feasting your eyes on the super bowl trophy from the 2000
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season. it's now on display at the legends sports museum at camden yards. >> ray lewis had a tough season. now the owner of the company sports alternatives told "sports illustrated" that ray lewis asked for deer antler spray. that is ifg-1, which is banned on the list. lewis said it's a nonstory. >> two years ago that was the same report. i wouldn't give that report or him any of my press. he's not worthy of that. next question. >> this story created a huge buzz on our facebook page today. so we want to know what you think and whether this will change your opinion of number 52. log on to
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you pay up front for cosmetic surgery but when a company closes unexpectantly, your money is gone. that's what happened after the medspa was forced to close four months ago. joce sterman is here with more. i know this is aster ri you've been following for quite some time. >> reporter: four months. some of them said they paid thousands to have streets they never -- treatments they never got. one customer has been threw hell literally and she can't get the company to give her a call, much less a refund. tonight the horror story from a monarch patient. she said she got butt implants over the summer and got very sick, so sick that the implants had to be removed. she has been fighting the company for a refund. so far, she hasn't heard a word
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back. >> they have not communicated anything to make me feel sorry for the things i've been through. >> reporter: we'll take a trip to philadelphia to press them for answers. we'll show you that confrontation and tell you how many customers have taken their cases to the attorney general's office. new moms hear a lot of opinions when it comes to breast cancer. what new research shows about the surprising place most mothers are getting their advice when it comes to feeding their baby. and the school year started with violence. now they want to make sure a shooter never happens in their school again. >> he lost all four limbs fighting for his country. thanks to doctors in our state, he has a bright future. we'll take a look at the amazing double arm plant coming up.
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one thing most new mothers are never wanting for is advice, from getting them to go to sleep to eat. >> reporter: when it comes to breast feeding, she said the third time is the charm. >> was very difficult. we were having a really hard time with her. she wouldn't latch on right. >> reporter: desperate for help, erin turned to a friend who turned her on to a breast feeding secret. dr. john schaefer said he learned more from his patients than his professors. >> sometimes these anecdotal pieces of advice have been shown to help in various women over
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the years and nobody bothered to study it. >> reporter: so that's what dr. shaver and his colleagues did, not to see if it works but where it came from breast feeding specialists in 29 different states relaid the same advice. from milk production women recommend taking oatmeal. for pain aemploying cabbage leaves or tea bags, something that goes back decades. >> it's a universal experience that all women go through land where though talk to each other and everyone feels like they need to give advice to their friends, sisters or daughters. it's a field that's so to speerks fertile with these -- to speak, fertile with these remedies. >> for all the latest health news, follow linda so on facebook. just go to
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and search for linda. wyatt? all right. clouds have come back in a little bit after a sunny scenario for much of maryland at least through the early part of the day. not all parts got warm weather. 62 right at bwi. right around 40 above average for this part of january. show you a little bit of weather, a day of changing weather. robert w. coleman, you can see the clouds at times thickening up. high ozone, high air pollution. the south breeze kicking. in annapolis, you were in the coolest air in the state a bay breeze coming off the chesapeake bay. that water temp is down in the
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upper 30s. 70 in winchester, virginia. across most have our state mid-60s. it's a shout breeze, a warm breeze, no doubt about that. right now statewide the numbers are very, very warm, unseasonably so, still holding on to nearly 06 in d.c. as well. take a look off to the north. we're in the clear across our state. maryland continues to look pretty darn good. into the first part tomorrow but we'll stop it at 6 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. here's what will be headed our way. the frontal boundary, showers, some embedded thunderstorms. then the line coming through tomorrow night clearing out by thursday. thursday, those are some snow showers. the cold air begins to pour back in thursday and really settles in friday into the first part of the weekend.
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again, you see the overall setup. 70s and 80. that warm surge coming in for another 24 hours before the cold air comes in to replace. it again, all eyes are on the weather system to the west. we think the flood concern is less. a steady line of rain. so i think could we see localized ponding, sure, but the primary flood threat -- this line looks to pass quick enough to avoid the primary flood threat. tonight down to 42, variably cloudy, yes, above average temperatures. that's our normal high. tomorrow 67 for your two-degree guarantee. windy with late clearing tomorrow night. the next few days, again much warmer tomorrow but cloudily and rain late in the day. thursday cold and windy. we will insert the chance for
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some snow showers late thursday into early friday. so what a change that will be nearly 70 on wednesday and then cold windy with snow showers potentially thursday night into friday. so if you like wild changes in your late january, we got plenty. >> why not throw some snow showers in there. we had everything else. >> warm air, a little sunshine. >> jacket and sunburn. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. from freezing to spring like conditions we're not the only ones experiencing this wild swing in temperatures. some states are actually buried in snow while others are dealing with record warmth. >> reporter: a powerful cold front is sweeping across the nation and it's bringing weather whiplash. two dozen record highs yesterday from texas to kansas. topeka hit 77. kansas city hit 76. >> this will be a big change for
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the midwest beginning on tuesday. we'll have temperatures rising into the 50s in michigan, 60s farther south. it will be challenging record highs and this warmth heads into the east on wednesday. >> reporter: but this mild january weather won't last as a blast of cold air ripple the towards the east coast. good luck trying to figure out what jacket to wear. >> as soon as you get used to the warmth, much cold are air comes into the northern plains, midwest and northeast by the end of the week. >> reporter: denver had been in the 60s but yesterday a quick burst of snow and chicagoland lightning. click is on a roller coaster ride. in the next 24 hours temperatures will go from the 60s to the 40s. thursday 20s and friday 17 degrees. the dramatic fluctuations could bring havoc to the middle of the country, strong winds and hail. >> the possibility that we'll
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have severe storms and even tornadoes happening in the hot zone. from little rock to memphis to jackson, i would take this into eastern texas. >> reporter: wouldn'ts -- winds could reach 80 miles an hour. karen travers, abc news, washington. a woman goss to court to get an order of protection but is attacked instead. how it's changing security at this courthouse. and nik wallenda attempts another high wire stunt. what happens when his safety arness comes off.
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chaos breaks out in a ohio courtroom. a woman seeking a protection order is knocked to the ground and punched. the victim suffered bums and bruises on her head and arm. the attack was caught on surveillance video. it's leading to a security review at the courthouse. deer -- daredevil nik wallenda is trying another stunt. this time he took his act to sarasota, florida to walk above a highway unlike his historic walk before. the pole weighs about 45 pounds. coming up, some big flans
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baltimore county when it comes to school safety. we'll tell you what the county is doing. >> a baltimore couple is finally getting married all because of the ravens. we'll explain how a run to the super bowl took them to this idea. >> and we'll tell you what's used to make the denim. >> moisture in the material? stick around for this. this could be something. all right. we have weather for you coming up. wild swings in temperature and some moisture from the air. we got the details straight ahead.
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