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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  February 5, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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thank you for joining us.
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i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. the city is euphoric as the ravens arrived yesterday, they get to roll out and down through the city showing off the trophy. there will be closures throughout the city. >> 10:30 this morning, roadses pretty much ever road, surrounding city hall or m and t will be shutdown. finds a list of the closures on good news for anyone heading to the parade. it will be cold. parking is free. >> we are excited. people will be warming up. >> adrenaline can kick in. we should be at 24 degrees for this time of the year. we have been in the teens and feeling like the single digits, the 30 in owings mills is a blessing if you don't like the cold weather. frederick, the same, we are have a 30-degree temperature, winds north at 4 miles an hour.
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that's the scenario for today. the winds on the light side, north at 5- 6 miles an hour, radar is dry. see this, snow back across fed rick, well, it's not hitting the ground. its light in nature. couple of flurries. we are dry throughout the day. this will persist for a while and we will see change in the forecast. waking up to mostly cloudy skies, cold temperatures 31, by lunchtime, we will be at 39. chilly as we go throughout the day. high temperature 42, this is where we should be for this time of the year. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> we are following a serious crash baltimore county. it's on security boulevard, that's shutdown, we will bring you the latest as it becomes available. expect delays on route 295, due to a crash along the southbound
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lanes 195, traffic is jammed to west nursery road. checking in and looking at 695, on the west side k traffic moving along. no delays from baltimore all the way up to 795, as we head up to hunt valley, 83s along at shawan road. 21 minute ride rs normal drive time, down to the beltway, that's a look at your time saver traffic, meagan and charlie, over to you. >> a parade is kicking off later, from city hall, wrapping up at they home, m and t bank stadium. sherrie johnson is live with the plans. i guess we can see the champs are here. >> reporter: that's right. we are life at city hall, downtown baltimore, the excitement is in the air, everyone is so excited to welcome the baltimore ravens home, the new champions, we have tracy with the baltimore
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office of promotion. she is joining us live. good morning, thank you for being here to talk to us. bring us up to speed. tell us about how this goes down. >> today, everything in front of city hall gets underway at 10:45, we will have the mayor and coach, and the players reps, they will speak, confetti, tough have confetti to kick off the event. we will start from here. it's a ravens parade with the players, coaches, band, cheerleaders and mascot's home. >> what do you want people to remember? we are #expecting thousands of people. >> we encourage people to take light rail buses, you can pack over at m and t bank stadium. can be 79@zñalong the parade ro >> reporter: they will start and t. what happens there?
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i heard that's where the festivities begin. >> entertainment. that will be a great way to finish the season, and thank the ravens. >> reporter: thank you for joining us live and giving us the ntion. exciting time. -- information. exciting time. everything kicks off at 10:45. the players will hit the streets, parade will end up at m and t, lots of festivities. etch cannot wait to welcome home those ravens and celebrate the super bowl championship. she sherrie johnson. >> our live co. begins at 10:30, watch it on line. streaming that parade on we have an update to the fire at a lumberyard. five firefighters were hurt when part of the building collapsed. how are the firefighters
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doing? >> reporter: they injuries weren't too serious. they were taken to shock trauma. the firefighter in charge called the crew out of the building before it collapsed. the fie was intense. he is a video captured k flames shooting through all sides at penn lumber. the fie that broke out required a response about 100 firefighters. crews entered the building to bring it under control. they were called out in time for the collapse. >> they are up on the ladder. >> the deli which sits next door was heavily damaged in the fire. linda so, abc2 news. maryland dog owners will be in annapolis for a rally.
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pit bulls are dangerous a court ruled. supporters will dpatter at lawyers mall at 11:00 this morning, urging lawmakers to pass emergency legislation that would reverse the caught's decision.
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kelly swoope gets advice to save you money. >> i come prepared with a plan. i know what i'm going to get before i get moving. >> reporter: she is ready to shop. we went isle to isle with her and she lives up to her name. this will safe me a dollar. -- save me a dollar.
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i happened to check target's website, they have $1.50 off printable. >> reporter: at target you can use a store coupon along with e manufacturers. >> $2 off any disposable razor. the bick silky touch, normally $2.69. >> $0.69 for 10 razors. >> reporter: we watched her finds bargain after bargain. she grew up in a frugal family. >> $0.99 for each one. >> reporter: with 3'áutechnolo her couponing evolved. there is little clipping involved. >> i love mobile coupons, i check these an,'l/hfinds the deals. >> >> i faced three layoffs. the most recent two years ago,
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unemployment wasn't enough to pay my mortgage and eat food with my dinner. i had to finds a better way to make ends meet and i did that through coupons. >> reporter: now that she a pro and can pack her cart for dirt cheap, does she buy things just because she has a coupon? free,ly definitely pick it up. >> reporter: couponing saved her thousands, over 7000 in on a grocery bill. on a trip like this, 60 to vaq >> this game is normally 20 bucks, it's on sale for $14.89, that's already a good deal. they are offering a target web coupon, i will save $2 off. >> she came up with another $3 coupon. she gets excited about saving
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money, and says you can too. >> imagine if you could save $25 a month. put that on the principal balance of the mortgage or kids college fund. j?y >> every bit matters. there is apnñó9÷n]xe#savings. >> that was kelly swoope reporting. those are the ways that she works to save money. she has more tricks, find the deals from her everyday, follow link. go to abc 2 click on the money tab. >> one of the problems guys would have, this is calling oh out all guys, we go in and get what we need and leave. we would not sit there and go through the coupons. >> i beg to differ. >> i know a guy tahas the
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coupon book. >> if i see something on sale, i end up buying it. >> i agree with you. >> today, great day to get hats, sweaters, mittens for the parade. super bowl stuff. we are dealing with cold temperatures this morning. yes, we could be colder, we are a little bit above average. bundle up. we can see the temperature catonsville 31. &&hnow in annapo huntingtown. centerville 33 this morning. we are seeing more of the low 30s in easton at freezing. clouds across the area. we could see peeks, i think the clouds will win out over the is sun for today's. dry for the parade. we have the chance for a clipper to move in as we go
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through tonight, bringing us flurries across the area. we can see the clouds out there, we are going to be dealing with this light snow showers possible as we go through the evening. high pressure will build in here through tomorrow and thursday. today, this is what we are dealing with. 37 degrees iswa we are going to be dealing with. chilly, this is seasonable type weather. expect to bundle up. the winds are be on the light side, north at 5 miles an hour, all if all, not a bad day, it could be worse. mostly cloudy skies, prevailing, as we check out what is happening through the planner. we will start you off at 31 degrees. 8:00 in the morning, we are cold out there, by lunchtime, we are starting to budge in the right directions 39 degrees, this afternoon, this will be our high temperature at around 42 degrees, this is where we should be for this time of the
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year. 42, 43. we will stay seasonable in to wednesday and also thursday, but we will see sunshine in the forecast. all you sun lovers, wait until wednesday and thursday, by friday we have the chance for rain in the forecast. that temperature at 45 degrees. drying back out for saturday and sunday. aybe rain, by monday. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. a person has been hit and killed by a ca in wood lawn out in front of the social security building administration. be aware security boulevard is shutdown. you will want to stick with liberty road or interstate 70 as your alternate routes. more problems on route 295, a crash that is blocking one southbound lane, at 195, traffic is jammed back to west nursery road. this is going to be 83s north
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of 695, eleven minutes to travel southbound downtown to east fayette street. talking about the ravens parade. that starts at 10:45. closures begin at 10:30 downtown. 695 is in great shape, 11 minute ride from 95 up to 83. west side, conditions remain nice and calm. 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. bundle up, we are in for another chilly day. >> winter time can make it harder to breathe. the air is cold and dry. it causes our lungs to contract. there are precautions to take to help you out. >> it's important to actually breathe in through your nose.
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it's line windows multiple hairs and blood vessels. we are trying to heat up the air, by the time it reaches the bottom of your lungs or lungs themselves, the air is body temperature. >> doctors say the cold air doesn't damage the lungs but can make them uncomfortable. some people complain of mild chest pain. try putting a scarf around your mouth and carry on from there.
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a terrible accident on a
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kentucky highway. >> the family was heading to louisville after attending a wrestling match. the father lost control of his suv, hit a tractor trailer, and cut across the median, causing a second collision, with another tractor trailer that was virtually head on. the suv burst in to flames and his wife was in the car and watched the crash unfold. >> she came rushing to help her husband and two son whose were stuck inside. >> she threw snow but there wasn't enough and grabbed gatorade bottles out of the cooler and poured it on the fire and put the fire out. >> incredible. the jaws of life had to be used to open up the vehicle. the father had to be air lifted to the hospital. he suffered broken bones and ribs and injuries. the sons were treated and released. it is now time for caption
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this. today's picture was submitted by david grim of his dog, lily, looking cute and comfy. marlin wrote in saying i'm sorry i was exhausted after watching the football game. >> don't think about stealing my spot when i get up. bubble wrap is credited with helping save a man's life. a construction worker fell 30 feet in to a building and wrapped around the side. he was taken to a hospital and he was treated for nonlife threatening injuries. he said it was bubble wrap that saved his life. this is a school closing,
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aberdeen is closed. >> also coming up, a clerk is in trouble after accused of spanking a customer's child. ♪
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it's parade tuesday morning. >> we will be at the parade. we will air it here live. we will also stream it on abc 2 >> time for a check of the forecast. a lot of people will be outside this morning. >> it's going to be chilly, nothing unusual. that's good news. it's going to be dry. let's start with that. maryland's most powerful radar. we are picking up returns on the radar. as we pull out or see what
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going on temperaturewise, temperatures 31 degrees chester town, we should be in the mid 20s. the temperatures are above average everywhere. glenn l28. 32 millersville. the winds are light to calm. that's good newses not tealing with the windchill this morning. as we continue through the rest of the day, things looking goods. waking up around 8:00, temperature 31, stepping out the doors you need to dress warmly and in layers throughout the day. 39 degrees by lunchtime, 42 degrees normal temperatures, we will get a few peaks of sunshine, we are be mainly under mostly cloudy skies. now a check of the time save traffic with loren cook. >> good morning. we are following breaking news, out of baltimore county, a person has been hit by a car and killed in wood lawn. it happened out in front of the social security buildings now security boulevard is shutdown. use interstate 70, or liberty road as your alternate routes. we will bring you the la


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