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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 20, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." a mother trying to find her missing son discovers a facebook post from someone named misty hancock. >> misty hancock? >> why the message solved the mystery, but left a desperate mom outraged. this is what happens when a bus crash lands -- >> on top of a water main. >> how passengers were left up a creek. a weatherman in a stunt plane has a little trouble talking. >> ah. >> this is just getting started. [ laughter ] >> what happened when he finally stopped talking altogether. plus, want to win an ipad mini? we've got the wednesday buzzword for your chance, and a wedding that started prim and proper quickly turned -- >> gnarly and shreddy. >> the halftime reception that
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was full-on fun! take a look at this story we got from wfb-tv in atlanta. >> they told me that they did the best that they could do. >> that woman is anna lamb creasy and in this moment, she is expressing her confusion over a facebook post from someone named misty hancock. >> misty hancock, and i'm like, who is misty hancock. >> turns out anna lamb creasy had been looking for her 30-year-old son ricky lamb since january 25th. >> and at this point, she doesn't realize that her son was killed in a car accident on the night of january 24th in clayton county, georgia. according to the tv station, this facebook post from misty hancock was actually clayton county police trying to get in touch with ms. lamb creasy to let her know that her son had died. >> ah! >> the strange thing is, this facebook page is from a random
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name, a person, this lamb creasy doesn't know and has a profile picture of atlanta rapper t.i. >> that's so weird. why would the police department not just pick up the phone or show up to their front door? why make up a fake profile? >> that's what this lamb creasy is so upset about, because she had been frantically looking for her son, and even says -- >> i've done my job for 13 years. they cold have told me. >> did maybe lieutenant schindler not have a facebook page and used somebody in the office so he could contact her? it seems like shoddy police work, though, if that's the only way to get to her is through facebook. >> well, a spokesperson for clayton county police told the huffington post that this facebook account was normally used for undercover work and they weren't planning on this getting out in the media the way that it did. >> oh. >> now it makes a little more sense. >> the spokesperson says they used all traditional methods to locate the mother. even sent officers from other jurisdictions to multiple addresses to try to reach her.
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this is video somebody cap chirped after a military jet crashed in yemen. that's the capital. several buildings were damaged, two homes confirmed destroyed. as you can see, it is a big mess. >> is this some sort of fighter plane that had armaments onboard, bombs, missiles? >> the defense ministry says it was on a training mission. this is the second time a plane on a training mission has crashed there. ten people were killed in november when there was a crash. this. i at least 12 people have been reported dead, but they expect to find more people once they dig out all the rubble. >> maybe they should begin training out away from city centers? train over a field or something. >> before the firefighters get to the scene here, there's a lot of people around this fire. i don't know if i'd necessarily be that close, because those are cars on fire. they could explode any second. >> there were cars that were on fire and one witness claimed
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that five bodies were removed from a building and they were unidentifiable. he said you couldn't tell who or what they were. you can see all the people coming to aid. the firefighters. a lot of people coming around who are not officials trying to put the flames out. >> might need to reevaluate they're training process. >> yeah, because this is a really crowded area. >> significant also, it was near the squire where they've had aro years of protests seeking a more democratic process. guys -- clear the -- >> a little snow and cold weather cannot stop the gentleman's game of golf. go to denville, new jersey, indian lake. this is ice golf, my friends. now, notice the slight alterations from actual golf. they've got yellow balls so you can see them. they look like they're a little bigger, right. i do like this part here.
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>> let's go, baby. come on. >> oh, they really are -- >> there are actual gorillas, in suits, if ice isn't going to stop these guys from golfing, a fence wasn't going to stop this dude from getting on the field at a soccer field in argentina. definitely not your safest ve h ventu venture. what you're about to see and hear can be quite graphic. he has a bit of a rough landing. >> oh -- oh -- oh! >> yes. >> now, i'm not a doctor, but -- i don't think your leg is supposed to look like that. >> no, it's not. it's not supposed to go that way. >> one more time. >> no. >> do i have to watch that? >> oh my -- >> oh. you hear it. you hear it snap. >> he's probably an enthusiast so much that he plays himself. now has a broken leg, he can't
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even play himself. at least security didn't have to embarrassingly chase him across the field. we got him. he's right here. wednesday's ipad giveaway is coming up in a bit. >> you need wednesday's buzzword and have to be 18 or older to enter. >> wednesday's buzzword son the way. >> good luck, everybody. this is dashcam om the patrocaof picofce n the interstate 40 driving. everything seems to be going fine, but then look to the left of your screen to that -- it loses control, starts weaving from one lane to the other. >> oh, boy. >> oh, man. that's a pileup. >> 14, take 46, 224 westbound. with three or four vehicles. >> yes, it's a three-car crash including that large car hauler. amazingly, nobody was injured. >> you okay, sir? >> yes, sir, i'm fine. >> turns out that the reason that this car lost control was because there was a ladder that had fallen andocked the road. the rav4 drove right over it and
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that's what caused it to lose control. >> i can't believe it was only a three-car pileup. >> the whole highway just take to a log jam. >> and carrying all the extra cars, amazing it wasn't a larger accident. like this one in istanbul. look at those people there. they're standing right next to a river which is not really a river. it's actually this. >> what? >> oh, wow. dp it hit a fire hydrant? >> that buzz was invol bus was aaccident with another car, it ended up on top of a water main which ended up breaking through the bus and pushing pressurized water into the bus flooding the bus, forcing all of its passengers to struggle to escape. >> oh, my gosh. >> this crazy nightmare. i mean, look at how much water this thing is releasing, and the, not only the roads are flooded, but homes in the area also ended up flooded. >> wow.
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this guy has a promise for you. >> bigger happiness. that's what we all want. >> he fixes tattoos, but see what the video is really about, next. >> ooh! >> that's the "rtm" ghost story alert. >> that was a man! ghost. >> see the man ghost caught on camera. "right this minute."
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♪ june 4, 2005 >> this fella has a youtube channel and goes by the name nice peter. ♪ i looked into the mirror >> nice pete sir going bald. >> he points it out himself. ♪ i'm losing my hair, yeah >> so he's thought about a few options. ♪ i could take a pill called propecia, because it came in just one [ bleep ] and that
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freaks me out ♪ >> but he details some of the after effects are just a little too much for him. ♪ if it's balding i am it's a bald guy i'm gonna be, whoa-oh, whoa-oh. >> decided while singing about his hair he's going to get a nice harpcut. ♪ bruce willis is [ bleep ] hot ♪ >> true. very true. ♪ i look just like that dude from "smash" ♪ >> who else is mega hot with a balding head? ed harris. man that man is sexy for days! >> he's getting his hair shaved, his hair falling in his mouth while he's kind of improvising on this song. ♪ how's it going up there because i still have hair on my guitar ♪ tastes sweeter but this feels better ♪ >> i like the look. ♪ yeah >> i think they a good choice here. >> you know, i like the new
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look, but i thought was great before he started shaving it. >> receding hairlines are sexy. the live shot can be a bit of an adventure for reporters of all kinds, but wait until you see this live shot from sunrise on 7 in australia. weatherman grant denier live on the air from a stunt plane. >> i've been fascinated my whole life to do this. and i don't want to do it anymore. >> this gives me the willys. like, just imagine trying to talk while this is going on. >> this is just getting started. >> that behind me, the greatest -- >> he can't even talk. >> oh! ah. >> somebody -- that was -- >> i've always wanted to feel --
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>> a brave guy. decides to double the gs. up to 8 gs. here's what happened. >> here we go. and we go -- >> breathing. breathing. keep breathing. keep breathing. >> and grant pass out. oh, we don't want to see. >> the camera goes out. they believe the camera went out because of the 8 gs as well. even though the camera goes out, it appears grant woke up quickly thereafter, because you can hear, though you don't see the video. >> all right! >> okay. >> better you than me. >> really. thanks a lot. better you than me. not a, okay, grant. >> i'm with her. better him than me. i wouldn't do that. >> oh, my -- this is meant for something that i want you guys to try and figure out what it is. >> a tattoo? are you disappointed with
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this -- did your relationship end? would you like bigger happiness? >> bigger happiness. i think that's what we all want. >> a tattoo salon. >> this man is talking how some people get tattoos they absolutely hate after a while and he can help you fix it. >> i am a perfectionist and i will labor for hours to ensure that you will receive the best artwork. >> ah -- what? >> this is great. >> yeah. he's not a tattoo removal artist. he's a cover-up artist. >> i don't masquerade a tattoo. >> that is awesome. >> that's a moniker right there, pam anderson. >> now the -- >> like a prison -- >> before -- after! >> wow. the tattoo had a tattoo. did you see that? >> this guy's a visionary. >> believe it or not, this is not about tattoos at all. shoes are boring. wear sneakers. this is is a converse ad. it's really a skit?
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it's really an ad? >> an ad for shoes, but it's really cool. converse launched a campaign called, shoes are boring, wear sneakers, where they do all kinds of weird how-to videos. this is how to fix a bad tattoo. nothing to do with shoes yet they catch your attention. >> i feel really disappointed because they hook me in. yeah. it's interesting, but at the end just tack their tag line on it and there's no connection whatsoever about converse. suddenly i don't care about converse. i want to go back and see him begin. >> i'm number one. it's the latest extreme water sport to make waves. >> but you've never seen it quite like this. >> find out what makes this one different. and wednesday's buzzword for your chance to win an ipad mini is next.
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do you guys believe in ghosts? >> ooh -- >> no, i don't. >> you will now. >> this is surveillance footage shot outside of a community center in west london. what do you see? >> a railing. a pole. >> keep watching. >> the bushes. >> ooh! ah. that was ayman! a man ghost. >> in is wa posted on metro news, and according to the watchman, he was just watching the monitors and he saw this live on the monitor, so he went
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outside to check to see if he had just missed someone who walked in and out of the community center. there was no one to be seen. and get this. it gets spookier. this community center was used for pra prisoner of war camp during world war ii. >> kind of looked like he was dressed as a teacher. >> i'm a skeptic. i want to believe but, no, no. every time we see dolphins swimming videos we always say, wouldn't it be great to swim with them or swim like them? you can now thanks to the slide board. we've seen this thing before, but you've never seen the fly board quite like this because this is a look through the supertramp's lens. you know everybody's out there having a good time with a bunch of good-looking girls and projects on these slide boards and it's so much fun to watch. ♪ >> allowed people to get better
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at using these things because they're doing tricks we didn't see before. ♪ >> this looks like th future, ce y net one of today. they average less than $10,000. but that does not include the personal water kracrafwatercraf. keep in mind, you kneeneed a sko or something to attach this to. >> it's the hover board. >> walk on water! ♪ >> this, of course, looks like a ton of fun and looks like everybody is having a much greater time than you had this weekend. lots of fun things to see here and of course, behind the scenes video, go to and click on best of "rtm." two things we like a lot around here. videos and snacks. >> yep. >> we're big on snacks here at "right this minute." this video kind of brings the two together. two girl fls japan, char la and mira, looking at these snacks.
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>> oh, that looks so good. >> they come across one that they've never seen before, and we've eaten a lot of snacks here. we've never had a snack quite like this. >> it is ice cream filled within a protective rubber tube. >> now, the girls are calling it condom ice cream, and i think you can see why, because it's in sort of a rubber casing that resembles your average condom. it's not actually called condom ice cream. it's called egg ice cream, but -- but watch how you eat the condom ice cream. >> all right. >> are re going to be able to show this on tv? >> just a snack. it's just a snack. >> that's what he said. >> oh! >> wow. wow. >> that can be edited out. >> [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> they read the directions and instructions on how to eat this. here's what happens next. >> three, two -- >> oh, my gosh, you cut off the
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tip? >> ah! it explodes? are you kidding me? >> on my computer. quick. get a tissue. >> she writes in her youtube description, it's been around a long time. the snack is pretty delicious. >> it's slowing down. >> i feel really uncomfortable watching this. >> hi. wednesday is is a great day for an ipad mini giveaway. >> yep. you need wednesday's buzzword and don't forget you have to be 18 or older to enter. >> when we give you the buzzword, head over to our facebook page. if you're using a tablet or mobile device go to the first post on our facebook page and tap on the mobile link. >> here it is. the wednesday buzzword is pickle. now head on over to forward slash and enter the buzzword. >> it's pickle. p-i-c-k-l-e for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck you guys. they're the musical brothers
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blowin' up the web. >> these guys are huge and all under the age of is15. >> expressions so cool. >> all we boys
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take a look at this video shot in camdentown in london, set up at ten times the normal speed. >> now, noecht as you're watching this it looks like people going about their day. walking down a busy street. >> what we're really supposed to
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tay attention in in this video is this man right here. >> oh, man. >> this is an elderly man walking down the same street and, again, keep in mind, this is ten times normal speed. >> almost looks like he's just sort of gliding along. doesn't even look like you can see his legs moving. >> this was shot by a guy named ben saliny and the point of this is to point out that velocity is relative. that we all have a different experience on this planet. it's not meant to make fun of this elderly person who's moving slowly, but the photographer's hope was to create more empathy for mankind. >> this makes me want to make sure i live now and not waste time. >> go do the things i want to do while i've got all my mobility. and classy, elegant. that's how weddings are typically described but this one is gnarly and shreddy. >> this is eliana and donald's wedding celebrating in lima,
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peru toelebrate nudptials. >> eliana jumps on her board. >> she's keeping it classy and elegant. >> sure is. keeps her wedding gown on. starts off slow but then drops into the bowl. >> wow! >> she take as couple. she falls off the board on a few, because, you know, she's work wig the dress, but got a pair of sneakers on. the video uploaded by peru skategirl dotcom. donald, he's hitting the park, too. >> i love that they brought their obvious passion for skateboarding into theirs wedding. a very important thing to them. >> of course, a wedding is a marriage of two people that love each other. this is a marriage of people who love what they do. what a fun way to celebrate a wedding. this is a wedding you want to go to. some of them can be kind of -- oh, yawn. kind of boring. >> their photo album with these photos, going to be awesome. >> no doubt. look at this. here comes donald riding the
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rail along the bowl. she's blowing him a kiss as he cruises by. come on. >> ah! see that's sweet romantic and like, kick ass. >> yeah! congrats! that's our show. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody.
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