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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 25, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's a new week and we've got new videos, "right this minute"! i'm basically just curling my hair. >> a teen is showing how to use a curling wand. you start to see some smoke. >> oh my goodness! >> oh! >> now meet the good sport with the story behind the megaviral video. >> i thought it was funny. >> it's been done before. changing a tire. >> when the car is up on two wheels. >> see why this time the stunt goes south. some tourists have a chance encounter with -- >> a baby whale calf. >> find out why it turned into something much more personal. plus, you still got a chance to win a new ipad mini. we've got the monday buzz word and a runner on a mission.
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>> in the nude. >> what happened that had him tripping. >> i love that he wore his helmet. >> yes. by now you've possibly seen this video that has gone super viral. >> i'm basically just trying to curl my hair. >> this is tori from largo, florida. she's doing a little hair tutorial teaching the ladies how to use a curling wand. here she goes wrapping her hair around it and she says you need to hold it there for about 20 seconds. you start to see some smoke. >> oh my goodness! >> oh! >> oh no! >> her hair just fell off. >> it all came off on the wand. >> it's stuck to the wand. it's still curled around the wand and she has about that much hair left. at the time that the video was shot, tori was 12 years old. this was shot last year. but the video itself was just uploaded. quickly went viral, well over one million views and we have
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tori locklear via skype "right this minute" from largo, florida. what do you think happened? how hot was the curling iron? >> it was the highest setting. the highest setting was about 410 degrees. >> was your hair processed or was that your natural hair? >> that was my natural hair. >> when you made the video, obviously it was a goof-up, it was a mistake but you posted it online. >> i thought it was funny. i did not expect it to go viral. >> how has the piece grown in, is it still working? >> i trimmed it a couple times so it would grow faster. it's like to this. >> in the video it's on the other side. >> it's a reflection because i had a mac book when i recorded it. >> it's kind of a little sideburn. >> when this happened, what did you do, how did you cover it up? did you just freak out? >> i was pretty scared. but the piece is hair is like under. when i wear the hair down, you can't really see it. >> were you surprised that the video went viral? >> a couple of my friends saw
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it, i only had 20 views. i didn't expect it to be over a million. >> when the numbers started going up, what was in your head? >> i'm still in shock. >> explain to us what it feels like to have a youtube that has a million hits. >> everybody at school is coming up to me and said, weren't you the girl that burned your hair off. >> let's hear what dad has to say. >> are you going to let her do your hair next? >> no. >> did you take away the wand? >> yes. >> what do you think about the whole video going viral and your daughter becoming an internet sensation? >> it's just crazy. it's not something you would expect to happen. >> well we are sorry that your hair had to suffer for this video, but it's a great video. this is dash cam from the patrol car of a deputy in south carolina. they're chasing a man suspected of shooting a woman and her step-father outside a courthouse. we see the driver sometimes going head-on into oncoming traffic. at one point, we see him barely
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miss a tractor-trailer by inches. eventually the chase ends when he crashes. and this is the moment when you see all the cars surround the truck that this man, curtis gorney, 56 years old, is driving. >> i don't think he's going anywhere now. >> he bravely tries to get away, but the officers were much faster. they pull him out of the truck. but the truck keeps moving. fortunately, no damage caused after the truck went moving. apparently this whole thing was triggered because of a paternity dispute between gorney and a 21-year-old woman who has a 6-month-old child. after this particular courthouse visit, the judge ordered goreny to pay child support. which led to him shooting this woman and her step-father outside the courthouse. >> did he kill the woman and the step-father? >> they both survived the injuries and are expected to be fine. he is currently being held on
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three charges of attempted murder. the third count for attempted murder is because according to reports, he did fire shots at the deputies that were chasing him. >> wow. >> this guy is not a good guy. what you're looking at is a baby whale calf. >> wow. >> the whale is totally reacting to these people. the whale is like having a good time. look at that. these people are putting their hands in this giant mammal's mouth. >> they're rubbing like his broomteeth. he's got broomteeth. >> tooth brush teeth. >> naturalists in the area tell capin dave that sometimes these ba whales are li babyyete,
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they don't even mind their baleen or their version of teeth to be rubbed. >> this is a chance encounter that they happened to have, a whale comes this close to their boat. they said they did not go after the whales, the whales approached them. >> the thing about captain dave. he normally does whale watching excursions, he's the captain of captain dave's whale watching safari in california. it was just in mexico on vacation with his family when this happened. he said this has never happened to him before. >> a great experience. >> yeah! beth i know you've wondered, what happens when those saudi arabian car stunts go wrong. >> now we've got video. >> you know when they change the tire when the car is up on two wheels? that's a really cool stunt, we've seen it. >> here's what happens when the whole thing goes crazy. >> oh no. >> they got the wheel off. >> here's an exterior view of the stunt. you see the truck up on two
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wheels, it's two guys hanging off the side. the truck comes down skids off and it looks like it runs over at least one guy's leg. but they both appear to get up relatively uninjured. the one guy's got no shoes on. watch the front wheel run over his foot. >> it did. he's hurting bad. >> it tore his pants. >> road rash. >> i'm glad that we're seeing this. because now people can see exactly what happens when it goes wrong. talk about things going wrong, road rage gone wrong. infiniti pulls in front of this, slams on his brakes, got out, handgun in his hand. he doesn't bother putting his infiniti in park. what a dummy. >> that fool. >> he tried to be all tough. he gets out and he has to run like a little kid. >> the guy with the dash cam time to get the heck out of there. >> and time to make fun of him and post it online. this car is blocked by the
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garbage truck. time for action. >> and -- gets his butt kicked for it. >> see what happens when the garbage guys strike back. and we're going to do a little sidewalk shopping. >> can't think of a place i would want to be left. >> see what the fuss is all ab
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all this month we've been giving away ipad minis to our loyal viewers and we have another winner via skype with us "right this minute." sara mccall i have, she's 24 years old from lafayette, louisiana, welcome to the show, sarah and congratulations! >> woo hoo! >> how did it feel when you found out you were one of our winners? >> i almost died. i was very excited to say the least. >> what are you going to use the ipad mini for? >> everything possible. i guess face time. i would say because i don't have anything cool. that will come in handy. >> your cool level just went way
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up. >> it sure did. >> how long have you been watching the show and how many times did you enter? >> i've been watching the show for about i would say four or five months. i watch it every day when i get home from work and i've entered probably about six times. >> wow. >> tell us a little about yourself? >> i came out here to lafayette. i graduated in 2010. i have a degree in fashion merchandising and i am currently a stock manager at forever 21. >> cool. >> what's your favorite part about the show? >> i really get the news from y'all's tv show first, which is pretty cool. >> we like to hear that. >> what does it feel like to be a winner? >> it feels amazing. i'm just so excited. to be getting such a great thing. >> woo! >> we've got another ipad mini to give away in just a little bit. >> remember, you need monday's buzz word and you have to be 18 or older to enter. >> stand by for monday's buzz word. >> good luck, everybody. >> what can and can't you do while you're in the nude?
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well our friend, steve newman, is putting that to the test. he's our favorite naked sky diver. we've seen him before. this time, steve is getting nude again. >> this man loves being naked. i'm convinced he just likes being naked. >> he does. as you can see on his back, it does say save the rhinos. another stunt to raise awareness for anti-rhino poaching. steve is running down the road. not just trying to startle some motorists. he's not just on this video camera. >> what is he doing? >> he just got himself on the red light camera. so somewhere out there, there's a picture of steve running down the road -- in the buff, with these cars in the background. >> i love that he wore his helmet. >> yes. >> not exactly sure what he does here. he pushes his arrow, sits down, putsisutt cheek o the arw. >>hi sutafot so long ago we did a skateboarding video of somebody doing the same thing
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with a traffic camera speeding down the mountain. this one, a little bit different and a little less close. here's steve afterwards. >> he got a rhino horn. >> we've got the helmet, penis helmet, everything is really covered. >> i love his dedication to save the rhinos. putting himself out there. >> in the nude. >> and bringing awareness, this >> imagine having your very own wonderland, your magical world that you can go to whenever you're feeling ill to forget all your troubles. it's called the woodland wiggle and it's at the royal london hospital. and there it is. it's a ginormous world. almost alice and wonderland-ish. >> can you get in the chair? can you climb into the giant chair? >> can you go if you're a grown-up? >> yeah, you can go. probably wouldn't have as much fun as the kids are having.
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but check this particular part out. this is an interactive game. displayed on a television the size of a room. as you can see here, the kids can interact in this world. >> so this is inside a hospital. so are all of these kids there at the hospital because they have to be? >> a lot of kids that are using this facility are sick, with some sort of health issue. but the good thing about how this woodland wiggle was created, the creators, nexus interactive arts, worked with some of the physical therapists and physio therapists at the hospital to figure out what particular games they could incorporate into this room that would help heal these kids. so what they're doing is actually helping them improve their health. this facility was just recently added to the hospital, but it will be a permanent fixture. so kids for many years to come will be able to use it. >> it's awesome that the hospital did this.
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raccoon invasion, here we see said raccoon in this woman's bedroom. not a good time to find out that your kevlar gloves don't work. >> he got a hole right in the kevlar. still to come, this guy is attempting a major kite-surfing stunt. >> he's jumping over that area of sand. that land -- >> wow, that's impressive. >> see if he can fly high to the other side. and it's almost time for monday's buzz word. stick around for your shot at an ipad mini, next. [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder --
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from trashy behavior in the streets of france, see the car up ahead of us? there's a trash truck in front of this silver car. you can clearly see three garbage men off to the left. they don't seem to be doing the trash collection. that irritates the driver in the car just ahead. and he takes action. gets out of his car and confronts the trashmen. >> he's like fighting them. >> fighting them. but it's three on one at this point. he just got completely impatient with the trash truck blocking the street and the men not seeming to do their job and -- gets his butt kicked for it. the scuffle goes across the street. he gets his head smashed into some kind of something on the other side of the street. and it spills back over and now he's just left collecting his own trash because he's picking stuff up. in this guy's defense, the trash
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dudes looked like they were just standing there. if it's your break time take it where you're not blocking traffic. >> i'm totally with the driver. he probably has somewhere important to go. how about get back to doing your job and get out of the way. >> maybe get out and say hey guys, look, i have somewhere i need to be. but physical violence is never the answer, no matter what the situation. >> oui, oui, beth, just stay in your car and start beeping the horn. that's annoying. the sweetest baby sloth -- aw. >> oh >> oh my goodness.
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well, it doesn't have to be black friday for people to go crazy over a sale. you just have to be at a goodwill sidewalk sale. >> isn't that stuff normally cheap to begin with? >> super cheap. except on this day, goodwill puts out the bins full of clothing and every single one is $1.20, including tax. see all of these women are waiting there. then you see a couple of guys pushing these bins into the crowd. >> let's find out what they do when they finally get a green light. >> immediately people start screaming. everybody just goes crazy, pulling stuff out of the bins. women pushing each other, pulling on the same items. >> they have no idea what they're even grabbing. >> no. >> they could be getting nothing. >> i can't think of a place i would want to be less. >> this is like somebody threw a chicken bone into a pirhana tank. >> it's disgusting. >> and within seconds -- everything in the bin is gone. the thing is empty.
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>> what's sad is this kind of chaos happens around stuff. so much in this country is hopefully. >> hopefully the people do need that stuff if they are getting a great bargain and they can use it -- awesome. but this loose like they're doing it just because it's cheap. it's monday, time for the rtm ipad mini giveaway. >> you need monday's buzz word. you have to be 18 or older to enter. >> when we give you monday's buzz word. head over to our mobile page. tap on the mobile link. >> here we go. the buzz word for monday is "sweetheart" head over to and click on the ipad mini button. >> and enter s-w-e-e-t-h-e-a-r-t for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck, everybody.
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behold pure beauty. >> we've got some amazing time lapse footage of the northern lights. >> it looks like you're at some sort of laser show. >> see why these lights may be some of the most stunning you'll ev
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you don't expect do see this in some neighborhoods, a whole bunch of sheep tushs, and the funniest part is the sound of their little hoofs on the pavement. this is a midnight run from the farm. >> the guy who was coming home
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saw these sheep on his street, he decided to herd them. this man in the car is herding the sheep. he wants to take them to an area that's not as busy so they don't get hit. he doesn't know any of his neighbors who have sheep. he doesn't know where they came from. >> so he's taking them to a -- destination unknown? >> i don't think this is a farming neighborhood. it doesn't look like it. >> i hate to point out, but it looks like the city is directly in front of them. >> maybe he's leading them to a night on the town. >> a wheatgrass shots. >> they run in the direction he's guiding they will. i'm pretty impressed. little bo peep is going to get home -- >> she did lose her sheep. >> when sheep go wrong, they're baaaaad. >> from the snow to the surf, a double dose of -- sports. >> turn out this guy in crested butte, colorado, doing some back-country skiing. the snow is moving a bit and then it's -- really starts
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moving. look at that, a huge crack in the snow. snow starts going down. watch this guy, somehow he stays upright. rides this little avalanche down, quite a bit and then kind of just plants himself. oh my gosh. look at that, that is a steep, steep drop. how does he stop? i wonder at this point if you try not to move, sit there? what do you do, you don't know if the snow is finished sliding. maybe go off to a different spot. creates another avalanche. >> you got to get down somehow. >> we're watching the video, the video is posted on chris miller's video page. >> way to go, chris miller. fm one guy sayng on t grndtoanhe gu whs definitely flying through the air. jesse richmond, 30-knot wind on this day. >> he jumps the sand bar. >> that's impressive. >> it's not like he had an aerial view before this, to see how wide it was or how far he
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had to go. like you really have to know your board, your skills and you commit to that. >> sometimes we just need a little more beauty in our lives. behold pure beauty. we're talking about the aurora borealis, these lights over sweden. this is in the nabisco national park. as you can see from the people below, this is time-lapse footage. >> it's cool, it looks like you're at some kind of pink floyd laser show. the aurora borealis is formed from fast-moving electrically charged particles emanating from the sun. they're drawn to the poles of our planet by the magnetic field of our planet. the aurora borealis peaks in 11-year periods, and this year is a solar maximum. a time when it peaks. >> if i had a bucket list, this would be on it. >> it's on my list for sure. it wasn't until recently. but i didn't know these lights didn't move this fast.
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every time you see it, they show these time lapses and as a kid growing up, i thought that's how these lights actually move. >> this video here is actual lay stretched-out version of time-lapse footage. meaning it's kind of a slowed-down time lapse. so the aurora borealis looks smoother. >> a little closer to real life. >> a little more glorious. that's our show, folks, thanks for joining us, we'll see you next time!
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