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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 26, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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♪ >> he has serious street cred in the rap world. this is 9-year-old little poopy. find out why his budding career has police asking a few questions. a motorcycle rider is behind a car. >> not doing anything too crazy. >> not until this. an 11-year-old wants to be out of his wheelchair and -- >> doing the flying squirrel. >> the story behind his daredevil stunt. >> oh my god! this is amazing. >> plus, your chance to win an ipad mini. we have the buzz word and kangaroo who takes on -- >> a large, stuffed hip mouse here. controversy is brewing around a rap artist. ♪ my nickname is poopy
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♪ >> this is a 9-year-old little poopy. this 9-year-old is surrounded by pretty adult-like themes. you see him surrounded by adult rappers who seem to have what look like alcoholi beverages. >> oh! >> he is tapping that. here he is seen spanking the behind of an adult woman. now these images are sensitive to many people seeing them. beyond these images, police in massachusetts, where this little boy live, filed a report with state child welfare officials. >> what kind of grown woman wants to be spanked by a 9-year-old in a rap video. >> it's too grown up for a 9-year-old. let a 9-year-old be a 9 yield. >> his dad is 32 years old. hey, look, there are negative
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images everywhere. my son is getting up there performing, doing something he enjoys. school comes first. this isn't the only video little poopy has been in. he's been performing with major rap artists. according to reports is making $7500 per appearance. >> in this video, you see him in a group rapping with diddy, rick ross and prince montana who owns the record label that just signed little poopy. the name of the record label, cocaine city records. >> when the song is called, i'm a coke boy," is he talking coca-cola or cocaine? >> he released this video called "pop that remix" talking how coke is not a bad word. ♪ coke ain't a bad word ♪ coca-cola, coca-cola.
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>> maybe little poopy is just this character in his rap songs. maybe he's a good kid trying to make money catering to a rap audience. ♪ should we move on to the next song [ bleep ]? >> the sound wave sydney music festival in australia got off to a firy start this weekend. part of the lineup was lincoln park. this is one of the videos from their concert. they were in the middle of performs "points of authority" when they interrupted their own song. ♪ >> we need some help down here. >> apparently one of their fans had been knocked out during a concert in one of the mosh pits.
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>> they stopped everything to get help. >> we need a stretcher down re. >> theyere le to ge e restarted song. >> thanks for your patience. we have to make sure we are all leaving here in one piece, you know what i mean? let's move on. >> it got off to a firy start because of this video here. this stage is on fire. >> this is the same concert we just saw lincoln park at? >> this is the concert for another band. it's part of the same music festival. >> okay. >> this was a different concert. apparently someone in the crowd set off a magnesium flair that ended up igniting the stage. >> why ruin the concert for all the people who paid to be there by lighting a flair. if you are that close to the stage, why are you lighting off flairs? what are you thinking? >> several flairs were set off,
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not just by this person. there were three confirmed injuries, including this girl. >> ahh! >> it looks like the flair ended up burning a hole in her shoulder. this is a photo she posted online. another injury was this guy, he tweeted a photo of his injury. the promoter claim this is is the guy that set off the flair. because of the trees in the background, they can confirm this was the bringing horizon concert. a guy on his motorcycle decides to hit up the roads, trying to do tricks, doing some sort of trick with his feet off both sides of the bike while his friends in the car in front of him film him. not doing anything too crazy. maybe just getting video of this guy riding his new motorcycle on the streets. watch what happens.
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>> oh! >> wow! >> what happened? >> here it is in slow motion. looks like the guy on the bike made kind of a weird turn with the front tire there. the bike nose dives down and he runs into the car that was filming him. >> this guy is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. nothing protecting his skin from the pavement. >> it's going to do nut. you need real riding gear when you are out there. the uploader of the video says the guy was okay, just had road rash and bruises for a few weeks after this. no serious injury. >> no word on what actually happened? >> he was attempting a stunt. when you watch it here, i don't know if he was trying to pop a wheelly. he lost control and slammed into the car. you can hear the people in the car react. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> that sounds awful.
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we have our tuesday ipad mini give away coming up in the show. you need the buzz word and have to be 18 or older. good luck, everybody. i have a double feature of amazing escapes. the first one, watch the guard on the far side of your screen. he's dodging something. >> oooh! >> quick on his feet. >> yeah. >> watch again. i have to get out of the way. >> he chose to run in front of the car instead of behind the toll booth. >> when something is coming at you fast, fight or flight. >> he's trying to beat the arm, maybe to not pay a toll or do what you have to do. >> try to go around the border check point? he wasn't close to getting into the bar itself. >> take a look at what happened in russia. >> they are a hearty people not fazed by much. >> this one will shock you.
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>> this tree is leaning. >> notice the trash cans. >> notice this woman walking out of the building. she's going to disappear behind the cars. when she reappears, watch what happens. >> oh, boy. >> the tree falls smackdown on top of the trash can. takes a look, throws her trash away and keeps going wherever she was going. >> that's great. she just had to take out the trash. >> she fixes her hair a bit. other people come out like what happened here. >> man, totally could have died, but i threw the trash out. >> i bet the garbage guys are like who threw away the tree. >> just another day in russia. placing tires in the street lead to a terrifying scene. >> whoa! >> i saw trouble coming. >> an suv comes through and hits one of these young people. >> we have the story behind the strike.
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i want you to take a look at this video coming out of bahrain. i have to warn you, it is really difficult to watch. whoa! >> i saw trouble coming. an suv comes through and hits one of these young people who is in the street. what's going on in this video is a common protest practice. they set up tire blockades in the road and then set fire to them. the youth who do this consider it a peaceful way to protest but many road users, many motorists think it's a huge nuisance. let me show you a video of this kind of protest in action so you can see what they were trying to set up in the middle of the road. in this video from last year, you can see people setting up a number of tires.
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they put an axel rant on it and throw a lit item on it to set it ablaze. once a tire starts burning, they burn for a long time. if you keep watching the video, the video continues rolling as all the other young people who were part of the protest go to this young person's aid. >> when he's smacked in the back, you can hear it. it's the first thing that is hit, his back. i hope he's okay. >> no reports yet on this young person's condition. reports say it's likely that the young people, nor the motorist would report this incident to officials or police because both would end up spending time in jail. >> i'm 11. i go to fox valley. there are many reasons why i liked it. this is one of the many reasons. >> he lives in new york and wants to go summer camp. i want you to look at this video that shows you why he got so addicted to it.
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>> i'm so nervous. this is the first time i'm really going to do something by myself. >> you can see he is in a wheelchair and you are about to watch him for the first time out of his wheelchair, unassisted doing the flying squirrel. >> he looks so excited. >> oh my god! ahh! >> keep going. >> go, go, go. >> oh, my god! this is amazing. >> go! >> oh. he feels like an angel. >> he says he feels like an angel. look how high they get him in the air. he is confined to a wheelchair, but he was able to fly, by himself, no assistance or help. think of important this is. >> that's why you are free. >> i share his excitement. >> he wants to have this excitement again. this is part of a contest video put together for him because he wants to go to the frost valley ymca sleep away camp this
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summer. even though i'm in a wheelchair, they don't limit my activities. he was a video where people can click like to be a contest winner, possibly. >> oh, my god! this is amazing. >> go! we hear of all the animals, kangaroos are the best boxers, right? why are they good boxers? i have a secret video of a kangaroo boxing training session. we are looking at love bug. love bug is working over a large, stuffed hippo here. love bug is really working there. >> this is the weirdest video. it's such a strange group of animals. where are they? >> the exotic experience. >> it's hilarious. there's a dog in there with these guys. >> he couldn't be more bored.
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>> liam is out there officiating. he's making sure it's fair. love bug really starts going to work on this hippo. the referee is making sure everything is legal there. all right. round two. there's one part where he's dancing around the ring like a boxer would with his dukes up. love bug has a discrepancy with the referee at the end. i think he was awarding points on technicalities. so he chases that around. >> you are not messing with that kangaroo. the person behind the wheel of this white truck gets busted making some jerk moves. >> you can see the truck pull around in front of him. he says throw a drink cup at him.
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what an idiot. >> see how this road rage ends. >> don't miss tuesday's buzz word for your chance to win ñ[=
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hey, jerk! we got ya on tape. jerk caught on tape. this guy claim that is a truck was speeding through a parking lot and nearly tee boned him and you see the truck pull in front of him and throw a drink cup at
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him. jerk move number one. then he blocks the lane. this guy pulls out. he's like all right, i'm going to catch up. he speeds up and catches up to the truck. watch what the truck does. jerk move, again. >> oh, boy. >> cuts him off. >> and slams on the brakes. >> the guy says thankfully nobody was behind me. we weren't causing a problem for people behind us or risking additional incidents. what an idiot. why do you care this much? >> he's swerving all over the road. >> the guy with a dashcam. ime going blast him on the internet. smart move by the dude with a dashcam. it ain't worth it, man. guess what, stephen? >> what?
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>> it's tech time. >> let's talk tech. >> first item up for discussion. a billboard that makes drinkable water. >> from the rain? >> to find out about the high-tech billboard that d great thingsor communities, we have our technological philanthropist. >> and no stranger to being on a billboard. zach. >> what's up? >> hi. >> it's a social experiment helping out communities. >> there's a high community. there's basically no precipitation so there's no rainfall. so, to get clean water, what they are doing is collecting it in the billboard. >> what happens here? people go to the bottom of the billboard and fill up? >> exactly. >> who came up with this idea? >> it was put together by an advertising company and u tech, the university of technology. >> i have a tech item to
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contribute. >> what? >> it doesn't happen. i have to thank jc who posted this on my page. cuff links that you wear that are wi-fi hot spots. >> what's up with these? >> they are cuff links that couple as wi-fi hot spots and a 2 gigabyte usb drive. >> it's a james bond thing. >> they are very expensive. >> yeah. >> you can get routers, traveling routers that will do the same thing for less than $100. >> i suddenly have internet. >> thanks for the tip. keep the text tips coming. we'll send them to this guy to explain them to us. >> all right, everybody. itis time for our great ipad mini give away. >> you need the tuesday buzz word and have to be 18 or older to enter. >> when we give you the buzz word, head to facebook. go to the first post and tap on
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the mobile link. >> the buzz word for tuesday is jingle. head over to face enter the buzz word, jingle, for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck, everybody. a couple makes a trip to the magic kingdom. then -- her boyfriend disappeared. her friends had clues. >> she's like huh? >> she's like what? >> see if the clues lead her to prince charming
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this is one of those cool videos, but the story behind it is better. a group of cool cats getting together for an event that involves, a slide 2,000 feet long. >> the longest slide in the world we have is 350 meters. two days ago, i managed to get 550 meters. >> yep. >> they dug a ditch. lined it with tarps or plastic. there you go. >> you end up in a pool of water. who cares, it's fun. >> their heads are bouncing all
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over. >> the greatest story about this is that two guys start this with the intention of making lives better. they started a charity called live more often. they wanted to start a charity. >> we wanted to bring more yahoo factor and fun. who doesn't love a lot of fun. >> he plays the piano. ♪ >> amy, looking lovely in her ponytail and sunglasses, a trip to disneyland and her boyfriend marc disappears. >> where to? i don't know. >> her friends start handing her clues. clue number one.
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>> let me tell you what's going on in this photo. back in june of 2012, marc and amy went ton a trip to disneyland. that friend in the background snuck along for the trip and had to pose without her knowing. a secret photo. >> she had no idea he was back there? >> no clue. >> if you notice, she's having to go to the same locations where the original photo was taken. >> there they are. >> oh, my gosh. >> now here comes photo number three. >> what? >> photo number three. >> good job by the photo bomber. >> show up, do your job and get out quick. >> what are you doing? >> this actually happened back in october but the video was uploaded this month. the last clue is set to be given in front of the castle. the magic castle. here is opening clue number
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four. watch. >> she's like huh? >> she's like what? >> that's marc. >> oh, i love this. >> he has the final sign. me? >> that's going to do it for us here at rtm. see you tomorrow, everybody. sy
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